Feb. 7, 2022

Legacy Media and the 2022 Freedom Convoy Featuring Kelly Lamb

Legacy Media and the 2022 Freedom Convoy Featuring Kelly Lamb

Depending on who you follow on Social Media and what channels you tune into you might be hearing two completely different tales of what happened leading up to the Ottawa protest and what has been happening. Is it by design? Kelly Lamb, a Journalist with Rebel News, a former Political candidate, goat enthusiast and a friend sits down with me to discuss. 

CBC Power & Politics footage from  January 28th, 2022  is played under the Fair Use Copyright of Canada. All other media referenced was obtained from the public domain on Twitter.


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Alright, everyone, well, welcome back to coffee breath Conversations. I'm your host Russell and today, I have Kelly lamb on the show. Kelly lamb is a friend of mine. She is a journalist. She is a former political candidate, and she is also a goat lover. So welcome to the show. Kelly. Thank you for having me. The goat lover parts very important vital information. So yeah, thanks for having me on the show. It's nice to be here. I still haven't seen you in a while. So yeah, it's it's been quite a quite a while the Saskatchewan weather is treating us quite well. As always, as always, it's been just extreme cold warning on the phone every day for the last two months. It feels like I'm exaggerating, of course, as we like to do here. So today we are going to talk about fake news. We talked about this previously. Let's talk about fake news. Where did we end up with this whole freedom convoy and all the news that's kind of surrounding it. Wow, what a whopper. We've got as far as the quote, dirty, dirty smear merchants in this country right now. Wow. Everything started to pick up pace around the time that Trudeau did his interview where he spoken French and he indicated that there was a small fringe minority of Canadians that were not willing to take the vaccine, called them racists massage Enos a couple of different things. Do you think that was his kind of basket of deplorables moment is Hillary Clinton moment, he's had a few he hasn't been particularly, I guess you could say kind or respectful of people who disagree with him over the years. But that was definitely a big one. And I think that was one of the most shocking and the most sort of troublesome and very creepy moments, just to hear someone that has that much power, feel that way know that he feels that way about such a substantial portion of the population and generally law abiding, regular taxpaying citizens who don't pose a threat to anyone. So when he starts degrading a whole group of citizens more than he would terrorists, or other people that have done despicable things, it's a little bit concerning or highly concerning. So I would say yeah, that's definitely a basket of deplorables moment for him. Although I think it takes on a more even more sinister under taking just because of everything we're seeing going on with mandates and the heavy handedness in Canada, when people started announcing the that they intended to go to Ottawa, I noticed that on social media was instantly downplayed by legacy media. They were saying, this is the next yellow vest movement. That never really panned out as much in Canada, I think, as it did in France and other countries, the United We roll convoy from before, as things started to pick up, I noticed that the media attention shifted and it went from this isn't going to happen to well, it's just it's just five or 10 trucks. You know, it's it's nobody. And to the point where we're at now where there is a large blockade in Ottawa, there is a border blockade. I believe in Alberta. There's more trucks on the way right now, and it seems to have spurred a worldwide movement. I've seen videos from the states from Germany. Do you think they lost control the narrative along the way somewhere? Oh, they definitely did because you've seen it change and shift drastically. And obviously it's it's almost been amusing if it wasn't so disturbing, you know, like you said, they said there's gonna be a blood test. Trucks? Well, there was more than that by, you know, 100 times when it comes to just the people across Saskatchewan. And you know, Calgary had 4000 people that showed up to their protest the numbers of people that are coming out across the country. And then the main event itself and the main convoy. It's just massive. And as you said, it's bringing that you know, worldwide attention. It's being followed up in places like Australia, Germany, etc. So it's really something else and to have them say at the beginning, well, this is no big deal. It felt a little more desperate to me, you know, I hope this isn't a big deal is more what they were saying to me, making it more of a discouragement thing. And then as soon as they realize that, that that couldn't be, that wouldn't fly. There's too many citizens journalist, there's too many tick tock videos, even for the quote, normies that aren't into politics, people are seeing what's happening on the ground. And so it's really hard to say, Well, this was only 10 trucks. This was a nothing burger. So then suddenly, it switches to well, actually, not only is it not a minor threat, it is the biggest threat that Canada has ever faced. And the threat of our democracy is so real. And then, of course, using the states and the January 6 stuff, which is just a whole other discussion. But it's amazing how they did. And then they started to ramp up the fear. And that's I think, when the turning point, it's like they were testing the waters. And then once they realized, Oh, this is the route, we're going to go this route. Yeah, it's big, and it's bad. And it's really scary. That seems to be a more effective propaganda route that they're going or it seems like it's effective. But I don't know how Canadians feel. There's been a couple of polls, I always questioned polls. It's hard to say, but it seems like there's more support