Dec. 31, 2020

Freedom Rallies, Media Coverage and 2021 Predictions with Mark Friesen

Freedom Rallies, Media Coverage and 2021 Predictions with Mark Friesen

In the final episode of 2020 I talk with Mark Friesen. Mark is a political activist and commentator. We talk about the freedom rallies and dispel misconceptions, we talk about the recent media coverage including a hit piece and we make some predictions for 2021. Mark also answers questions from listeners live.

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Coffee Breath Conversations:

Hey everyone. Welcome back to the final episode of Coffee Breath Conversations for 2020. Before this final episode starts, I just want to thank everyone that's tuned in to listen, I really appreciate it. And I also want to thank all the amazing guests that have been on the show, to tell their story to give their opinion on things. And I hope that everyone here was able to get something positive out of the conversations that we've had this year. It's been a great year, and I'm already starting to lineup guests for 2021. So everyone, enjoy the holidays. Stay safe, stay healthy.


Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm your host, Russell Burton, and today I have a guest named Mark freezin. Mark freezin is a YouTuber, activist and commentator out of Saskatoon. He's organized several freedom rallies, and he comments on modern affairs through his YouTube channel, Canada first, with the grizzly patriot. He's also a former candidate for the People's Party of Canada. Today, we're gonna be talking about three subjects. We're gonna be talking about freedom rallies a bit about some of the press that he's gotten, and then we're gonna make some predictions for 2021. Thanks for coming on the podcast today. No problem. Thanks for having me. Let's dive right into it. Freedom rallies, what are the freedom rallies that you've been organizing? The media likes to refer to me as the organizer. I'm not reorganized by sort of committee, I do heavily promote them, of course, because it's important to give people an opportunity to have their voice heard. We've been at this particular rally for well, pretty much since the spring, I joined, I think sometime in June, if I remember, right, you know, just lend my voice to the, to the rally into the, to the movement. I've been actively involved politically and, and through activism to varying degrees for about 17 years, but really on the ground active for probably three years now. You know, my involvement in all of this is, is really bigger picture. I've done a lot of research and spent a lot of time trying to understand the world. And then really how globalism and the globalist agenda is really dictating everything in our, in our world, in our in our country of Canada and right down to our province and our cities and towns. And so I've been involved in that aspect of things for a long time, when COVID came, I looked at it as an opportunity, of course, to raise awareness to what's happening, try to get people to understand how this pandemic or pandemic I like to refer to it as is directly related to globalism, the globalist agenda, un 2030 agenda 21. And now, of course, the great reset Industrial Revolution, all of these these aspects, because it is and they've they've openly admitted that they are using this pandemic, to bring about this transformative change to the World Economic reset societal reset. And so I just you know, of course being so involved in the in the arena, of course, I you know, again, my focus is trying to relate what they're doing with with COVID and how it's related to the bigger picture. So that's, that's why I got involved. That's, you know, again, I'll take any platform that I'm given a couple of years ago, when the yellow vest movement started, I jumped right in because again, it was another opportunity to educate people. And originally that yellow vest movement was initiated through the carbon tax in the migrant compact, which of course, are two very important issues. But they're not the only issues. And so we had a lot of people joining that movement, hyper focused on the carbon tax and the migrant compact, but I thought it was incredibly important that people understand that those are, again, those are important issues, and they affect us all directly. We can use those issues as a conduit to understanding the bigger picture. So again, I was heavily involved in that movement. I went on the United we roll convoy to to Ottawa, and again, same thing, relating the issues of that convoy. A lot of the organizers were, you know, hyper focused on the pipelines and energy industry, which I completely understand. But they didn't understand the bigger picture and how it's all of these things. It doesn't matter what the issue is in Canada. It's all related to this globalist agenda through agenda 20 3021. The great reset, it's all related. And so we need to really get the understanding to the map

Mark Friesen:

As of what's going on of why these issues, whether it's you know, regionally, provincially, or nationally, are all related to this overall agenda. So that's, you know, again, that's in regards to these particular rallies. And with COVID measures, of course, the consequences to do these measures are, are greater than the flu itself. So I mean, I have a lot of personal issues, just with what's happening with COVID. Understanding the bigger picture, of course, but when, when the government is, is limiting, or restricting our rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I'm going to have a real big issue because ultimately, the only reason I'm in this arena at all is, is to protect and defend our freedom, and our way of life in Canada, because it's all under attack by this agenda. Now, of course, on a on a smaller scale, as big as the issue is COVID is doing just that, and these measures that they're taking, you know, go against those those rights and freedoms and really everything that Canadians across the board cherish. So that's why I got involved again, with these particular rallies, they've been going well, we've been getting a lot bigger numbers as of late, which is great.


And we need more, we need more people that are concerned about this to start coming and joining us and helping us, you know, raise our voice and, and get our message out to the masses and get people to start thinking critically and start to really understand what's going on. I was growing up, it seemed like the liberals were the ones that were talking a lot about freedoms and making sure that we protect people's charter rights. And yet since COVID, hit some of my more liberal friends have been saying, you know, we have to give up certain things to stop this virus too. We have to not question the scientists, you know, the scientists know what's best for everyone. And it's really confused me because I kind of grew up that liberals were the people that were up, they were supposed to represent the oppressed, the people that didn't have rights, the conservatives were more fiscally responsible. But the liberals were the ones that were supposed to be standing up for the person that's being pushed down. And it seems like it's almost taken a bit of a opposite stance. Now we're all I hear from the liberals and my friends is stay indoors, hide, basically, don't question anything, the government has our best interests at heart. When do you think the switch happened? Where it seems like the conservatives now are the ones that are wanting to stand up for rights and freedoms? And then the people that are more liberal minded? It seems want us to not question anything, and just go with what they say, you know, it's interesting that this has been going on for a long time. This isn't just COVID as another example of it. But this has been happening this, this flip has been happening for a long time I listened to growing up for the longest time, I considered myself to be a classic liberal, in the sense of, you know, protecting free speech and the ability of one's oneself to make their own decisions, and have that liberty is sort of always been my thing. But they've the goalposts have been moved, and they've been moving for quite a long time. Whereas a lot of folks, Dave Rubin, well known podcaster and YouTuber, as a perfect example, he's obviously he's been, he's been a liberal and a classic liberal, and he's been moved now, not by any fault of his own, his values haven't changed. But the goalposts have moved. So all of us folks that were classic liberals and defend freedom and freedom of speech, have all been moved over to the right. I mean, now I'm classified as far right, in some circles, Nazi right wing nut job, simply because I'm defending freedom, I'm defending our charter rights, this move has been going on for a long time. Now, in terms of COVID, of course, the fear is, is being used, and it was, you know, it's the same tactics that were used with the whole climate change, fear and propaganda, where, you know, a lot of folks willingly handing over carbon taxes thinking they're saving the world and, and, you know, without doing any research without questioning any of the motives or the agenda, same things happening with COVID. It's, it's all fear based. And, and, of course, the media has locked down the narrative. And