June 18, 2020

Coffee Time with Kayla Koivisto

Coffee Time with Kayla Koivisto

I interview the owner of Akasha Awakened, a mixture of spirituality and self-help to guide people to being the best versions of themselves. Located in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.

Her website is located at www.akashaawakened.com

Facebook: @AAwakened

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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":0.0,"body":"My guest today is Kayla Kay visto. She's a fellow Red Cross volunteer who recently opened her own business in Prince Albert called Akasha awakening. And it's kind of a mixture of self help and spirituality. Welcome to the podcast, Kayla.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":17.0,"body":"Thanks, Russell. Glad to be here.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":19.0,"body":"It's really glad to see you. It's been a long time.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":21.0,"body":"It has very long.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":23.0,"body":"Let's see, four or five years.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":27.0,"body":"At least, we might have bumped into each other here or there, but I think it's been quite a while. Yeah.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":32.0,"body":"Last time I saw you were both a volunteering with Red Cross.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":37.0,"body":"Yes. And I haven't done that for a little while.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":41.0,"body":"I've taken a bit of a break too.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":42.0,"body":"Yeah. It was good, though. Good times. Really fun.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":45.0,"body":"Yeah, it was. We had a good boss. We did. Yes. Who has retired and maybe we'll have to have her on the podcast sometime.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":54.0,"body":"Yeah, see what she's up to these days.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":58.0,"body":"What is occasion awakened,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":62.0,"body":"I guess, the bare bones of it is it's actually the Akashic Records, which a lot of people aren't exactly familiar with. But it is something that's definitely researchable. And it's very old knowledge that we've sort of lost over time. And it's tapping into the information in the Akashic records, and figuring out sort of what our energy centers are and how we maneuver through our life to find success. So it's all this incredible information, as well as kind of an energy reset. And it really provides Yeah, just as you said, self help. You know, I really just consider myself more of a messenger of that information because it's really your information. I'm just passing it along so that you know how things work better for you in the world around you. And it really, it is spirituality, but it can be also connected to physics, which is My preferred method because it seems like something you can almost verify a little better, but it fits really nicely into both. So I offer a series of sessions that you can sort of tap into the level of information you'd like to learn in the Akashic records and explore it, and then apply it to your life.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":138.0,"body":"So where did the Kaushik records come from?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":142.0,"body":"I was lost for a while, I felt kind of that is this it with my life. And I started kind of looking into spirituality a little bit, I've always been a little bit of a conspiracy theorist. So I got sort of led down this path. And I actually connected to this author that I find is really inspiring. And she talks about the Akashic records. So through having read her books and hearing about the Akashic records by some, you know, magic force of nature or divine intervention, if you will. I just seen these ads constantly on my Facebook about this course. And I kind of knew what the Akashic records were, but I didn't know you could study them. And on a whim one day, feeling particularly glum, I signed up for the course and the rest has been history.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":198.0,"body":"And it's helped you find some more meaning in your life.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":201.0,"body":"Absolutely. And that's the beauty of the Akashic Records is\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kayla ","startTime":206.0,"body":"they hold\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":209.0,"body":"your gifts and talents. And you essentially have to use your gifts and use your talents or you're not going to be satisfied with life. And it tells you exactly the avenues that you should take to find success and exactly the avenues you need to avoid to find failure. And I was in a failure Avenue. So things were really kind of not going well for me and I could finally see why. So then I began to sort of go in those avenues where things were working really well for me, and things just started to happen really quickly. So I just kind of took it and ran. And I was like, This is what I need to do. And it was really nice because I felt validated to. If we're not familiar with who we are, at soul level, or energy level or vibration level, we can put ourselves in places we don't belong. And as soon as we go there, it's just not going to work for us. It's just if you think of it as a matter of energy, everything's energy. We try to put ourselves with our unique frequency into spaces that are a jarring contrast to us. We're going to be experiencing a roller coaster, because our energy is going to try to adjust and it's never going to work and we're going to have tons of negative scenarios come at us like lack of finances, lack of freedom, happiness, connection, sometimes it can even inhibit Our ability to make meaningful connections with others because we just don't fit there. And I was in a place at the time I just didn't fit. And it was amazing because as soon as I made that shift, everything just unraveled so quickly, in the best way. I had more money, I had more connection, I had more time and I couldn't be happier.