July 27, 2022

Homeless Hospital Shelters, Pope visits Canada and you'll eat the bugs

Homeless Hospital Shelters, Pope visits Canada and you'll eat the bugs

In this Solo Episode I talk about signage woes in Prince Albert, Hospitals sheltering homeless people and Saskatchewan cities ignoring crime waves. In National news the Pope visit and potential election? Finally we review a couple of bug videos and the push to normalize cannibalism?

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Hey everyone wrestle here today on coffee breath conversations. We're going to discuss how this Prince Albert City Council is upset that a firearm company is sponsoring a sports team. Saskatchewan hospitals have become de facto homeless shelters. In Saskatchewan cities keep trying to bring people into their failed cities, while ignoring dangerous crime waves. In international and national news, the Pope does an apology tour in Canada, the Prime Minister's flight can no longer be tracked. election season seems to be in the air. And finally, the segment will end with some internet drama about cannibalism, and eating the bugs. All this but first, a quick word about this shows sponsor resistance coffee. Resistance coffee is a Saskatchewan based coffee company that values the freedom of all Canadians with delicious types such as liberal tears, medium roast, and COVID 1984 light roast, there's something for everyone. 10% of all coffee profits go to support organizations standing up for freedoms of all Canadians, like fight the fines in the gccf Use promo code coffee at the checkout for 10% Discount go to resistance coffee.com to learn more. Okay, let's take a look at the local news. So local prints our firearm business was targeted by city council for having a sign placed for their sponsorship of a local sports team. The sign itself contain the logo of the business, which has the word firearm in it. The city claims that it received complaints that the sign was close to schools and because of the recent Texas shooting. Ultimately, the decision was a no to approve the sign after the mayor claims he was threatened or else he may have approved it. Again, it appears that the city is really going after the tough issues, signs with logos. I mean, they could try to do something about the ramp and homeless problem. Gang members openly wearing gang colors in the streets, meth addicts tweaking out everywhere, the seemingly unstoppable tides of property damage and crime. But why do that when there are sponsorship signs that make some people uncomfortable. Along with that Saskatchewan hospitals have become de facto homeless shelters. So I recently went to the hospital in Prince Albert. And it appears that the hospital has become some form of a homeless shelter. The rows of chairs near the entrance were lined with people sleeping, charging their phones and bags full of personal items. In fact, a few days ago, I had to go to ru H and Saskatoon and again, there were homeless people that had been given blankets sleeping in the waiting room area, on chairs and outside in the smoking area. This apparently has become a normal thing. They're talking to different people. My opinion is hospitals are for emergencies and for sick people in the cities have responsibility to develop viable solutions and strategies for managing the increasing number of homeless and transit populations. Instead, the burden is apparently been placed on our frontline public health administrators. The Prince Albert hospital is wild. I have on at least two occasions seen law enforcement fighting with people in there. And according to someone I spoke with it happens all the time. Last month, a 39 year old man was arrested for attempted murder at ru H after he stabbed a 55 year old in a public area of the hospital with a screwdriver. Now the 55 year old was in there for some form of treatment. And now he lives off a feeding tube and the family has had to start a GoFundMe. The suspect Kevin with chicken is a longtime criminal. A Google search of his name reveals that he was wanted in Edmonton with with connection to a second degree murder charge that he was later found guilty of manslaughter in 2014 and served eight years. So eight years we'll put it in 2022 now given if he got out early or whatnot. I'd like to know what is he doing in hospital after serving eight years for manslaughter. And why did he decide to stop this man? It's pen In the legacy news articles as a random stabbing, nothing is random. And the people visiting these facilities deserve to feel safe. So I have some serious questions here of why this person was just wandering around the hospital. Why did he ever screwdriver on him? Was he there for mental health care? If so, then why was he being monitored, it doesn't make any sense at all. And if people going to the hospital, are going to have to risk getting stabbed, and being on a feeding tube and having to rely on a GoFundMe account to actually survive. That's not a very good or safe healthcare system. It's not safe for the employees who are there all the time. It's not safe for the security guards who have to deal with that it's not safe for the other homeless people that might be in there as well, that could be victimized, as well as of course the patients and the ambulatory personnel. So big questions that probably won't get answered because we would have to actually have a difficult conversation and actually discuss difficult things, but I digress. So right now, both Prince Albert and Saskatoon are trying to build arenas. Now Prince Albert is building theirs near the highway on the outskirts of the city. While Saskatoon is trying to get clearance to build one in their downtown area. The Prince Albert arena would, of course, never be built downtown because they're smart enough