March 22, 2020

Coffee Time with Devin Murphy

Coffee Time with Devin Murphy

Tighten the tinfoil hat and secure the bunker. This episode I have a conversation with my friend Devin over a glass or two of whiskey as we talk about: prepping, pandemics, Government involvement in our lives and ask why relief efforts always seem to get politicians rich?

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Hello, You're listening to coffee breath conversations. This episode's a little bit different than my previous ones in this episode. Our interview. A friend of mine named Devane. We talked about various pandemics, media involvement, lobbyists, the role of government and disasters. And we also touch on prep culture a bit. This episode I do a bit more conversing than I usually d'oh, and it rolls along a lot more like a conversation. So I hope you get some enjoyment from it. Let me know what you think. E. My guest today is Devin Murphy. Devon is a friend and co worker. He's a follower of alternate theories on popular topics and an avid prepper. Welcome to the podcast, Evan. Well, thanks. It's a pleasure to be here. So Corona Virus. It is the hot topic, isn't it? Everyone's talking about

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it. Yeah, I can't blame him for talking about it so much. It's It's kind of unprecedented. The Spanish flu, right? 1918

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Haven't had too many made this much attention. No, even though

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they've tried, the Ebola virus is up four years ago. I see nothing the other day where somebody's lined up potential pandemics and it's every election year every four years, and they listed all of them. You know, there's a Chuan anyone stars become, and I haven't researched it myself. I just kind of take it as an inch instance. Interesting post political reasons. Right now, this one here, of course, is American election coming up the difference between this Corona virus and the previous ones. So there seems to be some substantial evidence to say that. Hey, this one's legit, right?

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Yeah. I mean, we heard all about Ebola for a bit, and then suddenly we really didn't hear much about it anymore and just kind of fell off the wagon.

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Well, the Ebola, you know, if you're watching a lot of those Ah, videos of it on. I remember this one video I seen it was distinct. They're bringing ah, possible or a diagnosis Ebola victim off this plane. So you had four or five guys with HAZ mat suits on, and they brought this personal and put them on the stretcher and all their actions seem kind of awkward and, you know, and even unnecessary, Like, this person walked off the plane, but then they strap him down, laying on a stretcher But then this guy comes in like a college shirt and a tie and a clipboard. Everybody else is in house about suits. But this guy comes up with the Clipper and they're calling him the director. And right there, I started getting skeptical, thinking, you know, what is going on here is this ah staged event and was soon after that it started feeding away. And part of me, like the conspiracy part of me, is like, Yeah, because they were getting busted. But the non conspiracy side is People are saying, Hey, like, this is Ebola. This comes from that's More of 1/3 World are like a the culture and eating habits is what's gonna cause it. Like I think it has to be blood chance or blood transfer to get Ebola. But where the Corona virus is airborne. So a big difference there.

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It's It's interesting, you know, like Ebola. Lots of media topics about it. Country of origin, very key, trying to track down, you know, initial transmission. And then suddenly you have the cove, it 19 virus, where the information overload is the typical stuff that you get for each one end one and bird flu's in the past, but the numbers people saying, Well, it's not that bad. Well, that's we've heard since January. It's not that bad. It's going to disappear. It's not that serious. And suddenly now it's stay inside. Don't panic by state of emergency's They're talking emergency measures. Oct.

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They're saying, Don't panic, But then we're panicking, right?

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And scary concerts. In a way, they've already started revisionist history on it because for better for worse, the ah president of states calls it the Chinese virus. And then people are saying, Well, that's you know that's not acceptable. Well, they're politicizing it, right? Well, absolutely. And during a time where there's an election coming up and it's very interesting to me, especially when you look out the Spanish flu. They just rewrote the Wikipedia article, and they now they're calling it the 1915 to 1918 pandemic

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right there. Back drag is funny. Hole wasn't racist racist a month ago to call it the Spanish flu and Alison it is, or the Chinese flu. Or but that's where this this politicizing things, especially like American media. Right to me, that takes away from the actual fax. But if you take take a network like CNN. Well, that's what they're based on their, in my opinion. There fearmongers right? They will lum put misleading, untrue statements anything to get their business right there trying to help people's attention. But I just want to get back to, ah, the origins When it first come, oldest saw the Corona virus in China. So you got China. Ah, communist dictatorship. So these reports are common oat. And every every year scientists go to China and other countries to see what the next coming fluids to make the vaccines. And usually it takes a year to travel to the planet. That's what all I've always been told or heard so that Western society will have these vaccines in time back to China. These reports are coming out and just say, Well, okay, here's another flu. It's no big deal that China politicized trying to take her, but our attention fearmongering like the Ebola. But then it kept going, So I'm checking all the the alternative media that I'm that I'm used Thio researching with. And there is reports saying No, this is legit. They're burning 1200 bodies a day, so I started thinking while maybe this is something. So then other countries started following suit with their quarantines and stuff. But then the the part of my my, uh, majority, part of my thinking is don't believe the government don't believe the media. So I said, Well, if this is what's coming out, I don't believe it. So maybe the numbers are lower, but at the end of it, I'm still haven't picked a side to be on when it comes to the lethal nous of this virus.

