Oct. 18, 2020

Are we doomed? With Don Sather

Are we doomed? With Don Sather

Nothing is off the table in this episode. We talk about the Canadian economy, cancel culture, corporate market cornering, geriatrics in politics, the virus, USA unrest and the upcoming Presidential election. Trigger warning this episode contains content that may offend some viewers, listen at your own discretion.


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Coffee Breath Conversations:

Alright folks, welcome back to another episode of Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm your host, Russell Barton. And today I have my friend, Dawn sailor who's in the studio to talk about the couple of topics. But mostly we're going to be asking, Are we doomed?

Don Sather:

Hi, Dante there. I'm currently I work in health and safety in the mining industry. And I'm right now I'm working at a job in northern Finland. Someone rotational basis, I'm gone for three weeks at home for three weeks. So and like most conscientious people, I got some opinions about where we're heading heading as a country some


pass that I think that we should be exploring. And, you know, that's where I want to sort of, you know, get some ideas out there and find out if I'm right or wrong. And we'll see I guess time will tell a while Time will tell go on regardless. Yeah. All right. So we kind of picked out three topics that we want to talk about today, we want to talk a bit about the economic path for Canada. We want to talk a bit about civil unrest in the United States of America. And then we want to talk about the presidential election, because who cares about the Saskatchewan election? Who cares about Canadian stuff? It's all about the United States. Yeah, it's pretty scary. How much influence that country as over our entire domestic and foreign policy over the whole world over the whole world? Yeah, it's like their president, and the path that he picks is gonna have more of a bearing good or bad in our day, than who is in the Prime Minister's office? Yeah, absolutely. So it's a little bit terrifying right now, because there's not a there's not a bright light at the end of this tunnel, I don't think. No, I don't I don't think so. No, but let's start off talking about the Canadian dollar. Yeah. So, you know, like, the thing that I think is so scary, is that a bunch of working class Canadians? You know, guys that make as much as I do, you know, like, the 80 to $200,000? You know, yeah, everybody's, you know, you can do okay, to 80,000, you can do, okay, 200,000. And you could be somewhere stuck in the middle there, where you still go to the grocery store, and you're like, shit, can I really afford avocados this time? You know, like, how scary is it that nowadays, you know, what used to be like at work is a prison guard, that used to be a one income house, you know, job, where the wife doesn't really need to work or whatever, you know, like, I mean, obviously, you know, that's different time with men and women in the workforce and stuff. But typically, it would have been the woman staying home in a comfortable living would have been earned by that wage, you know, a teacher was a one income household to like, the other person was probably a stay at home parent. And you look at how this has gotten to the point now where it's, you know, like, teachers are starving off, you're starting off, you know, starving for five years live in three or four and a house before they can afford a down payment on a house. They're coming over 50 $60,000 in debt, student loans, like that's low that's on the low end of things. That's if you're lucky enough to live in the University City, you know. And it's just like our buying power over the last 30 years has gotten lower and lower every year. And it's just and it's gonna continue. And I think that we keep looking to the wrong, the wrong entities, the wrong people for the culprit. And that's where I think that that's our biggest problem right now is that we don't, I think if you ask 100 people who's behind our economic woes in our worries who's behind all of it, they're going to point to the wrong person, nine out of 10 times, who do you think they're gonna point to their? Well, you know, like, I argue with a friend and former colleague of mine, Mark freezin. He was actually he ran on the People's Party platform in Saskatoon. He's a former guard at RPC. And he says, well, it's the government in the socialists. They're behind everything in this communist this communist entity. And then in the same breath, he's complaining that his podcast was blacklisted or taken off by YouTube or something like that, or somehow he was censored. And he's like, see, look at this. They're promoting the socialist agenda. And I wait a minute. I'm like a private company with an unelected owner. Driving the entire policy on the entire thing right now is the one that made the decision. And I said it and I kind of thought to myself, like, I mean, these guys, they they're so backwards. Like they still think that Mark Zuckerberg works for the communists. They still think that Jeff Bezos works for the government that he's doing this on behalf of the government. No, you fucking dummies. The government does what they do on behalf of Mark Zuckerberg, the government does what they do at behest of Jeff Bezos. They're the ones that are telling the government these are the laws you're going to put in place that is going to make my life better. But you got guys that have sit there and say, Look, it's a socialist, it's the communists, socialists and communists. They call Trudeau a socialist all the time or a communist and like he couldn't be further from either. He took a government program, sir basically served for Students and he privatized it. He ran it through his his 100% capitalist, venture capitalist organization, the weak real estate holdings group because that's what they're more into than any kind of charity bullshit that they've claimed they were in part of. They they had holdings all over Toronto, like you can see it there and, you know, horrific financial distress, but they were a marketing PR firm. Like apparently these events like I mean, I saw clips of these events that are just fucking horrific like they're just getting just blasted these kids with all this imagery and all this product placement all this crazy corporate shit. And these kids are just in the inundated with it of course, like it's like this creepy mass hypnosis, you know, kids can rule the world kind of a thing that, you know, leads to some pretty weird hysteria, I think, anyways, I digress. He, he tries to prioritize a program that was 100% should be managed just as it was, like with a serb, you know, like, he buys a pipeline. He didn't buy shares in the pipeline. It's not like he, he bought he just know he bought a pipeline. So he's now like, that's not socialism. That's not communism, that's pure just setting up his friends, getting the kickbacks back and forth. You know, in the we thing, it was about the obviously the pallets in the speaking fees and stuff like that to his family, like a total, you know, cyclical thing and stuff like that, like paying for access, pay to play 100%. But you know, like with everything else, it's it's the same thing. It's all it's all about, just raising more venture capital and more private capital for themselves in their select few groups. So moving back for a second, because that was a was a handful. That's all right. Getting back to mark free lunch coffee. So I actually, I don't know, Mark freezing, but I've listened to him on YouTube. I know. He day. Yeah. Yeah. Good people really good people. They really are. I think that they mean, well. So do I. Yeah. I and I think that their ideas are fresh. Yeah, compared to some of the other ideas that we're constantly seeing from a two party system. 100%. You know, like, some of the stuff that they both told, especially at the People's Party, like I was really behind Maxine, Bernie initially, but the more I dug into him, I'm like, Nah, this guy's just not with it. Like he's, he's still got such an archaic way of thinking, you know, like, and I argue is Mark freezing with us all the time. I said, it's not what he says it's what he doesn't say, you know, like, I don't think it's a stretch to say that he's somewhat anti immigrant. He definitely doesn't want to raise immigration levels. No, he doesn't. He doesn't want to, but he sure as hell doesn't want to address what's leading to these numbers to begin with. And what is that us imperialism? And that is behind more of our problems, and we want to talk about you know, like, I like so many people I know bitch and whine about immigrants and all fuck these Muslims are gonna come over and I can't have a pork sandwich ever again. Like, what? Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous. It's stupid. You know, and I already I made this comment today, like q two weeks from now, or no tool, I'm going to say Merry Christmas, whether some fucking Muslim gonna tell me to or not. First of all, nobody gives a shit. If you say Merry Christmas, nobody's ever fucking cared about it. Nobody ever will care about it. So why, you know, but nonetheless, they like to throw red meat at their base. I just salivate over that bullshit. And Bernie is the same way. He does the same virtue signaling, you know, right elite is bullshit. But he doesn't want to address the fact that, you know, when I said okay, do you support this bullshit coup in Bolivia, where the CIA 100% staged a coup overthrew Eva mirallas, the first indigenous leader ever elected in the region? massive popularity. Yeah, of course, he was opposed opposed by the bourgeoisie and the whites of Bolivia and stuff like that. Are there fair skinned ones, but he was elected fair and square with a very transparent 100% legitimate election. Sweeping CIA goes in there and overthrows it. So I reach out to Bernie on Twitter and every other possible platform. You know, do you support this 100% capitalist this person that they installed? Do you support her as being the present? Can you remember what her name is? And no comment, no comment, but as follows her had their fucking way with me. Oh, you just love us love communism. You just love communism, because that's an even rallis was his evil communist. I will hold on here. You guys want to keep talking about sovereignty with these other countries? How Canada's got to protect our sovereignty and we can't be manipulated by the UN etc. Blah, blah, blah. Yeah, okay. There's, there's conversations to be had about that. But if you support the overthrow by the CIA of Morales in Bolivia, or you recognize Juan Guido, as the President of fuckin Venezuela, then you're a hypocrite for a couple reasons. One that's gonna lead when if if the United States actually got what they wanted, and they invaded and ended another huge coup or whatever, but there was so little support for the for the coup in Venezuela, like the people rose up and said, No, we're not allowing this And if that if that had actually gotten legs and taken off, and there would have been like this massive violent, you know, revolution stage and stuff like that, like, just the sheer fucking madness and and the immigration that would have just swept through the country would have been overwhelming. And where would they have came they would again ran right through United States and then ended up in Canada as well, or hop jets and got into our country one way or another. So he doesn't want to address like the root cause of this, you know, like, Why are there so many Syrian immigrants in Canada and Syrian refugees? I don't know probably has something to do with Brock Obama and his fucking drone strikes. But nobody wants to talk about that either. Well, it seems like on both sides, people are just so dug into their positions, right for the left hand side in the United States, Barack Obama is they still consider him Jesus. Yeah, it's a saint. And then on the right side, you have Donald Trump, who is the saint for the right, at this point, and it's just Well, the thing is, you know, it's, there's, there's no shortage of fucking dummies to always offer enough support to blatant lies. You know, like, I have a situation like, I