July 12, 2020

Coffee Time with Cody Demerais

Coffee Time with Cody Demerais

I interview Cody Demerais, the owner of a clothing brand called Limitless located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. 

We talk about what inspired Cody to start Limitless. We talk about building a brand from scratch and the hard work that goes into that. We also touch on a personal tragedy that occured that led down a path of addiction and suicidal ideation before he founded his brand.

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If you would like to check out Cody's brand, his website is: https://www.limitlessgearclothing.com/


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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":13.0,"body":"All right, and we're live. So my guest today is Cody Demerais. He's from limitless gear clothing located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He is received the inspirational matey youth award. And he's been nominated for Young Entrepreneur of the Year through the Prince Albert Chamber of Commerce. And he's up for this scotch one Chamber of Commerce award as well. Welcome to the podcast, Cody.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":41.0,"body":"Well, thank you very much Russell for having me. This is my first official podcast so it's pretty exciting stuff. Actually, as soon as you asked me about this, I definitely want to jump at the chance. I've listened to a few of your podcasts before with Kayla, for sure. A good friend of mine, she's awesome. So I really enjoyed that one. And I like what you're doing here and I can See your podcasts definitely going farther, you know, as long as you work at it and keep it going. I'm sure you'll have plenty of people that are definitely, you know, want to be heard from all sorts of people around our community. And I think it's going to be a big, big show.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":75.0,"body":"Awesome. Well, thanks for the kind words and talking about brand. Let's talk about your brand a bit. Tell me a bit more about limitless.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":84.0,"body":"Yeah, so limitless gear clothing was an idea that I had. Actually, it stemmed from an art project when I was in grade one or two about so the art project idea was you come up with your own label, come up with your own brand, using something that was personal to you. So at the time, it was initials, I like talkie back in the day, big time. So you know, a couple hockey sticks there a couple basketballs, and then I made my own brand, you know, and for some reason that's, that's stayed with me since I was about grade one, grade two as an art project, you know, in elementary so You know, I've I've had a lot of ups and downs in my life. And, you know, reflecting back in the day of, you know, movies like miracle or Cinderella movies, you know, where it just plucked on the heartstrings and inspired people, you know, the underdog movies was truly my all time favorite kind of movies to watch actually. So, you know, after running into a an old, older person that I knew had a clothing brand, actually uncle hack, you know of danger cats. Okay. Yeah, yep. So after running into him, he had his own brand at the time, actually. So this was about four years ago, I do believe. So, you know, I started thinking it would be cool to have my own brand, but in a different set of lights, right. So as I was growing up, you know, I love the Cinderella movies, the underdog movies. So I knew my brand wanted I wanted to You know, inspire people, I want to motivate people, I want my brand to show positive light, or even, you know, bring up negative past experiences and bring them to light, you know, for the better. So, I worked on limitless gear the concept over for about two and a half months. And then one day after watching my one of my all time favorite movies limitless, you know, where Bradley Cooper becomes completely limitless after taking you know, a pill, right, wasn't that NZT NZT 48 Actually, yeah, yeah, so that was a one of my favorite movies, you know, kind of same thing underdog, you know, surpass in his potential. But in that case, you know, is because of a pill, but the concept of becoming limitless stayed with me and I truly you know, that plugged on my heartstrings right away actually. So you know, the two and a half months trying to find the right mean and the right impact. It all came To me as I was driving down the street one day, after watching the movie, you know, and seeing the matey symbol all over the place, you know. And then with somewhat of a mechanical background and some family with a mechanical background, I started realizing gears. They're a very strong symbol. So you know, all three of those kind of fell together as I was going down for a drive, you know, on a regular day. So that kind of, you know, blossomed into something beautiful. Definitely, for sure.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":269.0,"body":"So, what do you think makes someone limitless?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":272.0,"body":"Well, I definitely think stepping outside your comfort zone, you know, doing the things that kind of scare you in a way. Right. So I'll tell you one example for me. So I can't run a brand limitless gear that tries to inspire people to step outside of their comfort zone, unless I truly live by that. Right. So for years, I was actually scared or very scared of heights. heights was one of my biggest fears for some reason. You know, during the summer, for a part time job, I actually roof with a buddy of mines dad, or you know, one of my other friends that had a roofing company. And every time I go out on a roof, I was like, petrified to step by the edges, you know, even if it was a one story house. I don't know where that fear of heights came from. But, you know, I started to realize to get over something you have to dive fully in. So I actually mean, a buddy of mine a good good friend of mine, we decided to go skydiving, actually, that's one way to get over a fear of heights. I've actually beforehand never been on an airplane either. So that was an you know, that