Coffee Breath Conversations


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My elevator Pitch


My name is Russell and my aim is to deliver high quality Podcast content that you won’t find anywhere else, with interesting guests and personal takes. Some interviews are with local Saskatchewan talent some are from across Canada and even the United States or Europe.


Everyone has a unique story, a personal cause, a political stance or even a crazy conspiracy theory that means something to them. I want to speak to these people, understand them and their reasoning. All of it in the span of time that you would have had a few cups of coffee with a friend.


Why should you listen to my show?


To many Podcasts’ play it safe. They invite great guests who will generally stick to a corporate script based on their profession. My goal is to break that mold and try to get people with opinions, as well as my personal takes, that you won’t hear anywhere else.


My show features a diverse range of guests, however they generally follow a more conservative political approach and I don’t police people’s opinions or stances even if I disagree with them.


Many Podcasts simply record and dump the audio file into their RSS feed. My show is edited after recording and I use software to help me produce the good quality sound for listening.


Why Coffee Breath Conversations


I wanted to think of a unique, fun and memorable name for my show. I remembered that during one of my leadership classes on difficult people and conversations the instructor had told us that if we were dealing with an ongoing issue or problem with someone we should approach the person we are having difficulty with. Tell them that we need to talk and then sit them down face to face, close enough that they could smell your coffee breath and have that difficult conversation. From there the idea appeared in my mind and I knew that’s what I wanted. I would later design my show logo to be minimalist and show two people having coffee and talking.


My show started with interviewing people in my sphere. Over time I honed in on the type of content my audience and I enjoyed the most and I’ve been attempting to deliver a more consistent pattern of content.


Highlights from the Show


My show has been rated thirteen times on Apple Podcasts with five-star reviews from listeners and former guests. I have done interviews with Politicians, Cannabis activists, Veterans Advocates, Journalists, Bloggers, lobbyists and everyday people. My show is self identified as Newtown friendly. I’ve gotten to meet so many interesting people along the way.


Personal Bio


My name is Russell, I grew up in the Windsor Ontario area. I went to College for Law and Security and wrote freelance for the College Newspaper. I was in a punk rock band for awhile. I worked in various industries eventually finding a niche in the private security sector. I’ve always had a passion for volunteering and being involved in politics.


Eventually when I realized that private security was always going to be garbage wages I wrote some tests, did some interviews, training and before I knew it, I moved to Saskatchewan for work in Public Safety.


Since moving here I completed University, I’ve gotten involved in several community organizations, started my podcast and met my wonderful husband whom I live with now, along with our dog.


My interests outside of work/volunteering include: hiking, video games, board games, bar/casino games, reading and streaming.


Now that you know more…


If you have not listened to the show yet, give it a chance and feel free to let me know what you think on Twitter, via E-mail, leaving a review on Apple or Spotify or even take advantage of PodPage’s voicemail feature. Follow me on social media, particularly Twitter, to see more topics I follow.

About the Host

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I am the host of Coffee Breath Conversations. I started the show initially to promote local small businesses. My show has evolved to include political and social commentary. I have a background in public safety, risk analysis and volunteering. I have been involved with several high end volunteer organizations in front line and mid management volunteer positions. I enjoy board gaming, video gaming, target shooting and talking with interesting people.