got my auntie and she's, uh, you know, late 60s. I don't know how old my auntie Val is. But she always defends these very, very, super right wing positions all the time. And I'm like, What are you even talking about? You know, and, you know, I posted this thing on Facebook or whatever. And it was about Jason Kenney, who is like on his face, horrifically fucking corrupt just a complete piece of shit. And he has Stephen Harper son working for him. Who's a doctorate student supposedly getting a doctorate in I'm not sure economics or something like that. And he has $100,000 a year job in his cabinet. Like, you know, Jason, Kenny's got a staff of 19 you know, he's got a estimate, like a yearly salary of 2.5 million or 2.9 million something ridiculous like that. chump change just jumped in. And yeah, he's paying a speechwriter. You know, 150 grand a year he's paying his executive assistant to do something or other this other jerk off position $125,000 a year. He's got a travel consultant for 125 just these insane numbers, insane numbers. And on that too, I always find it funny is a lack of accountability. This the hardcore right wingers have a boat that right? You know, they fucking hate socialism so much, but you got a guy that just put 20 of his buddies to work for 150 K a year, the most socialist shit in the world where they're 100% taxpayers funded their positions. And nobody seems to have a problem with that. You know, nobody's you know, but that seems to be okay. Because, like, like I said, there's always 50% of the people that are going to give a complete pass, and allow blatant corruption and blatant, blatant stupidity. Because it's their team doing it. Like my auntie saying that there's no problem. She's like, I don't see anything wrong with him getting a break. I've got some breaks in my life. Yeah, I got some breaks in my life, too, because of family connections. My mother got me a job at a mine when I was in university to work six weeks in two weeks underground. Underground all summer long working my fucking ass off. That's it. That's like that's getting a break. You know? Yeah, but getting a break for them is getting like a million dollar kickback on something. That's exactly that's right. Exactly. They're getting these No, no bid contracts for these consulting companies and shit like that, where it's just, it's just a complete skim off the top. Everybody wants to handle all these politicians. And they're all they all do it you know, Stephen Harper was just as fucking corrupt as Justin Trudeau. But how many guys do we know now sharing stuff like, Oh, I missed the good old days. You know, Stephen Harper said something witty, in question period about Justin Trudeau being a dummy. And somebody replays like, oh, man, the good old days. Well, they weren't the good old days, or else Justin Trudeau wouldn't want to fucking majority govern. I guess it was a minority, his first government like they weren't or if things were as good as they say they were then they wouldn't be switching governments. I agree. I definitely agree. But it just goes to show because we're eight years later, and we're still doing stop Harper. Yeah, eight years later. Yeah. Well, and and but look at what the look with the conservatives done for the last five years. Stop. Trudeau stopped Trudeau I actually had a conversation with Randy Holbeck. I said, you know, Randy, I said, the entire Conservative Party. And you know what, Randy Holbeck always greets me with a smile. He takes my he takes the time to talk to me. She'll entertain me when I saw by his constituency office before he won his last election there. We had a good chat. And I've been honest with him, and he's been he's been as honest he is as he's allowed to be with me. And there's times and he just will say nothing to me, because I know that he's bound by this party as a party with the party whip. Yeah, absolutely. And there's stuff that isn't elected official, he can't say but you know, like, I've called him out on some stuff and you know, it never seems to want to change Because no, like nobody wants to, I guess we'll change is scary. Well, the thing is, is that we're not, we're not exercising our right or I guess we're not using the vehicles necessary to instill that change. And I think that's going to be a it's gonna have to be a ground up movement, there's gonna have to be activism from so many different people. But until we figure out who the real culprits are behind this, you end up with stuff like our fucking yellow vest movement, which ended up being just a pipeline movement, a bunch of angry Albertans and some Saskatchewan, Ian's and stuff like that, that that still feel that a pipeline is going to solve all the economic woes to this country. And I'm just, you know what, and we keep chasing the dream. And that's another problem that with Maxine, Bernie had sort of go back to him for a minute, is that he still saw the future of Canada, Canadian economics, on $75, barrel oil, and sustainable for the next 25 years. And no transition, no even thought to transitioning our energy sector, or anything to prepare for the future. You know, so when the rest of the world is moving a certain way, and you decide that you're gonna dig in your heels, and you're gonna keep burning fucking coal, for power? You know, like, how insane is that. And he's completely fine without, you know, and like me and Mark freeze and argued about that, too. I said, like, you still think that oil and gas is going to be the absolute be all and end all the future of our of our economy. And man, I'm here to tell you that it's just not, it's not going to be like, I mean, there's oil and gas projects right now that need to be sustained and need to be maintained. And you know, phased out but investing billions and billions of dollars more into oil and gas, you know, for an industry. That's right now, if we just got a little bit more self sustainable, if we started refining our own oil, you know, that's a real good bridge to something else. Because with the oil that we have, and the resources available, even if nothing was available to us, then we're at least self sustained or not supporting a country like Saudi Arabia. But you know, even right now, so we take our crude oil, we send it out to be refined, and then we buy it back. And one of the biggest Ponzi schemes going, Yeah, and how many guys need to help us and how many guys you know, screaming and yelling, build, build pipeline, build a pipeline like Keystone XL? Why so we can give our oil to the straight to Koch Industries, for $7 a barrel? Because that's what they're gonna end up paying for it. You know, and that's, you know, like, that's, like, people don't understand how many times you're shooting yourself in the foot with what what you think is gonna be this windfall in the end? Well, rarely is. I want to go back for a second view. earlier on, like, really early on in our conversation. You talked about Mark freeze, and you talked about how his YouTube channel got banned. Yeah. Yeah. The, the idea that he says that, oh, it's it's creeping communism, that's the thing. One of the problems I have, because I've said that in the past to Hey, you know, people like Alex Jones, for example, why are we banning Alex Jones? Yeah. And they say, well, it's their private corporation, they have a right to do what they want. If you don't like it, go start your own. Yeah. Someone you're saying that your mic? Just make sure when you're talking, you're a little bit closer. All right. Okay. So just back to what I was saying. So, when you when you say, hey, why is this being censored on the internet? They say, Well, if you don't like it, yeah, go find somewhere else to, you know, go make your own YouTube organization. Yeah. Really? Well, and that's the unfortunate fallout from that's a monopolies. That's a cornered market. Exactly. And at this point now, because politics functions on the public space in the public, the New Town Hall is Twitter. Yeah, it is, hundred percent is, and here's where a case where government regulation is required, or they need to treat it like a public utility. Well, it has become, it has become a public utility. But okay, so right now we have a public utility, under the control of one person that was not elected. JACK Dorsey, jack Dorsey. He's not elected. He's like, I mean, well, what is the qualification? And he, from the top down, decides what's shareable and what's not. And we just fucking saw that when you just saw that with the New York Post. That's right. New York Post released a piece of information when that was true, whether it's true or not there, they they did their own reporting, they have their own standards and a policy guidelines that indicated that, you know, Hunter Biden was involved with this, you know, shenanigans or whatever, we can talk about it later. And they and jack Dorsey in his organization decided what information is available to the public and what isn't. And there is a case where so what is the culprit? Is it socialism is a communism? Or is it in this case, a single capitalist, making more decisions and having more power, more influence than any one person should have is that he's controlling the flow of income. And that's relevant information. And, and you know, people say, Well, if you don't like it Don't be on Twitter or on Twitter or Facebook, but not the reality is, is that it's the new town hall. Well, when's the last time you cracked open a newspaper? Exactly, exactly. And the New York Post, would you ever? Would you? Have you ever read anything to do with this? If it wasn't posted online? Absolutely not. No. And that's the thing that's who even goes on to their websites like pa now calm or any of these other ones? Like, no, like, normally, I would say that nine, you know, that's right, you headline browse at the most when you open your apps and stuff like that. But other than that, like, you know, you check and see what's on Twitter, and you might chase some articles, you know, down there, but you basically want to see, you know, who you want to see. And there's people that you want to kind of check in on daily, you know, like, there's a couple MPs that I follow pretty closely, and I want to see, you know, especially when things well, because it seems like there's nothing never adult time nowadays. It is always something fucking crazy going on. So you always the states, too, it's always well and bad too. And it really isn't, you know, like, their, their wall and just, like, look at it like, exactly what just happened. A clear, like, clear, identifiable case of corruption and peddling of influence. And, and like media is completely fucking hands off it and now social media is controlling, making sure that as few people see it as possible. But you know, good thing is that, you know, the left and the right seem to have been both equally outraged by that. Because the true left, it finds Joe Biden as repulsive as Donald Trump. That's the true left. Yeah, sure. So just a trend here saying that he doesn't read any of the new sites because they block his access and charge him to read articles. And the New York Times being one of them, there's plenty of them in around the world. Really? Yeah. paywalls Yeah. paywalls with the decline of traditional legacy media relying on paywalls. Yeah. To read any type of news articles. Yeah. And I just find, I mean, maybe I'm wrong. But to me, it seems like there's enough credible sources out there that, you know, there's always somebody to kind of listen to or see sort of get caught up on and can always find something So who do you Who do you follow online? Like, I'm kind of curious about who you're, who you for? To sort of check out? I don't know, I kind of I follow a whole variety of different No, I have kind of sources? Nothing really, in particular, you know what, Mike? cernovich I do? Oh, default? cernovich? Yeah, just most of the time. I think he's hilarious. He's on point. Most of the time sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know what, though, that's the thing about both like the left or the right or whatever, unless you're Ben Shapiro. Or Chang huger you probably agree with, you know, nine out of 10 things you know, it's just again, it's SEO to look