was another milestone as well. I said, Yeah, let's go skydiving. He kind of laughed at me because he knew I never traveled there anything like that before. As he knew it was the very first time I was going to be on an airplane skydiving out of it. So I can definitely say this 110% that I am no longer afraid of heights so you know, example that worked for me\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":365.0,"body":"so I take it when you first got on the plane though you had that kind of pit in your stomach sort of feeling\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":374.0,"body":"I'll be honest, I was so excited for for it to happen to me follow through that you know spinning around because when the parachute was kind of opened, that's actually a what hurt me the most you know, I don't do too well on rollercoasters and stuff like that I get pretty fairly dizzy easily. And that was the worst part for me it was even the climb. flying up it was even the fact about jumping out of an airplane a perfectly good airplane for the first time ever being on one. It was the actual spin of it. You know, when the when the parachute was open. That's what kind of hit me the most actually just getting a little sick to my stomach that's about it.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":418.0,"body":"So when someone's afraid\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":421.0,"body":"But then they decide consciously to overcome that fear is that when they become limitless?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":428.0,"body":"Well, I definitely believe that\r\n\r\nthere are so many people out there that truly\r\n\r\nwant to take leaps in life that you know, want to start a small business that want to go back to school that want to quit their job now and do cocaine or teaching. Sorry. You know, I believe that there's so many people out there that are truly not living to where they want to live in life. Because I believe that so many people are afraid to take a chance on themselves. Or so many people are afraid what others might think of them.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":463.0,"body":"You know, I mean, looking at another famous entrepreneur, Gary Vee, I don't know if you follow him at all on social media. There's a lot of talk about people being scared of what other people think. Do you know why? We have that societal pressure.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":482.0,"body":"Yeah, to be honest, I know Gary Vee I like a lot of his content, actually. But I truly, you know, with the young kids like teenagers and stuff like that I do feel bad for them in a way. Right? Because social media, you know, there's so much pressure actually on younger kids nowadays, it's to do anything that's not in the spotlight. You know, I mean, in a negative aspect, or a positive aspect, it's kind of unheard of, because, you know, it's just out there in the open now, but I definitely believe that, you know, to get over a fear, you just kind of kind of got to jump forward into something that you've been thinking about for a while. You don't like yourself with this with this podcast, you know, I'm sure there was moments where you had hums, and Hawes moments, but then you kind of just went in for it. Right?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":534.0,"body":"Yeah, I mean, I think everyone has some apprehensions when you first start Is this really gonna work? Is this a valuable use of my time? Yeah. But getting back to limitless, how was it like when you started limitless? So\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":552.0,"body":"yeah, I started pretty humble. And I don't care how far limitless Guess how high it gets, how wide awareness it gets. I want to try and always remain humble and kind truly. But in the first place how I started limitless, like I said was out of the trunk of my car about three and a half years ago. I started with a box, two boxes of T shirts, a couple different colors, and I folded them and I color coded them and I size coded them in the trunk of my car. And you know, before work and after work as an EAA for youth at risk. I would drive and meet buddies or acquaintances that would reach out to me through social media. And I'd go and sell them t shirts out of the trunk of my car. So I don't meet them at a gas station. And you know, they tell me Yeah, I want two shirts. So this and this. So I just opened the trunk for them and they would kind of pick what they wanted, you know, just give me cash at the time. And I did that for quite a few few months actually just, you know, continuing the grind, letting people know where I see limitless in the future and what I wanted, what I wanted the concept to really reach, you know, to do something that kind of scares you. You know, I want to motivate I want to inspire people, you know, so I did that for a while I did trade shows, I did street fairs. And all the time, you know, every weekend that I was doing it, regardless if when I was working Monday to Friday somewhere else for something and I would work on my brand the weekend. You know, something was hidden, hidden home with me every time I worked on it, whether it's just trying to come up with a different design a different, a different, you know, awesome picture, a different post cut, you know, just getting the brand out there. Every time I tried to work on it, something in my brain was just kind of lightened in, you know, was on fire now made me start to realize that, you know, isn't that what life's about, you know, doing something that you truly joy every day of the week, you know, not just doing something 10 hours a week, at the end of the week after you already were to nine to five. So, you know, I decided after working again for some youth at risk that I should go all in and see where it goes. I even told my mom that, you know, I'll gladly lose every single dollar that I have in my bank account. And know that I actually just went all in instead of never knowing and that was one of the biggest Things I had to do in my life was you know, decide to take that risk. Now we got a full retail location on Central and Prince Albert and I've truly never been happier working on something.