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Well, do you think that they fudged the numbers?

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I 100% believe they fudged the numbers either deliberately or accidentally, higher or lower. How can you accurately taken accurate measurement of people that are sick with Corona? People get sick. Every Dave, all sorts of viruses. I was talking about this today. Okay, They got this Corona test kit. Well, these are just coming out. They said Okay, now, you contest within two days. This corona virus, it used to be a week or two where they ship these Corona viruses. Right now it's a scotch, or they see their 16 cases. Did Saskatchewan really get get test kits for this Corona virus that you could detect within two days. Maybe they did. Or what I think is more logical if you have the symptoms of Corona virus, even our news media, the calling a presumptive cases s. So if you've got a fever in this dry cough respiratory issues, they're labeling at Corona virus. We're not gonna know old. It's true numbers until this is gone till this is passed. Do

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you think we're ever gonna get true numbers from a country like China, right? Or Iran writing. They were saying that in Iran, there digging mass grieves.

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Yeah, I heard it. It it's hit them hard. But again, Yeah, where these sources coming from?

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We got to be so careful with the media because you have you have one group that tried that's trying to push, you know, Democrat or Republican in Canada, conservative or liberal. And then you have to go all the way across the world. You gotta look at, like, news media outlets like Russia today. And what do they have to gain from it? Right. And of course, they're going to go with the anti Western viewpoint. So they're gonna post stuff, Of course. Ah, looks good in their favor. So what can you truly believe?

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And you know, that's a very good point. The only way I can answer that question is believe what's happening in your community. We can't We can't believe what's happening in China, Italy, overseas, even in the States. If it's happening regionally, where yeah, I know my cousin's neighbour has Corona virus. That's when you can start believing these numbers. But until then, it's really a TV show.

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It's It's interesting, you know, like I was reading. Ah is reading a news article earlier, and it was the Beaverton and they're kind of like, Oh, no Canadian parody caught like the young in for the States And they said, You know, it was an article about all the pants the company bought pants from six years ago is letting you know that they care about you and they're responding to the Corona virus, right? So now what's marketing campaign now? How come we ah, how can we get is many clicks or likes? Is we canto help keep our sales going? And

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after retention? Absolutely. I think the whole thing is is I shouldn't see the whole thing. A large percentage of it is a marketing campaign, and this is a quote that I really like. The people that sell the fear, sell the pill. These media let's are owned by the same. When you go all the way up to the pyramid, are owned by the same people that own the pharmaceutical companies. They want to sell fear because they got the pill. And now there's people what's not? Ah ah, worldwide conspiracy. There's people that need to react to say, Hey, this is sounding pretty legit. It's coming from the World Health Organization is coming from here. It's coming from there. We do need to react like a little community like Prince Albert here. They needed to start doing things because what if you didn't worst case scenario? We didn't. We didn't have these corn that you didn't shut down school. You know, in the whole school, you know, these kids get sick, but that's why it's also light so easy to self here.

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I think it's difficult, though, because if you you know, we're in such a highly politicized climate these days, information flows so easily this podcast will be on the Internet and someone's gonna make a judgment call based on whether the content speaks to them or not. So we have all this content. So if we panic early and we shut everything down and then it turns out it's not so serious. Well, that actually makes the person look weak. You know, the politician and people start bashing on Absolutely. But then they wait too late. And then everyone saying, Look, you didn't act fast enough, but I don't feel bad for politicians. I feel bad for the administration that has to make these calls and data has to be looked at and double analyzed and not just analyzed from the context of public safety. Also analyzed from political lens. How is this gonna look too different? Demographics. How's this gonna look? Tow the elderly House is gonna look to the young. How can we Taylor This and they were talking people's lives online,