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":321.0,"body":"There's been a lot of talk about spirituality and in that our essence of what makes us human is encoded into our DNA. I've heard that said before, is that kind of similar to what you're talking about?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":336.0,"body":"Absolutely. It's 100%. Exactly the same thing. And I'm starting to notice as I move into my journey, that there's all these different ways of explaining the same thing. Whether you explore your Akashic Record, you know, astrology, Human Design. Like there's sometimes genetic factors, you can tap Like your gene codes and your gene keys, that can actually also lead the same information. And I'm really noticing there's a lot of overlap. So some people have gone or even just personality tests, you know, and then they find this is what your strong suit is, this is what category you're fit into. And then suddenly, you explore it in a totally different way. And it just says the same thing. And the moral of the story is that you must go where you're valued, and you must be the person that goes first and puts yourself where you're valued. And I guess the other additional part of the Akashic Records is sometimes the Akashic records are this wealth of information they exist with outside of time and space. So we live in the third dimension. We've learned this probably since maybe grade five. But physicists know there's a multitude of other dimensions. And the Akashic records are a fancy word for the fifth dimension. So the fifth dimension can really be most compared to maybe the internet. It's not physical, there's no boundaries, there's no space. There's no time. And it's just this wealth of information all in one spot. And it was something that we could all tap into at some point, but it's just been lost. Our civilizations constantly rise and fall. And this was something that was lost permanently in one of our falls or low points. And I just took a course on how to tap into it and study the criteria. So the what is in our akashic records that are so helpful, is it's our blueprint, our souls blueprint to how we work with the energies around us and find success. But it also holds anything that we've uploaded into our website that's blocking or limiting us. And once it's up there, we're bound by it. And the beauty of the Akashic Records sessions that I do is we actually clear and reset that back to the energy that it was intended to be. So block and restriction free. And, you know, we can accumulate a series of blocks, maybe you were using your gift every day all day, and you're hitting like a glass ceiling. You know, this is your path, you know, this is meant for you. But you can't seem to get past you know, maybe certain financial blocks, or certain confidence or, you know, knowing that that's your path. And the universe has this funny way of interacting with us where if you don't believe you're worthy of it, the universe is going to back you up. If you don't believe you're, you know, going to be good at that the universe will just back you up. So you have to break through and break out of those boxes. So that you can Have that positive space where success is going to find you. And you know, I found meaning in that. I followed my Akashic Record to get me to the place where I see that I'm going to find success, and I'm worthy of that. And it's just everyday it seems like there's a new avenue that I've been exploring, and it's just been really exciting. And I love pushing. I don't want to say pushing, but I love sharing that excitement I found with other people. So that's really why I decided to pursue it as a career.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":574.0,"body":"Now you were talking about something that exists outside of time and space. So we're talking different dimensions parallel universe.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":585.0,"body":"Yes.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":588.0,"body":"So we I tap into the fifth dimension all the time, but, you know, if you're maybe more a physicist, I wish I knew more about physics, but I lack the terminal. But all the, you know, dimensions are compounded on top of each other. So we actually are kind of navigating them all the time. But because our energy source is crammed into these vessels, it's like a huge block. We can't really see the other dimensions, but we're in them. So I've learned to just sort of tap into it, which anyone can do. But as you talk about parallel universes, it brings us to a really interesting subject because sometimes I'll meet people that have actually transcended universes and they actually their energy or their soul or whatever you want to call it has actually traveled from a different place and is trying out Planet Earth, which is really cool.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":649.0,"body":"So what separates this from let's say the secret I've heard the secret before that what you project out into the universe you get back what's what's the difference? Between this one in the secret.