at who they think the culprit is who versus who we think the culprit is and then there's these these phones in the middle that you know try to play both sides like and those are the most dangerous ones that's why I'm is like like I find that that the democrats and the liberals just as vile as as fuckin one can because of how, you know at least the with the republicans and the conservatives like, Hey, we're straight up to make billionaires, bigger billionaires. And if you're like one in a billion and you think you're gonna win the lottery, or you think you're gonna somehow you know, get a seat at our table. Great, but they convinced they they're kind of a little bit more of friend with about who they are, you know, they were taking care of one group of people and probably a good chance at in you, but you can pretend that it is if it makes you feel better. Hop on, let's go. And that's kind of where the conservatives come from. But the democrats actually fucking play that vicious vicious game, like, you know, like, God, like, I mean, Barack Obama, like the guy is. He's pure fucking evil. We'll get into that one second. Yeah, sure. I want to revisit one last. Yeah. Just our earlier topic. And just the idea of cornered markets. Yeah. For especially social media. Yeah, a public utility. Now. One of the things for example, is bit shoot is a competitor to YouTube there. Oh, yeah. Considered a competitor to YouTube there. They've got their high enough up on there that, but the thing is, is they're not funded like YouTube is they're not advertised, like YouTube is Oh, yeah. So the platform is kind of stuck in the mid 2000s. For speed and noise function. It doesn't have a nice Polish algorithm that keeps you going and going and viewing more and more. Yeah, like YouTube. Yeah. So the issue I have finally a competitor shows up, which is good for I'm believer in capitalism. Yeah, yeah. I think that properly done capitalism. It can be a really good Oh, for the worse for the world. I think the balance is absolutely necessary to keep people moving. And we have Twitter now. Anytime you link to bit shoot. It puts one of those This is a suspected link. Oh, is that right? Anytime any bow, I think and they've been doing it for a long time now. Twitter, you know what Twitter showed their fucking hand when they like when they started going after like supposedly going after Alex Jones and stuff like that. And most of the people on the left were like, Well, no, I shouldn't say most of them. I said a lot of the people on the left, were just like, yeah, take them off the air, take those dirty fascists off the air. But the smart ones are like, no, this isn't fucking good. Like, this is not good. This is really really really bad since both ways. And you know, like a few were smart enough that we're always kind of ahead of the curve. Nikko house was one of them. Jimmy Dore, who I think is the fucking godfather. I think he does the best show on the internet. He was like miles ahead of it. Who else was really kind of on point with that? But you know, like a few of them like oh, Kyle kolinsky actually, you know, said hey, this isn't good. Guys fucking think this this is great because alex jones is taken off as he's a right winger. Or who else did did cernovich get kind of stuck around there a little bit too. They talked to them a little bit or something like that, too. I I think they did something like that. Yeah. But But anyways, cheering it on, where everybody like, that was smart anyways, or that had any kind of foresight thought like, hey, hang on a second. This isn't necessarily about going after right wingers. This is going after people that are that dare challenge the fucking Empire. Mm hmm. And and and just because you think that they're going after Alex Jones. Now you think that they're not going to come for you later? Because they're gonna say, Well, he's a conspiracy theorist. So okay, so now you have this precedent set up. Okay. Well, if you're a conspiracy theorist, then we can take you off our platform, and then it's easy to justify publicly and stuff like that. What's a conspiracy? It's a conspiracy. Yeah, exactly. So okay, so then go after the New York, New York Times. And the Washington Post. They push Russia gate for five fucking years, Russia kind of push it? Yeah, they're still pushing it right now, even though like if there's going to be any connection at all, is definitely not going to be with Trump. Like I mean, they've shown a million ways from Sunday. And but the media just keeps saying it like Rachel Maddow keeps saying Donald Trump's under control of Putin he's been more hawkish towards Russia than brock obama was you know, Obama was was a was not like Obama didn't sell Ukraine those weapons because he didn't want he thought that'd be too provocative towards Russia fucking Trump did Trump's like whatever fuck his son wants to buy weapons even if they're an ally or you know aggressive towards Russia. he'll sell anybody anything he doesn't give a shit well the other the other problem two is you look at the New York Post they're trying to say that it's a Russian disinformation Oh, I know I know well, they blame Black Lives Matter on the Russians they they said the the Russians are behind black lives matter because it riled up the blacks well no fucking getting shot up and fucking punched Oh by cops for fuck all probably got the blacks riled up for the last 400 years like he didn't eat Russia to fucking point out the United States justice system super fucking racist. Like that's ridiculous. Like, but they've seen like surely to blame it so I mean, you want to go after conspiracy theorist takes take fucking TYT off here? Because they're still in GC chunky. Do you follow that clown show? I don't oh god young turks is like that's pretty much you know what off my radar. You know what I used to I that that's what really you know, it's kind of like I think that they started out good enough like I think that they started out you know, being what you want them to be like they they expose me to Bernie Sanders and, and you know, like the very malicious seller. He totally is. Yeah, he fucking he broke my heart. What a fucking piece of shit. He is. He and you know what? So I got Okay, now you got me on him. what pisses me off the most about him is that he had a fucking army behind him. He had a million volunteers in the first week alone. And that's barely even trying and stabbing some of his best supporters in the back. Like he stabs effort t shirt in the back so bad. Remember when he backed Hillary Clinton? Yeah, well, exactly. That's when it started. And like, you know, what, Cornel West? And well, Chris Hedges had him called. He's like he's a he's a, he is the establishment sheep dog. He is the one that was designed to placate the left and really make sure that he'd be he was ineffective enough. But he's still influential enough to give him hope. But never was he. They knew they allowed him to carry on because they knew they knew that he wasn't strong enough to take the fucking ball over the goal line. I'll segue into our next topic. Sure. civil unrest the United States. Yes, because I think we've beaten the other one today, probably. And like all topics seem to go these days. It's just going right back to the United States anyways. Yeah. What? Well, it's the center of the world. It's the center of the universe, you know? Yeah. Kind of like Toronto. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So I have to ask one question. Yeah. Why the fuck is the United States run like a geriatrics Ward? You got Donald Trump? 70 some? Oh, I know. You got Joe Biden. 77. Probably with dementia. 100%. They both do. And you got Bernie Sanders. Yeah. Old. You got Nancy Pelosi. Oh, yeah. Old Dianne Feinstein. Who's that? Who's the one that Chuck Schumer Dianne Feinstein like was mitch mcconnell. Was it Jerry? Who was it? The one that they thought shit his pants on television? He goes home with Joe Biden. Do they think Joe Biden should have passed? No. But there's they do have the audio where he's like farting. Oh, yeah. Which is ridiculous. Yes. It's so yeah. Can you imagine 40 years ago? I know what's just tolerable nowadays. It's like, no big deal. Like, fuck, whatever. And that's not I'm not letting Trump off the hook. Oh, they're gross or disgusting. All of them. Like it's, it's fucking revolting. But what I think is hilarious is I think it was was it Jerry? No, I don't think it was Jerry. But Pelosi is doing her thing there. He's up on the stage. He goes to walk away and he's doing the walk the type of walk you do if you shake your pants. Oh, is that right? He did that. And everyone's just looking ahead like ignoring him. Like it isn't hot. Oh, God. I know. I know. It blows me away. Like, did you see that one interview with Biden where he just like he stopped talking. He's like, Oh, no, I shouldn't even talk and she's like, No, Mr. President, or No, Mr. Vice President, you should still talk. And she's just like spoon feeding and fucking pablum. And I was like, oh God, like how can you not? How can she like with in good conscience? I'll say like, fuck, dude, are you okay? Do you know where you are? Right now? Won't some of the shitty set on Oh, I know. Only the hairy legs comment and that one that was fucked up. Wasn't it? Like, I watched that? I'm like, come on. He's just got it. This is wrong. This is this has got to be a fake video. And I'm like, looking at him like, now he's fucking saying that shit. He has no idea what he's talking about. That was like, even though I felt so badly those poor blockades are just like, What the fuck is his dumb white guy saying like, that was fucking crazy. It was creepy as hell it was it really was it he had no idea. You know what they they had a chance. Like, I thought that Bernie was the one like it. He said back to him. He he had the money. He had like 100 million dollars he had if he would have just said like, I'm fighting the war machine. I need fucking $50 million right now to take. I'm pressing charges against Raytheon and, and Boeing and Lockheed Martin and I'm taking these people to court. I'm putting them in jail. If he would have said that if he would have just went fucking nuclear on all of them on everybody, with the army that he had behind him and the power that he had. But what did he do? instead? He goes on the view and he still tries to make fucking nicey nice with Whoopi Goldberg. He gets his ass kicked by what be fucking Goldberg. He doesn't challenge I'm like no, no, you corporatist. You do this, you do that? You fucking answer to this, your answer to that. You don't challenge us. You don't challenge that. You push lies, you push smears. He has tasked to do that. And he chose not to because he wants to get along with everybody. Well, absolutely. He wants to just keep fucking placating everybody and keeping the left just mad enough to talk about the situation. But never never aggressive enough to say okay, and here's how we're going to stop the motherfuckers he never did that. And he had the power to do it. And he had the platform to do it. And he chose to just keep getting along. You know, what the fuck should he care? Well, I had this meme I had posted for a while and it was a Scrooge McDuck and he's skiing down a pile of money. It's Bernie Sanders on his way to buy his third mansion after Yeah, all of his supporters money. Yeah, well, you know what? I don't think he is I don't think he spent his money I don't think he's like spent them the campaign money poorly. And quite honestly, for a guy to reimburse anyone? Uh, no, that's the thing is like, I wonder what happened to all that money when he dropped out. He had a fucking massive war chest. You know who did Tulsi Gabbert did because a bunch of her supporters that I follow on Twitter and stuff like that because I think that she was the she was a candidate that I thought could have united the country Lino, because a lot of right wing people really like her a lot of really really respect her. But the left the full laugh like the anarchist barians and the chain keyloggers and in my finger Ito's they did a very effective job at smearing her and calling her fucking crazy. While she Oh, she was the first one to challenge Hillary