June 2, 2020

Coffee Time with Kristy Hoornick

Coffee Time with Kristy Hoornick

I interview Kristy Hoornick who has a background in aireal yoga, MMA, fitness and volunteering with Special Olympics. She is currently an Instructor at Inspire 30 out of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.


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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":0.0,"body":"Welcome back to Coffee Breath Conversations. Today's interviews with Christie hornick. With inspire 32 Prince Albert, we learn more about her business as well as her personal life. quick housekeeping before we begin, the studio is just about ready. I'm missing a mic boom arm and a couple of decorations. That's about it. I'm hoping with loosened restrictions to have more guests on the podcast in a nice sound damping studio. No more echoes. As usual, you can find this podcast on Apple, Spotify, and most podcast platforms. Please consider rating me on Apple or pod chaser. This helps with building up my reputation. There is a cost to hosting. And if you'd like to support me, I do have a PayPal account. So without further ado, let's get started.\r\n\r\nMy guest today is Christy hornick. She is an aerial yoga instructor, former MMA fighter, crazy animal fitness, adventure and adaptive fitness and Special Olympics volunteer. Welcome to the podcast Christy. Thanks for so happy to be here.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":82.0,"body":"Lots of stuff on your resume crazy. It's like an open book. Let's start with talking a bit about aerial yoga. What is aerial yoga, aerial yoga. So there's two different forms. There's aerial silks, and then there's like, it's just general aerial yoga where you have four points suspension, so you have a hammock, and it's made out of parachute material and then you have handles that you can obviously for your hands or you can open them up and put your feet in them so you can be completely suspended. If you want to be. You could hang upside down. It's super amazing for your grip strength for your core different formats.\r\n\r\nWe'll be doing is aerial yoga like a relaxation one where you're holding postures a lot longer and you're using hot stones, which is super relaxing. Then there's general aerial yoga, where you do your traditional yoga poses, but most of the time you're suspended. Also do aerial bar and aerial potties or we just combine it all I've even done some crazy aerial cardio, why the air compared to the ground, it is actually really good on your back help decompresses your spine. You can get one heck of a good core workout hanging upside down. You can enhance your stretches and certain poses for certain people basically will help relax them more you get, like I said, deeper stretches or just the thought even when you're in a low inversion so your head and neck are on the ground, but you're the rest of your body is kind of up and it really helps stretch out your back and near your legs. Most people when they think about you\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":180.0,"body":"Yoga, they're not thinking about being in the air. So how do you advertise that to people?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":185.0,"body":"The typical advertising that everybody sees are the hard poses where you're hanging upside down and people think they're an acrobat. That's great to advertise with. But in reality, I would never start anybody off in that pose because if they have any medical restrictions like blood pressure, or if they've ever heard their back or whatnot, it's the hammock and being able to suspend yourself. Especially with these hammocks. They're from the flying Yogi. So you can fully suspend you can even have your body in the hammock and your legs in the legs drops. And you can be laying there with your legs extended. People even do like meditation or yoga nidra in it, but it is a deeper stretch for the body. And it is actually good. Some people said to it, it helps slow down the aging process. I don't know about that yet. I don't know if aerial Yoga is the fountain of youth but you do certainly feel relaxed and stretched. And it is kind of neat to be able to sit in an area They can just swing or turn upside down and\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":243.0,"body":"what are the safety risks?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":245.0,"body":"I have a funny story actually. So when I was in Ontario teaching this, one of my clients came to class. She'd never tried it before. And she was always a class clown. So she came to class in a big football helmet, like fully dressed out, ready to hang upside down. She didn't tell me that she had vertigo. She did do a lower version, and her vertigo kicked in. So that's not the funny part because she was off work for a week but the funny part was her wearing a big football helmets. So going off that story obviously or say two precautions are making sure we know their medical history, especially people who might have osteopenia or osteoporosis so imposters would not be good for them. Obviously, blood pressure, vertigo, pre and postnatal. Anything like that we would need to know in order so that we could adapt the poses and necessary for them. There is actually aerial yoga for prenatal aerial yoga, and there is actually aerial yoga for kids.