for the convoy, then the MSM is letting on for sure. You have the early days, when people started arriving in Ottawa, the big question that I kept hearing was, is this Canada's January six? Yeah, that's the question that seems to be on everyone's mind, except for the protesters, and all of the people that are organizing this, who didn't consider it that way at all. And all of us are thinking, What do you mean, January 6, this is a group of truckers trying to get rid of a policy and speak for freedom, it's so obvious to the people that are involved in that are on the ground. So I'm not on the ground, but I'm following along and doing compilations of all the incredible rebel journalist work that's been done. And you know, that's when you see that kind of coverage. And then you you, it's so different. It's so opposite from what you're seeing in the mainstream media. So, you know, we're trying to capture that the best that we can. But it's been really interesting to watch the progression of all of it. It's quite astounding if you can't keep up either, right. That's the other thing is they're just throwing the headlines out. And the experts are saying all kinds of things. So it's hard to keep up with who are these experts. So what we keep hearing experts say experts say, Who are these experts? That's a great question. All I know is when I first started leaving the left, so to speak, and I started questioning the media, because once you start questioning the media, then it all will fall apart. Because once you know you've been lied to about one thing, you have to wonder what else have I been lied to about? Right? So when I started to recognize these these lies, is propaganda. You see the experts, the experts, and I looked into a few of them towards the beginning of this few years ago. And I think the first one I saw was some kind of psychology expert. Well, it turns out it was a 21 year old, fresh out of university. That's not a psychology expert. Meanwhile, they call people like Dr. Jordan Peterson fringe extremist, the guy has, what 20 years of clinical experience plus education to boot. So it's really quite interesting, the word choice and you can tell that's just just just psychology marketing. Well, this really smart person that's way smarter than you are tells you to do this, so just do it. and Canada has become more it's become more and more obvious. We'll put it this way that we have more propaganda than most people would care to admit. And this use of experts is just there, I guess, attempt at making that more effective. Yeah, I noticed that the language in last few years is certainly changed. It's become much more Americanized where we're hearing the American Left wing media talking points echoed by our own media experts say and then it's kind of left vague fact checkers have checked this. And then you find out that the fact checking organizations are major donors to Democrat or liberal causes along the way. Yes. And then of course, in Canada, you go one step further, or several steps further, since we have a whole different system. And we have the state broadcaster as well. And you look at the the subsidies, and you look at all the programs and you look at the media bailout and all of that. So it's, it's really just, it's actually not surprising. I often feel disappointed in Canadians for not being very, we're very meek. And it can be good to be meek in the sense of the Christian side where you're, you know, humble and gracious. But when it comes to just letting people walk all over and not protecting anything that we fought for freedoms for our family, good quality of life, rising costs that are making it unlivable. Canadians are very meek, but I'm not surprised because it's it's a lot of brainwashing and it's 24/7. So it's being infiltrated into our media. And then for those who maybe aren't into politics, or they don't watch the news, because especially a lot of women I noticed they stressful they don't like it, they're not interested, but they're getting it as well because the messages are infiltrated through the other types of media music and the Kardashians and all of these sorts of things. Maybe that's a bad example, because she's all conservative now, but there's a lot of sort of left wing narrative. They're pushing a lot of very specific racial narratives. And now, of course, the COVID narrative. So it seems like no matter what you do, it's gonna get you and unless you're aware of it, people are just getting, they're getting brainwashed, and they don't even know what they it's like they recognize propaganda exists. People recognize brainwashing exists, but it's not happening to me, right. So that's what I see as a big problem in Canada. We seem to think we're immune to all of this, and I'm not sure what makes our time in history. Are our people immune to things that other countries and dictatorships have been doing since forever? I don't know why we think we're immune to propaganda. But we're not just newsflash for everyone that thinks we are. We're not Scott Adams often says that politics is like two separate television shows where you can both watch the same show, but come away with two completely different conclusions. Yes. And I think that we're all motivated in some way shape or form by some of our biases. We want our side to be right. Conservatives want conservatives to be right. Liberals want the Liberals to be right. So of course, we're going to seek out sources that help confirm what we think should be right. And that's understandable. But if you look at it here, for example, Canada support of Ukraine in this current crisis with Russia. I don't know if it's far fetched to ask but but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this as this protest grows, but perhaps even instigating it from from the outset. So now we're on a Russian narrative. That's kind of where CBC is gone. Like, does Russia even care about us? I don't think so. Other than to comment on how woke we've become in disappointment, I guess, I have to laugh