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":733.0,"body":"And he plans to expand to Saskatoon, Regina Moose Jaw.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":738.0,"body":"See, one of the biggest things that I've always heard or you know, read out of a book for business and entrepreneurs, you know, there is a thing of trying to grow too rapidly and too quick before you even know what's going on in your own kind of backyard. So, you know, I the thought has come to me, but this is where I needed to start and Prince Albert as it's been my home, you know, born and born and raised. I've had nothing but tremendous support and Prince Albert. And you know, especially with all the COVID situations going on still, you know, whether or not we're going to get a second outbreak or sorry, not a second outbreak. A second. You know, a round come in and you know, who's to know that things aren't going to shut down again, a little bit here and there. So I think until we're out of the, you know, out of the cautionary times that we're in right now, I think it's best to just keep it at home where it'll start.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":799.0,"body":"How is COVID affected your business?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":802.0,"body":"See, that's, that's an interesting question. Because, yeah, so like I was mentioned, you know, I opened up a retail store in Prince Albert, November 29, that me and my best friend Reagan trustee, we're doing all the renovations on it for a few months and everything like that. And then we got to open November 29. And we're in business fully operational for three months, three months, and it was an amazing three months, you know, nothing but support all the way through for pretty much the most part. And then I had to close my doors, you know, because occurrences You know, we're all recommended as small business owners and everything to do our part and flatten that curve to close down your business. And you know, you don't put that in a business plan. Close closing your front doors you don't, right. So I looked at it, okay, well, maybe we got to put a pause on everything, you know, I mean, take a break, because at the time I was burning myself out, because I do quite a bit of public speaking. And, you know, I was managing the store, I was doing public speaking, I think I had about five engagements booked for the month of March, actually, which, you know, I think in a previous year, I had about six altogether in a year. So, we were, you know, things were happening, life was going good and then, you know, came to a halt, basically. So, I did take a couple weeks off with my girlfriend, which I think those two weeks were, you know, very beneficial. Then I started realizing that, you know, it's gonna last longer than Two weeks and then I had had to get back to the ground had to do something. So I, we got an online website up and running about maybe two weeks prior to actually closing our doors. And then I decided, you know, I have to do something to keep going here because I can't just stop we don't know how long this is gonna last for so I decided to offer you know, doorstep deliveries or you know curbside pickups. So that's what got got me through in the business through for sure.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":937.0,"body":"Now with your business,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":940.0,"body":"you you've had some struggles with COVID and humble beginnings. But a lot of this started way before that was some personal tragedy in your life that helped inspire you. Can you give us give me some light on that?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":959.0,"body":"Yeah, for sure for us. So, growing up, I was a very angry child, I was a very negative person. Now, I don't know if it had something to do with family, you know, not being around at the time. Or if I just was lost, and I didn't know what to do with it. But you know, I started drinking. I started doing drugs at a very young age. I, you know, I think when I started drinking almost on a regular basis, I wasn't, I was 12 years old. I think, you know, before that, I started working full time, at age 11. So, you know, my life matured very quickly, you know, into the next steps of life. But all that all the drinking and alcohol and the negative mindset and the angry mindset that I had growing up as a teenager You know, it led me to one day or cartridge that changed my life and one of my best friends life. forever. And I was drinking behind the wheel. Sorry, yeah, drinking and driving behind the wheel. And one of my best friends was with me. And he was in the passenger seat. And we're going about 116 in town. And, you know, I can still remember everything vividly. And I looked over him, and he looked over at me, and we were laughing and smiling, you know about a joke we just said, and then out of all of a sudden, we hit a curb. And then we hit a tree coming to a dead stop.\r\n\r\nAnd then I woke up,\r\n\r\nyou know, after that impact, as I had my seatbelt on and my friend didn't, and I looked over and the windshield smashed, and he's laying on the dash and I started panicking. I started freaking out, trying to wake him up, thinking he was sleeping, you know, think he was gonna shrug it off. And then I must pass out due to the adrenaline Then I woke up again in ambulance, you know, strapped down to a stretcher. You know, freaky No wonder where my buddy is if he was okay. And then I passed out yet. woke up in the hospital for the third time, you know, strapped to that stretcher still freaking out crying, wondering where my good good buddy was, you know? And then his parents came in, and my mom came in at the time and told me they're taking him to Saskatoon. As you know, injury was very severe. And then so that was a, you know, life changing night, the rest of my life. And then, you know, I think I left the hospital six hours after that car crash, you know, I couldn't stand being in there. I took my own IV out. You know, I left the hospital bed myself and I told my walls, I can't stay there. And