the media has an incredible amount of influence on society and people in society. And so when you have that kind of influence, and you have that kind of pressure from our politicians, you know, I guess naturally without opening the debate and opening the discussion, you're going to have a lot of people who are overcome and overwhelmed by the fear and and make decisions based on that fear and no, no good decision is made based on fear. But unfortunately, that's how the masses are right now and it's turned a little bit and I get a little frustrated when I even talk about this left, right like Got me because, in my opinion, it really this whole left, right blue, red liberal, conservative, really is it we're past that we should be way past that as a society. And right now we should be focusing on globalism versus nationalism versus national sovereignty, that's where the conversation really truly has to go. But even COVID, now we're starting to see a little bit of that divide, left and right, and we really shouldn't be there. Because these things that are happening, the consequences to, to the measures, and to the decisions that are being made these days regarding COVID, are affecting everybody negatively. And but you know, it's a tactic that's been used for a very long time, this whole left, right thing they want us divided, they want us put into these little box boxes, I mean, they've gone so far to move it not just about left, right, but now gay, straight, black, white, black, white, red, you know, all of these different identities now that they stick people into these boxes, and they get each of these boxes fighting against each other. That's exactly what they want. They want us all divided, they want us all fighting each other. Instead of uniting around a set of values that most of us most regular, normal Canadians share, which is freedom, liberty, justice, equality, and prosperity. I mean, if everyone really looked at their values, and then looked what's under attack, and how that attack is related to the bigger picture, they wouldn't get very far for very long. Now with these freedom rallies, some people have indicated in the media that they are anti mask rally. So I've been looking at your Twitter feed, I've been kind of following you on some different platforms. And I keep hearing that anti mass denying the science are your rallies anti mass rallies? Well, so when the rallies first started, you know, at that time, of course, in Saskatchewan, it was really masking is what brought a lot of people together originally. And of course, in the summer, there was no mandated masks. And so, you know, at that time, my position was that, you know, I'm not against anybody else choosing to wear a mask for them, if they want to wear a mask, go ahead, wear six of them, I don't care. As long as it's not mandated that I have to wear one. And and so, you know, we've tried really hard in the last number of months to change the narrative from expressing concern about masking, which we still do, and I still do. But it's much bigger than masking, of course, you know, there's all these rights that are being trampled on through this, through this. The situation. I mean, it's it's much bigger than that. And again, who am I as a freedom fighter, to tell anybody whether they can wear a mask or not, it's not up to me to determine that it should be up to the individual based on whatever information they have, if they lack information, then and feel more comfortable wearing a mask. Go ahead. I, if that's what you need, go ahead. I'm opposed to wearing a mask personally, but I'm not going to tell anybody else whether they can wear one or not. It's the same with the vaccines. I don't care if they if they pump out these vaccines and people want to take them. I'm gonna voice my opinion. And and suggestion that, you know, you might want to reconsider that taking this thing. But who am I to say, No, you can't take that. It's just but this is the this is where the government has taken these things. And it started with mandatory masking. And it progressed to where we are today. And again, it's my issue is when the government mandates something and tells me that I have to do this, when my information is doesn't tell me that I need to wear a mask, I'm not sick, I'm healthy or asymptomatic. Like they like to say, What business? Do I have wearing a mask? I'm not gonna wear a mask? Why would I do that? You know, and so, but it's all about mandating, and it's, it should be up to people to determine their own course in life and, and how, you know, right down to health, and, and, and let people make their own decisions. And let's, when when we're talking about these things, let's, let's force the government to demonstrably prove that these measures are appropriate and reasonable for the circumstance which they have not done. And so this is our rallies aren't about masks. It's an element of the conversation. But it's, it's it's more about, ultimately, we have two points to our rallies. And the two points are, number one, respect and uphold the Constitution. And under the Constitution, it's very clear under section one, that the government has the right to limit our rights under the charter, if they can demonstrably prove that limiting those rights are appropriately reasonable for them. For the circumstance, which they have not done to this point, and we have obviously a number of arguments that suggest that they are not appropriate. I mean, take masking, for instance, I can demonstrably prove that since they've mandated the masks, they haven't worked to reduce their skyrocketing numbers. So, if I'm demonstrably proven, I'm not a scientist, I'm not a lawyer, I'm just some guy on on the internet. But I can demonstrably prove that masking the population hasn't worked to reduce their their skyrocketing numbers. Now, again, you get into the numbers, and the numbers are derived from a PCR test that is proven in courts of law to be unreliable, and that's within the the accepted level of amplification or, or cycles. It's this catch when recycling at 40 times which renders this test useless. Your this test is finding remnants of previous colds that could have Corona, you know, as part of it again, I'm not a scientist, or a virologist, or a doctor, but I pay attention to those people that that tell me through research through study through peer reviewed science, that the PCR is completely ineffective over 30 ct. And, and and still unreliable under that. So you know, I have a lot of questions. So that's part number one is uphold the Constitution. And and if you're going to limit our rights, demonstrably prove that, that your decisions are appropriate, and they haven't done that point to to our rallies is let's open the debate, which of course, is connected to number one, open the debate, open the discussion, let these doctors, these experts, these specialists, these researchers and scientists that are giving us this information, let them have a platform, let them into the conversation. We've had one narrative given to us by our politicians across the board throughout Canada, throughout the Western world coming from the World Health Organization, an unelected foreign entity that's dictating measures being taken based on on a on a test that's been proven to be bogus. So let's open the debate. What are you scared of? Scott Moe? What do you scared of Dr. Shahab? Let's bring in Dr. hodkinson, or Dr. Marjorie or Dr. maltose out of Victoria. Let's bring these people into the conversation publicly, through the media through open debate. Let's have this debate, let's put these facts up for scrutiny on both sides. And let's hash this thing out. And then let's take steps that are appropriate that none of that has been done to this point. So that's essentially what our rallies are about and what they boil down to. And that's we're going to continue on. Do you think we'd be having a different conversation? if let's say the virus had a 70% infectivity rate, and with a 50% chance that you might you might die from the virus? Do you think we'd be having a different conversation about the sort of protocols that the government's put in place? I mean, in terms of even labeling this thing, a pandemic, you know, when it first started? And again, I'm no scientist, but I know that they used to refer or label a pandemic with if it had 7% mortality, or greater? Well, this thing is 99.7 plus percent recoverable for anybody under the age of 77. That 97 point whatever percent for anybody over 77. You know, the average death age is 82, which is exactly in line with the average death rates across the board. So yeah, I mean, it's really they, of course, move the goalposts on that as well. But it's, it's by the truest sense of the word for the longest time. 7% mortality was sort of the pandemic numbers, and it's not even close to that. So why are we in an emergency? Why are we invoking an emergency act for a pandemic? That doesn't exist? I mean, somebody needs that to these questions. Well, it seems like the emergency measures act, not only in Canada, but the United States is they've started using those things for a lot of different things like certain counties in the USA have declared poverty to be an emergency and they've declared emergency measures act to open funding