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":307.0,"body":"How long has it been around for?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":310.0,"body":"I'm just going to go back from when I first did the training, which is probably seven or eight years ago. So prior to that, it is a fitness trend, but it's a trend that is gonna stick around because of the different things you do and the benefits. There's even I don't know if you've heard of Thai yoga massage. There's somebody in the states that's doing aerial yoga, Thai yoga massage, so the person is in the hammock laying there and the Thai yoga massage person is using different Thai yoga massage techniques using their feet and their body weight in conjunction with the person in the aerial yoga hammock.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":347.0,"body":"Well,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":348.0,"body":"my second certification was from the flying Yogi and she is the one that kind of helped found these particular aerial hammocks and she's been around for quite a few years, but Think has fitness evolves and yoga evolves, people are always looking for the latest in yoga trends and fitness trends. So I think it's just evolved over the years for aerial yoga in particular, especially now there's a place in the states that will offer area plots training, aerial bar training. There's even like, I don't know if you've seen those bungee things that you hook yourself in and they do bungee fitness, which to me looks more like a dance, which is totally fine. Lots and lots and lots of fitness trends.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":392.0,"body":"Is it just a trend, or\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":395.0,"body":"I don't think aerial Yoga is because there's been lots of people benefiting from it through regards to Yes, it could totally help your strength. It could totally help your posture, it could totally help you emotionally. It's great in a group setting, it's great one on one. I think it's definitely something that's here to stay but it also is dependent on the instructor that teaches if they're willing, you know, to show advanced stuff or if they're if they can adapt stuff because I've been to some rigid teachers that are like this is our set sequence. But if that person can't do it, well then they don't do it. But it's a lot about the instructor if they can adapt stuff for people. I myself back in Ontario created aerial yoga for youth with disabilities. So aerial yoga for people that were in wheelchairs or even missing limbs. And one girl who couldn't speak all that well due to her disability. Myself and her attendant, were able to lift her into an area hammock is the only time she's actually able to stretch out if she's in bed. And she's wheelchair bound usually and the look on her face because she was able to completely stretch out in aerial yoga hammock. And then there's sandbags that we put on to help. A little extra weight helps kind of decompress a little bit and she was in her glory. So you might see aerial yoga trends, not called area yoga popping up in was called sensory rooms. There is a place in the states that are First, that kind of training to people and just the fact of hat being suspended, is just kind of like a release and they're using it for people with autism are on the autism spectrum for their sensory needs. That's incredible.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":495.0,"body":"What made you want to get into aerial yoga?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":498.0,"body":"The very first course I took, it was the aerial silks. And I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I did the last course. But I wanted something new to add to my business when I was running a studio, so I thought, well, let's try this. I like yoga. I knew the instructor. It was local to me only a couple hours away. So I tried it. And then I just kind of developed it into my own style, because I'm not that acrobatic, so I developed it into a style that I could teach easily and I knew was adaptable to all my participants.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":533.0,"body":"Does every instructor teach a little bit differently?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":536.0,"body":"Yes, I definitely noticed that in the training I did for the last Aerial yoga when we are asked to kind of present, there's some instructors that don't have as much experience teaching. So they, they can't transition the poses as easily or they fidget with how to set up the equipment because there is some setup some safety. So based on the knowledge of the instructor how willing they are to adapt it to their own level. So I know you asked before about safety precautions. And before we even start, we go over how to hook it up. I'll show a few postures and how stable and secure it is. And we go over all the cleaning protocols to before we use it and after we use it.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":579.0,"body":"How was COVID-19 affected your business?