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right? Actually, like I'll rarely defend a politician. I don't care what side of the aisle there on, but when it comes to something like this, I have empathy for the decisions that they have to make right, because for all the statements you said so, I'd liketo speak on a couple of points about these quarantines and people prepping or lack of prepping. So being avid prepper, I shouldn't say I you know, I always feel maybe every prepper feels that they're never prepared enough. But I've been had this mindset for years and years and years, and it's audible. Different scenarios Andi want to prepare for. I have ah, did have a supply of certain things, right, Like nothing is extreme. Then when you see these people, maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental. There are people out there that'll Ah, mock me, right? Make fun of me and all your your paranoid or you're this You're that well, those are the ones going and fighting over toilet paper. But now there's there's an unforeseen detail with society. Unforeseen for me is the labeling of hoarders the old cry from people saying We I've seen on Facebook we should find the hoarders. We should charge the hoarders. But to me, okay, define a hoarder person that's going into the grocery store and buying the whole meat counter to me. I think that's that's ridiculous and selfish or whatever. But if I have had that stuff in my home already If I've prepped for years and years and years and somebody find someone says, Hey, ya Devon's got a closet full of toilet paper I'll be looked down on by society to some people in society instead of saying Hey, that guy was ready They're thinking, No, He went yesterday and beat up Some old people took all the toilet paper. I

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don't know. I mean, I can I can see it. I can see it from your point of view. People see other people have done their legwork and that they're that they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. And that's advocated by the government and advocated by NGO is not. And then they turn around. They see someone else's prepared and they say, Well, well, you know, they're they're upset and they're really upset it themselves and their lack of their own purposes.

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It's jealousy, it's whatever. But here here is probably the number one rule of trappings. Don't tell people you're perfect, absolutely right, because that will come for you.

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Well, yeah, They say after you stock up on food and water, the next thing you should stock up on his ammunition

spk_0:   13:13
and we're seeing that

spk_1:   13:14
even even now online. I try not to follow the media too much online and people because, wow, you can really get lost in people's stupidity.

spk_0:   13:23
Absolutely. And here's the thing with with the lack of informed knee jerk preppers or whatever you want, maybe we could come up with the term for them that think they're going to run to the grocery store after a state of emergency is announced. And bio it all to meet by with all the toll of paper runs with ghosts or get all the ammo. Where do you do They even know what they're prepping for? You don't need. It's not like a hurricane's coming or an asteroid's coming where there's not gonna be a grocery store tomorrow, right? So they're they're prepping for the wrong situations, which in turn is hurting society, right? You got people arguing people fighting over the simplest things that just shop is normal and everything will be fine, right?

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Maybe store a little bit extra in your pantry and

spk_0:   14:04
absolutely like if you got they say, What was the real of summer? The world's Is it nine mils away from chaos? I think lesson that Yeah, I

spk_1:   14:14
think they said something like four or five meals away from anarchy,

spk_0:   14:17
Right, Right, you know, because many people, I guess I've always I've always kept lots of food miles. But not everybody's like that. Yeah, by some action, A little bit extra this and not because you look at Reno. They're restricting grocery store times to appease the senior citizens, Which is which is awesome, I believe. But it might cause somebody also. Hey, I missed the grocery store today, but the panic toe panic buy, I guess it's it's really, um, study on human behavior.

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I think we get so used to these comforts. I mean, when's the last time anyone in North America has truly had to go without? And I don't mean that in the sense of, you know, there's poverty. There's addiction, there's homelessness. But in North America we have social safety nets and maybe the most effective. But they are there. Where is the other part of the world? I mean, if you don't, if you don't have anything in society, will you? You die, right? Yes. And people are suddenly being inconvenienced because they're being inconvenienced. They're panicking. They're making irrational decision and they're helping contribute to it, too. I mean, I can't go on Facebook now or any of the social media platforms is just constant. Everyone's posting about, you know, the Corona virus, and I mean, some of it's funny. There's some pretty funny means out there for the thing. You got to make light of the situation a bit, but

