May 23, 2020

Coffee Time with Dez

Coffee Time with Dez

In this episode I sit down with a local buisness owner to discuss her buisness The S2dio, a spin cycle exercise buisness that she built from the ground up. We also discuss her personal story and motivations that have led her to this point in her journey of life. 


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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":0.0,"body":"This episode I sit down with a local business owner to discuss the spin cycling trend and to touch on your personal story and motivations. No real housekeeping this episode except to remind people that you can listen on Apple, Spotify and other podcasting platforms besides just the buzzsprout site. One last thing I don't have any ads on my podcast however it does cost me monthly to upload my content. If you feel this podcast brings you value, and would like to support monetarily, I do have a PayPal account no pressure though, and now on with the show.\r\n\r\nI'm here today with Dez Dez is the sole owner of the studio, a spin cycle business in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. She started the business with 18 bikes. Welcome to the show does\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":54.0,"body":"thanks but I'm super excited to be here and in on my stomping grounds here which is awesome. I'm glad you came to me. That's very, very cool. So super excited to share my story\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":64.0,"body":"with you. It's gonna be a great story. The studio looks great looking around, especially you got the spin bike over here kind of set up for a remote sort of session. So that's pretty cool and good location. Oh, it's great. It's great.\r\n\r\nYep. Tell me about the business.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":80.0,"body":"The spin studio Prince Albert. We are located on 185 15th Street West here in Prince Albert. Right now we are doing the live as you said, the bike is behind you the one solo bike we have left in the business here as we've rented 30 bikes out into the community to try to make ends meet. Obviously, with this COVID pandemic on our hands, we've had to get creative. So right now, we live stream six days a week from this bike here. We use an app called Twitch and we livestream to anybody who has a bike at home. We tried to make the best we can. group fitness is very much about the community and the group atmosphere which has now been taken away from us. But we have created a virtual community as best we can right now so it's it's working and we're surviving.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":129.0,"body":"So with the business Tell me like spin bike is there different routines.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":134.0,"body":"Totally. So spin is a totally different game than it was 15 years ago. I've been personally spinning for about 15 years. I played ring at back in the day growing up. So that was our cardio training we did we did spin class, fell in love with it back then. Now the spin game is different. So it's become a total body workout. Whereas before it was, you'd pedal as fast as you can and you would climb as hard as you can. Now we are doing everything from head to toe. We do dips and pumps on the bike while we're pedaling, which is basically a tricep dip, and a push up while we're working. We do either a weight track or a resistance bound track and in a class which is also to that gets up into those arms. core work on the bike, it is literally after a 45 minute class you will leave dripping sweat burning from head to toe feeling like literally a million bucks. So it's pretty awesome how far it's come sky's the limit now that this door is open with this new style. And we're just going to keep growing\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":196.0,"body":"from there. When you think of spin class, you think of 1986 Richard Simmons, sort of those sort of physical fitness classes. So it's good to see that there's more incorporation of different exercises totally\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":210.0,"body":"taught. Have you ever done this class? No, I have. Oh, Russell, we're gonna get you in here. When we're back up and you're coming in. We'll do it. We'll we'll do a class, South Penn. I call them all out. We'll do a private group for them. All right.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":223.0,"body":"I'm looking forward to it. I guess. His face says otherwise, guys.\r\n\r\nSo what's the cost to attend to spin class here,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":233.0,"body":"we have an array of options really. So it just depends on how much you want to spin. We have five packages. Pack and 20 packs, we have one month unlimited options, and then we have a VIP unlimited. What's really cool about the VIP is it's an auto renewal every month. So super easy. You don't have to worry about coming in and paying, it just automatically charges. But that we've partnered with a couple other businesses in the city that are VIP members here actually get perks and benefits or discounts at other businesses here in pa which is really cool. We're all about community here at the studio community over competition. We want to get as many people as involved as we can, especially local business, and especially now more than ever. It just depends how much a person wants to spin. First one is always free though. You literally have nothing to lose, but a bunch of endorphins to gain. If you come on in for your first one. You'll be hooked like guaranteed so it's pretty awesome. Yeah.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":290.0,"body":"Looking at your classes, how difficult are they?