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":583.0,"body":"While we were going to start this up? In April, it's around there and then COVID hits so we've had to push it until the phase of Saskatchewan open again where we could open up classes and I think it'll actually work to our advantage because of the smaller groups that will be Be more personalized and people will get a little more out of it. Because sometimes the first class is your worst class because you don't know what you're doing. And you feel awkward. But by having the small group setting and a very knowledgeable instructor, it'll I think it'll put more people at ease and they'll be able to adapt to it better.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":619.0,"body":"A little bit more buy in from people.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":621.0,"body":"Yeah, it makes it more personal. Especially the first class we're going to do is all about restorative yoga and hot stones. So I do expect to hear some snoring from the crowd because they'll be completely relaxed and it's me the instructor that will go around and put the hot stones on them and clearly they're not going to be like super super hot but just comfortable.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":643.0,"body":"Sounds relaxing. Don't see being able to adapt this during COVID. Another guests that I talked to had managed to come up with a remote program but I don't think you'll be able to hang yourself at home and\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":658.0,"body":"know now there are some studios Back home that are strictly aerial yoga and people have bought in their own aerial yoga, you can get your own aerial yoga for a home and there's like an apparatus that you can hang it up in. But that's quite expensive too. We just use the opportunity to kind of build on what we wanted to do and get organized.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":680.0,"body":"How many staff members do you work with?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":683.0,"body":"Robin the owner, and that's about it for now. Oh, yes, there is massage therapy here and other PMF\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":690.0,"body":"pain relief. Okay. Never heard of that before. What's electromagnetic pain relief?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":696.0,"body":"I would have to get Robin to talk about that. Okay. That's okay. I just put people in a weird position to put hot stones on them. So\r\n\r\nit is a co ed class.\r\n\r\nAnd ice. Actually, when I ran my own studio at home, I would always have the dogs So, I have caught some of the people in my class take their hot stones and put them on my dogs relax them. Totally cleaned everything sanitary so yeah, it can be adaptable to dogs dog yoga.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":734.0,"body":"Oh yes, I heard it's a thing.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":735.0,"body":"It is a thing. There's actually an actual course for it which I don't really think you need to take course for if you know some yoga poses and you know dogs, you're good. But I've done dog yoga puppy yoga, Jamia list on my crazy stuff. Sure. Okay. So in my tour, I'm doing weird fundraisers for animal rescues at sanctuary. Then kitten yoga, dog yoga, puppy yoga, rabbit yoga, chicken yoga with therapy chickens, or the silky chickens, barnyard yoga, so different animals outside. I was a pig farm like a pig sanctuary. So we did yoga not with the pigs because we don't want them to eat our mats, but we could see the pigs. potbelly pigs. pack a fitness. I traveled to Minnesota last year to a fox sanctuary and taught five or six classes to raise money for them. We did Fox yoga outside where there was foxes running around all the foxes were rescued from the fur trade up for adoption based on you know, laws and everything. Oh, I went to a cow sanctuary and did cow yoga again, not right in with the cows, but we could oversee them. I feel like there's more.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":806.0,"body":"How many places have you been to?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":809.0,"body":"Quite a few. And even traveling from London, Ontario to Minnesota, a friend and I drove like through the night got there. I think we had a day arrest and we raised about $5,000 for the animal rescue. And I've done an event with Special Olympics London. It was with another dog rescues so people could bring their dogs and it was a run walk. So money went to Special Olympics and to the dog rescue. And I've done some fundraising events where we've created like dogs obstacle courses and dog races and I do do fitness classes for people in their dogs as well.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":847.0,"body":"I gotta ask, what the hell is the therapy chicken?