Sept. 28, 2020

Firearms with Melanie Markling

Firearms with Melanie Markling

In this Episode I talk with Melanie Markling about her business, Northern Elite Firearms located in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. We also talk about the Order In Council and what we would like to see for the future of Firearms in Canada.


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{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":0.0,"body":"So welcome back to another episode of Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm here today with Melanie Mark link. Melanie Mark Ling is a photographer. She is a professional writer. She's a gun dealer, firearm educator, online marketer, is that a good way to put it?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":19.0,"body":"I do a lot of online marketing.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":21.0,"body":"You also have you have a bachelor in education, I believe, correct. You worked in public safety for about 11 years. Yep. did a little bit of time in uniform and then non uniform position? Yes. And then you gave it all up to open up a firearm store,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":37.0,"body":"a shirt in?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":38.0,"body":"Welcome to the podcast today. Let's hear a bit about it. What is northern elite firearms.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":44.0,"body":"Northern only firearms is a store that Heath My partner and I opened up back in 2016, we started selling firearms out of a small small store we had in Weldon Saskatchewan just kind of grew to be, you know, we wanted to explore other options maybe closer to home. So we decided, you know, let's just, let's just go with it. And we opened up the new store and an indoor range in Prince Albert. And that's not what we do. Now, we also have an extra range range. But that's that's kind of what it's all about gun store. gun range. That's what it is.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":81.0,"body":"It's gotta be a little scary, though. Both you and Heath leaving pretty secure jobs and taking on the capitalist role.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":89.0,"body":"Yeah, it was super scary. There was a lot of planning involved, there couldn't ever really be focused on Plan B, once we made a decision to start, you know, to jump out of the, the public service into into our own business, that was a leap of faith that you just you give it all and you understand that you can lose it all as well. You know what I my last day of work at the pin that goodbye. It was a Wednesday. And when I walked into the bank on Friday, that that same Friday, I walked in knowing like I was really unsure of what what direction it would go I the project it was, is it gonna keep going? Or is it gonna? You know, is that it? You you go in and you take calculated risks, and you hope for the best and you and you focus on you focus on that. That's kind of where it led us do I mean, that's where I that's where I find myself now. Yeah, going from that security of a full time job, the pension and your benefits that come along with that job. Definitely a leap of faith.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":151.0,"body":"You have many sleepless nights,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":154.0,"body":"many,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":156.0,"body":"many sleepless nights. And it was never easy. I mean, there were days and moments when he was like, Oh, yeah, this is good. Those are the moments that I have pre I've learned to appreciate. Because in between those moments, there are sleepless nights, many sleepless nights, when the range when the store was in its initial build. I was you know, it's it was literally blood, sweat and tears I was in there, I was helping however I could to make sure that that happened. And if that meant walking knee deep in mud in the sweltering heat. That's what I did. many sleepless nights.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":197.0,"body":"Did you ever have those moments though, where it all seemed to come together and you could kind of just in the moment really kind of relax where you're just okay. It's coming together now.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":206.0,"body":"Yeah. And that's what I mean by those. Those easier moments. That's when you get to those moments. Yeah, you take a breath. You appreciate the distance that you came to get to where you did and everything that you had to sacrifice because and you know, when you're in it and thinking of it, it's like, oh my god, what have I done? What am I doing? Because you don't you know, a lot of times, it's like you're just flying by the seat of your pants. Some people say that when you're hungry, you'll get it done. And I guess you do in a way you have to write, you have\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":235.0,"body":"no choice. You don't\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":236.0,"body":"you don't have a choice. I learned so much working at the penitentiary, me serving in that way. There's a better way that I can serve people. As opposed to just staying at the penitentiary for 2530 years. A lot of people have made an excellent and an awesome career working in the public service and with corrections. I know a lot of people that were employed with the penitentiary for many years and they had a good they had a good career. So it was an opportunity for me to see like as an entrepreneur. And in that moment, it's like, okay, I can I can keep going down this road or I can take a risk. I have my Bachelor of Education degree. And so I knew that with that education behind me, even if it failed. Yeah, I was I couldn't be afraid of that I had I had something I had my skills behind me. I had to be confident that whatever choice I was going to make, I'll deal with the consequences if it doesn't work out. And then if it does, then great. And if it doesn't, we'll them. We'll move forward.