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":294.0,"body":"So we get asked a lot if we have a beginner class. which we do not. The beauty about spin is you can make it as easy on yourself or as hard on yourself as you really want. You control the resistance dial on your own bike. Unless you come to my class and I know you're cheating, then I'll find you. But yes, you control your own resistance knob. If you want to maybe take it easy as I put in air quotes, you can, if you want to push a little extra harder, you totally can. The reason why we don't do beginner classes is because we want you to come in and we want you to have a starting point. So if you've never done spin before, maybe you've never worked out a day in your life. That's totally okay. We want you to come in we want you to clip in have a base of where you start. Let's say you only get through two tracks the warm up and maybe second track. Okay, well next time you come in, let's try to make it through two and a half tracks next time you come in so you have a place to grow from and that's what we're all about is growing and bettering our health. wellness your body and mind, though it's really on on the rider on how hard they want to make it. All of our instructors have very, very different styles. I think I have a dozen instructors right now, we all have very, very different styles. So a person is going to either really like somebody or not. And that's so okay. That's why we have a unique dynamic crew of instructors or leaders, as we call them, can find somebody that you really like, who motivates you to push that extra little bit while you're here. So it's a lot of fun, but you can't not push yourself. When you have 19 other people surrounding you pushing themselves it's the group itself is so motivational, that it's really hard to not go full force. What's the main benefit cardiovascular weight loss, Muscle Gaining? What's the main benefit, the biggest thing is of course, cardiovascular, your heart and lungs are just going to get the work out of their life in here. muscle endurance like you will gain a little bit of strength So when we do our weight track on the bike, the biggest weight that we have is five pounds, but you're gonna rep that weight, hundreds of times your muscle endurance will be up. And then same with the resistance bands. That's all isometric training. So it's just a little bit different than, let's say, going to the gym and you know, dead lifting 200 pounds or whatever big thing here that we promote as well is the mental aspect that comes with it. There's times in a class where you want to maybe quit or give up or you're thinking like, what the hell is happening? What did I sign up for? But within 30 seconds, you're like, holy man, I'm doing this. This is frickin awesome, though. It's just as much as physical as it is mental here. And the community. Like I said, it just it can't it can't be beat. In my opinion. It can't be beats, so people cheering each other on motivating\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":469.0,"body":"each other. Oh, yes, yes,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":471.0,"body":"yeah, totally speaking of course, before all the shutdown and everything, there is high fives all the time there is hooting and hollering and Hunting and the odd swear word here there gets thrown out from either myself or riders in the class I've been called a multitude of, of names in my days of instructing but it's just, we it's really dark in here as you can see in here, and we even put these lights even a little bit dimmer sometimes remember back in the day you're 19 you're at the club and you're dancing is just the best time ever because you're the lights are flashing you got like sick beats. That's what we do here. It's that's and that's what a lot of moms describe it. Oh my god, it takes me back to my party days, but without the hangover, so that's even better\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":521.0,"body":"with COVID How has that affected your business?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":525.0,"body":"So like I said before, we've moved into totally virtual right now. We are working on a bigger project which I am going to leave to the imagination right now. But yes, we have gone virtual so we stream six days a week into people Holmes, we live stream it but we upload it after so people can tune in after the fact if they if you know if they're still working then they can tune in after, it was a huge learning curve for us because the power of the group of people is so it's everything really. Now that's taken away from us as instructors we teach to a phone camera now and pretend that everybody's there. Cool thing about Twitch is they have commenting on it. So we'll still say How's everybody doing? And we'll get the odd person commenting in which is also I'm still alive or whatever. So we've made the best that we can into a group without being or group. So it's worked and it's kept, kept us alive. And I am so grateful that we have this opportunity to do that because other businesses just they don't have an opportunity to still kind of try to survive. And we have found that this way is going to keep us alive. Keep studio alive. Until we can reopen and have everybody back in the same same room which will be our\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":606.0,"body":"Oh man, her fifth grand reopening or fifth opening, I guess you could say which is pretty crazy and 18 months we've we've been we've been here that's good you know twitches a is usually a gaming platform correct but more and more companies are using it for the live stream features that it has its unparalleled\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":625.0,"body":"totally and there is a couple other studios who are using twitch as well which is really cool that span as a whole. You know, I can message the studio in Alberta and say hey, what's working for you? We'll all help each other out and we really did studios across the province and into