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":662.0,"body":"So I would say they're both very similar. I will, if you do a session with me, you'll probably hear me say things like where you focus is what you get in return. What you think about is what you bring about the only missing link, because when I, when I watched the secret, I tried to do what they said. And I was like, there seems to be something missing here. And the only thing I can say, that's slightly different is the understanding of karma. So karma is such a huge player in how we get anywhere. And I think we're vastly misunderstanding it. Some of us, me anyway. Karma is of course, you know, that universal law that we're all bound by, and its premise is on action and consequence, action and consequence. But we were taught somewhere along the line That the only actions that count are these good deeds that we do by serving others. And we forget about ourselves in the equation. And that is a huge barrier. Because our human experience is mainly just us learning and growing and experiencing. It has very little to do with other people around us. They're important to us. But we're not living their life. We're not seeing the world through their eyes, we're seeing them through our eyes. So the person you need to be doing good deeds for is yourself. And the idea behind it is that we're all equal. We're all even we're all exactly the same. And we don't know why someone else is experiencing something versus us. So just for example, you off to work in the morning, you've had you slept in, you had a bad you're had a bad week, you're exhausted. In your whirlwind heading to work. You say, Okay, I'm going to grab a coffee. I absolutely need that to pick me up to the day? This is my saving grace. And as you pull up, maybe someone less fortunate than you is like, hey, do you have any spare change? And in your chaos of the morning, you forgot your wallet? So you're like, well have this five bucks. But I was really hoping for that coffee. And then most people, well, me anyway, I would have said, Oh, yeah, you can have the five bucks, it means more to you. I can, I was my own fault I slept in, I'm not gonna keep going with I'm not gonna, I You deserve it.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":814.0,"body":"And then we give this $5 away to someone we know nothing about. And what we're saying energetically is that I think that person is more important than me. their struggles are more important than mine. And I just don't care about my day. I care more about their day. And if we're all equal, and we're all living out our karmic experiences. We don't know why. If that person is struggling, maybe they've had so much negative karma, they've abandoned and abused themselves, they put everyone else first. They haven't honored their gifts. And this is the mess they're in. Or maybe they're an advanced soul. And they're taking on a very difficult challenge because they can take it. There's no way of knowing. So we must just honor our fellow men and say, I see you I acknowledge your struggles. I'm here for you. But it's not about putting you first. It's about taking care of myself first. And then I kind of say, you know, if you hold everyone up, and you're breaking your back, supporting all these people, and at the end of the day, you're drained and in pain. Well, you're basically saying to the universe, that you're putting yourself last you're not important, you don't value yourself. So we have to put ourselves first. So I always use the example of Dan, you've been breaking your back, holding everybody Up, what's supposed to happen is you climb to the vantage point, you take care of yourself, you fill up your cup first. And once you get to this high point, you can then say to people, hey, I figured it out, I can now actually help people because I get it, and then you pull people up from once you're there. And that is sort of where I think the secret didn't explain that quite as well. Like they were getting to it but it wasn't as direct. So you must put yourself first you must use your gifts, you must acknowledge us you acknowledge your strong suits, and, and go for it. And that's why people that want to manifest struggle, because they are busy all day, every day filling up everyone else's cup, and they've done nothing for themselves. So they don't have enough energy to push out to think about what they want to bring about. They're just on empty. So it's really about putting forth actions that serve us and our vision and then you start seeing manifest income really quick, which I talk about in depth in the sessions that I do because that's what's helped me the most is getting more of what I want by putting actions for it that serve me in a positive way.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":974.0,"body":"So it's it's kind of like in first aid, you got to help make sure that you're okay before you can help anyone else.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":984.0,"body":"That is exact, perfect comparison. And we do talk about self care all the time. Now we bring it up. It's becoming a forefront boundaries. Do you think anyone actually believes it though?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":996.0,"body":"Because I hear all the time. My workplace, everywhere. It's all over Facebook hair for yourself, care for yourself. But do you think that do you think it's actually followed?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1007.0,"body":"No, not at all. Because I meet so many people that are just on empty. They have kids, spouses, jobs that take advantage of them and it's just we are not taught that there. is a better way. We think, Oh, this person's my manager, I have to do what they say. Even though I'm on empty, and I don't have anything left to give or even in our relationship, sometimes we don't bring up what's bothering us because we just want to keep the peace. But then we've created a lifetime with somebody and we're just keeping the peace. But we've never said hey, I need more from you or, hey, I need support or Hey, I deserve better step up.