for things. And do you think that governments have just gotten too comfortable spending people's money? I mean, as soon as you allow governments and people in power, give them more power, they're going to take it at any excuse. what's the what's the saying, don't never let a crisis go to waste. I mean, this is This is the perfect example of that. You're either giving this power to people who are power hungry. And I mean, the only way you stop that is through the people. And the people have to have to have to fight back and retain that power and regain that power. Because ultimately, the people do have the power. The problem is that people are so on mass are so manipulated by a lockdown narrative by the media. And then of course, the politicians backing that up there and an end. It makes it really hard for the people to regain their power. But people have to get engaged, people have to pay attention. And they're not going to pay attention until their particular circumstance motivates them to get engaged, because until they're hurting personally, it seems nobody really cares. They're just, they're hanging on and they're gonna keep hanging on until they can't hang on. And then they're gonna they're gonna say, Hey, wait a minute, what's going on? Now? Have you personally been fine for many of these rallies? Yes, I've gotten three of them. My first one was, was issued in Regina a couple of three weeks ago, I guess. 20 100 bucks. And then when I got back to Saskatoon, that following week, I got another one issued to me for the rally we had before and Saskatoon got that one retroactively. And then I just received a third one here right before Christmas. So I've gotten three of them. And they're all dated for the third week of March, which I found kind of curious, but are you planning on fighting them in court? Phil? Absolutely. I mean, I'm going to fight them. What's unfortunately, what's been happening with a lot of these talking to john carpet at the Justice Center for Constitutional freedoms, is, you know, he'll represent people that are getting these bogus fines, and he'll write a letter to the crown, identifying what's what the problem is with these fines. And they're getting chucked out, which is what I don't want to happen, I want to go to court to force the government to defend their position, which they haven't had to do at this point, which the way I interpret the charter renders all of these measures moot, because they don't they haven't demonstrably proven, and they haven't been held to account and forced to prove that that these measures are demonstrably appropriate for this circumstance. So I want to fight them, I want my day in court, of course, it's gonna take quite a quite an effort, it's, it won't be resolved in the first court traffic court, so they're probably not even going to deal with it from the constitutional position. So it'll immediately get bumped up to Saskatchewan Supreme Court, I'm assuming. And and then, you know, whatever the decision is, most likely at a lower court court, not in our favor. Who knows? Maybe it will be but you know, we'll take it right to the Supreme Court if we have to. Now, do you think that Costco, or Walmart, or any of those big box stores have been fined when they're overcapacity, or when people aren't wearing masks in their store when they're crowded up next to each other? Do you think any of those places have been fined? I did hear of one fine actually being levied against Costco in I think it was Winnipeg. And I'm not sure the circumstances offhand, but but I do remember them getting getting that fine. Listen, I mean, this this whole deal is, is is a mirror to a much bigger problem. And really the issue at hand, which is, which is this convergence of communism and fascism, where you have governments partnering with the corporate world with big multinationals, the globalist corporations, so they can do the dirty work, and they're gonna use that. That same approach, they've used it to this point with measures, they're controlling people, they're, they're killing small business, well, these big box stores are able to operate. And they'll do the same thing with the vaccine. We've already seen a couple of airlines say that we're going to have a vaccine past system. So if you don't have a vaccine, you can't, or the airline. we've, we've heard Live Nation come out and say that nobody's gonna be able to go to a concert without some sort of vaccine pass. So we're getting you know, that's, that's the convergence of this, of this, you know, public private partnership, essentially fascism, where you're having the corporate world do the dirty work of the government. So the government's not going to say, for example, man, they're mandating vaccines. But we've also heard them say that there'll be mechanisms in place that, that that restrict people's ability to move. So again, that charter attack and not be able to assemble another charter attack in certain areas and certain businesses and certain, you know, jobs. So we use the corporate world to do that. This is this is what we've seen leading up before even COVID. I'll give you an example. So this whole change in the economic structure of the world Instead of a free market, which I would argue hasn't been around for a while, it's been corporatism. It's crony capitalism, it's been fascism for quite a while leading up to this. But you look at this, you know, in relation to the green movement, and they want to take meat out of, you know, our diets, our regular diets. So these, what they do is they get these restaurants, coming out with protein replacements, or fake meat or, you know, whatever, whatever the slogan is, well, that was never demanded by the people, the people didn't, you know, initiate that demand, like a free market would do where the people, you know, for whatever reason, through technology through innovation, they want something better than what they have. And that drives production, and that drives supply. That's how it's supposed to work. But in this new world, it's flipped the opposite way where they create the supply. So a fake meat for instance, or no meat or meatless or whatever you want. And then you get the corporation's marketing this stuff. And like Tim Hortons came up with, you know, their option for a meatless burger. Well, that's disgusting, and nobody wants it, and they still don't want it. So they took it off their menu, but you get the corporation's, you know, doing the the social engineering aspect of it and creating the demand instead of the demand being created organically and then having somebody innovate in supply, it's completely flipped that supply, socially engineer to create the demand. And that's really scary when we're talking about the oligarchs and the monopolies. Essentially, social engineering the masses in the direction they want to take them. And that's exactly what we're seeing with COVID. COVID is an enormous social engineering scheme. To get people to go along, it's the same thing they use with climate change, as we talked about before, do you think the billionaires will ever eat bugs? or live in a pod? Like the rest of us need to? Of course not? Of course not. Most people I know can't travel right now. And we just saw more No, taking a trip somewhere nice and warm and probably is French fellow who knows, of course, it's it's what's it's not good for, you know, me, but we're going to share force the to do it. Of course, they're going to eat as much meat as they've always eaten, they're going to, you know, retain ownership of all their property, like they always have. In fact, I own all of it. And we'll just rent it, as they say in the great reset will own nothing and be happy. Oh, yeah, that guy had quite a smile on his face in that video. Yeah, Klaus Schwab. Sounds like a 80s Bond villain kind of looks like one two interesting thing going on there. I I it's almost like they did it on purpose. You know, and this is just, this is theory talk here. But if you look at the great reset, and you look at sustainable development, it's exactly the same thing. It's just a rebranding. And they use the World Economic Forum to to rebrand this the great reset. And I'm not, I'm not completely sold, that it's genuine that what they're pumping, I think they are, it's almost like they're creating this enemy in Klaus Schwab. And the great reset for a lot of governments to say no to the great reset, but still ushering in sustainable development. Now, sustainable development agenda 20 3021 has been in the works since the late 60s, this is something that they're pushing through, this is the big one, this is the this is the bad one. So I almost think that they're using the great reset as a cover to bring in because you can watch even conservatives, like polar bear and others, you know, they're they're sort of railing a little bit against the great reset, but they never talk about sustainable development, they never talk about the SDGs that they want to achieve through COVID. And that's exactly where they need to be. So I think, you know, part of me thinks that this whole great reset marketing is just that it's marketing. It's a scheme. It's it's creating cover for the bigger sustainable development agenda. 