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this panic behavior I didn't expect in situations like this, I thought this panic behavior would be something more drastic. Like there's a nuclear war. An asteroid came. We don't have power water. Grocery stores are done. That's what I thought this panic behavior would come from. But 2012. I don't know if a lot of your listeners out there know what happened here in Prince Albert in 2012. We went 24 hours in the middle of summer in full power. Some people, my parents actually was five or six days. They live out of town five or six days, but it was a majority of the people were 24 hours and people panicked and again I got mocked. I was being marked or yeah, you're paranoid, you're propping. That's not also the power goes out. People were driving to Melford, which is an hour away. Okay? Burning half a tank of gas to fill up their vehicles just to drive back and have half a tank of gas going to driving to Saskatoon Aren't half away to Costco to buy 23 generators when you only need one. There's a guy I know at work right now. He bought three and I asked myself, Why did you buy three? Because other people are gonna wanna Yes, as you should have left him on the shelf, you know? So So I see a hint of that behavior. And the thing is, it was in the middle of summer. It was a beautiful day. It reminded me of the eighties again. People were outside, kids were playing, people were barbecuing. I thought it was wonderful, But you had this group of people that panicked and there was one day

spk_1:   17:16
dead. Kennedys give me convenience or give me death people, they they're inconvenience. They just and it speaks to people is well, I mean, the people out there that knew that this thing was getting serious, so they went and they took out all the hand sanitizer will do all of it. Then they're on. Could DJ or whenever? And they're selling it for 4000 times the market value. Yeah, it doesn't take much, and people start showing their true colors.

spk_0:   17:44
Right? And this is the uneducated again. They're not even educated on the topic where they're saying it's ah, like an air soul. It's in. It's in the air and breathe. That's how you're gonna catch it. Well, I'm gonna buy hand sanitizer. Well, you should have had basic human hygiene to begin with. Yeah, you know, don't like told that seats, right? Did you see? That's the thing. Oh, man. That's a thing right now. A challenge. Throwing a challenge.

spk_1:   18:05
Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Anything for tick talk views, I guess. Yeah, but that just goes to show how spoiled we are. North America, where people have those sort of challenges and they can kind of make light of something like this. I don't think they're doing the same in Iran. I don't think that they're doing the same in China. We're pretty spoiled here.

spk_0:   18:27
Absolutely. We're too comfortable. And this is our comfort is preventing a lot of things. Are comfort is preventing change because people are too comfortable in, which makes him too lazy to do anything. Get into political debates. And And I got some friends that have a bit more extreme views on me, and they say, Well, we should We should have. Ah, revolution. We should do this. Not I said people too comfortable. People got 50 and screen TVs. People got heat. People got a fridge is full of food. You're not gonna have a revolution when people are comfortable.

spk_1:   18:55
Your fridge is full of food, then capitalism for that. Right? Right. Absolutely. You know, at the end of the at the end of two weeks, you go in your fridge and you toss out the food that went bad, and you go purchase more,

spk_0:   19:05
right? Hello, Venezuela. They got no food. They're eating cats and dogs and pigeons and everything. They're too weak now. What? Have a revolution, Right. And this is where if you want, if you want to change things in your country, go vote.

spk_1:   19:20
Yeah, get involved in, you know, local debates. But But even then, you know, local debates and Polish political parties. And it's also partisan. It's not. It's not about a unified message between people. It's really seems to be us versus them on everything. Everything is right wing or left wing up. You know, it's if you, if you steer to the right a little bit in your way of thinking, Well, then your fascist. If you steer to left and we're thinking, well, you're right on kidding stairs toe left in that that's more socially acceptable. And then you get too far left. And now you're looking at your communists. Any looking at your anarchists and your extreme revolutionists and some of the stuff I've already been hearing is just unbelievable people saying universal basic income. Now is the time to instill universal basic income. This is the proof that it's going to work this time.

spk_0:   20:17
I'm glad you brought up this topic. I want I want to start back with the UN partisan stuff. France, to me, is switched on I the yellow vest movement that they have his unp artisan. You got people on the left, people on the right, coming together as citizens, and I believe they have this. They have this mentality since, ah, when did they pull up their monitor and cut their heads off was that in the 17 hundreds, 18 hundreds. That's where I believe that that France came together with this column and common ground that they have the French and this is my opinion. Ah, I believe her bit more left leaning. But when it comes to what was the government they're doing to spread more taxes? For the it was more toxic thing that sparked the yellow vest movement. They come together, left and right, came together, and right now I've seen a video. And of course, it's hard to, um, determined if this video is legitimate or not. But I heard the French are pro testing right now because they're refusing quarantine hundreds, thousands of people because they come together and they said no, I haven't seen much more of it. Like I said, it was only one video, but my point is, the French are coming together, can come together this yellow vest movement they other countries have tried. It didn't really work because didn't work in Canada. It did not working. It was actually embarrassing in Canada, and we do have We do have some difficult for Canadians to come together on these things because our country so vast, right? We can all drive to Ottawa.

spk_1:   21:47
Yeah. Can't drive daughter one a day.