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":296.0,"body":"People open businesses all the time they open restaurants, they open All sorts of different franchises think it's pretty unique to open up a firearm store. What are some of the unique challenges that you would that you faced that you don't think other businesses necessarily have to face,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":313.0,"body":"the actual, like getting getting a firearms license, I guess that would be a big thing. There's a lot that you know, or business and we have to go through to get to that point, that would have been a challenge. The stigma of firearms would would contribute to some of the things that maybe a clothing store wouldn't have to deal with. on social media. I can't actually pay for advertising. So I can't give Facebook or Instagram or any of these social media, I can't get sponsored. I would like to be able to spend 30 bucks and have my camp, my ad campaign out there for a week or whatever. I found ways. And that's what you do you work with what you have.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":352.0,"body":"Now, when it comes to insurance, I'm assuming that you probably pay an arm and a leg for insurance.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":358.0,"body":"Yeah, we pay a lot for insurance. And that's just to make sure that we're safe. The customers are safe. Our focus is on safety. We just demand that it's got everything in place, plus some so that so it can be a safe place. And we want to do this in a safe way. That's what we're trying to promote with, especially when it comes to firearms and be responsible.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":383.0,"body":"Do you find that part of the reason why there is firearm incidents is because people are not exposed to firearms and firearm safety.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":394.0,"body":"Oh, I for sure believe that. I believe that having firearms in your home where there's children and leaving them laying, you know, laying about the house, even ammunition close by with it or in like loaded. That's an accident waiting to happen. This conversation to me could go into a whole other whole other area. Like when you think about the mass shootings and everything. And that's not I mean, yes, I acknowledge that that's happened in Canada. I think that's, you know, we hear a lot of it from the States. When you think about those mass shootings. The most recent example in Canada, the one that in Nova Scotia, there was arson and shootings. And that man was not a legal gun owner, he obviously had mental health issues, how he had access to firearms, I guess, I don't know if we'll ever know, but he wasn't supposed to have those firearms. And when people are uneducated, about firearms, that's definitely where the issue begins. When somebody is very curious about a firearm, you know, they don't know anything about it. They don't know how it works. Maybe they've seen it on a TV show or in a video game. You need to take that away from some people is the curiosity. Some people you need to take the fear away. Depends on what the who the person is you're dealing with. But yeah, it's it's the education part of it. When I started learning about guns, I didn't have any reason to be afraid of them anymore. I can pick up any firearm No, prove it safe, and done. I don't have any feelings toward the firearm. It's like when I would go pick up a butcher knife in the kitchen, or even tool Yes. or using my KitchenAid mixer. It's just how you're taught to, to handle it. And to think about it.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":507.0,"body":"As you watch television and you see people and they say, well, firearms kill. And it's completely inaccurate statement because people kill the firearm is a tool that people use,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":521.0,"body":"right? It would be just as silly to say hockey sticks kill, because you could use it with any object.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":530.0,"body":"It's great that you're able to have a business that you enjoy. And that brings you satisfaction. And now Recently, there was an ordering council that is going to potentially limit some of your business. So the Order in Council was passed by the government that limits the AR 15 receiver makes that prohibited and it also changes classification of a number of different firearms. How do you think this is gonna affect your business?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":563.0,"body":"Well, I can tell you that it already has affected our business. When we first got into the firearms, Heath was the he was the catalyst. When we first started he was really into the black guns like the AR 15. And our wall when we first started at the store it was it was made up of those types of firearms. So fast forward to this may 1. Our gun wall in the store looks very different. The majority of it hunting rifles which I'm an advocate of hunting 100% now we have $100,000 in inventory, that I mean, it's it sits now we can't even display it. And that's minor compared to some of the other retailers across the country. That's minor case. And I we have invested thousands of dollars into this into our community. And we fall we you know, you follow the rules, you follow the law. And that Oh, I see. It's it affects us greatly. But it can't, we can't let it stop us either. I think that there's a lot of people who can see through it, they know that it's undemocratic. The way it was done was undemocratic. It's arbitrary. And a lot of the gun owners are coming together, and they're, and they can see that you know, what, we need to educate people about this. Maybe that's where we've gone wrong. There hasn't been enough education about firearms to get it to this point where we're letting our government do this. Questions need to be asked for sure.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":663.0,"body":"No, do you think that it's fair that the government during a global pandemic decides to use a set of laws to create an Order in Council that's supposed to be used for minor things to go as far as they have?