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":850.0,"body":"They are the best. There's a place near London it's called nourishing hearts wellness farm and she does a lot of kind of social work and therapeutic work and most of our animals are therapeutic. So she has these chickens and they sit in little dog beds. And that's their nest. When I first met them, they all fit in their little diapers which were actually just the low socks that she would cut because I apparently they poop every 15 minutes. And then when I said well let's do a fundraiser for your, your place to help raise money to feed the chickens. But an hour before she showed up, she messaged me and says I forgot to put the diapers on to try them on and the diapers didn't fit. So her husband was on chicken coop duty and there Asana tarp and they wandered around a bit. They had watermelon to eat but they're they're the silky chickens. And they would just kind of come hang out with you. She would bring them into classrooms. So they were super socialized pretty team. So would\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":911.0,"body":"they like snuggle up with people? Would they just kind of people are doing yoga poses and they're kind of walking in between or kind of being nosy here. Yeah,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":920.0,"body":"like they weren't snuggly. I know when I first went to her farm, and we had a session with the chickens, like they would sit in their little beds, and they would be you know, you could pet them and talk to them. Some of them would get up and try to run away a little bit there. But they weren't too fast. But in the class setting, like I did have some people that were afraid of them, which they probably picked up on that. But no, they would just kind of wander around and tour the place and they weren't they wouldn't run away if you tried to pet them. And even afterwards, people took pictures holding them so Oh, and that also I did go Yoga to a new there's something else.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":961.0,"body":"So there so it's a whole experience. It's not just you show up and there's chickens there and you get to watch them. Like it's a whole experience. You can hold them and yeah, so that's kind of part of the package. Yeah,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":974.0,"body":"it's all integrated.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":975.0,"body":"So what drives you to do that? I mean, what drives a person say, you know what, I'm gonna do chicken therapy yoga.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":983.0,"body":"I don't know I just get these weird things in my head. You know, like, quitting my job and Ontario moving to sketch on stuff like, just random, just random pick up and go. I tend to do more stuff for animals than I would for people unless it's Special Olympics population or, or stuff like that. But I've always had a passion for trying to help animals and have an animal therapy background and have many dogs of my own obviously, how many? Well, there are five.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1013.0,"body":"Well,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1015.0,"body":"and the most of them are hound. So my breed of choices The Coon hound Beagle breeds so I have two beagles Coon hound Beagle a fox sound mix and a little sassy, one tooth wonder who's a little 16 she's a little terrier mix. So I did a lot of stuff in Ontario for the rescue world write down from volunteering to fostering to helping with transport when they're coming into their adoptive or foster homes. Lots and lots of fundraiser. I've even been known to I remember there was a dog lecture there's been several dogs I've been known to peruse Kijiji and try to pick off every free dog and try to find it a rescue and I may have ended up with a few of those dogs myself.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1066.0,"body":"intended to to rescue them and adopt them off to other people but he just got too attached.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1072.0,"body":"Nope. I just I would reach out to the people and say, you know here's some rescues every contacted rescue The one dog I'm thinking of is Stella. She was a beagle Bulldog, who looked a lot smaller in her picture. And basically, I went to go pick her up because they didn't want her by law. They had young kids dog was older. I felt so terrible for this dog because I drove 45 minutes together. And they're like by and this put her in my car and that was it. And I'm like, I don't know anything about this dog. If she's been checked out by the vet, and she didn't do well in my place because she is used to being the only dog and I had four or five other dogs. So she her crate was her safety area. And then when I took her to the vet, she had ear infection this out and the other. And I went back to the owners and I said if you really want this dog to have a good home and be cared for you better foot the bill. So they did foot the bill and a couple rescues helped me Take her in because they knew it wasn't a good fitting for her. Or my dogs. Another situation is to senior dogs. The owner was because all these dogs have been put up for free, which I don't like on Kijiji I contacted the owner and I said, you know, would you let a rescue help you out and they didn't know anything about rescue and through a senior dog rescue based in London, Ontario, they took the dogs in and the owner was so grateful and thankful. sent a really nice note saying you know how great it was to work with us. So you get some happiness like that, but then he also get me on the phone with other owners thing. Why would you do that to your dog? Oh, coming to get your crazy dog lady. If my dogs are okay with cat I'd probably do the same thing with cats, but they're hunting dog so not good.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1187.0,"body":"Yeah, maybe not. No.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1189.0,"body":"That would not be good at all.