Alberta. We did all help each other survive in and adapt to these trying times. Besides studio. What else do you do to help supplement income right now? Of course we're still selling merchandise, which is always huge. And then this week, just this week, actually I have started selling homemade soups out of the studio so I was a cook back in the day went to cooking school out of high school. So I've reignited that passion for cooking and brought it here and within 48 hours I've sold out of 47 containers of soup so we'll do we'll be doing another soup order next week just to help you know make ends meet keep things fresh. I'm used to working 16 hours a day, seven days a week and I'm not right now so to fill time and to put some put some money in the in the bank here is we've we've reverted to that which is which I'm happy about because I love cooking. What's your favorite dish to make? Oh, you know what? I get asked that all the time. I love soup. Don't ask me why? I don't know. But I also I don't know. I'm trying to think what I make at home all the time. past a sauce anything that's like low and slow, right? You get all that depth of flavor. So I really don't have a favorite per se favorite soup bar Nanos. Coconut squash which sold out that's my gal who showed up there. I was learning Hold on, so I couldn't even give her any. So I'll get you a container. next batch. Awesome just for you, Russell.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":729.0,"body":"It sounds good. Sounds good. Personal life, huh? talking a bit about your personal life. I know you had a pull up on Instagram and ask people what do you want to hear about? Yes. And they said they want to hear more about you.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":743.0,"body":"Oh, boy, that is that is an open door. That is a\r\n\r\nthere's not enough time in the day to talk about everything about me. But well, we don't get to start from day one. Perfect. God, thank God. So yeah, I'm originally from Saskatoon. Actually, I was born in Calgary, to be honest, but we will go back that far. Originally from Saskatoon. I went to high school there. So back in my high school days, so I was actually over 200 pounds. Back in high school I played ring out my whole life. I was very active in sports, always kept active and everything and then I quit playing ring at about halfway through high school. gained a ton of weight. High School was not nice to me at all. I am the generation of the Facebook creation. So the cyber bullying from day one was just terrible girls are mean. And high school girls are very mean. I would never place blame or point names High School is just high school. I would never go back to high school I hated it, which conditioned me to have very little self worth no confidence. I had a false confidence got very loud and boisterous, which I still am, of course, but that's just the hessen genes but so I hated high school I was bullied very badly. out of high school, I decided enough was enough. I was sick of hating my body. I was sick of hating myself. I felt like there was just so much more to it than that. So I went on a little weight loss journey of myself. It wasn't even the weight that was lost that it was everything but just learning self love and Little bit of motivation and some discipline. And all that that came along with it was just incredible. Once I hit I had a goal weight as of this is probably gonna resonate with a lot of people, you have a goal weight. So I was, you know, just over 200 pounds, I wanted to get down to 165. And then I hit 165. And it became an obsession, while just five more pounds, just five more pounds. So at one point, I got down to 139 pounds, which I'm five foot eight, with a thick frame so that it was not healthy. I wasn't eating properly, I was killing myself with cardio. So I went from one extreme to the next. And then I had to find a balance in there. And I did and it took it took me a decade, it really did take me a decade. So anybody who's looking for a quick fix, you're not going to find it. You're just going to go through this cycle of nonsense. You got to be patient. And now because of everything of that, I don't know I've got all the confidence in the world. You just learn to Stop giving a fuck about what people think of you. Of course, I still care what my family thinks and all that that's not you know what I'm saying, but you just do you and you learn to love you and you fall in love with the process. bonuses I went to cooking school to high school. So while I was on this journey of you know, learning food and eating and weight loss, I was learning how to cook and cook very, very well. So that helped me quite a bit along in my process, which became my first passion was cooking and I worked at some very nice Delta background, Saskatoon truffles Bistro, which is a very, they're close now he's retired, but very often say, little Bistro, very fine dining, and I loved it. So it was a long journey to get to where I am and lots of people kind of meet me and they look at me and they go, Oh, now Well, she's, she's fit and she's confident and she just must have\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":952.0,"body":"always been that way. Well, that's just not the case. So do you find that weight loss is difficult because Because there's a lot of conflicting messages, we're given advertising all the time and it's telling you to purchase fast food it's telling you that you can you can eat you can spend as much and then you have on the flip side, we're okay now that you've you're living an unhealthy lifestyle here's the Quick Fix You can pay for lipo, you can keto diet or other well even more extreme quick fixes than that\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":988.0,"body":"for sure. It's the weight loss industry is daunting at best you know everybody has the answer is basically what they think it comes down to and