spk_0:   21:49
Who exactly exactly? Yeah. You got a week to spare to dr dot um, you had a couple other points there that I wanted to touch on with. Uh oh. When you mentioned, like, the left and right with that, the extreme of each right. Like you said, the extreme of the leftist is socialism and communism, right? The extreme of the right is the rich are totally richer than anarchy. Right? Because the right wants less government, more fend for yourself. But when you got a group on the left, so I have to name them that they say they're for anarchy fighting fascism, yet acting like fascists. Right? And, uh, okay, that they're saying okay. Racist racism is yes, on extreme right view. But socialism is a left view. Our society is confused on who they even want to be. You know how they're even standing for things. Yeah.

spk_1:   22:49
I mean, there's definitely seems to be some levels of hypocrisy. The anarchists will say that they know down with the government, but then they say we'll do it better. We'll still are communist ideals. And we'll do a better this time.

spk_0:   23:04
Yeah, yeah, we'll do it better. We'll have

spk_1:   23:06
to kill a few 1,000,000 people that don't agree with us. But that's okay right

spk_0:   23:09
now, See? And I have this conversation with a friend of mine who's all of sudden he became, actually know when he became more left wing and more socialist is when his kids got into the working the working scene and he felt that they weren't making enough money. So he's really pushing for this universe of this $15 an hour. So I tried to see them. You know what? That's gonna make things more expansive. And he says, Well, I don't care. There's gonna be more money coming into my household Well is very selfish of you. But his his views I have totally changed because of his personal circumstances. And he'll He refuses to acknowledge the fax and, uh, the history behind Take socialism, for example. So I said, OK, that's let's say it's called him Bill. I said, Okay, Bill that say that you become president of a socialist country, kind of snow socialists, and you do have good intentions and you do great for the country. Who's to say the next person will? Because where there's power, evil people, people with bad intentions eventually rise into those positions

spk_1:   24:19
for our country. We do a good job because the keys of power are in this coming from a book that I read, the keys of power are spread out so far that if one person is in there, they don't have all the power, right. There's enough other players there that they can balance them out and counter balance. And But I noticed that, you know, getting a little off topic. But I think it's kind of relevant. I noticed that this election cycle I know it's that it seems that the keys of power really starting to consolidate a lot more.

spk_0:   24:51
Absolutely. And this goes back. You can go Thio 9 11 with this for the Americans, right? A lot of people aren't aware of this, but it's the United States of America, right? The power states are supposed to be independent entities that can come together for commerce and other forms of unity, and the federal government is just there to kind of iron out the wrinkles and whatever slowly and and even before 9 11 Slowly, the federal government was growing, and the federal government, United States were supposed to small very small. But it was growing and growing and growing after 9 11 the Patriot Act and all these other laws that they put in place more power to the federal government, less power to the governors. I just heard this. The other date the governors to call a state of emergency is from the governor except the state, the state of this statement. At this stage, they've given up those powers to the federal government. So now let's go to Canada. Canada basically had kind of the same system. We're a lot of power in the provinces, just like Will didn't just start Canada. It started with with this province in that province joining the Commonwealth and after that and the province is supposed to have the majority of the power, and the federal government is just supposed to oversee and iron out the wrinkles. And no, I'm not an expert on this, and I could be wrong, But that's my belief of how the system's supposed to work lately, especially were noticing. But I believe things have been being put in place for a long time to give more power to these federal governments and even from that's about to get even bigger to give it to world governments like the U. N.

spk_1:   26:30
There's a lot of people right now that think that are, Ah, our current leader is been flying around jet setting to exotic destinations. Toe appeal to local despot ce toe secure a U. N C number Ewan Council

spk_0:   26:44
Justin Trudeau's globalist absolutely 100%. When I'm presented with us, tell

spk_1:   26:49
me, Ah, tell me a good conspiracy.

spk_0:   26:52
Well, we're talking that, um, on a break there, you can take any topic in today's society if you talk about a long enough or if I talk about it long enough, it always ends up toe who's behind the scenes? Who's ruling the things and maybe I guess we're gonna get into it. But what I do believe the

spk_1:   27:09
secret government, the shadow government, the people behind, the things that