Clinton. Like I don't know if you ever saw that tweet chain from her but she never warmongers? Yeah, like she fucking lit her up like big time. And I think I sent you a video one time to have her absolutely fucking destroying Kamala Harris. In a presidential debate. She destroyed Kamala Harris's presidential candidacy in fucking 90 seconds. And it was poetic. It was beautiful. Well, it's gonna be interesting to see Kamala is president. Yeah, it's hundred percent What's happened? Like, she didn't get a single fucking delegate. You know, and she is a psychopath. She I like, I know that term gets thrown around a lot. And I know a lot of people say oh, is psychopath No, I really know that bitches a fucking psychopath. You know, if you can deny a human being freedom to final work into a fucking prison, industry labor complex, like, you know, the DAV in California, you're a fucking psychopath. You know, if you can go to bed every night, knowing that your actions are keeping the guy locked away from his family every night, you know, in a criminal justice system that you know, top to bottom is crap. Like what is it like to attend prison prisoners in the United States actually are plagued I've actually been guilty of a crime, the restaurant planet like plead outs and shit like that. You know, like, you get pulled over for something, you know? If you get charged with whatever fucking possession of drugs or whatever, whatever the fucking charge is, it doesn't matter. a prosecutor will tell you well, we're gonna give you 15 years, or we're gonna see 15 years or sign plead to three years. You know, have you did you watch the Netflix special called the 13th? I saw it it's on my list. Yeah, it's it's mad, I'll tell you like the whole system top to bottom, you know, like with the, the prison industrial labor complex, the kickbacks that they get from the private prison corporations. You know, like they they did a judicial review of that one judge and I think you'd handed out somebody like 20,000 years, man years of incarceration time. Like in excess of, you know, amounts, you know, like he, and I think what, what finally pushed the, you know, the straw that broke the camel's back was this little white boy got five years hands for joyriding in his mom's car. You know, so he's charged with reckless endangerment. But he's essentially this kid is Joey riding his mom's car. The judge hands him a five year sentence. They did a forensic audit of this guy. And over the years, he'd taken like $6 million from this private prison Corporation, you know, because he's a nominee to judge. So they funnel money into his, you know, campaign to be elected again, and all this kind of bullshit and stuff. So, like, there's all this stuff like this that goes on, and then, you know, leads also back into the violence that's going on in the states as well. So civil unrest, you know, one of the one of the issues. We've talked a lot, a lot of stuff. A lot of topics already. Yeah. But the civil unrest, you know, the violence in the United States. Again, I don't live there. So I mean, I'm looking at it from an outsider perspective. It's crazy. How much violence is getting excused? Yeah. 100%. And they'll, you know, you just said they'll put someone in prison five years for joyriding in their mom's car. Oh, no. And you literally have businesses being burnt down in mostly poor minority neighborhoods, targets being looted. And all we have is just excuses and excuses and excuses. Yeah. And I keep hearing the words. And it's coming more from the left. Well, I've just heard it from the left. People are always worth more than property. Yeah, you know, I should disingenuous Yeah, his statement was productive of, like, obviously a fucking massive issue, right. And a huge, huge problem. You know, and, and I understand violence, you know, like, I remember a conversation that I had, or this inmate one time, I can't remember what it was, but I basically get him to comply with what I said. He said, like, what are your fucking goals? Like, what are your goals? If you have a goal, I said, I said, and violence, I get your goal, then then do violence. If it won't get you to your goal, then why do it? That is, then it's just you're doing hard time for stupid reasons. Like, I'm not sure why you don't do it to yourself for no reason. And that's why you know, like with these protesters, what is your goal, and what like with all this violence is taking place, and where their goal is to take out the Nazi in the White House? Well, that again, but because nobody knows who the fucking Boogeyman is, everybody's chasing this imaginary Boogeyman that they think is the culprit of all these problems. But nobody wants to address the ones that is actually responsible for it. You know, like they're burning a car dealership, but the Fed is left standing. Well, what do you think Donald Trump's a Nazi? No, I don't think he's a Nazi. I think he's just another typical elitist, fucking billionaire garden variety, corrupt politician, the same as the rest of them. The problem with Donald Trump, why he's so hated by everybody. And why Wall Street's backing Joe Biden, why all these people are lining up and all the celebrities is because they want things to go bad. They want people to go back to sleep. They want to put them back to sleep with a nice, polite president, like they had with Barack Obama, where he didn't tweet out stupid shit. And that's the thing that's so beautiful about Donald Trump is that he says the quiet parts loud all the time. Yeah, I took the oil Of course, I took the oil. Why wouldn't I take the fucking oil? I'm Donald Trump. Yeah, well, and then with the stuff he should be saying loudly for whatever reason, you know, that's actually what you're saying is actually one person. I do follow Scott Adams, the guy who made Dilbert Oh, yeah, that's one of the things they he said he said the parts that were saying that normally are said kind of behind closed Yeah, that's right. He's saying and throwing it out there. Yeah. And it held up that sign where he sold all those weapons to Saudi Arabia is like all they paid 50 million for this a paid $65 million for this $80 million for this. He's like, and he says, He said, Well, yeah, okay, sure. They chopped up that guy. But you know, they bought a lot of fucking weapons from us, you know, so, you know, we want to keep them happy because they did buy 100 billion dollars with a weapon so sorry about the dude, but like, you know what, somebody else is a better politician brock obama would have fucking gloss that shit over and it would have been seamless look at Ben Ghazi. Yeah. 100 Sent 100% You know what? Like everything like some like the guy he was so slick. So articulate, so eloquent. well spoken, such a good fucking politician that nobody noticed him lighting the middle east on fire. Now how many kids and adults were killed and all the drone strike? Oh, I know. I know. And and they still they still revere Miss I'm sort of celebrity and nobody wants and you know even Bernie sound would obey. Well it didn't close guantanamo bay signing Monsanto's Protection Act. He took us from two wars to seven, you know, still bombing seven countries now, Donald Trump hasn't ended any of the wars, but he hasn't started any new ones. So you know, he can give him credit for that. Peace deals in the Middle East. I mean, again, I don't think he's the catalyst behind just like Bill Clinton all those years. Yeah. Are you standing in the middle between those? Which countries word that made the peace deal? He stayed in the Bosnia and he has a big smile like, Oh, yeah, the US brokered this? No, no, you had some influence, but they did it themselves. Yeah. Honestly, I think that a potential for more large scale wars is more possible with a Biden presidency. I'm quite sure, because I think he's already made kind of offhanded comments about how Trump didn't handle Venezuela properly. So he's gonna most likely Venezuela didn't need any help handling themselves in properly though. Well, you know what, though? I'll talk about that, too. A lot of people got a lot of bullshit fed to him about Venezuela, but I got a friend like that, who was born in Venezuela, his mom moved from Venezuela. I think it was in the 80s. Because of the the cartels that were causing, obviously, Colombia, and Venezuela was a safer place. And he says, without a doubt without question, you ask any Venezuelan life got drastically better under Hugo Chavez. Literacy went up school programs went up. He nationalized oil. And that that was his fatal flaw is that he nationalized oil. And just like any other country that has nationalized oil, the United States is not going to tolerate a country, a country's people, and not the capitalists or the wall, the top of the food chain, oligarchs controlling every aspect of that they're not going to put that in the hands of the people. By calling Donald Trump a Nazi it it downplays the severity 100% of the Nazi Party shit that they fuckin Yeah, that's right. The the killings the the rampant socialism that was all bent on control? Well, I don't know if so I think that we got different views about what socialism is. I don't think that was socialism. That was the Nazis? Well, I'm certain that it wasn't like, my definition of socialism. Well, you know what, I shouldn't say that. Like, I mean, there is no right or wrong about this. Everybody has their own views, you know, Mark freezes all you like those dictators, or social or those communist dictators. I'm like, like, who like fucking Tommy Douglas, who still agrees that we need a thriving, you know, private sector, and wants for things, but there's certain things that should be off the table as far as a capitalist motive behind them or, or a profit driven motive. I think, I think though, I think if you go far left enough, they they intersect at one point, you know, become one in the same yet your your Stalin, your Hitler. Basically one in the same by the end. I'm not sure how they arrived at that point myself, I don't see like social safety nets and, and worker controlled co Ops, leading to, you know, like a supremacist movement. I know that some be I hear that all time. I don't see how one gets from one to another. But I guess I just put enough faith in, if there's enough shared information, when things start moving in that direction society, they'll get their fucking act together and realize, hey, we have more to lose by behaving that way than by not behaving this way. You know what I'm saying? And now the difference is, is that like you said, Is that me and you will never pick up a newspaper to get our information. Now? No, the excuse for ignorance at this point is, you know, the way I look at is that if you're selling into this point, you're making a conscious decision to put your faith in other people's hands. Because, you know, if you're not going to, like address, like, you know, what, and if you're going to give passes to blatant corruption and lies and mistreatment of you, because it happens to be being committed by your freight favorite team or your you know, like, like I said, like my Auntie's, and I don't see any corruption issue here with Jason Kenney given Stephen Harper son $100,000 a year job why this guy supposedly a full time student getting his doctorate you know, if you don't see that as a problem, while Berta lays off 1100 fucking nurses and and special care workers and long term care home people in a during a pandemic, then I don't even know what to tell you. You know, I'm in agreement. They, but I want to point out a different side dude at the same time. pandemic we We're expecting hospitals. We're going to be overwhelmed. That's right. Yeah, hold that. You know, we're told basically to expect chaos in the streets. Yeah, the fear factor. That was up to 211. Yeah, that was nuts. Um, and what they end up doing, they did the one thing you shouldn't fucking do they put all those patients in a fucking care homes. Yeah. And then there's a lot of there's a lot of health care workers, not not all of them, but there was there was like this craze that was going around where all these health care workers are posting tik tok videos. Yeah, and they're in PP remember, pp sort shortage, right? They're all MPP. And