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":681.0,"body":"No, it's not fair at all. Few people that I have spoken to about the NYC they say that it's the way the government has gone about doing this. People should be worried about not just the taking away of guns, which is already appalling to so many gun owners who one day they could take their their gun out to the range and overnight, it was essentially just taken from\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":707.0,"body":"Yeah, like a paintbrush gone.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":709.0,"body":"Yes. And you are essentially a criminal for owning it. So there's Yeah, there's a lot of people who, who are no one I say offended, because gun owners don't get offended? Never\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":723.0,"body":"Never. They never argue or anything? No, not\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":727.0,"body":"at all. Do you think it's gonna survive a court challenge?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":731.0,"body":"I it's hard to say we've got a lot of groups like the gun advocacy groups that are, you know, they're going after it. And it would be difficult for me to suggest a time or timeframe for when it would happen, or if it would happen. So I, it's, I can't really, I can't really speak to that just because there's, I don't know, I honestly, I don't know, talking earlier about the business aspect. And as a business owner, there's so many, there's so many things you have to do throughout the day, just to get the job done. You know, we're doing the day to day things. But now, you don't know if your stock is going to be good to sell tomorrow or not. One day, it was after the IC was was announced. We went to work and we're trying to sell these these shotguns. The next day, we found out that those same shot those very same shotguns were now prohibited. And we were no longer allowed to sell them.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":795.0,"body":"How does anyone think this actually contributes to public safety at all?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":800.0,"body":"I don't think that the people who are not in the firearms world, like I think the people who are kind of oblivious to firearms, and they don't quite understand what's happened with this, you know, this particular oyc is, in my understanding, it was done very if there was no democratic process,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":822.0,"body":"no debate,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":823.0,"body":"no debate. And so it kind of opens up a can of worms, so to speak it it sets a precedent for other things to be taken away. Without anyone really having a say in it. I'm just not really too sure how it's going to impact our future like there. To me, there's so many there's so many ways it could go. I see the issues with like when you watch your when you watch the leader of your country, allowing certain things that go that go against, you know, what you think your country is? It makes it really difficult to, you know, to have trust?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":863.0,"body":"Well, I think a lot of people are worried you look at Australia, they had a complete firearms ban. Other countries where they just Venezuela is a good one. They were told in 2012 everyone had to turn in all their firearms. And now their country is completely collapsed into almost authoritarian rule.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":883.0,"body":"Yeah, it\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":884.0,"body":"starts out with a few small things, and then it just compounds and compounds. Yeah, more and more. It sure does. To me. It's interesting that they let the they let the RCMP determine what should be prohibited and not prohibited. The RCMP, they're a law enforcement agency, anyone that owns a firearm is a potential threat to them. Right in their line of work. Right. So you're letting an agency that I don't believe, wants to take everyone's firearms away, necessarily. But you're letting that agency determine what people should and shouldn't have. I don't think that's a very good barometer for what type of firearms people should be able to own.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":926.0,"body":"Yeah, I think you're on the right track with that. I respect law enforcement 100%. You know, with the RCMP, I've always questioned, why don't RCMP officers, why aren't they required to get their possession and acquisition license? I guess they get that they get their training, for sure. It's just kind of little things like that. He and your question, why is it done this way? Maybe there's not enough. There's definitely not enough questioning that's going on. I was saying just you know, a few moments ago with people in the gun world are kind of aware of it. I think there's a lot of people in the gun world that are aware of it. But that would just include the people who are in social media. Where is all of this being published? Or where is all of the information being broadcasted so that people who aren't on social media can see it? Like if I have a certain shotgun that sitting in my safe? And I'm not on Facebook or not on, you know, the Twitter or not on these not really with technology? How are these people finding out that they now have prohibited firearms and\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":990.0,"body":"all we all just got a generic letter that says that weapons you won't may be prohibited?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":995.0,"body":"Right? The cc fr is they've been challenging that and they've been providing information on that. There's so many unknowns, there's so many questions, and people want answers. And where do you send them to like, the RCMP was, you know, they were making changes overnight for us, when one day you've got a gun, that's perfectly legal. And the next day it's prohibited. It's just, it's crazy.