2030. That's that's how I'm seeing it. Regardless, the World Economic Forum and the UN, the great reset and sustainable development, they partnered in June of 2019. There was a formal partnership between those two entities both of course unelected elite globalists, for them to sort of merge the two. So regardless, it's the same thing, it means the same, the the outcome will be the same, and that's global governance. technocracy, the destruction of the nation state the destruction of Western civilization, the destruction of capitalism, for this global socialist communist goals. I know a few years ago, I saw lesean It's a movie not a very good movie overall, but the premise we're all the elites, they live in the stratosphere. They have access to technology and Ability Beyond anything anyone could want. But the rest of us have to stay on earth and get poisoned and, and die. And no one none of these people were elected or anything. They're just all the elites, and they all get to, you know, we're like ants to them. And do you think that's kind of where we're going here? Because it seems like the elites, they just they keep building bigger and bigger walls? Yeah, well, that's what they do. And this is all you know, they use hollywood, hollywood is completely on board with with sustainable development agenda. 2030, completely 100% on board, they have been for years. And they put out these movies to socially engineer people to, to condition people to, you know, not be so surprised when they start hearing things. And, and then, of course, this whole COVID thing was was just a perfect scenario to, again, further socially engineer the masses into this great reset sustainable development. It's, it's all part of it's all part of the propaganda. I mean, I've said for a number of years now, but you know, Goebbels would be rolling in his grave right now, blushing and smiling at how effective this propaganda machine is. Today versus versus, you know, how effective it was back in back in those days. You know, it's all propaganda. It's all social engineering, all of it. Well, I'm talking about kind of propaganda, social engineering, you've had some recent media backlash. Just to give a little bit of background, I had a guest on last month, who had a hit piece done on them by a group called press progress, claiming that they were involved with q anon and, and some other things that they claim are far right and conspiracy theory LED. And it's amazing because small time person applying to be an MLA in Saskatoon, they had this article done, they had a chance to comment on the article if they wanted to write, because of course, they're going to take contact context in the comments out of context. And CBC picked it up. And by the time I was done googling this guy's name, I came up with 15 separate articles. 90% of it was just recycled from the original hit piece, about a small town guy applying to be an MLA that was, supposedly, of course he's conservative, right? And how it just built up into this big story about q anon and was kind of used as this big push, they had interviewed university professors that were worried about far right, extremism being the biggest threat to Canada at the moment. So and I thought, well, I don't think that's the whole story here. So I, I interviewed him and it was a really good interview. But I heard that you had one recently to press progress and article on you. So I'll give you a chance. Tell me Tell me what happened? Well, this isn't my first rodeo with press progress. In fact, when I was running for the PPC back in Fall 2019, they did one it was actually almost carbon copy to the one they just released. Now. There was no new information that I'm even more of a Nazi than I was back then. far right white supremacy, you name it, all the keywords, all the trigger words, you know, it's what they do. So what happens the the anatomy of this propaganda is, they'll get a press progress type, reg, of far left pro communist hard left the, you know, antifa type, they'll get, they'll drop the first sort of smear article, or I don't even want to call it journalism, because it isn't, they'll drop the first one. And it'll be really hardcore. And then CBC, and the rest of them will come in with, you know, in behind a sort of softer version, but still, you know, sort of verifying what was said in the original argument. So this, this is what they do, it's a tactic they use, I'm actually still exploring the idea of, of suing pressprogress, we're looking at a lot of things. So I'm not going to get too specific on things because because it might be part of my lawsuit. But this is what they do. And it's all character assassination. And none of it can be verified. They contacted me through email, and asked if I would wish to respond to what anti has said about me. And he listed what the article issues that we're going to be listed in this article. And I simply replied to them, saying, by all means, give me a call, which they refused. Because they know that anytime the media calls me, I record it, and I want it from start to finish, unedited, here's what actually I said in in the report or in the interview. And so they they absolutely refused to phone me for a comment. So I said, well, you're not getting a comment then other than it's complete bullshit. And that's it. He didn't accept calling me and actually doing a an interview. So they but they write what they want. They write, and they do what they want to do. Because really, even if they get sued, and and again, I'm exploring that they're pretty well funded these these types, and they exist for a reason. And so even if they're found guilty, they may have to pay some damages. But is that worse than the damage they're trying to create? through, you know, shaming or or smearing my name? They've already they've already succeeded right in their eyes. And then, of course, when you have the, the mainstream media following up and doing a softer version, but but really, you know, hammering down that narrative, they're already successful. So is it money well spent if they get sued enough to pay damages? Absolutely. Because they're actually hurting, and they know it, this is why they target people like me, because they know that I'll have an effect, they know that we'll move the dial, they know that, you know, maybe this guy will have some support. And if if that ball gets rolling too big, and we're in a lot of trouble. So of course, that's what they do. They, they just, they want to cut the head off. That's that snake in any way possible. And it's it's a tactic that's been around forever. I mean, the Soviets did it for years, the Nazis did it for years. It's what these totalitarians do, it's how they control the narrative, weak, they just will not allow or they'll do whatever they can to stop. People like me busting through the narrative. And and it won't stop there. These kind of hit pieces and the way that this culture of canceled culture and public shaming is gone. It seems to have overly targeted conservatives, and people have lost their jobs, people have lost their livelihoods, it seems like these organizations, they can simply put out one of these articles, they can walk away from it. And then the person that was the subject of the article has to just pick up the pieces and try to pick up the pieces of their lives. And that includes from the mainstream media, too. And I just wonder, like, how do they justify that to themselves? Do they honestly think they're the good guys? And in this situation? I think that's a part of the equation. I you know, I think there's a lot of folks in journalism, I think there's a lot of folks in politics, that, that think what they're doing is righteous that think, socialism, communism is the way to go. This is what they're defending. This is what they're, they're actively promoting and supporting. And so I think a lot of them believe that they're actually, you know, doing something good in forwarding this, this whole ideology. Now, there's a whole lot of other people that are useful idiots that don't think past their nose, and they just do their job as journalists or even as politicians, they think they're doing something they're, you know, we know they're not, it's this idea that they're in a vacuum. And it really, you know, they're just going along to get along. And yeah, that sounds like a good thing. I'll just without any thought, without any critical thinking without any scrutiny, or scrutinized, like, you know, for example, I go to these, when I go to these rallies, and I get interviewed by the media, the person that's interviewing me I can tell is extremely on educated is extremely ignorant to what's happening. So I think in their local on the ground level, I don't think these people really know what's going on. I think they're just, here's your job, go get some footage, and then let the editors hack the crap out of it. And we'll we'll we'll use it in a way that that works for us, in a report as part of a bigger agenda for this paper for today. You know, this is the message that we're putting out. And then of course, in the bigger overall narrative, I think they're just cogs in this wheel. A lot of these kids, and then you know, of course, there's a lot of that for whatever reason, they think socialism is great, or communism is great. And, you know, we came up come up with these