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1044.0,"body":"So it's the, the pink elephant in the room. And I think I kind of catch the vibe a bit on it, because you go into someone's household. And you know, if there's a pink elephant in the room that they haven't dealt with, you can feel the tension. People are not talking to each other. They're on edge or you go into a household where everyone is open and honest with each other. Even though there can be difficult conversations involved in difficult situations that have to be resolved. But Everyone's happy because they're, they're being authentic.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1084.0,"body":"Exactly. You can always sort of tell those households. You know, I have tons of groups of people where everything just always seems perfect. But you can feel that underlying energy where you're like, Oh, it's not perfect. You guys are doing that thing where you're avoiding\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1099.0,"body":"Instagram perfect.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1101.0,"body":"Oh, yeah. Oh, we could drive ourselves crazy comparing ourselves to Instagram.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1107.0,"body":"Yeah, it's insane. People these days, they, they're walking around, they're lonely, they're depressed, they feel separated from the world. Then they get onto social media where they feel they have some and on and they're a non anonymous from other people. And then the things that they say I think are the things that they really think about other people in the world that they wanted to say to maybe their boss or they wanted to say the person that was rude to them, but they can't say it to them for whatever reason, most likely because it's They're cowardly. And like you said, they want to keep the peace. So they don't say it because they want to avoid conflict. And so then they go home, they take it out on their kids, their spouse, they take it out online, they take it out on themselves.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1155.0,"body":"Exactly. I noticed that a lot like a lot of people that come forth and want to meet with me, they're saying like something in my life is not right. I feel frustrated or angry. And I'm telling you now that if you don't feel completely satisfied with everything in your life, something's not what it needs to be. And it's usually as you said, people are maybe, like, cowardly, but we're taught from a very young age that we do not have any authority over our lives and it's simply not true. You know, there's these unspoken rules where we don't question authority figures. We just do as we're told or no relationships perfect. And all these things and then we just accept This mediocre existence. And I really believe it's part of keeping people in their place at a societal level. And I frankly, it's just not true. We can do whatever we want. We have freewill. We have the ability to manifest and as we sort of evolve as a civilization, we hear about manifesting all the time where we create our circumstances in reality, and I see it in kids to kids remember their power, and somewhere along the line, it gets taken away from them. And that's, I think, the real tragedy.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1232.0,"body":"Well, it's creativeness. We hear that all the time, child draws or says something that's out of the ordinary and they're told no, that's wrong, this is how you do it. And it's kind of reinforcing that societal standard. Exactly.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1247.0,"body":"And we just lose so much of our essence, when we start to get told that there's a better way or a different way. And then that's why I think we end up with so many people that are unhappy or are really worried about life or are You know, struggling or frustrated, it's because they lost that true essence that they have. And it's somehow they're trying to fit into a box. And my favorite thing about the Akashic Records is that, you know, the societal standard and acceptable ways of being have absolutely nothing to do with the energetic world that we live in. So you do not have to follow those rules. And as long as you can implement your gift or your energy into everything that you do every day, put it into action, you can't fail. So I love telling people that\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1292.0,"body":"I heard before that there's two types of people and it's all affected in your childhood and how you grow up where people that tend to have trouble later on in life. Their parents taught them from a young age that let's say you go to visit the dentist. They're told the dentist basically is God. You listen to the dentist, you will do what you're told. And basically They creates a very unfavorable experience. Then there's other people that are taught a dentist professional. They've gone to school for eight years. They know what they're doing. If you have any questions, you need to ask those questions. You need to listen to what the dentist says not because the dentist is some deity, but because the the dentist has knowledge that you don't. And I find that it's two different ways of viewing the world and then kids grow up and they become adults. And then they view the their manager is always God. And they're not to be questioned. They're not to be and and for a company to work, you have to have some level of hierarchy. Absolutely. But if you have questions, you have to be able to ask those questions. If you don't think something is fair. You have to have the fortitude and the willpower to to say Hey, no, I don't think This is right. Or I'd like to raise my the work I provide this company is worth this much more, and you can provide the examples. And if they don't, well, maybe it's time to start looking for a new company to work for.