and what works for one person may not work for me may not work for you and what works for you may not work for, you know, Joe Schmo on the next place, and that's why I will never promote my business as a weight loss Avenue. It's so much more than that. And everybody's looking for quick we're in a society and in a life right now. Where like you said, Everybody They just they want things and they want things now, and people get so caught up with, if I just lose 10 pounds, I'll be happier, well, you won't be happier because you're not dealing with the root of why you're unhappy, right? You need the so much more in a journey of weight loss than just losing the weight. But people get so focused on that and the number on the scale. And I've been there and I felt that like, you know, we starve yourself all day and then eat four bags of crispy minis at home because the healthy snack where nobody's watching you like I get it, I totally get it. And there isn't a one size fits all when it comes to health and wellness. And when it comes to diet culture, and it drives me crazy. My biggest piece of advice I guess, and I'm not I'm not a personal trainer, I'm working on some other certification. I am a group fitness instructor and a business owner. So let's just make that clear is that I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not this but if anybody is going to dive into a weight loss journey or a nutrition journey or a healthy, healthy lifestyle journey. Do your research, do your research, don't do x diet because your friend says it works. Do your research into it, see the science behind it, see what works. Because it might not work for you and be patient. Be patient. It took me a year to lose 50 pounds. And it's really good for a year. Totally, totally. So it. I know I've said it's a journey 100 times, but it really is. And it's again, just like spin is so much more than physical. A weight loss journey is it's all mental in my opinions. Yeah, it's tough. It's tough. And especially in our social media world that we're in, right. Everybody has this filter and that filter and this pose and pop this hip and throw your shoulders back and that to give this false image of what we think is sexy or what we think is healthy. When really it's just it's just a post. It's just a filter. It's just Photoshop like some people need To really stop and think about what they're looking at they need to stop think about why they think they should do this diet and really become knowledgeable and that I did do that i've i've done several different fad diets on the planet and now looking anytime I sort of want to you know, maybe try this or that I will research the living hell out of it first find out the science behind it, learn about it and then go in at it so that'd be my biggest piece of advice is become knowledgeable in what in what you want. Well, let's let's carry on here. So we went to cooking school, loved it cooked at some some ritzy places which was absolutely amazing. And then I got money hungry. Cooking isn't an industry that you make tons of money as you do it for the passion. If you open your own restaurant then great. Saskatchewan is flooded with restaurants and trying to make it is very, very, very, very difficult. So what I do then I then I chase money. So funny story I actually applied for heavy machine operator corrections on the same day. And corrections took me first. My me and my now husband picked up and moved from Saskatoon to pa on a whim because I actually got put on a waitlist to get into school. They had somebody dropped out and I was able to get in. So I found out Thursday that I was starting school on Monday. So never moved out of the house. Me and my husband packed up our things and moved to pa and thus I started correction school. And then from there, I worked corrections for about six years. It's very difficult career, as you're fully aware, did a little bit with women's corrections, a little bit with men's provincial corrections and then went on with the feds, which was six long, hard years. But I honestly learned so much in corrections\r\n\r\non how to be a leader and how not to be a leader things that I liked about people leading because it is a paramilitary structure right. So To learn on what on how to direct people, because that's what corrections is, you're dealing with people, you're dealing with behavior and human behavior. It taught me a lot. It taught me a lot. And now as a business owner, and leading, you know, I've got, I think about 20 or 22 staff here that we grew very, very quickly. It taught me a lot about standing my ground, but being open minded, being assertive, but being soft at the same time, so a kind of a jack of all trades, anybody who ever asked for anything? No, just go as dish approach probably does it. That's the kind of the running joke around here. But I also love change in case case that isn't very apparent now. Things are always changing around here, and growing and everything. So yeah.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1308.0,"body":"Lots of change in a short period of time. Lots, how do you keep up with it?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1315.0,"body":"Well, so studio changed in will say 18 months. For easy, easy timeline, so I left corrections. I was at SAS pen I took a one year leave from SAS pen because when we moved to PA, we move back to pa actually, so I could work at the pen. I was teaching spin in Saskatoon at the time. And I was traveling from pa to Saskatoon on weekends to go teach. And I went, holy shit, spin studio could totally go and Pa. But then you think like, why hasn't anybody done it yet? So then you got to sit and think and, you know, you kind of hem and haw and you ponder and oh, man, it would be so good. Pa is ready for the you know, there's to CrossFit. And there's a couple yoga studios and this and that, and while I'm hemming and hawing about this few months into yet my new career at SAS, Pam, my husband goes, listen, you either got to do it or you don't so make your decision because this is insanity that you're just going back and forth. Should I do it? Should I not? And it drives him nuts because I've changed my career. Now, four times since we've we've been together for about 12 years, but drives me crazy because every day I'm like, cool, I could do this or get this certification. So while I was at SAS pen, I bought 18 spin bikes on a whim in the savings, but 18 spin bikes and thought, Well, okay, what do I do from here? I've never started a business. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I'm you know, I have a certificate and cooking and a degree and corrections. Shit, what do I do? So I thought, well, I'll sublease the dance warehouses where I ended up going for a month, I'll just see what happens. It'll just be me. Basically learning everything from scratch because the studio that I was at, obviously, I can't take anything from from them, right. So I had to start my own identity as a spin instructor and start my own identity as a spin guru as some people have said, Pa. And it just exploded from there. Well that I had to move out to the dance warehouse. So when we moved into, he said drink and I worked out of there for a month. Then we just grew again so I was like holy shit we got to change this again because growing too fast like ice poor problem to have a like boohoo, then we moved into our first location. And that's when I took my one year leave from SAS pen. With full intentions of going back I just thought it would just be a hobby, and it kind of just went kaboom. We went to our first location, and we outgrew that space in about four months, it was just insanity the lineup out the door and then became the hunt for new bigger space, which we are in now. Which we are staying here for a very, very long time. I'm just going to put that out there. So change is just in my life. It's ingrained in my blood to just change and move and grow and become bigger and better. Even here we are introducing some more classes besides spin. Once we are reopened, stay tuned for that. It was supposed to launch right before we closed\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1495.0,"body":"so I got put on hold but that's okay once we open will be full force with that too. Yeah, I love change drives my instructors crazy because every time they come in, there's something different or painted or whatever, but I just love it. So it gives you the drive to grow continuously because from what I'm hearing, you don't settle. You're always growing. Where's that drive come from? You're very, you're very loud person. I mean, that's, that's good. You're, that's especially if you're going to be doing spin, if you're going to be doing any type of physical fitness. So where does that drive come from?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1527.0,"body":"Do you know what i? I don't know. I don't have a good answer for you. And I know that's maybe a shitty answer, but I don't have a good answer for you. My dad had a business the same business for like 4000 years in Saskatoon. My mom's been at the same job for 100 years give or take or she's been at the university in a couple different positions, but they're not close to what I am. I don't know. I just feel like there's always not that there's something better but let's tap into more. Let's Let's become more motivational. Let's become more determined. I love and I love a challenge. love a challenge. And to me, I guess change is actually when you think about it, the only constant in your life, things are always changing, right? You go and I've talked about this in classes before. You know, you go from elementary school to high school, there's a change, you go from high school to university. Well, there's a change where you go from university to a career, well, there's a change, you go from this boyfriend or that girlfriend, our whole life is just consistent change. That's really all it is. And I guess I've just embraced it full force to run with it.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1590.0,"body":"So yeah, you'd like change, you're changing a lot all the time. When have you gotten enough information? That you know, you can make a change? Like there's people they got to do months and months of research years of research? And there's people that say, that's a great idea. And next thing, you know, they're, they're in the deep with it, they're, they're in the weeds.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1612.0,"body":"So for example, you know, back I researched fleets of bikes before I started, you know, what's it gonna cost me? What's it gonna do? How do I do that? Do I have money in my savings account? So preparation is, is absolutely key. When when, you know planning for change or taking a leap of faith as I, as I call it, a research bikes do i do i get a Schwinn, or do I get this? My husband calls me the research Queen, because if there's ever anything that I need to know, I'm gonna find out about it. So for example, I decided that I wanted to bring an athletic wear apparel into the studio, but I didn't want to just buy Lulu lemon and slap a name on it like that's, to me that's like anybody can do that. Right. So I researched for probably 10 or 11 months with different brands, I bought samples of this I contacted this athletic wear line, I contacted this one I contacted people in the States, I got this sample, that sample wasn't happy with any of it. Because I always have an idea in my head, right? I want this product at this price point. I knew that for example, legging I wanted to keep them under $100 for retail, which is a struggle, and especially when athletic wear just in itself is very expensive. So for about 10 or 11 months, I've researched research and research, and finally got in contact with a lot