they're doing Tick Tock videos to you know, whatever. Now, I'm not saying that people can't have fun in the workplace. Yeah, I'm not saying that whatsoever. We're all worker drones that should go into our workspace and, and, you know, drone out. Yeah, you got to, you know, have fun and and a little bit of social engagement, I think is a good thing. Yeah. But we're being fed nurses are the soldiers on the sidelines as COVID epidemic, and I'd have friends or nurses, and I hope you don't hate my guts for this, because I've gotten a few private messages. Why do you? Why you shitting on nurses so much, right? And my friend kind of, she wasn't too happy about that. Well, and my sisters in health care workers and I support you. There's a point why I'm saying this. These nurses and health care workers do a disservice to the profession, because you know, at the end of the day, the profession isn't glamorous, it's not fun. It's the same work. Well, and frankly, showcasing that doesn't really do anything for your cause your MPP Yeah, doing this, the whole world's being told PP shortages, you know, don't grow, you know, take your gloves bring to the local hospital and not. And here's the thing. In some cases, it's still being investigated. In Quebec, they blew the whistle on this. We're health care workers and long term homes, we're shooting Tick Tock videos and meet social media videos neighbor going from rooms with sick people into rooms with not sick people, and back without changing Oh, yeah, you know, what I, you know, I was gonna say, I guarantee that, like, none of that. The biggest, the biggest thing is that it just got leaked, and that the verification because I'll tell you, there's no fucking way that anybody's maintaining all these different protocols. And if you think that the girl is gonna use hand sanitizer in between each, I mean, it's insanity. And, and, you know, like, on the whole thing anyways, like, you know, we had a scare in a job site that we're on that there could have been an exposure there. And they'll, they'll take steps in one area, to minimize or eliminate and exposure somehow. And then there's 10 other ways, like, my woman, Wendy, she's a deputy sheriff for the courthouse. So I probably should even mentioned this anyways. Maybe not necessarily at her place. But in other places there. There's issues where handling of materials from the public, there's 10 different sets of rules. But in the end, there's been just as much exposure based on you know, just the transmission, and it's just, it's insanity. Like, you know, I fly all the time, well, you're sitting there on a full aircraft, full of people and I say, keep your mask on until it's time to eat, then everyone takes their mask off. And that's when everybody's eating and drinking and stuff like that. Or if you're drinking, nobody's wearing a mask. So any of the barrier that was taken place, or any of the protection that you experienced when you had this mask on when the world was perfect, has been completely null and void. By the first time the coffee cart comes around. So do you do you think Coronavirus is ever gonna go away? No, it's always gonna be there's always gonna be some, they're going to use public health scares as a social control tool. They proved it worked? Well, they hundred percent Did you know. And if you don't think that they went to school very closely on this trial run, then you know, you're you're kidding yourself. The only thing I hope, again, is that with just shared information, people are going to wake up and realize that, hey, you know what, there's something fucking kind of fishy about this, you know, maybe I want to research this a little bit more, and we'll see what happens when they tie a vaccination to employment or travel or passport or something like that. Because I 100% see that as being almost guaranteed, which is terrifying for me, because I work in an industry where I'm required to travel and fly all the time. You know, and and that would severely limit my ability to, you know, work and make money for my family. If I was bound by having to take a vaccination and have it'd be a very difficult conversation and decision for for me to make with my family. You know, you know, you know, it's interesting because our mutual friend Yeah, we have on here some Yeah, absolutely. He has a similar view on vaccines, right. Yeah. Yeah. But from two separate political spectrums? Well, again, is you know, it's like we agree with more than we disagree with a and it's everyone's caught in the nuance, though. Well, nobody wants to Yeah, nobody wants to well, You know, they always say the Ministry of truth is very good at what they do. They keep us thinking that the problem is left to right. You know, like, yeah, there's gonna be some differences for the most part, you know, like, we all agree that like, I don't know, like, what's a good way to describe here that, you know, everybody should be, you know, required to pay a little bit of income tax so that we can, you know, kind of enjoy the things that we like to enjoy. But we can disagree on Okay, well, maybe this is something that's left better in the public hand versus the private hand, you know, maybe this is something that's better left, you know, regulated closely by the government, etc. But nobody wants to, but they make it seem like that's the biggest problem between us right now. Meanwhile, the fucking top just seems to rip us off. like there's no tomorrow with no real accountability, because we keep fighting amongst ourselves, you know, they keep, you know, admin administration administration, basically, like, it's democrats and liberals. You know, and the conservatives and the Republicans, you know, like Chomsky kind of said ambassadors, one party United States, and it's a business party. Well, Canada is the same way. You know, like, if you look at the amount of money the corporations pay from 30 years ago to right now, it just goes down less and less and less and less, right. How much do we pay? Yeah, and then and then exactly the ones like the, you know, 80,000 to $200,000, you know, working class slobs, like us, we got to basically pay for everything and foot the bill for everything. So, you know, we're keeping the whole, you know, place kind of floating, you know, and nobody seems to notice, you know, we're subsidizing Husky energy. Oh, people, people don't have time to notice it well, but they because they're fed bullshit of Okay. Well, you know, Trudeau said something stupid, or Donald Trump tweeted something stupid. Okay. That's not that you go into a national broadcaster who I won't name on the show. And you look at their site. They're Canadian news. And all I'm seeing on there is American. That's right. Yeah, they do that because it's more glorious and glamorous. You know, I reached out to a couple YouTube channels that I used to closely watch too. And I basically wrote them both off as just neoliberal controlled opposition jank eager wanna be fuckheads is a David dole and Christo of alias and I tried to bring something to their attention. Well, the the plate of trust and crochet, who I think is an absolutely, like, remarkable, wonderful person who literally walked the walk and got behind a cause that he wanted to bring attention to. But anyways, I brought some stuff for their attention as an A, it'd be really cool if you guys who have both have a pretty large platform like Christo Valium, I think he has something like he got over 100,000 followers and shit like that, and, and David dole, too. But they, you know, like David dole did like a 10 minute video on something stupid that megan mccain said, you know what I'm like, man, like, you know, like, focusing on the dumbest shit that doesn't have any bearing on anybody's life ever. How many times is Donald Trump going to have to denounce white supremacy? And how many times are we going to ignore and Tifa Well, see, I don't know like, to me, it seems like this is all engineered from the top down. Like they know that there's a bias on it. So that it is like I don't know the best way to describe it. But it's like you know how the left I'll just put up like just like a complete fucking ridiculous character and highlight them and then and then it just gives fuel to anybody to say Oh, look at fucking done this person is you know, if they elevate somebody like and I and I, and I know that there's gonna be a lot of people that sell you a piece of shit for even saying this but they they elevate if somebody like Greta Thornburg. And then the fact like the fact that the the fraud in her whole racket is exposed, the minute that she sits there, and she praises Brock Obama, who literally, like criss crossed the entire country with fracking lines, opened up the Arctic to three areas to drilling that were never allowed to be drilled before for drilling, and became, under his time, became an energy exporter, and sat there on his hands and did absolutely fucking nothing. When water protectors were getting their fucking skulls cracked by private mercenary police. And what Donald Trump said or sorry, what brock obama say it was, Oh, well, what we'll see how it plays out. And Greta Thornburg is gonna elevate him as some sort of champion of the environment, and people are supposed to take her seriously. No, well, the problem too now is we have this we have the left. And Tifa is an idea. Yeah, that's right. It is an idea. Exactly. It is. It is an idea, but it's not the idea that they're selling to people. They've managed to convince people that and all and Tifa is the anti fascist, you know, they're your grandfather that fought Nazis in World War Two. Yeah, they're not No. And then, you know, they say oh, because people say well and Tifa is law connection. Marxism and communism and yeah, that sort of idea which people have fully admitted and some of them are fully that they are. Yeah. And then people say well, well, you know, that's a good thing because look, the communists liberated, liberated all the camps in World War Two. Yeah, they were there before the Americans Yeah. And I'm not buying it because it's it's a disingenuous presentation of history because yeah, they came and they killed the Nazis but they didn't do anything to help anyone they left. Yeah, well and you know, even if they were it wasn't definitely it definitely wasn't about, you know freeing the people that were in the camps It was about taking out an economical opposition, the one that had bombarded them for months. That's right. So, but, but but it just goes back to I think that, like you have to consider history 100% when you're looking at, you know, the way you think things should play out, and it has to weigh in there. And as minimal as to say it, but that was then this is now. And that's why i think that you know, and not like the second time around, it'll be better this time around adapt. But I think that the ability to continue with the proper balance in these events, like in these these cases, I think should still be considered. You know, I got one more thing here. Yeah. Just pointing out another contradiction. Yeah. So someone tweets something? Yeah. Two years ago, three years ago, four years ago, that was at the time Okay, to maybe risky to tweet. Yeah, well, for sure. And now they're being canceled. They're being hit. You're a Nazi. You're talking right wing extremist. Whatever. Yeah. But we're supposed to forgive certain things that happened. You know, years ago, for example, use for example, you have a certain public figure that was involved in blackface controversy. Yeah, sure. And, and that person gets a free pass. Yeah. Oh, they were young. It was years ago. It's people people make. No Why have you ever asked you know why he got a free pass? Have you ever thought oh, maybe I'll wear blackface? Oh, fuck no, of course not. I just don't I mean it. Yeah. Like, and somebody he should have had enough smart people surrounding him to say, hey, Prince, don't fucking do that. That's a really bad idea. So the fact that he did it just shows just a complete disregard. And it does to me, to me it does that's race his 100%. And if you can do that, because I don't know how old is easy the same age as us like, I'm 44. is Justin Trudeau even 50? Is he the same ages? I