journals, schools, journalists, schools, that are really overtaken by the left by the Marxists. I mean, our colleges across the country across the western world have been taken over by the Marxists. They're not getting any education. They're getting told what to think instead of how to think. And so this is what we end up with. And this is the situation that we're in. So it's there's no surprise that conservative or populist folks like myself are going to be the focus of attack. Of course we are because we're going against this whole system that they've been working on for over 100 years with these rallies. There hasn't really been much support from even the conservative side of the of the house. There's a few outliers. And there's a few outliers even on the liberal NDP side, but they're like I said, outliers, why do you think conservatives are so hesitant to Really get involved and really voice their opinions and the people that you thought would kind of say, Hey, is this fiscally responsible, which is kind of what we base conservatism around is the fiscal responsibility. They've been auspiciously silent on this whole thing, just sort of, they just kind of seem to be going with it. And why do you think they're not speaking out? Or at least questioning as much as you think that they would be? Oh, wow, listen, you know, whether it's federally provincially, municipally. We don't have any leaders in politics, we have, we have none that are elected right now. Scott knows a good example. So Scott, moe, you know, seems like a sort of regular dude out of shellbrook, you know, salt of the earth kind of guy and, and he's leading the sass party. Now. He's not a leader. He's not some but he's not a Churchill, for example, or a Trump. He's not somebody that's going to step outside of the prevailing narrative, and tell the truth, he's just not going to do that. Because it's too politically risky. It's not politically expedient. It's not healthy for his party, if he if he jumped outside the lines here. Now, it's interesting. When you look at Scott mole, Pallister Ford, Kenny, when they're making these announcements, a lot of times they look like they're scared to death. It's almost as if they know what they're doing is wrong. But the hand that guides them has told them to say this. And we have a good example that we see in the footage of, of that bureaucrat in Ontario who on a hot mic said, I don't even read these things. I don't even look at them before I just read them, you know, in front of the camera, because they really don't. I've had numerous conversations with sitting MPs, you know, in the last number of years that have absolutely no idea what sustainable development agenda is. They have no idea in fact, they cast it off as conspiracy theory when I mean, there's nothing theory about it. It's It's It's all fact, it's all there for everybody to see. But this is the bubble that all our politicians live in. And even as high up as cabinet members in the federal government. They have no idea what's going on. They're told they have a script. They're told to follow it. And that's it. And if they don't, they're back, benched and buried, you'll never see or hear from them again. So there's no leaders, there's no leadership in our in our country right now. provincially federally municipally. They're all just going along to get along, even if even the conservative types. I mean, look at the Conservative Party of Canada, it's it's just as globalist as the liberals are in there. They're not even controlled opposition. They're not even opposition. They signed on to the agendas. In 92. They brought it into law, the sustainability act in 2008. They signed it began in 2015 a month before the election, they are just as complicit they are just as responsible for all of what we're seeing this whole globalist agenda. So I you know, it actually frustrates me when I see guys like polar bear again, sort of rail against the great reset and create a petition against the great reset when he knows as well as I know and everyone else that understands what's happening knows that the great reset is sustainable development. There are two in the same they're one in the same and so for him to disengage disingenuously rail against that, but not talk about sustainable development is should be a flag for everybody to understand that, you know, this is all smoke and mirrors. This is all bait and switch this is it. So is anybody going to step out of that would be a leader? I'm highly doubtful. I mean, you have Randy Hillier, but he's an independent, right? So he, he has the freedom to, to step outside the box and, and raise some hell and good for him and we thank him for it. But who else is there? Nobody else nobody else that's elected is doing any of it because they know on a personal level, if they step outside the box, there'll be buried finished. Goodbye, as we saw with Cooper running for an MLA here in Saskatoon. You know, all they had to do is was dropped some bs smear campaign and he's some sort of cute conspiracy theorist and fire right wing nut job. And what is the SAS party? Do the dump them turf goodbye? Why? Why not actually be honest, why not talk about you know these things openly. And let's really bear down on Cooper, let's really bear down on what he truly represents. No, doesn't matter. It's all about perception. There's no reality. It's all about perception. The truth just gets in the way. So I got a question here from Randy. Randy says if the restrictions get stricter will these rallies turned into a revolt? revolting Canada. Well, I guess he kind of have to define revolt. I think what you'll see and I've said this for a while, and I'm still saying and now that I'm, I'm still hopeful that at some point, the information will just be so overwhelming, and the consequences to these measures will be so overwhelming that people will wake up and people will. I mean, I'm seeing it now. I'm seeing the movement grow across the country. I'm seeing it grow right here, locally, in the province and in Saskatoon. And that's because people are starting to wake up, there's, they're starting to get courage, they're starting to get the sense that they have nothing to lose. And really, for most people, until they reach that point, have nothing left to lose is when they'll stand up. Unfortunately, it's, we need to be standing up well before people have nothing left to lose. And that's and that's where we're at right now. And you know, and that's why I worked my tail off trying to, to get the message to get some Opposing Viewpoints out there to make an argument to get people thinking outside of this locked down media narrative. So I think there will be more and more people. It's a race between, you know, globalism, and national sovereignty. And in the globalists are head, they've been ahead for a while, but they, they are running that race in a swamp, they're their whole, their whole agenda is a house of cards built on a swamp, and it can't withstand scrutiny, it can't withstand protest, it can't withstand, you know, the people rising up against it, it'll, it'll, it'll crush it'll crush in on itself. Whereas we stand on on granite Foundation, we're running the same race, but and we're well behind, but we're on granite Foundation, we can run, it'll, the house that we're building, will survive scrutiny and will, in the end will win if we get enough people coming together to do this. And I just I think at a certain point, we will have that now, will that equate to some sort of a revolution? Again, define revolution, like an information revolution, political revolution? Sure. And maybe if we don't solve these things, politically, if we don't start having these open debates, and allowing people's voices to be heard, while their livelihoods are being destroyed, and their lives are being destroyed, then yeah, it can go violent. And it will history has shown us that you can't keep pushing the people to that to that point, or it's gonna explode. And you know, when that time is out, who knows, but we're getting closer to it every day. And so, you know, a lot of the reason why I do what I do is to try to avoid that, that violence and the things, who knows if we're going to be able to avoid or not, but eventually, if nothing changes, that's how it ends. That's how these things always end. And it's it's not pretty. There's a couple of questions in here. But I'll wait just a sec, just because I want to touch on kind of what you were talking about really quick. It's interesting that for the past few years, whenever liberal groups get together for for more left wing causes, and that may involve assaulting the police that may have evolved violent rioting. There seem to be given a pass, there's always an excuse. And then there's a media pass. There's the political paths that they all get. But anytime conservative minded people get together, it's a far right kind of extremist group getting together to plot. How long do you think that narrative can go on for because it seems to be shattering, the get woke go broke the Hollywood and all this stuff that was kind of shown. Where was the left wing were these saviors that were going to save the planet from the evil right wing menace. People are noticing that like a lot of these freedom rallies in the States. They