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1396.0,"body":"Exactly. I hear that so loud and clear, because the first thing I'll tell you in your Akashic Record is your energy will always have this positive place. And when you're in your positive place, you will have positive karma, things are going to go well, you're always going to be abundant. And then we always have a dysfunctional place. And when we're dysfunctional, we are not going to have good karma, things are going to go wrong all over the place. So the first step is instead of, you know, just avoiding it to keep the peace, it's you gotta stand up for yourself, address it, set some boundaries. And if that doesn't work out for you, that's your signal that you got to move on. This isn't your place, your energy doesn't fit here. Your gifts. Don't thrive, you must move on. And the best way I can articulate how do you know where to go next is if you don't want to do an Akashic Record session and figure out how your energies work, figure out what actually makes you excited, or makes you come to life. Because those feelings within us aren't just arbitrary. We don't just have these feelings of excitement or like goosebumps or chills, just for fun. It's a notification system. Our body notifies us about when things are going really good and when they aren't. So if you come to life doing it, and you're energized, and you have goosebumps, and excitement, it's probably meant for you. It's probably what you're supposed to add to this lifetime. And we need to stop thinking about the box. Oh, I'll just everyone else is just working it out and going through the motions. I guess that's what we do here. Because that's how I felt. I was like, do I just keep going in this direction and not getting anywhere? Or Should I try to follow some of my passions? And then turns out, you follow your passions and the world rejoices? And it's like, Yes, here you go, here's a bunch of positive karma and success, keep going. So if it makes you excited, that's what I would say try to pursue. It might start as a side project like minded. But if you keep putting the energy in, just like in the secret, you will get it back. So it's just exciting when you realize your potential is limitless.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1531.0,"body":"Since we discussed earlier that, we're going to shy away from the interesting questions. I do have an interesting question. Do you believe in free will.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1542.0,"body":"I do believe in free will. But I believe it's one of our most sacred powers, and that the world tries to tell us that we don't have it and tries to get us to fall in line and go with the flow. But I do believe that we have freewill. It's just our most precious gift. And the less we know that, the more we can be a part of the machine and serve that top 1% that has everything because they can't succeed without us. So we're deliberately trained, that we don't have free will or power. But I believe again, it's our most precious and valuable gift. And we must express it to get out of those scenarios where we are holding up the 1% versus actually doing what we want to do and fulfilling our life's purpose or gift.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1590.0,"body":"Well, touching on that is, you look at public schools, and they talk about public schools and that the idea of a public school was that you went there, you got a basic level education and then you went into the workforce at a factory or some type of labor job. And then you did that till you were 65 or probably when it was originally conceived until you passed away. And there's been a lot of talk about needing to read Form public schools because they like you said earlier they box people in and they limit potential and even what they teach me is not necessarily relevant to everyone's needs. I look at what book did I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, excellent book and the the business and there was all about that you had to build your wealth. And how you did it was that you took control of your money and that you viewed money in a different way than other people did. money wasn't something that you just went to work and you earned. You had to open a business you if you wanted to stock market, there's all sorts of different methods that aren't taught in school. And there's too many people out there that are okay. Well, I don't think they're really okay with it because they're miserable. They go to their Monday, Friday job, they sit in the cubicle, they sit in the classroom, they sit in whatever job and then they go home. And they're unhappy. They collect their pension at 65. If they make it that long, and then they live out their last few years and relative happiness, sometimes misery. And that's the rat race.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1706.0,"body":"And that's exactly what I wanted to get out of. That's when I was at Is this it? I was like, I am supposed to stay in this job that moderately is exciting for the next 40 years of my life, and hope that when I get there, there's no such thing as pension or I planned well enough that I even make it there at all. That at that point, I have health and extra finances to travel. And I was like, This is miserable. There has to be a different way like what is the point it That's it. And you know, I would hear people say things like that a long time ago. And I would try to rationalize it. Because I was doing that I was sitting in the cubicle, I was miserable. And I had no tunnel, there was no ray of light. At the end, it was just like, wow, that's it. So I would hear things like that. And I would just meticulously be like, well, that person was really privileged or they didn't. They had, they lived in a place of opportunity. And I don't, so that can't be me. This is how it is. This is real life. And then, of course, through the series of my journey, all of a sudden, I was like, Whoa, that's not how it is. You can do anything we do have free will. And I think you're right that sometimes it's those boxes that have existed for how long, don't apply anymore. We've advanced so much. we're evolving very