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1023.0,"body":"Well, it doesn't make any sense. No,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1024.0,"body":"it doesn't make any sense at all.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1026.0,"body":"It's noncentral. at all, like they were I watched a video on YouTube and it was they were refreshing a page. And the one time they refreshed it there was a new firearm that was added that was now prohibited on their on their big website there. And it's how did that become prohibited? There's no documentation, there's no justification is just suddenly this weapon. It's prohibited. And no one knows why. It's just Well, the police say it is now. So it's illegal.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1061.0,"body":"Yep. And that's exactly what happened.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1063.0,"body":"It's a scary precedent to set.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1065.0,"body":"Absolutely it\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1066.0,"body":"is. What do you think the future of firearms looks like in Canada?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1071.0,"body":"What I want it to look like and what it will look like I I don't know if it'll ever happen. I mean, me I'm as I'm, maybe it's a little more extreme, but I'm for carry carry permits, I'm for that, do I think it'll ever get there? Well, that's my, I would like to see that in my lifetime. I don't know if that would ever happen. I want to focus on the fact that, you know, as a country, and when people get learning more and more about what's going on with, you know, the way that our the decisions have been made for our country, I would like to hope that we'll eventually get all of these firearms back, I would hope that, you know, there could be more opportunity to, you know, just just opening up more education allowing more education for for firearms to happen, because right now, in our country, you know, I I've asked around a little bit, but there's not a whole lot of places, and I can speak I'll speak specifically to our city. Because I don't know if there's been a whole lot at all, but there's not a whole lot of schools offering things like hunter safety or the firearm education. I would like to see that being carried out more in the schools. Because I think it's important, it's hard to say again, that's one it's just one question that I have an ideal but that's just the way I see it, but that's the way I want to that's the way I'm focusing on it too. Right? I can't I don't want to focus on Oh, we're never going to have these right now. We are limited by the types and models of firearms that we can carry but obviously nothing prohibited and unfortunately a lot of the firearms that were included in that oh I see became prohibited but you know, we can still focus on things like the the non restricted and the restricted firearms we do have just kind of work with that. Do I hope that we can get our that we can get everything back. Absolutely. Not gonna bank on it anymore, though. Like not gonna go and purchase anymore. Any of the AR 15 count for one, but not going to bank on that. Keep the ones I have in the store. And we can hopefully down the road that that might be an option for us to, you know, get the mused again, it'd be nice to get them on the range. You know, what's really bad consequence of all of this is we can even use those firearms to shoot on a range. A lot of the appeal coming to her coming to an indoor range was being able to rent some of these firearms and trying them out for the first time. We lost all the revenue on that now as well. So, yes, I would like that all back, I would like I would like it to go back to how it was. We just need to focus on you know, what, supporting the firearm community, raising these challenging questions to the appropriate government, you know, people right now, it's just it's not, it's not the same, right, it's just different right now. And there's this there's a little sense of loss, a little sense of just kind of sadness, because there's guns sitting in the safe that you know, you put money into. And now they smell, they sit there, and they they sit there because your potential criminal or Well, you are labeled really essentially a criminal. All you did was you worked, and you went through what the government asked of you, and you purchase something that you thought was cool, fun and interesting. Just go to the range, have fun with friends, shoot solo, just it's it takes away all of that. And what they did doesn't even contribute to optimizing public safety like one one bit at all.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1301.0,"body":"We talk a lot about public safety and in Canada, when it comes to firearms, and what we're doing is protecting the public. And I don't think that banning all these different firearms is going to stop gun crime in Canada. I don't think the statistics in any way, shape or form match what comes out of the mouth of the people saying that we need to ban firearms, or we need to restrict them only to the military and law enforcement. I don't think it matches.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1331.0,"body":"MMA I don't think that it does either. I think that and I'll just speak to the most recent one that I'm aware of the tragedy in there. And in Nova Scotia, he wasn't legally allowed to have a firearm.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1344.0,"body":"Yet he still had one, he still\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1345.0,"body":"had one. And obviously there was some kind of a mental breakdown. So no take taking guns away from people who are already allowed to have them. It doesn't make any sense at all.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1356.0,"body":"does it stop the gangbanger from getting a firearm?