have anti mass protests in the states in Great Britain, Australia. The police are beating the EverLiving fucking shit out of people. Like I'm watching these videos. And they are beating the fuck out of these people hospitalized and look at that kid in Calgary. You know, that's acceptable, and people are cheering them on these. I call them these locked downers are cheering them on saying go for it get these people 10 years and hard labor and $10 million in fights stupid. I COVID derangement syndrome. No, they have a they have a rally for a left wing cause we're given news articles like well, it doesn't spread out left wing events. Everyone's wearing a mask and like how long can that narrative go for until it's shot? People tolerate it. But I, you know, I talked to somebody directly who works with police in the police force here in Saskatoon. And they know directly that when they were discussing our rallies in Saskatoon that Charlie Clark, our mayor was literally losing his shit, and screaming in meetings, to get the police to act to get them to do something against us. Now, police services are supposed to be independent of government, police services have an oath, they all the members take an oath. They are supposed to work independently, they're supposed to uphold the Constitution. They're supposed to uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and only you know, work within the law. But now you have mayors and you have premiers and you have a prime minister who is actively telling their police forces to act in a certain way against people who are simply exercising their rights under the charter. And again, it's all their puppets of this globalist agenda. And we see it all through the states, we see it throughout Europe, we see you know, police forces being used as a as a political arm, just like the media is being used as a propaganda arm, there's no independence anymore, you have these puppets, working for the globalist agenda, dictating what's going to happen on the ground, in everything right down to Saskatoon. And that's why you have a guy like Charlie Clark screaming at a meeting telling them to do something. You know, it's, and of course, the Chief of Police is under pressure now, politically where he shouldn't be he should just be doing his job and upholding his oath. But this political pressure is coming down. And this is we we see it everywhere, especially in democratic states or, or in, in liberal cities. This is this is what's happening look at Calgary, and then she men, she is dictating to the police how they're going to respond to these things. Individual police officers may not want to do it, but if they're going to keep their job, then they'll follow orders, which I'd like to remind them that there's something called the Nuremberg trials where that excuse is not in any way reasonable. If you if you know, what you're doing is breaking charter rights and freedoms, then you are basically complicit in, in, in doing that, and breaking these laws and breaking these rights of people. So, but it's all dictated, it's all it's all. It's all, you know, part of the bigger agenda. And, again, it goes back to political leadership, we have none in this country, talked about them. So one of the users here, hopefully, they're still on firm, chaotic, any legit groups in Newfoundland working with me? Yep. Yeah, I know, I know, a couple individuals in in Newfoundland that I've spoken with, over the last year or two, but I don't know of any active groups working against this, and in defense of, of our freedoms, and national sovereignty, and that sort of I don't, I don't know anybody. Unfortunately, the East Coast seems to be very go along to get along the it's almost like their spirit has been completely removed. And it's unfortunate, because, you know, I mean, we need everybody to understand what's happening, and we need everybody in the fight. But it just seems the East Coast, you know, they created they destroyed these coasts, industry and employment and jobs for so many years that, that most people on the East Coast are, are dependent on government and dependent on Ottawa. And so for them to actually stand up against the goose that's laying the golden egg. It's kind of tough, which is, you know, this is how their agenda works is you destroy people's ability to be self reliant and self determinant, and you make them dependent on government. And once that happens, then the government dictates what you're going to do in your life. So the East Coast is kind of an example of that. Moving on to the final kind of segment of the show. And this is the one I was kind of looking forward to the most, we make some predictions for 2021. So what do you think 2021 is going to look like, a dog's breakfast? You know, right. Very soon into 220 21. January 6, we're gonna see what happens with the presidency. And if, if Donald Trump is going to continue on as President, or we're going to be stuck with Biden, who's committed to the globalist committed to China. incredibly huge date. So a lot. A lot of what happens in 2021 is going to come down on January Sixth, I believe, and there's a lot of Americans that I see understand how important that day is, it looks like there's going to be millions of people converging on Washington DC, which is going to depending on which way it goes, could turn into a hell of a party, or it could turn into something real nasty. And I think, you know, I again, so a lot of my prognosis for 2021 is relative, so that day, January 6, so, you know, I think regardless, even if Trump does continue on, I mean, he is the tip of the spear against this whole globalist agenda, he's he represents that, and does represent the people more than the republican party does, and of course, more than the democratic party does. So it's pretty important, but even still, in it from a Canadian standpoint, of course, we rely heavily on on the fight that that Trump has been in represents, but even if he does regain, we're gonna have a hell of a fight in our own country moving forward. And, and for anybody that thinks, now that there's a vaccine for covid 19, that it's all just gonna get better come the spring, it isn't. This is this is not remotely close to over, it's a social engineering mechanism. For them to achieve their, their greater their greater goals. COVID is simply cover creating the fear. So people go along with with what's happening for as long as they can, once the people wake up and start to rise up, they'll still be wanting to push it forward. And that's when you'll see a whole lot more civil disobedience, and you'll see riots in the streets. And you'll see because that's where it's headed. They know this, they're just buying time, this agenda is all encompassing, it encompasses every aspect of your life, from property ownership, to your employment to, to the water, you drink, the the all of it, everything, your privacy, your freedom of speech, surveillance, everything is connected. And, and so there'll be a whole lot of people, when they finally wake up to this are not going to be happy. So it's hard for me to be hopeful that things are just gonna go back to normal, that ain't gonna happen, there is no more going back to normal, the only thing we can hope is that we as a people rise together, and we create our own reset based on our values, our Canadian values, our Canadian way of life, and how we want to see and move forward. You know, that's, that's where my hope lies, that this idea that we're going back to do any sort of whatever was normal, ain't gonna happen. And I'm not I'm not terribly upset about that, because where we've been the last 2030 4050 years, may have seemed really great. And generally, you know, growing up for me in the 70s, and 80s, was pretty damn good. But it's all been leading to this in this direction. And we've seen this, this corporatism, this global fascism for a number of years, the monopolies developing the oligarchy, you know, calling the shots that's been happening, this crony capitalism has been happening for for decades. So do I want to see us go back to that? Absolutely not. So this is an opportunity for the people as well. And and, and we have to look at it as an opportunity for our own reset on how to do business and to drain the swamp, and get rid of the corruption and start making decisions that are in the best interest of everybody in this country, and the health of our country and our nation and what it represents, you know, just on that, that's one thing I have noticed, on both the right and the left kind of things that I follow is that both are saying that there is need for some type of change, but they don't want it to be the globalist change, it seems that people can kind of agree that change needs to happen, but it does need to be this isn't lead change, not change led by Amazon or change led by, by whatever a billionaire thinks that they that we didn't elect thinks that they can tell us what to do. Well, I mean, you know, listen, we've, we've been on this economic bubble for I don't know how long, you know, creating this fiat currency that isn't based on anything is just writing, printing more money and going further in debt. And watching the interest rates go up, and they will they have to, they know that this is all on a bubble. Whether