quickly. And we can't have these old systems that don't work for everybody. And just for example, He said that, you know, sometimes the classroom structures don't accommodate everyone learning skills, there is a particular energy or gift in the Akashic records that will come out. And it will say like your gift is showing people how to enjoy having a body, where exploring and creating and moving and shaking and like exercising and just like being very upbeat. And those people cannot sit in a classroom for, you know, a full day, a full week. They can't that's not how they learn. They're movers or shakers. And then those people traditionally don't do well in a school system. And then at the end, they think that they don't have anything to offer or they're stupid and it's like, not at all. You're here to show people that you don't have to sit in a cubicle, you can run around and breathe, be a free spirit and enjoy and dabble in things versus that way that we're structured to always sit still. So I see that the schools are advancing because I used to work alongside of some of the school divisions, and I see them making progress they're trying to accommodate, but it's just not enough for those people that have those energies. We're not accommodating that at that other way of being.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1874.0,"body":"Well, with COVID now, and the rapid, rapid adoption of remote learning, remote work. I think we were getting there as a society. But this whole virus is really, really enabled companies to restructure how they do business. Before it was you had to be at work because your supervisor had to watch over you and make sure that you were actually working, heaven forbid, you take a 10 minute break. How unproductive right? And now they're seeing that the same amount of work and sometimes even more can be done at home because it's not based on The hours sitting at the cubicle, it's based on the work that's actually produced. So you can be at home, working on a laptop, not everyone can but some jobs are working on a desktop doing your meetings over zoom or something like that. And you can throw a load of laundry in or pop out and get a couple of grocery items or you know, the you can't find daycare for the kids the the, you have the ability to manage that better. Now, another question for you being that these records are outside of regular space and time. I got to ask what's your opinion on psychedelics?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1966.0,"body":"I've never tried any of them.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1970.0,"body":"Except for me. I think I did mushrooms once was a good time. So I don't know exactly what happens. But oddly enough, some The people that I have met that have done it will say that they've experienced weird things that I have seen in the records or met up in the records and I'm like, okay, there's got to be something I don't know what's happening if they're spirits being projected out into the Astros, but they're, some of them see things that I can verify in the records. And that is extremely fascinating to me. What's your take on them?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2004.0,"body":"Well, I think that they have a lot more medical uses than than previously thought. They're showing studies now that show that people with PTSD, if they use psychedelics as part of counseling and therapy, it can actually help people overcome those experiences more. They're using it more for trauma counseling as well. I think more people are trying to find that spiritual connection, they're not finding it in the in the church anymore. They're not finding it in a physical building, with a board of directors that are at 90 1000 years old, and someone speaking Latin that they don't understand. I think more people are looking for real meaning a spiritual experience that has real meaning for them. Some I've heard the ego death. I've heard about that the, the hero's journey, right. But I think I think it's can be dangerous too. I think that someone that wants to do psychedelics should know their mental health well enough. And I think that if they're, if they have trauma that they're hoping to get over, that they should be doing in a clinical setting, being guided through the experience with people there to ensure your safety and that sort of thing.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2091.0,"body":"Yeah, I would agree with that. They can definitely be scary because I had some wild friends when I was growing up and I again, like I said, I stayed away from it because I was too scared. But I watched them experience it. And I was like, Whoa, I don't know if that was like a good time. So I think that it is important to do it in a safe place, and maybe be supervised if you are going to navigate those intense traumas. But I think that's exactly what's happening. Like people. There's a quote by Jim Carrey, that I'm probably gonna butcher, but it's like people are so depressed and anxious because the way our society is structured isn't matching the human spirit. So we're trying to figure out why we feel more than we're told or more than we experience. And I have heard with psychedelics that you connect to these other worldly beings and they give you a walk around and tell you all about what life is and tell you all about the things you've done in your past lives or what you're doing now. And then all of a sudden, it's like all the puzzle pieces click, and they're like, Oh, I am more important than people are telling me because we get stuck in that machine again, and we I just feel like a small insignificant piece. But the fact is, we're not insignificant. And we have so much more going on than we know. So when we can tap into that via psychedelics or the Akashic records or meditating, or some people can just turn it on, and they'll just astral travel to wherever, which would be amazing. And then they're like, oh, there is more going on. And I am important, and I'm not a part of the machine, and nobody really is. So I really think it would be however you figure out that part that truth. Go for it, because it's so important to know what we are.