then you know, like within the week, I had buddies and whatnot coming by the house, checking in All right, seeing how I was doing mentally physically, because this crash kind of sweet, our little community in a big way, you know of what happened. And then after one night, you know, somebody mentioned to me that Yeah, Reagan's not gonna make it through the night. And that I didn't know where I was at life. You know, I was in a dark moment. And after hearing this gentleman at the time telling me that Reagan wasn't gonna make it through the night. I, I did a very rash, emotional decision. After feeling alone after everyone left, I started picking up a bottle and I started drinking, you know, trying to drown out the sorrows and I actually tried to take my life that one night, actually after he left me after I was alone, I tried to hate myself from my mother's ceiling in the basement, by a belt. Now, I woke up up the next morning actually, with one half of that belt on my neck, and then one half still aim by the ceiling. So, you know, I, I was close enough that I passed out from hanging from a belt but not close enough that I didn't wake up in the morning. So that was one of the biggest life changing events of my life. And it gave me a lot worse mental health problems for years that I you know, tried to deal with with drugs and alcohol. And you know, years later started realizing after almost overdose and a couple times on drugs that I had to do something Something had to switcher you know, and so I started doing public speaking about my past and I started really getting more in depth about, you know, what the brand meant to me. So, you know, I like to donate I like to try and give back to mental health opportunities, you know, because I've suffered for years with it. My public speaking, I like to talk about mental health, you know, and what to do and when mental health situations open up to you, right, because interested in fact, actually, during this whole COVID, I had four people in 24 hours reach out to me that were affected by mental health in the same day. So, you know, I've, I've let everyone know about my mental health issues about my issues in the past with drugs and alcohol. My suicide attempts, you know, I've I put myself out there for the world to see. And I think people trust me genuinely, because I'm not scared to anymore, right. So people have reached out to me quite a bit about that. Which in a way, it's it's pretty, pretty amazing that somebody reaches out in a moment where they need somebody. And if I can help somebody get through that past, you know, that I had at a moment, you know, that's pretty cool.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1320.0,"body":"I'll definitely\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1323.0,"body":"do you find\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1326.0,"body":"that there\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1328.0,"body":"is more drug use now than previously when you were younger, less or\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":1335.0,"body":"the fit about drug abuse and whatnot is that, you know, whether it starts off with something to do with, you know, somebody's past or somebody wants to fit in, you know, there's so many different, different What do you want to call angles we can look at right? whether somebody is alone and abandoned from their family. You know, there's so many so many different angles, we can look at that. But yes, truly, you hear both reports all the time about drugs, pop it up, you know, people get into drugs and I for one, I definitely know I can't trust myself around drugs. You know, I have an addictive personality. And I know I do. And truly I think that's how Mi benefit me to where I am now, because I'm a risk taker. You know, I have an addictive personality. I'm addicted to learning. I read books as if it was a drugs to me in a way. But I think the biggest thing for kids, you know, young adults, older adults, I think it's about believing in something else, giving yourself to something else. I truly do believe my brand, you know, and how hard I work on it six days, seven days a week has kind of saved my life in a way. You know, it's gave me a purpose. So I think everyone that kind of struggles and deals with addictions, just needs to find their purpose.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1422.0,"body":"So with with your brand limitless, how do you give back to the community?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":1430.0,"body":"Yeah, so a part of proceeds that I do make from a logo design that I created with my friend Dane Sanderson, It's called Life is limitless, and there is a tree of life. That's one of our logos. And the plan was to take a percentage of each sale of that logo sale and donate it to Canadian. Sorry, Canadian Mental Health Association. So we're just wrapping up and you know, things have been going pretty good. It took us longer to get there because of the whole COVID situation having to close the doors and everything like that. So it took us a little longer than expected. But you know, this week or next week, early next week, planning on donating you know, X amount of dollars to Canadian mental health. I do a little bit of mentorship for mental health. And, you know, just offer a basic, you know, open ear or somebody a chat with when they're going through mental health. it you know, I almost do that as a part time gig for completely free because I have so many friends of mine or You know, pass buddies of mine that really, you know, reach out every once in a while about their mental health. So I definitely believe talking about it, you know, and letting people know that like, this is what happened to me can definitely help another person because they might be going through the same situation. So when it comes to situations like that, I don't think we should ever be scared to tell her story, as we were mentioned before, when we were just chatting, right before we set everything up here, that everyone's got a story. Right. And, you know, sharing your story with somebody might save somebody else's life. So, with my public speaking, limitless gear, I like to try and do that some way, right? My brand is my life story. Through logos and designs and messages. It's a lot deeper meaning when somebody actually looks into what the meaning behind the brand is the messages that it says it is.