to know that anyone that doesn't have to be downtown doesn't go there. Business owners in the downtown area of the last few years have seen their tax rates skyrocket. Probably some of it I'm assuming to pay for this new entertainment area far away from their businesses. But people aren't going downtown. And why would they? It's full of criminals. It's full of vagrants, not conflating the two, you can be a vagrant and not be a criminal. And you can be a criminal not be a vagrant. But those are the two seemingly key populations that are down there right now. It's so bad in Prince Albert, that the Prince Albert business improvement district had to hire security guards to patrol the downtown area, the police simply weren't enough. They actually had to hire private security out of their own pockets. So that's another charge on the businesses to try to have some form of safety, so that people actually want to go down there and spend their money. But this municipal problem isn't going to go away. over policing doesn't work. Either. The police are not social workers, they're not housing agents. They can't be expected to fix the vagrancy problem downtown. They simply can. But they're relying on the police, you know, calls the police as persons harassing my customers or this person has passed out in front of my business. So the police got to come pick them up, bring them to the police station, bring them to the hospital, bring them to treatment, whatever. But again, they are left to hold holding the bag. When really at the end of the day. This is an issue that the city really needs to deal with. And not something of Well, five years from now we'll have these resources in place. I'm sorry, it's it's a crisis at this point, and the city needs to do something about it. The Margo Forney Center has practically become a tent city. And their solution last time was just to put a fence up around it really will just fence them out. They won't set up their tents there because we fence them out. Well, that doesn't work. You can't fence, every public space off to everyone to try to control the vagrancy population there. They hang out in the malls they hang out in the hospital, they hang out in the library, they hang out in all the public space areas that other people go to. And while not while I would say a good number of them just want to be left alone. Other people are suffering from mental illness. Other people have criminal records or they're addicted to drugs and when they consume substances, it erases their risk for violence towards themselves and other people. It needs a solution. And building an arena on the outside of town isn't really a solution. And then don't even get me started on Saskatoon. Every single time I've been to downtown Saskatoon in the past year, I've witnessed some form of violence or crime. I have witnessed at one point a homeless person was breaking windows. My spouse and I had been threatened where we actually called the police and the police determined that it wasn't a life or death situation so they actually didn't respond. And when I complained, they said next time I should just call the city directly, like the city police directly and they'll dispatch someone. Now, mind you, this is the same Saskatoon police force that had undercover agents at Maxine Bernie's election night rally and took pictures of people and scour social media accounts and make the most wanted page so they can handle COVID tickets. So excuse me if I don't believe that it's not just going after what I consider low hanging fruit and the easy tickets. I've seen people are being chased by the police. I've seen people openly consuming substances, stealing things that aren't bolted down like signs outside of businesses and that it is a crisis and no one wants to talk about it. Because in my opinion, the city is afraid of the special interest groups that make their living off of human suffering. while pretending to care. I've done previous episodes about this about the drug crisis, the homeless crisis, there's a lot of money to be made and activism around these things. Or as I like to call it slacktivism, where there's a lot of talk being done, but very little actual solutions. Other than we just need to give more money and more resources. Okay, well, special interest group. What are you doing to actually combat this harm reduction is very nice. But harm reduction doesn't actually solve the issues. It only makes a little bit safer for the person that's actually harming themselves or other people. And so the city thinks that they just put a big arena downtown, it's going to fix things. No, it won't. It'll make things even more dangerous for the people that come to enjoy the entertainment and for the homeless population themselves. So instead of thinking about, let's build an arena, and they'll bring people downtown, and people want spend their money, no people will go into the arena, because you'll have security guards all around the arena. They'll consume the entertainment there, they'll get in their vehicles, and they will leave and they'll go to safer places. It'll only take a few incidents for everyone to get the hint that downtown is not a safe area. And I feel bad for the businesses down there. Like we know, one of the business owners down there we go down there specifically to their place to support them. And at least one no two occasions. Once we were threatened, some homeless guy came in and started threatening us. And it led to a very uncomfortable and tense situation and we were lucky were able to defuse it without violence. And the second time, we were just sitting there and some guy was walking down the street. Basically anything that was on the street, was just tearing it up throwing it around, was like punching the air, obviously in a