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2198.0,"body":"So what motivated you to start this business?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2201.0,"body":"I actually, I've never seen like a psychic medium. Before I've never felt called to. And I worked in this business space. I had an office before COVID. And we rented out rentals like rental rooms to traveling energy practitioners and this amazing woman was in our office and she's young, she was like 26. And I just had this immense connection to her. And I was like, I think I need to see this person. So clearly, before I started the business, I'd already sort of had things going, I had a name, I was in an office space, but it was just more for convenience sake. I knew I wanted to make it full time, but I wasn't convinced I could do it. And I met her. And she knew nothing about me. She's from Alberta, and she just is a true, I don't know how people do it, but I see it in the records that people can have that gift of being very intuitive. So she just looked at me and she said, You don't even know what you are. And we're moving into the space where everyone's starting to wake up and shake off the dust and people like you are essential. And telling people and encouraging them that yes, it's okay to think those things are moving that pathway so she's like if you don't do it in it is a sin against humanity, because you're here to do this. And we incarnate with a lot of intentions, we don't come here to just move around and hope for the best. We really have plans, big plans. And she said, You have to do it. And know, just like you tell everybody else if it's meant for you can't fail. So she really gave me the confidence that I needed to sort of move forth and do those things. And every time I have a little waiver of doubt, she's like, nope, keep going. And she's been right about so many things. She was calling out stuff about my family that she'd never knew. So I've just felt like she really meant it. So that was the person that really persuaded me to go full, full force. So I really started putting my energy and putting my focus in. And every time I put new levels of focus in I had new levels of interest. And then, with COVID, I was really scared. I was like, oh, like I'm going to lose that momentum. And it actually ended up working in my favor. Because I was off from my other job, so I could focus all this time and attention meeting people online. And then when the call back went to be like, Oh, you can go back to your other job. I was like, I don't think I have to anymore because I've made my way in this area. So that extra confidence boost and sort of working through my blocks and restrictions of having like this lack of confidence. And then Honestly, I feel like COVID served me well, in that way. It gave me that push to put all my energy into it. And here we are. It's a full blown business.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2379.0,"body":"That's awesome. It's good to see a successful business owner. Now tell me what, what does an average session look like? Like, walk me through? How would I book a session and just a general overview of how session would run?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2396.0,"body":"Okay, so I don't have online booking right now because I left managing my schedule. And people can just book whenever wherever and I haven't like, moved into the online world as well as I should have. But I do have a website, you can message me on my Facebook page, my Instagram page, my website, my email, just reach out, all you have to say is I want to do a session and I pretty much walk everybody through their options and what I think would be best. And I have varying levels of sessions because some people aren't willing to go all the way in, they just want to taste they want to know if it's accurate, if it makes sense if it's going to apply. So we have the intro, it's just about your gift. Then we have the full session and the full session. We will talk about what the Akashic records are because that's the biggest barrier. People are like, I don't know what that is. I don't want to do that. So I talk about what it is because it's very practical. There's no magic, there's no witchcraft. There's no wizardry. It's just a regular person who took a class. So I go through that I go through karma, because like I said, it's how we get anywhere in life. And we're vastly doing it wrong, most of us. And then you talk about your gifts and your energy, which is what part of you needs to get in motion to find success, because if we keep suffocating our energy and our gifts, we're not, we're gonna get nowhere really quickly. So we have to know what that is. We have to use them, we have to find spaces where that works. Then, my favorite part is called the soul group, and a soul group talks about your souls origins. Did you spend a whole bunch of time here and now have you been in parallel universes Have you been and other Astros? Where'd you come from? And I love that because it's so fascinating and so validating for people. So we talked about that. And it's because that part of you, explains what you're trying to do in this lifetime and why it's helpful. Then that's the fun stuff, the good positive information. And then we're going to move into blocks and restrictions, anything that's that glass ceiling limiting you from getting further in life. And usually some of our blocks and restrictions were pulling them from past lives. So we were born with them. We don't even know why that glass ceiling exists, but we're stuck. And I had a lot of them, which is why I felt there was no light at my tunnel. So