don't know. I think he's a little bit older, a little bit older. Okay, so he's, you know what, there is no way when that picture was taken, he wouldn't have known without question, that what he was doing was not not the 1930 No, it's not done it in the ladies, if he would have been done in the 80s. Maybe you could say Well, fuck, maybe he just didn't know like, who knows. But when he when he when this happened? There's no fucking way he should have known better. So it to me it shows a level of white supremacy where he can just say, Yeah, I know this might offend people, but I don't fucking care. And whether his supremacy comes from being white or the sign of our former prime minister, I think it's more nose privilege of Mali privilege of money. Yeah, I think that I think ignorance I think that there's less racism as there is classism I think that the billionaires a, they probably prefer to associated with billionaires that look like them, but they're still okay with other billionaires, if they happen to be different colors. But you know, those are not poor, as long as they're not poor. Yeah, exactly. As long as you don't have to fucking worry about paying for, you know, university and, and want to be able to fill up their vehicle for less than $200 then, you know, but he gets a free pass. He has to get to your wife. Okay, so back to why does he get a free pass? Because he's still pro establishment. So even though he's on the left, if, if Bernie Sanders had done that, they nail him to a fucking cross. And that's all you'd hear. He'd be run out of town. You run out of town. That's right. Yeah, but because Justin Trudeau is still 100% Pro corporations and pro putting more money in the hands of other billionaire pieces of shit like Bill Morneau. He can get away with whatever he wants. That's what people fail to understand. Is that Yeah, the leftist debt gets in passes at the right won't get until they cross the fucking Empire. And that's what I always picked with Devin about and we fight about it all the time. I said Devin, you still think it's this left right thing I said, you talk about the left leaning bias when it comes to media. I said, What's the pros? What's the pro labor? network? CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, Fox, what's the pro labor? None of them? What's the anti war? network is msnbc anti war? Fuck no. Look at what the shit that Brian Williams is saying. Or whoever was a Trump's finally President when he dropped his first bomb. He's finally president. Whoa, I'm guided by the beauty of our missiles and all this crazy shit CNN. Wolf Blitzer fucking straight up asked Ron Paul. What about all the defense contractors? What about them? Aren't you worried about that making money? He fucking serious. So there's no there's no pro labor? No, there's no anti war network. So what do they argue about? They can argue about Hollywood bullshit. abortion and guns. Let's not even Hollywood man. Oh Hollywood just straight up fucking arm of the CIA present. I mean, I we're we're gonna run out of time. But I just want to say the one silver lining of the Coronavirus because you have to always look at Okay, terrible things happen. Yeah. And that, but what did we learn and what new knowledge have we gained overall? And I think a lot of people have gained the knowledge that who gives a fuck about Hollywood Did you see that creepy ass Madonna video? No, I didn't I you know, I just like I man that shit. Like I'm pretty conflicted on Hollywood because I love good acting. I love love love good acting like when I see good shows cool theater. Yeah. 100% and but more than anything like I play trumpet. I'm a musician. I love music. It's it's part of my life. It's fucking you know, I live for that shit. But my second favorite art form is stand up comedy. And some of the shit that the some of these stand up comedians are doing. Did you watch Dave Chappelle special? The bird revelations? The one where he's sitting down? It was in? He did it in the belly room. It's a small room. It's the smallest room in the Comedy Store. Did you see that? No, I don't think so. Oh, you should see it. It's called the bird revelations and you should definitely check it out. And he he briefly touches on why he went to Africa and why he walked away from $50 million dollars. And he he talked about Harvey Weinstein and he said that he goes he said some spooky shit too though. He said something that really fucking really kind of freaked me out a little bit there. He said he was you know, all these rapes in Hollywood. He was what if that wasn't even the worst of it would not be something well, what the fuck else is worse than raping a bunch of kids? He's talking about some devil should obviously and man we're getting into the Q anon well, you know and that's the thing. It's like I hate when people go there instantly because like I don't know if you saw what Tulsi Gabbard said about that show cuties on Netflix. I did a bit of a podcast Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone besides the most weirdest left wing people out there were okay. So here's an example of when people can get a passport. Tulsi Gabbard said straight up the people that made that show should be investigated. She said Netflix should be fucking canceled. She says I'm counseling your neighbor counseling or subscription. She said fuck Netflix. This is child porn. You're leading this is fodder for pedophiles. People attack people lefties supposedly lefties like Ana gasp barian and the whole fucking TYT little fan boys and stuff like that, like my finger you don't like that? They attacked her camera was watching. She's like, oh, now you're disposing queueing on theories calling out cuties for the kiddie porn. pedophile bait that it was is not a cute on theory. It shows apparently it shows a fucking 11 year old kids bear chest. That's fucking ridiculous. So she calls it out. And the left attack, sir. And then you wonder why they say well, yeah, they're all about late term abortions. Because of fucking crazy people like that. Or people that give Joe Biden a pass for being a rapist. Allegedly. Well, that never happened. Yeah, no, no, no, that's all Russian disinformation. So you should be ashamed. And hopefully nothing bad happens to you. Well, yeah, okay. Clinton. Yeah. It's like, yeah. Oh, someone's at the door. We'll be back. I actually did get blocked on Twitter from a guy named john cipher. He's a former CIA, like, CIA agent agent. Like he. I'm not exactly sure what he had done when he was with the agency, but he was on the CIA. And that's what his Twitter handle said he's verified and all this shit. And so he put something up and I said something about, he says, protect whistleblowers, some whistleblower came out against Donald Trump about something so cipher, of course, being part of the Deep State was all like, yeah, go get him. And he said, he goes, Yeah, he goes, uh, we got to protect whistleblowers. And I said, so then you protect he support protection for Julian Assange and Eric, Edward Snowden. And he goes, those aren't whistleblowers. And I said, Yeah, well, no, we so we got into a little bit. And I said, so yeah, I said, so you support. I can't remember fucking CIA overthrows or something. I can remember. I talk some shit. And then john Kiriakou, right chimes in and he is a CIA whistleblower. And he came out and I said, I said, Hey, you guys ever find out who murdered Gary Webb. And Gary Webb was the reporter that cracked the case about the CIA selling cocaine. I'm not sure if they're selling cocaine, or heroin or something like that. They're moving a bunch of drugs from Central or South America somewhere in the United States and the CIA had this whole network set up. And Gary Webb was murdered. He's a reporter that cracked the case and he's murdered and of course, you know, they destroyed his life prior to him getting killed and shot like that. So they have to they have to send the message. Oh, yeah. Hundred percent. Yeah. And they're pretty good. Before they can't just kill you, they don't convert you. They gotta convert you first. That's right. Yeah. And when he loved Big Brother than they still fucking got him, you know, so. But anyways, yeah, so is this cipher like and then this john Kiriakou chimed in he goes will answer the boy saw cipher he said cipher probably notes or something like that. So it's pretty funny. I felt pretty cool about that that actually got blocked by CIA guy. And I had another one replying to comments that I had made. So I took some screenshots because I thought that was pretty badass. Mm hmm. That's your moment of fame. That was Yeah. Well, and actually, Nina checkmark of Nina Turner liked one of my tweets one time, and a couple times Tulsi Gabbard has liked a couple of my comments on her Instagram. But yeah, I know. So just the ladies, I guess maybe there you go. I don't know what it is. So But who do you do? Like what do you think is gonna happen? And what's your prediction then for the election? I think Donald Trump's gonna win. And again, I think that they're gonna, I think that it's going to be close. I think that they're going to contest the winnings of you think the democrats are going to contest? Absolutely. Okay. I think that they're going to contest it. I think it's going to lead to another four years where nothing can really get done. Because, you know, and not that anything really would have gotten done in the first place. But you got a government that's constantly battling within itself. Yeah. Other outside influences. The fact that the guy's a celebrity beforehand doesn't help. So he's got political enemies from other places, too. Yeah. And so we spent four years hearing about Russia, which turned out to be a big nothing burger. Yeah. Then, what, 15 days before? Probably the most important election in our lifetime. You think it is? Be? I think it is because of all the tension on either side. See, I think that the follow from the election is much more gravitas to anything that's actually gonna happen as far as who sits in the Oval Office? Because both sides both sides have flat outside like there was I can't remember I watched a video from Kyle kolinsky. Do you ever watch secular talk with Kyle? kolinsky? No, he's a good one to watch. He's he's about 90%. Pretty good. He said that there was a bunch of surveys done. And they asked a bunch of Trump supporters if Trump wins. Was it a legitimate election? They said, yeah, of course, if he loses, was it legitimate? And they all said no, or the majority of them said no. So they will not accept that it was a legitimate election. They asked me, they asked the other side the same questions, so that both sides have said, so they asked a bunch of Republicans, a bunch of Democrats, if your team loses, will you think that there was some sort of shenanigans or some bullshit? And both sides overwhelmingly said yes. So what the fuck does that mean? what's already there? They've already shown shenanigans. They both have. And and but the difference is, is that the republicans will fight and the democrats definitely will not. Like Did you watch the new confirmation hearings for the news? a Supreme Court justice? I heard it was a fart. Oh, it was Joe's is dead. Oh, yeah. throwing their softballs up to her and they go tell me about your family. You know, not tell me about this labor dispute that you presided over? And what went into that ruling, because you ruled overwhelmingly, inside of the corporation when it was a clear case of their, you know, whatever. Like, that's it, which is what exactly they did to Brett Kavanaugh like they chased him on this rape thing, which was very real, very credible, needed to be explored with no doubt about it. But nobody pressed him on the fact that he was such an ardent supporter for citizens united, which is the decision that listed United States corporations as people and gave them basically the ability to buy elections. Nobody, not one person that I saw anyways, press Brett Kavanaugh, on his fucking work that he did to pass Citizens United. What do they focus on that he's a fucking creep? They're both kind of creepy. Yeah. Hundred percent, then I think that that, to me is the biggest, you know, we talked about this way earlier in the