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1191.0,"body":"Kind of like the female Cesar Milan.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1194.0,"body":"Well, if you met Gurdy, my Fox sound you would definitely know. I'm nowhere anywhere near a dog trainer. She's crazy. I'm just a dog lover. But I also know, you know where to go for training and obviously, I'm not a trainer so I take other trainers, thoughts and suggestions and follow through with it, especially with a lot of the foster dogs I've had because they've had a lot of resource guarding and a lot of issues, tons of issues. It's challenging a dog can't talk to you like a human can now but they bite\r\n\r\nand they pee all over your house and shit everywhere.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1231.0,"body":"You know, the the joys of having a dog Yeah. in there. Yeah. So how you can have five?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1238.0,"body":"Well, they're all\r\n\r\nand they all get along.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1243.0,"body":"Well, that's that's key. Right And yeah, they're all they're all part of the same pack and they get along. Yeah, yeah. And the other crazy animal fitness adventures.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1253.0,"body":"I think I got them all but if I was still in Ontario, I was looking at a monkey sanctuary. So I'm wearing come back. There's somebody reached out to me before I moved a parrot sanctuary but I wasn't sure how I would do fitness around parents, because I don't know anything about them. Not like I know a lot about monkeys. But you weren't right in there at the monkeys. No, but I am looking at going to I forget what it's called, but it's in Steinbeck. In July there's an animal sanctuary. So good nine hours away, to do a few yoga\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1286.0,"body":"with their animals. Speaking of monkeys, did you hear about the monkeys today? live in a lab in India? A bunch of monkeys escaped and they took the Coronavirus samples with them. Wow. Yeah, that's all over the news right now.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1300.0,"body":"I didn't read that crazy. Maybe their fitness monkeys\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1302.0,"body":"maybe? Well, they must have been they took down the assistant and grabbed the lab samples and took them with them. So\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1310.0,"body":"they're just fighting back. It's hard being tested on Oh, don't blame him under the apes right there.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1316.0,"body":"You know, that was a good movie. I think it was also the plot to 28 leader I think I vaguely remember that. Yeah, same. I think they involve some monkeys in the virus. So they're taking over. They're tired. You're tired of 2020\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1332.0,"body":"Yeah, I hear ya. Go monkeys.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1335.0,"body":"Yeah. Fix it for us if you can. You were MMA fighter.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1341.0,"body":"I did. I trained with Chris Clements out of adrenalin Training Center in London. And it was a long time ago, I did that. And I still remember the day, I think he texts me and he's like, do you want to fight and I text him back and I said, you must attach the wrong person. He said, No. And this is back when we were able to do MMA fights on reserves. It wasn't. We couldn't do it anywhere else. So I thought, well, what can worst thing that can happen, right? So I did, and the training was pretty hard. And then I remember sitting at the ring with Chris saying, like, do you think I'm gonna win? Because the only thing I knew about the other girl was she had a karate background. And she did roller derby. Oh,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1389.0,"body":"yeah. Yeah.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1390.0,"body":"Yeah. And he's like, he just kept talking to me about my attitude like, which I was I have a great attitude. And then I said, Well, I got like, my head gear and my shin pads on, right? And he's like, no, because you're getting paid for this fight. So it's a pro fight. So you went in there with your gloves, a new mouth guard. So after I pick myself back up. I was like, Well, Chris is like a brother to me. And I looked up to him, so I'm like, Okay, let's do this. The day of the fight. I had friends driving me to the area and he missed his flight coming from he was at another fight in Winnipeg. So I almost backed out because I couldn't do it without him. But he got there before I got there. And it was like, Yes. And then I remember like thinking okay, who am I fighting? Who am I fighting? Cuz you don't know anybody there other than the fighters I came in with and one of the fighters is like, well, there's one girl over there. And there's only one girl fight so that must be her. And she was pretty mean actually. She had like makeup on like,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1455.0,"body":"she kind of looked like the Joker only wore paint.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1458.0,"body":"Yeah.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1459.0,"body":"Yeah. I think gets out from the roller derby.