it's the globalist whether it's the nationalist we all know that we've been sitting on a bubble, you can't continually just print the money and without, you know, having it backed by anything real. Oh, well, it worked for Venezuela. Yeah, well, exactly right. And that's I mean, so they know that on a on a global basis, this is coming. And there will be, you know, some sort of a collapse financially, there has to be, there's no other, there's no way around it. I mean, in Canada, we could probably, you know, withstand a lot of it and shelter ourselves from, from a global financial catastrophe. If we were more nationalist, if we, you know, we have what the world wants, we are extremely resource rich, not just oil and gas. We have what the world needs, which is why Canada is such an enormous target and globalism, and why China is so interested in buying up all our debt, and buying up all our infrastructure and our resources, they understand the importance to Canada is to them. So we have to go inward, we have to really look after ourselves, we have what the world wants, that regardless of what happens with the financial system, people are still going to need energy, they're going to need lots of it. And we have it and it's time we start looking after ourselves, protecting our borders, protecting our nation, as a nation, and looking after what's in the best, best interest of all Canadians, if we do that. I mean, we could weather the storm better than most countries other than say, maybe the states, Norway, couple other nations like that. And that's what we need to do. And we've completely gone in the other direction, our our political parties, our governments have all gone in the opposite direction, they've gone the globalist direction, which is equality among and within all nation states. To the point of destruction of the nation state, we're all just global citizens. What happens when, when they achieve equality among all countries? Well, that just means that the prosperous countries, the countries with a high standard of living, those countries that are where we're used to living a certain way, gets completely destroyed, and brought down to the level of the second and third world. So we can all be equal. There's only a number of states that have, you know, a healthy GDP, and have this resource base. Those are the countries that are going to be destroyed. To make all these other countries equal around the world, people need to wrap their head around this. This is how they achieve their globalist agenda of equality. It's redistribution of wealth that's taking from countries like Canada, and destroying their economies, destroying everything that makes them healthy and good. to equal with the rest of the second and third world. Is that what we really want is that the direction we want to go, Well, that's the direction that all our politicians are taking us right now as we speak. So my my theory is just a theory on why it's gotten to this point is my parents generation enjoyed a level of economic prosperity that I don't think we'll ever see ever again, in our lifetimes. You could quit one job if you didn't like it, you know, go across the street, grab get another. And unfortunately, from my parents generation, who are now approaching their 60s in their their 70s, they still have that mindset, they still have that mindset, where who cares, we devalue our currency. It's all about what I can get right now. That's going to benefit me. And I don't blame you know, like, you know, I love my parents and I respect older generation, but I have to say some of them sold us out down the river pretty bad. They deregulated areas that shouldn't have been deregulated. They over regulated other areas. They sold out currency. And they did everything that made their lives easier at the time without thinking how would affect people 100 years from now, 50 years from now, 10 years from now. And unfortunately, they still have power in Parliament. They still have power around the world and they just can't let it go. I look at United States regardless of what I think about Donald Trump, because I'm not a US citizen. At the end of the day, this election cycle was election cycle geriatrics, hmm. People in their 70s they're still living this dream that's long since passed for millennials and newer people. And of course, they they still think the government should control things. They still think that the government needs to control things. I mean, how old is Nancy Pelosi? How old is Joe Biden? How old is donald trump? How old is so many of the people in there and you look at our parliamentary system too. There's, there's an old guard, they're like the party whips and they just can't let go of power. They just can't. And if they have to go because they weren't elected and they go to their private corporation spot that was safe for them where they can then lobby back to the same government. But I just don't know when it's gonna end, which will, it'll end it'll end and collapse because none of these politicians as I said earlier leaders, none of them are willing to actually tell the people that you know what we're in a whole lot of shit. Like we are in a an incredible amount of shit. And it's been piling up for three or four decades that we haven't managed our, our wealth or resources responsibly. We've we've indebted everybody I mean, look at even before COVID You know, this, this, this isn't anything new. But what are the chances and what hope do young folks coming out of school, going to university going in debt? what hope do they have of having a house, buying a house, having three, four or five kids and being able to afford any of it? I mean, I look at kids, I look at my, my kids are now in their early 20s. And they're working, and they have no hope of buying a house. Like they can't save money. You know, my my mom, their grandma is still the old school that, you know, things were a certain way that if you just save your money, you know, you'll be in a better position in the future. Well, the fact of the matter is, is nobody makes enough money to save any money. No, we live in this, you know, and a lot of it is culture. I mean, everything is culture, ultimately, and we live in this throwaway culture, we don't repair anything, we just use it until it breaks, we go buy another one at Walmart made in China. Garbage, right. So we live in this throwaway society, we live in this, this this facade, based on perception that, you know, if we do this as well, that's not how it works anymore. Because we're too in debt, you know, and then and then when you take away all of these good middle class paying jobs, and replace them with AI, well, what what's everybody going to do? They're going to be on universal basic income, doing nothing, playing video games all day. And and you know, I mean, it's just, it's what happens, what happens in society when, when young men don't have purpose in their lives? Right? They go to war. Yep, they develop purpose in their lives. So universal basic income. I mean, that's a, I'd love to do that whole other episode just on that, but everyone thinks there'll be some type of utopia where we all just get to engage in our hobbies, and the AI will take care of everything. And everything will be the way that we could always just grow and do what we want. When really, I think you'll just end to bill just end with everyone poor and then people going to war with each other. That's what's that's, that's the direction we're headed. And, and that needs to change soon. Or that's, that's where we'll be and and it's not a it's not a pretty sight. And of course, all the elites, all the globalists, they're going to be just fine. There'll be carrying their life as per normal, if not even better, because they'll own everything. Oh, yeah. They'll finally, finally when they have everything, I wonder what they'll go after next. Yep. Okay, so just before we kind of wrap, wrap it up today, if anyone has any questions, so we'll kind of open up to a few questions here. And then we'll wrap up for the day. So if you have any questions, throw them in the chat. I'll throw them up on the display here. I see ya, there was one somebody mentioned ski bunny mentions many boomers don't get this whole thing. They're perfect obedient slaves. And they do it, you know, I'm finding most of the people that are are rallying and protesting are Gen Xers, you know, the ones that are sort of caught in between all of this nonsense, you know, we sort of grew up without all of this tech, and then we moved into all of this tech, and, you know, so we're sort of on the on the on the cusp. And I think that's why a lot of us are, are in the position that we're in and taking up the fight. Does the military have any ability to protect us from tyrants? Well, surely do. I mean, the military, like everything else is a hierarchy. And it sort of a lot would depend on who's in that hierarchy, you know, what they want, I think most of your upper echelon of the military is is following orders given to them by the government. So is there a is there the rank and file that that could step out and, and defend if that situation ever arose? Absolutely. I've, I've been contacted by many in, in in the forces and and recently retired. And there's a large contingency of