episode we had mentioned. You know that it's basically a geriatrics ward. Oh, yeah. Government because they can't give up the power. They can't there's so yeah, we're so invested. There's so much power to be had there. I often wonder what's up without because like Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton were rich beyond any level of you know, they could never need all that money again. Why would she even try to be president? And I think it's because she's an employee of a bigger sinister group, of course, you know, that, that she answers to basically the money powers of the world, the bankers, the and she's she has obligations that have to be made. And the same as like people like Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi, they have these relationships with these companies that funnel money to them. And they want to just maintain that pipeline, so they have to stay where they're staying, so that they can keep getting that money funneled into them. Like Nancy Pelosi isn't in politics anymore to make money or to make to make anybody's lives better to increase the country's productivity or safety. She's here to continue to make her and her husband's bone private wealth, you know, continue to expand exponentially. And that's a Donald Trump is like every says, Donald Trump such a great guy, he donates his whole salary on Mondays fucking kidding me. The money that's been paid out to his golf courses for security detail has made him so much money. Like, it's insanity. What he charges the CIA to stay in his hotels. You know, like I think they said that his presidency right now he's over 100 and $50 million on security detail for his golf trips since he's taken over as president yet you'll still get right wingers to them like yeah, look at who's such a great guy Donald Trump donates his $400,000 a year salary. Yeah, because he needs it. Yeah. And well, it's funny, the libertarians have basically turned to the left in the states to because they're all ranting on about his tax returns. And it's like, it goes back to the it goes back to the original 2016 election when he was up there with Hillary Clinton. And he got that. Shell. Yeah, he was your husband passed the tax codes that made me this money. So thanks very much. I remember very clearly during that thing. She was getting her digging. Oh, yeah. Cuz first round. He she got him on it. He got dumped. Second round she brought up again. Oh, he hammered on it. He was brilliant. Yeah. And it exposed. You got a little peek behind the curtain. Yeah, that's all that's all you'll ever get is just a little peek. Yeah, yeah. Well, exactly. You know, like, he looked he destroyed. The Bush dynasty. Jeb Bush probably could have won. But how did Donald Trump destroy him? He brought up Iraq. He fucking hammered him over Iraq. He's like, look at your dumb brother. You dumb fucking hillbillies. You guys went and blew up a country that had nothing to do with 911. And then he got to fall back on his patriotism sort on 911 while he then if you got money, you know, you didn't focus on how long did it take you to get Osama bin Laden, blah, blah, blah. Like so he destroyed them by attacking his record. So it's and he called him sleepy, too. That's right. Yeah. So low energy. Yeah. His his nicknames for some reason they stick like it's easy. Yeah. Lion Ted Cruz. Yeah, g Jeb. Crooked Hillary Crooked Hillary. Yeah. You have to admit the guy. I mean, he wrote a book called The Art of the Deal. Whether or not it's Oh, yeah, he's, uh, but he does have the art of persuasion. Well, you know what, he can read the room Really? Well, like, I mean, you look at, like, the thing is, is that and like, old old socialists warned us about this 50 6070 years ago, when they said, watch, when you get really desperate times, really poor broke, desperate times, people look for a Messiah, Malcolm X talked about it. Martin Luther King talked about it. And they said that, that is when they're going to strike and then they're going to implement levels of fascism, because then it's easy to keep people fighting amongst each other. So you get a bunch of like poor people from states like Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia, you know, that are hurting and and they've been brainwashed through media, and through all these different entities to, again, knowledge who the culprit is like, you know, like you say, like, it's a great trick that you can take a bunch of people making $30,000 a year. And he tell them that the reason that they're struggling and poor, is because the black people that make $20,000 a year, because they have no money and no power. So they're the reason that you're struggling. 1984, right. Hundred percent. Yeah. And, you know, like, we're always at war with Eurasia, right. So, and that's what they do. So they put this this false reality out there. And we got so many friends that see the same, like, you know, that I see the stuff that they post and the stuff that they retweet, and I'm like, you really think those things like, you know that the reason that Canada struggles is because of petty crime. And they don't see the real culprit, like you look at the Panama Papers identified 600 fucking Canadians What? Panama Papers? Yeah, exactly. The only follow from that was a reporter that cracked the story was killed in a car. And 600 accident. Yeah, exactly like the flu shot. 666 hundred Canadians, right in a fight in the Panama Papers, and none of that to pay that money back. Nobody went to jail over it. You know, Bill Morneau was identified in it. He was never called out, you know, and Peter Nygaard Peter. Yeah. And I mean, there's Wayne Gretzky. No, no, Wayne. Yeah, that's right. Well, yeah, another celebrity, right. Mm hmm. You know, Peter Nygaard implicated and all these papers and that Yeah. And then he gets implicated in some really Jeffrey Epstein like 100% potentially Canada's Jeffrey Epstein. Yeah. Where's the media outrage? Where's the that's the thing. It's, it's never you're never gonna see them identifying the real problem because they're all in it together. And that's what me and Devin argue about all the time. I said, you still think that conservatives are going to save us from any kind of a horrible outcome. There's definitely some MPs that have done some good work in the conservative just like there's some MPs that have done fantastic. Fucking a Charlie Angus, I think is the best MP and it's a crying shame. He wasn't the party leader of the NDP. He's like the thing like I mean, he challenged Google on their takeover of that one downtown neighborhood in Toronto. He so you know, he's taken some tough battles. He's fought for the same amount survivors who are getting trounced by the liberals. A racist, Indigenous Affairs Minister, same you know, and he's the only one speaking out for these communities. So there's there's good on both sides of the you know, but I wish the good would team up i know i know like I thought that purple aviary and I and Charlie Angus during those we can get like those earrings. I thought they did fucking brilliant work together I thought that was fantastic. Like, I love to see Morgan, you know, hey, maybe you might know about this did so I know that the NDP or that the conservatives right now are trying to instill some sort of a legislation for anti corruption, which is good. I mean, it's a high time when they do something like that someone's got to address it. But did the NDP shut down the investigation into the wee scandal? they did? They did, didn't they? They did. Fuck Really? It was a they use their voting bloc to shut it down. Oh, you're fucking kidding. Because I still see Charlie Angus is still tweeting that he they're waiting for those documents began I think what they're looking for is they're looking for all those redacted documents that that they turned over initially. I think that would have been back in April or March maybe. But Charlie Angus is still you know, going for revealing but I did see that PRP, Ollivier, he says yeah all talk and no biter all bark and no bite Charlie Angus some shit like that, about how you guys are the ones that shut down the investigation yet? Angus is still tweeting about it. So I guess I'm gonna do a little bit more research on that because to me, that seems like like that would have been a great example of when Okay, partisanship shouldn't matter. The title shouldn't matter team shouldn't matter. Whatever you want to call it try partisan ism. Yeah, like if there's corruption, if there's shenanigans, it should be exposed, and it should be fucking routed out. And and here's a case where, you know, like, there's certain things okay, so there, you know, I know that there's issues with negotiations on stuff like you have to give a little bit here to take more there. But there's certain things that are just lying that shouldn't be crossed. And as issues of corruption. It needs to be exposed and that's what's sorely missing from politics right now. Someone should be going after these relationships. Like bill Morneau was the basically committing insider trading. They danced around in the House of Commons but nobody fucking said the RCMP should investigating this man right now. Mike Duffy might Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah. Yeah. So there's all kinds of silly thoughts. Absolutely. Yeah. Well, the problem with peer, so I was making that point on Facebook before. I am someone I posted about here. And someone had said, well, piers, I'm not going to trust anything. He says piers are racist. My friend john millet said that Yeah, that's right. Oh, did you see that comment? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And I and I just said, Okay, well give me the example where he's where he's racist. Yeah. And he sent me a CBC link from 2003. were worried use the term tar baby. And they said all it's a he said it wasn't used in a racial epithet. But everyone knows that's how it really is. So I turned around, and I said, Okay. He said what he said, and then, but you have to remember he's also from the country. Yeah, he's not a city guy. Right? Yeah. And that, and he's from an area where that type of nama culture is is regular. That's right. Yeah. And then he says, and that was in 2003. Yeah, something like that. And then CBC had to CBC also, at the bottom of the article said, tar baby can also mean this, but it was like the very last two lines. And yeah, they can sure bury the lead. So good. So then, you know, they saw this person says, Well, he's a racist. He said that I said, Okay, so we're mind reading now. Yeah. Because to me, that's mind reading. If someone's a racist, and I'm sure through our work, we've met real roll. Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah. And now like, I've had to deal with real people that are like involved with area nation. Yeah. If you ask a real racist, if they're racist, they will gladly tell you. That's right. They're they're proud of it. Yeah. And people be prejudice. Can people can people be ignorant? Sure. For sure, sure. But the word racist is so easily thrown around. A real racist, they will tell you that they're racist, they won't hide it. They're, well, I don't know what that because man, I'll tell you, there's a lot of people that, you know, like, I called it a guy, fuck, worked with him, breaks my heart, because he's a good friend of mine. And I think that, from what I saw, when I worked with him on the floor, he is probably one of the, one of the best at diffusing a situation and talking to it wouldn't matter who it was with a level of professionalism, but still enough compassion, to show a form of human connection at the very least to you know, try to achieve like his goal as well. Right. Like, you know, compliance more often than not, but turn into a complete and total utter fucking bigot. And, and it's, but um, so yeah, as much as it can get. That term can be thrown around when it might not necessarily be what's motivating decisions, you know, might not necessarily be racism, there's times too and a lot of people will fucking tolerate it too and not call it out and not actually address it as well. And I see that all the time, you know, like saying, like, well there was a guy that I work with and I've worked with him on a few different drugs there was a meme floating around is a picture of and what it was a bunch of busted up shitty fucking houses with you know, garbage thrown all over the place and with no context whatsoever, not where it is or anything like that. It says something about the implication mine is mean was that it's well this is reserves houses, this is reserve houses. So this is what you get when you get a bunch of lazy Indians basically living in an era This is what they've done. And in I saw, as I saw this guy post on I said, like, Are you fucking kidding me? Like to even post something as stupid as that? And I say, hey, you racist little fuck. Like, do you have any idea what you're talking about? like to just to put up this context? Like, completely lacking context? Is this picture a bunch of shitty houses attached to a saying that has something to do with with Indian housing, something that will just say, like, What's your goal with with posting something like that for one? You know, what do you hope to achieve by that? Or is it just like, you know, just kind of shun that. And so when you call racist, but also flocon, racist, you guys could call everything racist? Like, Oh, no, except in this case, what he just posted, super fucking racist, and you're a piece of shit for posting it. You know, but but but you're right, though, because, you know, like, going back to the did he call out white supremacy vehemently enough and stuff like that? The problem is that, like Trump said, some fucking stupid shit too, when it came to that when he said that proud boys stand down and stand by and stand down. Well, it's not hard to see how that could be interpreted as some sort of a subversive message to this group. Like, I mean, that was some fucking weird shit that he said there. Absolutely. I, I think I think in the moment, he was stumped. I think he just said something that Yeah, will come out the way he wanted. And plus, he's still trying to feed it, he's still trying to feed red meat to his fucking base of of idiots. You know, like, because to, to still support him at this point and say, Oh, he's a, he's a source for good. You know, he's more of a look at what he liquid he's done to the people in the United States right now, during this whole pandemic. Bullshit. They've got 112 hundred dollar check, since it started SEO to all about the cert program. And I know that there's a lot of people that are really concerned with all this is going to be a bunch of scammers, and there's gonna be a bunch of people taking advantage of it. What do they say? I think there's a release like they've they've done some, somehow they've they've means tested it. And they said that the the level of corruption or of you know, people that fraudulent claims is like, point, whatever, it's less than 1% at this point, but you want to talk about the culprit for something like that. Everybody's gonna freak out about that, because they keep getting thrown that kind of bullshit. I don't know, I'm kind of rambling around here. But people get Keep, keep getting thrown in the bullshit about all these lazy fuckers are gonna sit on serve and no one's gonna want to work in there's gonna be all these fraudulent cases. But ignore the fact that like we like I said, we still subsidize Husky energy. Husky energy can pay one person they can pay Ron Peabody $26 million a year. So if a company can pay $26 million a year, but who enabled the regulations? That's exactly for success of liberal and conservative governments for last 30 years. They just keep taking turns fuckness in their own unique and sadistic little way, you know, they just end it's gonna continue and like that's why I said, if, if Erin O'Toole can squeak out like a shitty little minority, right, you're like, I can't believe they could actually find someone worse than fucking cheer. But here we are. If he squeaked out some sort of a shitty little minority victory. Nothing's going to change. Like, look what he's running on right now. defund the CBC. And what did he he posted something stupid today to is just some more virtue signaling. Oh, because sir john diefenbaker got taken off a school or a building. Yeah. Okay. So he freaked out isn't what Yeah, so he's like, Oh, my God, he's like, they're gonna we're gonna stop this canceled culture. Okay, so let's ask 100,000 Canadians right now. How did taking Johnny diefenbaker his name off that school affect your life? Today? Well, let's ask. Let's ask about canceled culture with Jodi Rae. Rebel rebel? Yeah. Yeah. Hundred percent. We can ask about canceled culture there. Yeah. Yeah, well, but But the thing is, is like they will they will resort to those that virtue signaling, because then they don't have to talk about what's talking about the taxation period that made it so that we're paying for everything. And we're subsidizing a company that doesn't pay income tax, that that Netflix doesn't pay taxes in Canada that Amazon like all these massive companies don't pay taxes, and then we're saying we're not gonna get taxed more. I don't want to pay for health care, because then I'll get taxed more. We don't need to get taxed more. How about some of these assholes that don't get taxed at all? Or that hide their money in fucking Panama? How about those motherfuckers are paying their taxes but nobody wants to dress out and in the media keeps saying liberals are doing dumb shit. So let's hate on everything that they're doing. About it's pretty good trick. The other the other thing too is, what's the thing we always get told, oh, they have to pay taxes, they'll move all their operations. Yeah, you're gonna pick up you're gonna pick up four hills, and you're gonna move it to China at the end of the day, who enabled the regulations that allowed all these industries to just move out and vacate without paying penalties or anything like that? So on that, and I even I talked to Randy Holbeck about this, I said, I said, Randy, I said the last election, the last budget actually incentivized outsourcing. It literally made it more profitable for a company in Canada, outsource, and so everybody's shocked when fuckin Chevy or GM shuts down their plant. The lot was that in Brampton, Ontario, where was it? Both shut down. Yeah, but they just shut down the last one. And they moved that plant to Mexico. And so I see hold back before the I said, and look at us in here, you're driving a fucking shove. I said, Why aren't you boycotting that company? That company right now. They just shut down their plant in Canada, which was profitable, and still was turning a profit was still making Chevy money was enough money wasn't enough money. So they wanted to move it to fucking Mexico, right? And so they just and they took that $11 billion bailout that they just got, and I'm not sure there was some sort of, I know that a bunch of the oil, a bunch of the car companies that got bailed out by the government. But instead of buying shares in the company, they just gave them money with like, no strings, attached loans. And then so they just picked up and they fucked off. So they didn't even get that return back. It's all like they, okay, fine, you know, Dodge, like they did give dodge money to the given $4 billion, but they there were strings attached to it, you have to stay in you have to operate this you have to produce this much, etc, etc. Well, this last one, they didn't even do that. So what do they do? They took a bunch of our tax money, you know, like you're paying probably, you know, 30 to $50,000 a year in taxes, whatever. They take portions of our money they give to a company GM operates for another couple of years, and they've just shut that fucking plant down and they move it to Mexico to pay a bunch of guys. You know, $8 an hour instead of paying our labor slave labor. Yeah. And then, Manian leaders disappeared. That's right. Yep, exactly. And they, but you know, but we're gonna bitch about the fucking backyard electrician or mechanic, that's, you know, still doing oil changes for 25 bucks an hour cash on the side and collect and serve at the same time. Like, that's the cause of all of our fucking problems. We're gonna whine about the, the waitress that's collecting tips and not reporting it. Yeah, exactly. Well, fucking vampires, like Jeff Bezos, you know, are now worth what, whatever, 200 and $20 billion now or something stupid like that. He's gonna be a trillionaire in a year, shit like that. And you know, people still fetishize those monsters. Next weekend, just to give a little preview, I'm gonna actually be interviewing a SAS party candidate that was booted from the party for liking some tweets on Twitter. And he was accused of being part of some the Q anon group. Now give you a very brief preview q anon was started on a board called 4chan on the internet for chancen record breaking troll, but also is also cracked some weird cases, too. Yeah, they're like, he's got some stuff, right? Like, definitely, they're, they're like a hacker collective. And they're also a little mischievious in that. So the whole queue thing started getting posted on there, it turned into this big movement. And suddenly, suddenly, it's, that's all I've heard about the last few days is queueing on this queue. And on that they're often this they're involved in that. I think they're also a creation to take away valid investigative probes into that world. So when you have q anon, which is kind of out there, you know, and some of this stuff, like, whether you agree with it or not, some of this stuff is pretty much impossible to, you know, to base on, like to say, whatever comes through, but there's enough truth in what they say too. But But lie does. Yeah, exactly. So what they do is they take the groups that tell a little bit of truth, and then anything that they say, if you agree with anything that they say at all, they say, well, you agree with that. So, you know, it's like, Okay, well, David says that 911 was an inside job. So if I say that I agree that 911 is an inside job. They said, well, you a good day, but I think so lizards control the world. Mm. Well, it's kind of a bullshit thing. So because queueing on gets a lot of stuff, right? They're fucking crazy in some areas, but they get some shit right to well, the amount of articles that I saw on this Darrell Cooper guy, yeah. Like it was, you know, I would have thought a sauce party candidate that liked a few tweets that press progress a left leaning. Yeah, that's the gate of anti hate organization, whether you want to believe it's real or they're just Yeah, they're being full Paul about the whole thing. They did this expos a, and so it was picked up by CBC. Okay, fine. You know, I guess it's news. Yeah, I guess. Yeah, really, it's news. Well, I looked up that guy's name today on Google. And there's at least 10 newspaper publications right on this. He's a small time SAS party candidate from Saskatchewan who gives a fuck about Saskatchewan who's ever given a fuck about what happens in Saskatchewan? No kidding. Yeah, you know, and then yet there's 10 articles and they're all getting into we've talked to experts about q anon and, and the and they're part of this right wing extremist movement that's growing and the FBI says right wing extremism see, they're linked to the and I as soon as I saw that article, I just said it's a hit piece. Hundred percent is a hit piece. And it's and it's like I said, but the people that always get the passes are the ones that are still real friendly with the Empire. Yeah. And they can say whatever they want, they can do whatever they want. Like, you know, they can go to spare cooking dinners, and still be, you know, accepted into polite society and nice restaurants in DC. So, you know, absolutely that man's one big club and fuck them where there's no way we're getting a seat at that table. And I'm okay with that, too. Well, yeah. Well, you talk about the table too much. You know, I just want to say right now I'm of sound mind and yeah. Yeah, if anything ever happened to me, Please investigate yet. Please, Please investigate if anything happens to either of us sorcerer. So it's not natural. No, definitely not. Thanks a lot for us. Yeah, thank you very much. And for everyone out there. Have a great weekend.