we talked about some of your past lives, any blocks or restrictions that come from that place, and history does tend to repeat itself. So those past lives usually sound a lot like your present life, which is very fascinating because most people I haven't met, because I have an online presence I can meet I've worked with people in London, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, lots of people in the US never met him no idea and almost end up telling them about their current life, just from their past life. And then, as we talk about them, you're actually letting them go. And then we talk about anything from your present life as well. And present life. It's not a full story because you would know your life. It's just an energy and what age it came from, which is also very cool, because of course, I don't know what age you went into the hard spots of your life. So I'll say, Oh, 32. And someone will say, Wow, like, how could you know it was 32. And I don't really just getting it from the records and passing it on. But as we go through, we clear it. And then you get all this information, all these tools to take with you. And that's really the session.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2614.0,"body":"Awesome. Awesome. So what are your future plans?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2619.0,"body":"I am going to keep doing this. I'm starting to notice that body\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2624.0,"body":"illnesses can show up in the records. And I'm curious with the connection, because our body seems to malfunction when something within our spirit isn't running, right. So I've been very curious about like the medical side of it. So I actually am pursuing More like body healing after this as opposed to like energy resets. So I want to explore that. And hopefully it's gonna turn into something where people are like, Yeah, she got rid of my migraines. So that'll sort of build the people that aren't interested in the woowoo magic side of it, they'll be like, I don't care what she's doing, getting rid of my migraines. I'm gonna go for it. And then I think eventually, as again, we're in this massive energetic shake up. And as soon as we get past the shake up, people are going to be looking for more answers. People are looking for more answers, like you said. So I'm hope I think I'm going to morph into something where I end up teaching people to do what I do so that the reach is farther, because people just want to get better. They just want a better life. And if this is a toolbox that works for somebody, the more people that know how to do it, the more reach we have, the better. So those are kind of my my long term plans.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2696.0,"body":"Awesome. No dessert. Anything that we haven't touched on today that that you'd like to talk about?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2706.0,"body":"Nothing specific, I think we've hit a lot of things. The takeaway message I would leave is that I'm not telling you to believe in the Akashic records, I'm not telling you to believe in, that this can be the be all and end all or it's a perfect roadmap. I'm just telling you to think outside the box.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2725.0,"body":"And think what else is possible. And the\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2730.0,"body":"premise of the Akashic records and healing in general, is that everything is fundamentally energy. We know that everything vibrates at a different frequency at a different rate, including us, and we need to go where our frequency is matched. And that is something that you have to think about in your relationships, your friendships, your job, and it's not about convincing you that this is something you need to do. I'm just trying to tell you to think and open your mind and and Think about what else could be possible because I was a miserable person briefly. And I don't want that for anyone. And however you find your way into your spotlight or your happiness is your path, but try it. It just doesn't have to be that way. And I am definitely willing to be a starting point for a lot of people. So feel free to contact me Feel free to drop any questions. You don't have to sign up for a session, you can just ask. And if I can push you in any sort of pathway that will help you if I can perceive that it would help you. I would be glad to do that.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2795.0,"body":"So how do people get in contact with you?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2797.0,"body":"All right, well, I do have a website. It's just ww dot Akasha awakened.com. I am on Instagram. I'm on Facebook. My email is just contact at Akasha awakened calm. And yeah, just send me a line. ask the questions. I My mission is just to help people bring that back into their life because I lost it. So if you're feeling like you want that hit me up.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2827.0,"body":"Perfect. Well, Kayla, I really want to thank you for coming on to the podcast today and talking about your business and and generally just talking about, you know, some of those limiting factors that people have and, you know, loving yourself and putting yourself first. I think that's something that as a society, we're so used to putting everything else first, that we forget quite often that we have to also consider ourselves in the equation that if we burn ourselves out, then we're no good to anyone. So I will definitely be checking out your website as well. And hopefully we'll have you back on the podcast again in the future.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":2871.0,"body":"Great, thanks so much rest. Well, it was a\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":2873.0,"body":"pleasure. Thanks, Kayla.\r\n\r\nTranscribed by https://otter.ai\r\n"}]}