people that are are not happy. So you know, again, it's would have to evolve quite a bit for that to be a thing. But yeah, then the short answer is yes. All right, any word on a Manitoba rally? I haven't heard. I always I get a lot of questions from people in Manitoba wondering what the hell's going on there. And I direct them all over to Todd MacDougall at Winnipeg alternative alternative media. He's sort of my contact in Manitoba. Over and above just folks contacting me wondering what's happening. Any update on the GoFundMe campaign? Yeah, so we, originally when we created that GoFundMe, it was when we got mono is actually before we create it, when when one of our protesters got a ticket for masking. So we created it, we set the goal at 10,000, in knowing that, the number of tickets are going to probably increase. So we hit our first goal of 10,000. We've just adjusted it for 20,000. So we'll see how it goes again. In regards to these tickets, Rebel media has said that they will, of course, take on the fight up to 1000 people getting tickets, so I've written them three times. Each one for each one of my tickets, I've yet to hear back from them in regards to that. But Sheila Gunn read mentioned on Twitter that they're just handling like a processing line. So whenever mine comes up, I guess they'll contact me, we'll see how that goes. I'm also in contact with the Justice Center for Constitutional freedoms. And john Carpi, and I haven't talked to him a couple of three weeks, but but he said that they'll they'll take on our cases, mine is until the third week of March. But you know, at the end of the day, you know, I also know how these things can get lost and get you get lost in the shuffle. There's lots of these being handed out all over the place. So we've we've kept on with the GoFundMe in the event that we have to handle it independently. And if I don't hear anything, let's save myself by the end of January by any of these organizations that say they're going to defend it, then I'll be hiring a lawyer, because I don't just want it and that's one of the things with the JCC. F is you know, they may just write a letter to the crown saying, you know, you got to dump this, this is nonsense. And and that goes away. And I don't really want that I want to take it, I want my day in court, I want these to be defined want the government to have to defend their measures, I want them to be on record, and showing their evidence and demonstrably proving that they have the right to do limit art, or charter rights. And I don't think they can do it. And I think they know they can't do it. I'll be very curious if they don't even just withdraw these tickets before they ever see the light of day. That's, I'm assuming that's what's going to happen. Because their argument doesn't hold water. And there's enough science to suggest it doesn't. But again, having said that, we're still running the GoFundMe, just in the event that that we need it. So no monies being withdrawn from the GoFundMe. It's all just sitting there, we don't actually have to withdraw until I think it's around the 27th of March, which is just after my court date. So it can sit there and it can just wait and it can you know, pile up. And if but if it's not used, it automatically gets refunded to everybody. So it's just kind of insurance. And so that's, that's why we're doing it. And I appreciate everybody who's donated to this point, hopefully, hopefully, why are they in court? Would you be the Prime Minister if you had the opportunity? Well, there's so many things that would have to happen before that happened. And quite honestly, I wouldn't want it. if if if we've managed to change the narrative so much, that there's a pathway for myself to be a prime minister, then I've already won, and I can go away, I can get out of politics, I can get out of it all, and go live in a cabin in the woods and enjoy the rest of my life. So, you know, having said that, of course, you know, even running for office, I say the same thing. As I ran for the PPC. People have said, well, that's sort of a cop out. Because if you're representing the people that people need you to represent them and of course, I would consider that to be a duty and responsibility. So I guess it's a bridge we have to cross when we get there. I you know, to say that I have any visions of being the Prime Minister, this point would be no. And so many things would have to happen. But I'll still keep using the political platform that's available to me to help educate and inspire and and and get the masses. checked in, because they really have to check in if they want to know what's happening. And once they know what's happening then then we can actually affect some change. So are there any constitutional lawyers that are on our side? Well, Rocco galati. You know, he's got his case, and I actually want to have him on my livestream one of these days to get an update because I'm not sure where he's at with it. I'm not sure what's happening. But yeah, Rocco's on and then we have the Justice Center for Constitutional freedoms. You know, they're on board, they're suing provinces. BC, Alberta and Ontario so far have been named in suits. Saskatchewan, and Manitoba are both coming. So there is constitutional challenges. They are suing the provincial governments. And that's that's huge. That's, that's enormous. It's one of the one of the pieces to this big puzzle, that's for sure. Have you spoken to Randy Hill to come up with a bigger plan, Randy Hillier? I haven't spoken to Randy. Personally, I've been in touch with his office. I'm not sure what he's got going on. I know that he's been in discussions with Max Bernie at the PPC. I know, he's been in discussions with Jim Coronavirus, head of that new blue party and in Ontario. So I, you know, there's definitely some things being discussed. But but in particular, I, I have no idea. Has anyone applied to the health minister for grant, it's in the Saskatchewan act. I, I know there's some sort of a $5,000 grant that was available to people. I don't know if anyone's taken advantage of it or not, I have no idea. You know, just on the health minister, so I looked up the law and the law for 1994 Health Act, Saskatchewan says that any person can decide that they don't want to take a vaccine, they just have to get an affidavit notarized by a notary public. Now, I contacted sauce health, and I asked them if they had a form that usually these are pre determined forms where you kind of just print what you need to and but they didn't have one, they said that the person would have to develop the affidavit for themselves. So I don't know if you've seen any of these affidavits or anything, you know. Do you think they'd hold water if if the federal government mandated vaccines? Well, again, I don't think the government, at least in the short term is going to mandate vaccines. I've heard them all say that they can't. And you know, I mean, all things being equal, they can't, not only according to our own charter, but again, the nurb Nuremberg Trials is very clear, under human rights, that you can't force people to inject something into their body. And the second part of that is vaccines have to go through rigorous testing, which these vaccines haven't, they haven't been tested on animals. We are the animals that are being tested on it. So nobody's gonna jab me I'm not gonna do any affidavit, I'm just gonna say go to hell. And if I'm precluded from attending events, or precluded from attending job sites, because I mean, I own my own business. So it'd be pretty tough for them to regulate that for me, but then I'll fight it, obviously. Because, you know, ultimately, you can't mandate people having vaccines, again, they're going to use the corporate world, they'll use the corporate globalist to push it through. But you know, I, I, the fact is I, I'm just it's not happening for me, nor my wife nor my kids. So all right, well, that's kind of what that's the end of the questions that I have on the screen here. So if people want to reach out to you, if people want to talk with you, how can they find you? I'm the founder and CEO of an organization called the forum for Canadian sovereignty. Our website is www dot stand for or www dot flcfs dot info. So you know that through the website, no problem send me an email. Also, of course on YouTube, Grizzly Patriot, you can find me on a bunch of alternatives like D live, new tube bitchute Rumble, I got accounts on all of those just in case I get punted from YouTube. Presently I'm banned on Facebook for 30 days. So I you know, you can reach me on messenger there. But I'm not active on there at the moment. And of course, Twitter. You can find me there as well. At Mark freezin 08. Well, Mark, I really want to thank you for coming on to the podcast today and telling your story a bit answering some questions, making some future predictions. I really want to thank everyone that tuned in today. The best way you can support my show is leaving a review on Apple again, Mark. Really, thank you a lot for taking the time to come on and talk today. And hopefully 2021. we'll have you back on again. Thanks. I appreciate that. I'll, as I said earlier, I'll take advantage of any platform that's afforded me so I appreciate that and we'll talk to you soon