crisis. But we're going to do call the police. That's not a priority for them. So the city just needs to fix these problems instead of trying to gentrify them away because it's not going to work. Especially because one of the key homeless shelters and halfway houses for Saskatoon, the lighthouse is right downtown. All right, let's move on to national news now. Okay, so as many people might be aware, the pope right now is doing an apology tour in Canada, if anyone really cares. It's being hyped up as this big event towards reconciliation. And in for some people, it may bring them some form of peace. From what I've seen online, not so much. I have a much simpler solution for reconciliation. After World War Two, there were groups that went around hunting down old Nazis and made them stand trial. My opinion, these residential schools and scoops were not very long ago. If the pope cared about reconciliation, he would release every document ever penned to the church, along with a list of every clergy member alive and dead that was involved in the residential schooling and scooping. Then we could assign a special prosecutor and compel people through summons. To have every single person known to have participated to testify for crimes against humanity and sentenced them accordingly. And this includes the politicians This includes the administrators, anyone that had anything to do with the residential schooling, crimes against humanity, and scooping of kids. All right. put him on trial, make them testify. Why did you do what you did? And I get it. It's a lot of people know, I don't care how old they are. I don't really care how old they are. The perpetrators of these crimes, many of them are still alive or walking around free, while the victims and their families have not received justice. I don't understand what's so difficult about this. We keep hearing what was so long ago? Well, some of it was a long time ago, but not all of it. And I get it, it's going to implicate several high ranking government officials, it's going to implicate some wealthy people, people have made a lot of money off this. I don't really care. If we want true reconciliation, we can have some justice, there are still people alive that perpetuated this system, that we can hold accountable. And we should. All right, what else we got here for national news. All right, the government is making way for the Prime Minister's plane to not be openly tracked. Government sources are saying it's for national security reasons. But I believe it's to deter the protests that are falling around the Prime Minister and making him look bad. But why is he touring around so much? Well, rumor has it that with his fresh new haircut, that he that we might be looking towards a fall election, and that this is some form of pre election vote buying on the dimes of Canadians before he announces that it will fall on his party to raise the funds. That's what I believe I could be wrong. But he's definitely keeping an air of secrecy. He doesn't want his plane tracked. He doesn't want people to know he goes into these events. They're carefully staged with carefully selected liberal voters from the area for these carefully selected photo ops. And then he gets back on his plane gets back in his big SUVs, and he gets the hell out of there as quickly as he can. Now mind you, we're all supposed to be cutting down on our amount of gas usage, you know, the carbon tax is to penalize us. It is a form of punishment for us using our vehicles. And we are meant to be punished by that. However, him and his cabinet are more than free to continue to spend as much money as they like, on gas guzzling vehicles flying around the country. I mean, I've seen it we have cases where celebrities and politicians will take a plane for 15 to 20 minutes so they can avoid traffic. If that's not privilege, I don't know what the hell is privileged then. Now, what's interesting is that the legacy media continues to follow them around like the good lapdogs that they are. For at least one event in Kelowna BC. They were warned that if they ask questions, instead of just taking pictures and video that they could face police assisted eviction from the premises being visited. It seems to all that goodwill that was purchased through the various bailouts still won't save a reporter from getting roughed up by the Prime Minister's Praetorian Guard. And this isn't new, this was the last election was the same thing. The press was ferried from the event onto the press bus. They had to basically run onto the bus if they wanted to make it and they were brought to the next event. So it's not new. And I don't know why the media keeps falling for it. I mean, they're just they're just tools for him to use. But, you know, the bailout money, those bailout packages can buy a lot of loyalty. Now, if a fall election really is in the works, then the Conservative Party really needs to finish up their long drawn out leadership race that they want to rally before that. I don't know if they can though. I don't know if the Conservative Party is going to remain a viable party in Canada. Maxine, Bernie is already going around, he's touring. I believe he is planning sometime next month to possibly come to Prince Albert to talk with people. We'll see. I'm hoping if he does that, I'll have a chance to interview him and ask him about the possibility of a fall election and what his plans are. So we'll have to see about that. But the NDP front runner Jagmeet Singh, the man who tells us the Liberals are screwing us over but then votes for everything they want along his party's lines, should in my opinion, consider himself on notice. Their party really can't afford another election. And if the events in Brampton a few months ago, where he was chased out by fellow