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1359.0,"body":"It hasn't, from what I've learned, and somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the statistics would say that most of the gun violence that occurs is it is at the hands of people who are not, they're not supposed to have a firearm in their possession, they have not gone through the proper training and screening is in Canada, which is required to say, hey, yes, this person, reasonably Can, can own a firearm and be responsible with it, which is what the statistics would prove that gun owners in Canada are reasonable and responsible enough to own and handle firearms.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1400.0,"body":"Your business does axe throwing as well.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1403.0,"body":"We did do axe throwing up until up until the pandemic shut that down. And we haven't got it back up and running yet. Just not sure how to navigate through that yet. So we specifically with the extra and just because people are people are sharing. And, of course, there's a part of you as a business owner, you don't want to be the epicenter of an outbreak, you know,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1427.0,"body":"you don't want to be the content.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1429.0,"body":"You don't. So we want to limit as much contact with, you know, with things as possible. When people come to the gun range, you know, they bring their own guns with the rentals. We'll just you know, we'll give them a wipe down right there. But with the axes, there's just there's so many and we're just unsure right now what to what to do with it. So it's just kind of at a standstill. I think the I think we're hoping to get it back up and running. But we'll see we're not we're not rushing into it right now. Everything kind of just slowed down. Because of a pandemic, probably. No, of course, because of the pandemic, things have slowed down. But I would say that about the government's choice to you know, to follow through or to, you know, to to implement this. Oh, I see. It did increase gun sales for sure. So, even though by Yeah, even though even though the pandemic physically stopped people from coming into the store, online, was really good. You know, I guess people were just at home more often and they had time to look And you know, looking for things to do in Dubai. Yeah, that's certainly that was maybe the silver lining out of out of it all. For sure. Now, I don't know why I'm talking about silver linings. Oh, just you know, everything, everything that you know, you lose. And I'm not the only one that lost a lot over, you know, through throughout all of this. But I certainly can appreciate the things that I have gained, even though I've lost, you know, I've lost a lot. But that's kind of where you have, you have to keep your mindset there.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1534.0,"body":"If there's one thing you think the listeners today can take from this podcast, what do you think it is,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1539.0,"body":"if you are into firearms, just go to the range, support your local, your local business, if you're on social media, share pictures and good stories, like, just totally make firearms, what it's all about whether it's hunting, Target, shooting, just a collection, whatever it is, if you're not into firearms, find a way to become educated about them, even if you are afraid of them. Or if you're just curious, just act on that. And it's a good reason to get out there and meet somebody new. Find a different hobby. It's a great, I will say it lot and I say a lot. It's a good way to invest your money, because guns don't really lose their value. Of course, the hill I see\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1593.0,"body":"that just kind of screwed some things up. But you want to\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1596.0,"body":"the government does for a buyback on that. Yeah, actually do any buyback with it? For sure.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1601.0,"body":"I believe everybody should have a firearm. I believe everyone should have a pistol, shotgun and a good rifle. I believe those three things everybody should. Yeah, everyone. Everyone should. Yeah, I\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1618.0,"body":"think a lot of the country in the early 1900s 1800s most people did. They needed protection, hunting. sustainment? Yeah, those are big things.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1631.0,"body":"And they're things that we shouldn't forget. We shouldn't forget how to do any of that stuff. We shouldn't we shouldn't forget about self preservation, and being self reliant. Those are very important. And have we done a good enough job teaching? Are you teaching our generation now about that? I don't think so.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1652.0,"body":"No generation now they're inconvenienced for more than 20 minutes and they're having a meltdown,\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1657.0,"body":"unfortunately. And you know, that once once you start teaching them about work and coming out of your comfort zone and you practice what you preach. You know, that's where that's where those gains are made.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1669.0,"body":"Definitely. Well, I want to thank you again, Melanie, for coming on to the podcast. They talk about your business, talk about firearms, talk about the oyc our opinions on the NYC where can people find you if they want to find out more about northern elite firearms?\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1685.0,"body":"Well, they can find us in Prince Albert. We're right next to the super eight at 143 44th Street West. We have our online store at www dot northern elite And you can call the store 306763 guns and then of course on social media. We are we're there on Facebook. most active on Facebook. I do a little bit on Instagram, but we focus mainly on on Facebook and making our connections that way.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Coffee Breath Conversations ","startTime":1720.0,"body":"Awesome. Yeah. Thanks again and we'll have you back on in the future.\r\n\r"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":1723.0,"body":"Thanks for having me, Russ.\r\n\r\nTranscribed by\r\n"}]}