of work with a manufacturer. So actually our athletic wear apparel that we do sell here that our studio brand, their studio brand, we don't co brand with anybody. So anything that I do decide to attempt, I will research the living hell out of before I do it, because I want to make sure you know, get your ducks in\r\n\r\na row, they always say or cross your\r\n\r\nT's and dot your I's. But once I have an idea in my head, I can't let it go. So I either got to prove to myself that yes, I'm going to run with this idea go with it, or I'm going to prove to myself that it's not a good idea. Right. So but it's all it's all about me and my team is amazing. I have said over and over again. I will say it 9000 more times. I have the best team in Saskatchewan bar none in my opinion. They have my back through thick and thin evaluation. single one of their opinions. So lots of them, you know, get samples and give it to that. Well try this. Let me know what you think it's not just me, right? I'm not the one who's just gonna wear it. So research is key before doing anything.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1753.0,"body":"What's your favorite research site?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1755.0,"body":"Oh God, I don't even have a favorite research. I research them all. I\r\n\r\nresearch Google.\r\n\r\nIf I can Google it, I will hit every first every link on that first Google page. Like for real? Looking for reviews or this I'm also very much a hands on learner. You can tell me all you want that you love that T shirt that you're wearing, but until I can put that T shirt on me and really see what it's like or, you know, I love doing this on the bike well until I can get on the bike and really experience and do it. You know, again, it's all comes back. I got to prove to myself that this is the right way to go.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1790.0,"body":"Do you find at night that you stay up thinking if you need to make a change or plan\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1796.0,"body":"Oh god, it Oh yes.\r\n\r\nAnd especially if if it's an idea that's in my head. So for example, starting the studio, I was up there was sleepless nights after sleepless nights of researching and looking on eBay on Kijiji on Google on this on that on fleets of bikes, where could I find one and then I said, If I could find a good fleet that I can afford, I'll invest in it. And again, my husband would come to bed and here I would be crawled into bed scrolling through my phone, and he's like, holy, are you serious? Like go to bed even our panel lights here that you were commenting on? Three months? I bet you I just constantly looked and looked and looked and saved and saved and well, I like this about this, but I like that about that. It's all It never ends. My again, my instructors are always like, of course, you have a plan going, of course you're doing this. It's just the eye roll and the but they have accepted it. So it's so it's awesome. But\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1851.0,"body":"so where do you see yourself in your business in two years?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1855.0,"body":"Well, we're gonna dig our way out of we're gonna claw our way out of this stupid shutdown. On which we will two years, pa doesn't even know we cause\r\n\r\nquite a ruckus as I've said. And if anybody's watched the pursuit\r\n\r\ninterview with me, they know that\r\n\r\nI love to cause a ruckus wherever we go. I want to pop up more places I want, we have enough room in this room, I could put 10 more bikes in here easy. So I want to hit that point where I can get 30 people in instead of 20 I want to launch you know, strength classes. I want to collab with more and more businesses out there. I want to throw huge events, you know, in the park and stuff like that. I just want us to be a well respected community involved team that promotes\r\n\r\nall angles of health and wellness, who is\r\n\r\nwhere the most inviting place in town in my opinion, we've been told that numerous times. Oh, you know, from lots of people, I've always been too scared to go to a gym but I feel so welcome. When you walk the mini walk in the store. You're going to get a Hey bud. For me, everybody's bought around here. So\r\n\r\nI don't really have a definitive answer on what\r\n\r\nexactly where I want to be in two years.\r\n\r\nBut I just want to continue on the path we're on and make that bigger and better basically,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1929.0,"body":"it's been a great interview Dez and I'm going to give you a couple minutes here to close it off and drop any social media links so you might want to awesome awesome so\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":1939.0,"body":"yeah, if you guys want to see what we're all about, you can follow us on Instagram and yes studio is spelled all messed up just because you know I like to be difficult so studio is spelled s the number two di o the same handle is for Facebook as well. So everything I use only social media for my marketing as of now so those are where you're going to find us. My hair changes color about as often as my plans change in the studio so you can watch our story and see what hair color I have that day. Please come give us a follow come see what we're all about. Even better yet come to pa Come drop in when we're open and you will truly see the words can't describe the power of this studio room. It needs to be experienced. So come on in and check it out.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1989.0,"body":"Well, I want to thank you again for coming on to the podcast. He does love the studio. Thank you. I'm gonna have to haul my ass in here and do one of the classes awesome.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Dez ","startTime":2000.0,"body":"Can't wait.\r\n\r\nTranscribed by\r\n"}]}