Sikhs is any indication. They also might be looking at a leadership race in the future as well. And that's all I got for national news today although there's a lot more that could be covered. Now before we talk about zoo bugs, please consider rating my show on Apple and Spotify liking on YouTube and spreading the word to others. Your support is greatly appreciated. Now let's move on to zoom All right, let's start this by watching our good friend Nicole Kidman choked down some bugs no not that video will get me getting to Kim Kardashian there in a second though. Meal of bugs I am here to reveal my hidden talent eating micro lifestyle under paid for this they're still alive. Gross. Extraordinary. Look like she actually enjoyed it all. voiced, Chewy can't quite describe the flavor but eat a little water. Let's try the second goal, shall we? Just a little side note. 2 billion people in the world eat bugs. And I My choice is here we go. I think any society as they get advanced enough, you know going from third to second first world when survive on and move away from Lowe's. That is a fruity taste. I'd recommend it. Here we have. Oh, crickets. Nothing. Oh, awesome. All right, that's enough of that. Gross. I don't believe I don't believe for a second. She actually enjoyed eating that whatsoever. But let's, let's look at something even more interesting. So Nicole, that's an old video. Actually. That's actually all the way back from 2018. It just recently got popular online as the whole push to sustainable living is really really pushed. But let's talk about another case of blatant hypocrisy here with our good friend Kim Kardashian. I want you to note something while you watch. Or listen if you're not watching live on the show. I believe so much in the mission of Beyond Meat that I've stepped in to help with my greatest asset, my taste. So just pausing your first second notice you didn't actually see or eat that notice there's no bite mark in there. This plant based meat as she picks up this meatball, but watch is not only amazingly don't see or eat it. Delicious, but it's also right here chewing motion, don't actually see anything actually entered the mouth. You just see you're taking a selfie at her for you and better for the planet. Right here again, another trick shot. She actually hasn't eaten anything. You see her mocking the chewing motion. But the actual piece of whatever the hell that is on the fork has not actually entered into her mouth at any point. It's a simple change that makes a really big difference. Well, one read here for a second there looks like she puts something in her mouth. But actually she starts with the outer mouth and then she puts it down. She didn't actually put anything in her mouth. She actually didn't eat any of this. So really, it's I don't believe it for a second. I don't actually believe that she ate any of that fake meat. For one second. It was all performance are it's all to normalize it so that you can feel good about eating it seems celebrities are just like you and me they eat this food too. You know, and I got nothing if you want to eat bugs. I don't really care. You can eat bugs. Eat it. Go ahead. If you want to fake me. I don't care. Eat the fake meat. I couldn't care less. It means nothing to me. But don't tell me I have to eat it to save the planet. Because I don't believe for a split second that there's any there's any chance that me eating bugs are fake meat is going to save the planet because the more I would eat those things would just mean the more unsustainable living standards that the rich and the politically connected celebrity class could enjoy. Now I'm going to link one more thing here. Fortunately I closed out of it. So you just got to give me one second here. The next and final frontier let's check it out the final frontier cannibalism. So this came out just a couple of days ago. July 23, three days ago, updated yesterday. The big push, it's time to eat humans. Now I won't go through the article, a lot of is talking about the cultural stuff the movies and books that talk about cannibalism. rate at the bottom talk about fictional plots about eating human flesh are as old as literature itself but as his book documents cannibalism has occurred around the world throughout history, lending these fictional tales is queasy with of what if? Historical examples in the book include Mumia a practice of using ground up mummified bones to suit various ailments and you can keep going down here and I think that we're obviously in a strange moment. She listed the pandemic climate change school shootings and years of political Cat Cat funny as as possible factors. I feel like the unthinkable has become the thinkable and cannibalism is very much squarely in that category of the unthinkable her theory that it might be an antidote to the actual horror of what's happening to the planet so it's it's a very light push right now it's just a light push. It's just a push towards Hey, this is something that you know, you could look into the unthinkable is becoming thinkable. And then links to some studies, ancient cannibals didn't just eat for the calorie studies suggest try but like fossils suggests cannibalism is more ancient than once thought. So we'll just keep pushing it right? Talk about the movies talk about the culture, right? Because if we talk about the culture and we make it into mainstream culture, then we can have a more open conversation about it when we make it into the culture itself. Anyways, that is all I have for today. For more content, check out my website coffee breath. conversations.com podcast can be found on Apple, Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts. I have a previous lineup of fascinating guests, and I'm always looking for more. Thanks for tuning in everyone.