spk_0:   27:13
are that are pulling the strings. And I absolutely believed just to tie this in with what we're talking about in the first half with this Corona virus. The people that sell the paddocks all the bill. I totally believe that. What level on the pyramid are these people on? I used to think these people are on the peak of the pyramid. Now I've come to the belief that they're not. They're on the outside visual peak for people like me, right? Become a nobody in the middle of the Scotch. How much investigating have have I really done? You know, like I didn't break into Bohemian Grove or anything like that, right? I'm just going off other people's research, but I'm logically enough to say if I know these players, that's the players they want me to know. Here's a question to the people, to your listeners. Why is it so hard to believe that there isn't a group or groups? Let's even go with with different groups of highly powerful, influential people that you've never heard of and never will hear of that are influencing or attempting to influence this planet. Oh,

spk_1:   28:19
I think we call them lobbyists. Oh,

spk_0:   28:22
well, absolutely. Lobbyist for sure, right. I don't know if you want to start on that aspect or if you want to go because I kind of jumped the gun too. Fillmore deeper aspect of things, but lobbyists are huge and a lot of people aren't aware. In the United States, law lobbying is legal. Okay, you're allowed to be a lobbyist and they hang out at Capitol Hill and they're paid by their corporations there, whoever they work for and their classes. Lobbyists. And they talked to these politicians, the people that air that are making the decisions in Canada. From my understanding, it's not to that point, but there is some lawman and maybe you can crack me. But is

spk_1:   29:02
it legal like it is in the States? I'm not an expert in any of this, but I don't see it like you see it in the States. In the States, it's very blunt. It's very in your face. It's very handshakes and quit perk woes, and you rub my back, I rub your back. You're gonna be in politics a few more years. We see it here, where politicians will past something they get voted out the next election instead of staying home with the party to mentor to help others. Suddenly, they're on a corporation board whose contract there the head of Monsanto or whatever, right? Yeah, they're involved in some organization that has some influence in the government. And you have to ask yourself. Okay, while they were in there, were they involved in anything? Snc Loveline? Looking at that. Some of the other ones, you know the thing. Andrew Shirin. His milk crate. I'm not to, Ah, the dairy lobby. Someone found some documents from this group of how they were going to influence the government and and basically pick out key players and influence them towards their lobbying efforts. And they do it all the time. The church? $1000

spk_0:   30:14
a plate? Well Oh, absolutely, absolutely. That this be convinced or whatever. I heard this quote, too, and I can't remember who quoted. But if you become rich through through politics, you weren't a politician, right? You're a criminal. I

spk_1:   30:28
think that's probably been the norm since the beginning of time. There's only I don't think there's been too many too many people there that can say their hands are 100% clean,

spk_0:   30:39
and I don't wanna bash every politician, but I'm sure there were good intended people. But here's the thing. If you're if you're good, if you're a person with good intentions to get into politics. At what point does that not come at your door with the men in suits and say, Hey, you're going to do this or else you need to be already highly powerful or protected. I guess maybe there's more talking about American politics, but to get into politics. It's a Scotch on politics. Yeah, you could be the average man, but how far you're gonna go right? And you get to a certain point in, like into the premier's office, you're gonna have a lot of people influence you. And when does that influence turn into threats? And neither do you bow down or you about right?

spk_1:   31:24
I do think a lot of people get into politics and they have good intentions and they want to do positive things. And I think that that environment that stress, I think that it wears on people. Then I think that people end up making decisions and those decisions get used against them. And next thing you know, we're dealing with situations where there's a whole skeleton in the closet sort of situation race. It's not just one bone now, the whole skeletons in the closet, and now you really have no control. And you're just being here like a puppet.

spk_0:   31:58
Absolutely. And that's the state of the world. I believe it's happening in every country. What has been happening for a long time, is there? Ah. Ah, an answer to this. I don't think so. I think were so far along into this. And there's so many rich and powerful companies and people that this is just what we as citizens, right? As peasants. This is what we have to deal with. You know, the surf class. Absolutely. So So what can you do? You know, you sit back and shake your fist up the world and all these politicians and this Naderi, Or did you just take care of yourself in your own little world? Right?

spk_1:   32:34
Overall, I think people see these movies and they see these video games, and they're gonna overthrow the evil, tyrannical government,

spk_0:   32:44
Level 10 and fight the big boss.