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1462.0,"body":"Yeah, I forget a roller derby name. But she was crazy before the fights started. So you go in you go over the rules, whatever, blah, blah, blah. You get sent back to your corner but she didn't go back to her corner. She came out and punch me in the side of the head.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1477.0,"body":"so dirty fighting.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1479.0,"body":"Yeah, she's got a point taken away, but that was enough to rile me up to get mind and soul. That's all okay. did. I did I did eat a lot of spinning backfist and that fights was within a little bit of pain afterwards. Did you stomp her out? She did eat a lot of haymakers. As my trainer said there's absolutely no technique in the fight but you won.\r\n\r\nAnd then one like five or 700 bucks or something like that.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1505.0,"body":"Well, let's talk about Yeah. How long did you have to recover from it?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1509.0,"body":"Before I went back to training, I had to heal my arm because I hit her so many times in the face. I couldn't straighten my arm. So my trainer had to rehabilitate my arm a little bit. Probably take me a month to get back into it. I know the next day after the after party. My neck was very sore and my abs are very sore.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1530.0,"body":"It's a lot of adrenaline a like you don't feel it at the time because you're all hyped up. But after?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1536.0,"body":"Well, I remember telling my trainer I think in the first or second round, I'm done. I'm tired. And then he's like, no, you're winning. So I'm like, Okay, I'm good then. And then he's like, you probably won't remember most of the fight and he was right. I don't I don't remember a lot of it. It's remember her swearing at me in the fights.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1554.0,"body":"She's very rude. Maybe that's her way of kind of getting herself ramped up.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1558.0,"body":"I just thought what a waste of time. Energy and she didn't want to do like the good sportsmanship thing at the end where you like I went to her and said good fight but she she came out with a few ice bags on her face so she didn't feel like that was\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1575.0,"body":"so that was your first and last fight.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1577.0,"body":"There have been a couple non sanctioned sanction ones just kind of like for show\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1582.0,"body":"to raise money for the gym and stuff. Okay. So have you ever scrapped anyone outside of fighting then? professionally,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1589.0,"body":"like have ever gone to a street fight? Yeah, yeah. We went to see this is actually before my fight. We went to see Sam stout fight in Montreal. And of course there was alcohol involved. And it was myself. My friends Norma and jaws and jaws, his boyfriend. Now husband, and some guy came out and tried to hit on us and I didn't like that and I remember saying to normal, hold my purse and I got him in a leg lock on the parking lot scuffed My shoes.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1623.0,"body":"your fists registered as deadly weapons. No, I don't even know how I did that.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1629.0,"body":"We were just all really angry that this loser was hitting on us and then his friends were laughing at us, Adam because he got taken down by a girl.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1636.0,"body":"so humiliating.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1638.0,"body":"Yeah, I was just mad because my shoes got scuffed up.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1641.0,"body":"We're on our way to the after party and some crazy crazy shit.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1646.0,"body":"Yeah. Oh youth, you know, way back when I hit 40\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1653.0,"body":"and you do amateur boxing as well.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1655.0,"body":"Yeah, I've had amateur boxing fights under warriors boxing.\r\n\r\nAnd I would still kind of like to do that here and there if I can. I know as I get older and stuff. So I went into boxing because there at the time, there seem to be more fights for that. But then that kind of trickled off to for females and stuff. So\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1676.0,"body":"traditional boxing really seems to have taken a backseat to MMA\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1681.0,"body":"a little bit and I had a hard time transitioning from MMA to boxing, especially with the stance, and I really wanted to throw elbows. which turns out obviously you can't turn boxing, but at least I got my head gear, which is really hard to hear your corner when they're yelling at you hang your headgear on.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1701.0,"body":"Especially if you got cauliflower ears.