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1558.0,"body":"Well, I think that's really it. pressive tying in a very personal story to the brand, and making it something that you show the world so that other people can be vulnerable. And they can work on their mental health and work through their own their own issues that they're going through with life. Now before, before we had to wrap up here,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1589.0,"body":"just like to ask you as well, about\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1595.0,"body":"that work ethic, like how much work goes into promoting a brand and promoting a business in the community. When you're starting from scratch. It's not a franchise, you're not getting money or a business lent to you to work on. You're starting from scratch. For those people listening that might be interested in starting their own brand, their own business. What How much work do you have to put into it?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":1623.0,"body":"That's, you know, that's a good question Russell, because\r\n\r\nI truly haven't worked. Or sorry, I haven't worked as much as I have in the past six months, even, you know, 810 months prior than I have ever in my life. You know, like I was mentioned before, when I was 11 years old, I started working full time, because my mom lost her job at warehouser 28 and a half years work in there. So I started realizing, you know, I have to help around. If I want something, I have to work for it. I have to help out by you know, getting a job paying for things that I want, because that's just how it was, you know, after my mom lost her job, I had to work for things that I wanted in life. And truly, you know, it's it's getting up, seven, eight in the morning, whatever six in the morning, sometimes Working throughout the day, going home eaten, and then you know going back for a few hours. Truly the renovations to get the store up and running with my best friend the one that was in the car crash with you know, I couldn't have done it without him. But I remember one night of you know to get the floor and all done. We went in at like six o'clock five o'clock on a Saturday, I think. And we worked together till six or seven the next morning actually laying down floor and then I turned around in the morning and he fell asleep on me because that's a long shift right now I you know, woke him up. I was like, buddy, we got to get home. You know when you fell asleep yet it's you know, I appreciate all the help but I gotta get you home, you know. So I went back actually and I finished the floor and just like few cutting edges, you know, for another four or five hours so I think I did flooring for 17 hours and why the biggest rush was Because, you know, I was going to school Monday to Friday, learning how to build a business plan. So in Saskatoon I was doing that. So the weekends when I came home, it was like, you know, I got to work on renovations now installed till I almost head back to Saskatoon. And, you know, especially during COVID, I did you know doorstep deliveries from our online website. Like sometimes if, you know, I had a few orders in a day, at eight in the morning, if I was up and you know, running around, I'd go get that order ready, delivered all their steps, you know, within 10 minutes. I know you can ask a few people that I did the same thing for a nine o'clock on a Sunday or a Monday. You know, one thing about me is that I almost work, you know, constantly. I almost have a issue in a way that I can't get off my brain. There's some nights I'll be laying in bed four or five in the morning. Thinking about different ideas and different designs, different messages, I want to I want the brand explain. Truly, I've I've never enjoyed nothing else as much as I do this. So there is some times where it feels like work. And then there's some times that I enjoy so much what I'm doing. I truly do forget to eat middle of the day, because I'm so focused doing about six different things at a time.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1825.0,"body":"You know, they say if you find something you love, you never really work a day in your life might work hard. But you never it never feels like work.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1837.0,"body":"So for the audience out there that's interested in limitless. Where can they find you?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":1842.0,"body":"Yeah, thank you. By the way, I just want to say thank you again, Russell for the invite to my very first podcast. This was a cool experience. And like I said, I definitely think this show is going to be you know, quite widely no and I think you're doing a fantastic job actually and, you know, get in some pretty creative stuff. Cool leaders from our community. I think it's a fantastic job. I just want to say thank you. But yeah, my website, Facebook, Instagram, limitless gear clothing. You know, I have a social media Facebook page for my public speaking. It's just Cody demaree on Facebook.\r\n\r\nThat's about it, I think.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1882.0,"body":"Well, thank you for the kind words, Cody, and thank you for coming on to the podcast today to talk about your business and, and your personal story. I really appreciate it. It's\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1893.0,"body":"it can't be easy to tell the story over and over again. But I'm glad that you are telling your story and that you're able to help other people through your story. So, again, thank you for for being here today. And we'll have you on the podcast again sometime.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Cody ","startTime":1915.0,"body":"Looking forward to a wrestle. Thanks, bye. Thanks. All right.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1933.0,"body":"So my guest today is Cody demaree\r\n\r\n"}]}