spk_1:   32:45
Yeah, I mean, they've never actually. They've never entailed to your gas or anything like that, Ray. They face the same troubles that other countries face when they do need revolution for their own safety, because they can't just live in their own little community and I have a normal life. The government is so intruding on the middle times that they feel that revolution is the only way thio to make

spk_0:   33:10
it so. But here's the thing that society and people coming together is everybody's line in the sand is probably different rate that I'm not gonna take it any longer. It was one of the Rothschilds made was Nathan Rothschild. He says I care not who makes the laws. As long as I run the finances right, they'll finance both sides of his work. That's not gonna change. So to tie the sand, that's what we're talking about. We could have a revolution. All we want these big players air still there. Okay, But when you're talking a local government, they and they're trying to say they're gonna try and make you more socialist. Is it going to be how you boil the boiler frog, right. You just turned the heat up. Saloons, Lillian, people are comfortable and people accept it. Next thing you know, it's just like, Oh, jeez. Hey, but we're happy there's There's a new Siris on that flicks. Yeah, you know, for now there's there's food in my fridge and my kids have things to do. But the power has been given away until you get that person like I talked about earlier. That doesn't have good intentions. And and now now you're in trouble and now it's too late. It's too late because my line in the sand is different than your line in the sand who's different than than my neighbors line in the sand. We don't all have the same line in the sand like we used to

spk_1:   34:26
while tying it all tying off our whole conversation together. We complain in North America, we love to complain. It's like one of our past time, especially since we got Twitter and Instagram and everything now. But the average person outside North America, I think they live on what $2 a day or something like that is their average wage compared to ours.

spk_0:   34:47
If you want, you ask the average the population on this planet. Absolutely. If

spk_1:   34:51
you lived in, if you live in North America, you're in the 0.1% and we complain aboutthe one percenters and there still is a lot of inequality, I think because yeah, we still have to we're still wage slaves. We go to our jobs, we work. We hope for a decent pension and better future for kids and that. And there's the rich people that had generational wealth, that air jet setting across the world and and doing whatever they want. And we're just there to serve them.

spk_0:   35:18
I do think about people from less fortunate countries and stuff. My family. We've donated Thio all sorts of charity groups and stuff for years since, like one year, we didn't buy presents for each other. You know we don't We We bought water purification. We bought some goats for this one little village, Right? But I can't. I should say count, cause I do worry about other people in this world. We're not gonna change the world overnight. I guess what I'm saying. Yes, we can donate to the right charity. Okay, but there's a lot of wrong charities out there. My belief is toe have the closest thing to a utopia. Is people worry about your own local community, local food, more community strength, living in trying to be a global citizen. You're just spreading yourself too thin and you won't have control over anything.

spk_1:   36:15
and I don't think it's working out too good for the world right now where we think we're gonna fix everyone else's problems. But we still have some pretty big problems at home. Two bricks,

spk_0:   36:24
absolutely like it sounds selfish to say, like our country gives a lot to foreign aid. I believe foreign aid is the number one money laundering, back scratching system that ever existed Counted admitted right now, was there how many Bill It was it $20 billion they sent to Afghanistan? They can't account for it. Well, of course you can't account for it because he gave it to Afghanistan like, Who did you give it to? There's There's billions and billions of dollars sent overseas with good intentions. Let's even say the politician that did it has good intentions. Who did it go to? There's starving Children all over this planet is not because there's a lack of food, which a lot of people think it's a lack of food. No, it's not. Won't lack of food for them because there's somebody stopping the food from getting to them.

spk_1:   37:13
It's going into arms manufacturing. Instead, it's going in tow. People's offshore bank account absolutely Yeah. I mean, I don't think that's a conspiracy theory. As much as it's just a new economic reality,

spk_0:   37:26
right? People only do research site. And yeah, I think

spk_1:   37:30
people are pretty awake to that. You know, I hate to use the word woke, but I think they're pretty woke to that because I I think the public sentiment over the last few years has really changed because people are just People are happy that we're donating money to other countries to feel good. But But then they're saying, OK, well, these countries, what has been the result? And there's even been talk that are donating money is actually harming their economies and keeping them in debt and in trouble. There was a book I read, and it was about, um, malaria and how malaria is such a big problem. These organizations donate thousands of mosquito nets to the country to help people because it's being donated. The person that wants to make the mosquito nets so they could make a profit and have a living and take care of their family well, they can't know because it's just being provided. So now we're running in a situation where it's where there's an economic venture that could be hod where someone could now provide for the family and provide a community service, a lifesaving community service that is now being held back.

spk_0:   38:40
Right, And that's these feel good things, but tohave feel good things. You need capitalism. You need money coming in. You take things that ah, like a big topic was banning of straws. Okay, so we bound straws across Canada. One use plastics across Canada. Well, it only takes you 30 seconds on the Internet to realize that Canada does not contribute to the pollution in the ocean. Well, except for co back NBC, that air pumping raw sewage in there. But if you want to talk about plastics, Canadians are ruling the world on how we with our recycling programs and how to deal with our garbage. What we should be doing is financing companies to go overseas to deal with these garbage issues. Like he said, you were talking about mosquito nets. Our government should be subsidizing a mosquito net company. And that's how you're going to get things done. Yeah, somebody's gonna make some money over it. Somebody's not gonna do it to not make money. Think How can you?