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1703.0,"body":"I didn't have that. But I remember fighting and I'm like, What are they saying? I'm just going to keep keep punching, just yeah,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1710.0,"body":"keep punching till I win.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1711.0,"body":"Yeah, pretty much.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1714.0,"body":"Now, you mentioned earlier to me that that you were into adaptive fitness.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1719.0,"body":"So my previous job I worked for a non for profit organization for 12 years and I created a fitness program that was my job is fitness and wellness facilitators. So we worked with youth and adults with any kind of physical or mental disability. And I created adapted, adaptable fitness programs for them. Whether I mean I've trained people That can't talk can't feed themselves or missing limbs, can't get other wheelchairs. Hi on the autism spectrum, Down syndrome cpms, you kind of name it. And I've even had to train around therapy dogs service animals, which is totally fine, obviously, but it's really hard not to want to touch them and love them, but I didn't. One of the grants that we got to continue my job there was to create an adaptive fitness Specialist certification, which we had accredited through camphor Pro, which is Canada's leading fitness organization owned by good life. I did certify, I don't know like 50 to 60 people Fanshawe College when it ran, then we got another grant to put it online. So we started to do that. Just for kind of shits and giggles. I'm like, Well, I wonder if I wonder if can fit pro would take me up on being a presenter. And last year, I presented at the International Conference in Toronto, about adaptive fitness. No, there's probably I can't remember how many people 50 or 60 or so, which isn't bad because adaptive fitness. It's not huge in the fitness world. And I think it's because a people are afraid be it's not a huge moneymaker because you're working with people that don't make a lot of money. So you definitely have to have a passion to want to work with people and help people, even if it's like a little thing that they're progressing and it's huge to them. And it might be it really nothing to us, but it's absolutely huge to them. And then that led me into a lot of Special Olympics stuff. So I've helped and worked with Special Olympics for a long time. And London, Ontario and I've made the contacts and everything to help them out here and Prince Albert and even do some fitness programming here for\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1846.0,"body":"them. It definitely does seem like it's a niche volunteer field to get into. Yeah, what type of attributes Do you have to have a few want to get into volunteering with special needs\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1860.0,"body":"with special needs like for fitness,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1862.0,"body":"yeah, for fitness or even Special Olympics,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Kristy ","startTime":1865.0,"body":"it depends on what where you want to go. Like if you want to help fundraising, if you want to be a coach or whatnot, there's different kind of specifications that they asked for. Or even if you don't have it if you're willing to get them or they'll provide you with it. But when it comes to being like a fitness trainer for somebody with disability, you have to learn how to adapt fitness. Like right then and there. If you think it's going to be a 45 minute session, and they're going to do everything you ask. probably not going to happen, especially because I have a certification for working with people with autism to and fitness and you have to have a lot of patience. You have to pick your battles. And I say that just based on your client, you know, sometimes they may not want to work with you other times. It's like great, amazing. I mean, I've seen some special olympics power lifters that are unlike just in awe, like wow, I wish I could lift that So yeah, it's definitely I say mostly patients and you should have some kind of a fitness and anatomy background if you want to go into the fitness side with people with special needs. So what's the future look like for Christie?\r\n\r\nI'm not sure I've been here since October. I know that doing all this aerial yoga and other fitness classes like tear x and kettlebell club Bell and iron and steel mace training here is gonna be huge outlet for me. And that's a passion for me is fitness. And I do hope to be able to do some more animal things. Even if it means I have to drive nine hours one way, I really want to try to get more adaptive fitness going on here or anything like that, whether it be I know Special Olympics is on board, but some people are involved in Special Olympics, which I don't know why they're not but even if other organizations even helping build a sensory room because I really believe in in that kind of stuff too.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Host ","startTime":1981.0,"body":"If you enjoyed this episode, the best way to support it is to share it on social media, blog about it, or talk about it on your own show. If you have an apple account, please consider rating it on iTunes. I will try to keep the podcast ad free. However, there is a cost of hosting. Thanks for listening\r\n\r\nTranscribed by https://otter.ai\r\n"}]}