spk_1:   39:43
How can you feed your family? I definitely agree that we can help people, but we can be smart about it and I'm gonna do it where we're not. We're not developing. Ah learned helplessness. That's that's where I really feel it's gotten, too is learned. Helplessness has been provided so much that people become reliant. Then they don't

spk_0:   40:02
teach that sold, teach person officially, absolutely. You know, you give him officially for a day, but teach in a fish they can eat forever, right?

spk_1:   40:09
I always find it's interesting because I have couple friends mine that are hard core left wing communists. And I always enjoy arguing with them because they keep telling me if they just seize the land, they seize the means of production and pass it over to the government. We're going to fix everything universal basic income if you're playing SimCity. But reality doesn't work like that, and I try to say, like capitalism. Is there crony capitalism? Absolutely. There's cornered markets or crony capitalism there. There's disadvantages,

spk_0:   40:42
I believe I don't believe in the stock market. I think it's scamp. Do not investment in the stock market invested in possessions. So you got a malaria problem in South America and you're the Canadian government. Well, let's give $2 billion to Brazil, the Brazilian government, to buy mosquito nets. Will you give that money to the Brazilian government? What are they gonna do with it? They're gonna do whatever they want with it. Right? You're trusting that this government has good morals and good intentions and some governments might. But how do we know that we don't? We don't. We don't get a cost breakdown or anything after they're done using it. I want to use one on example here. Haiti and he got hit twice. I believe there's an earthquake hurricane and a hurricane, and they're kind of back to back a couple years apart. The notorious Clinton's went down there and talk to their government and Bill Clinton. And this is my beliefs. If people want to do their own research, got signed off the rights for collecting all the aid for Haiti, I should say all need hundreds of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation to rebuild Haiti. Have you heard how many houses they built? How many? Six from the last research? I did was six houses. There is a reporter went down and interviewed, uh, Haitians. And they're they're switched on. They know where the money went. They know who stole. It was the Clintons. And I think the Clinton Foundation is probably more than Bill and Hillary. There's other players involved there. I'm sure we'll

spk_1:   42:14
stop you for a quick second. Sure, you're right. Sound mind right now You're not suicidal.

spk_0:   42:20
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Find up with two bullets in the back of my head. Yeah. I am not suicidal. No, I've never been on any psychiatric medication or Yeah,

spk_1:   42:31
there. We just need to make sure we make that disclaimer for gonna talk about it.

spk_0:   42:34
I don't want to get suicide. Yeah, but yeah, one thing I've got on my side is yeah, we live in the middle of nowhere and I'm a nobody. But it's the truth. And the stuff is easy to find. I have never claimed, and I don't want your listeners to believe that I'm some in depth investigator. These are just things I get interested in. And I'll try and look at both sides and come to a conclusion that is based on my own logic. and decisions for what I've seen. But these things were easy to find. Do

spk_1:   43:03
you think that there's sometimes they purposely put false information?

spk_0:   43:08
Absolutely, absolutely. There's been topics there where you can look at an independent source that are seeing some of the points that I've come to a conclusion on and then steer you wrong. There's been some well known independent researchers or conspiracy theorists that have been proven to be that you're missing. No, you're misleading. But that's where it's on the individual, the individual house to see. Do your own thinking. Don't let somebody do the thinking for you. It takes time and it takes effort. It takes curiosity and it takes logic, right? And then baste your own conclusions. If if If me and you watched ah 10 videos and read to same two bucks each, you might come up with a different Siri or different conclusion, and I will. But at least you did the research, but I bet you would be pretty close. Similar would be similar.

spk_1:   43:57
So before we wrap up any last words of wisdom advice,

spk_0:   44:02
I think the only advice I have is to tell people not to panic were able to things that you can control, be good to each other and keep an open mind.

spk_1:   44:13
Lawson. Well, thanks for coming on to the podcast, Evan. And we'll definitely have you back again. Absolutely. Love it. I hope you enjoy this episode. If you like to support this podcast, you can do so by following the podcast on social media sharing and talking about it on your own show. The links to the social media can be found in the description. Or you can enter coffee breath conversations on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Thank you for listening. I hope to continue to deliver meaningful conversations.