at that one. Because it's so overused, and it's so 2016 and not our country. But I'll comment first, and then I'll dive into that. You mentioned the the idea of bias and of course, confirmation bias. That's definitely real. And of course, I'm a rebel journalist. So I have to recognize that I openly work for a conservative right wing outlet, we have commentary, we accept that we admit that we don't hide that. I think that's the difference with a lot of media right now. It's not that there, there's a bias. But the key is when you say that you're neutral, and you so clearly aren't, that's the part that gets me and I think that's a big one in Canada. So then when you take that into a clip like this about Russia, it's so obviously a narrative that was driven by left wing media in the States. And now it's coming here. And with that straight face, she says, you know, it might be a bit of a stretch, you think, hey, it's just desperate. That's the most desperate propaganda clip I've seen in a while. And with COVID, there have been some doozies of desperate, just insane propaganda tool. So yeah, that that's one of my favorite of the convoys so far, just because it's so outrageous, and especially when you know, you're looking at the coverage and the people involved. This is so obviously not some crazy, big operative, I have no idea what's going on in the background. I of course, can't say for sure that there's no skeevy business dealings, or donations or whatever. I can't say that. But what I can say is that it's very obvious that for 1000s, and really, you know, when it comes to the Canadiens and others across the world, millions of supporters, what they're getting out of this is it has nothing to do with whatever those intentions might even be if they were to exist at all, which I don't think they do. So the point is that people are unifying. The point is that people are saying enough is enough and calling for accountability. And no matter what that is real, that is happening. That is a huge Freedom Cry in this country. And so they can try to explain it away whoever they want, but they're desperate. That's what it sounds like to me. Well, the the media certainly sounds desperate. And their their use, for example, there was a protester that was seen on Parliament Hill that had a confederate flag, the media, like instantly zoomed in on that, like they were all snapping pictures, but that's the only time that that confederate flag was seen. And there's video out there of several people confronting that person, the only person wearing a mask, of course, amongst the whole crowd like a full balaclava to hide their identity, and then we haven't seen them since. So, do you think that it would be possible that these people are plants of some sort, like just rabble rousers, or or some type of people that were sent there to make the movement look bad to stir people up? So we do have like our January six type of moment? Well, that to me, sounds a lot less out there, then the Russia theory. Absolutely. I think that's possible. Again, I don't know that that is what has happened. I hope someone's looking into it. I know that true north and other organizations have been trying to find the identity of the people carrying both the Confederate flag as well as the swastika and a couple of other ones, it seems like they were there for a couple of pictures. There's sort of images of a photographer taking pictures of them, like you said, there's the video of the guy that was kind of pushed out of the crowd. And that's really it. And nobody can seem to find these guys. Nobody can find other incidences or other photographs. So to me, it looks like again, you've got an event, let's say, let's say again, let's give the media the benefit of the doubt. Let's say these weren't plants, let's say they're, they're just, you know, people that are out there kind of throwing a dim light on what is otherwise a very positive movement. I've got no room for for like, full blown actual anti semitism and all that I have no tolerance for it. And I would argue that most people in this movement have no tolerance for that kind of hatred, either. This is an extremely diverse protest. Across the nation. There's footage of, of First Nation drumming circles going on, you've got people of every single race and religion, it's really quite lovely. It's such a beautiful testament to how Canada is not how the media portrays us, right. So is it possible that these are actors? Absolutely. I wouldn't put it past our government at all. Politics is dirty. And I always thought, because I'm nice and honest, you know, those things that you see in the big American movies couldn't happen here. They are happening here. We just have this really nice facade. It's like a placid looking lake. And underneath, there's a whole bunch of alligators, it's, it's a facade. It's a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing. So I could definitely see this being one big attempt just because the media and political narrative has been so negative. It wouldn't surprise me if this was an attempt to say, Okay, this, these people are way too peaceful. We can't work with this, we've got to do something to darken it up. It's definitely questionable. Some of the motives I mean, Canada's no stranger to us style influencing me, we kind of perfected the Mr. Big operation, or the RCMP would officer would pretend to be a prisoner, go into a prison cell with the other prisoner and then say, Oh, what are you in here for and get them basically to confess and then try to get that admissible in court. So I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility of people operating, maybe not even on the government's behalf, but just in their own self interest, inserting themselves into places to try to get their own political narratives move forward? Well, there's definitely a goal and a narrative. And they're so clear about that. And so it's, it's not a logical stretch. And it's not putting, you know, it's so interesting, when you look at, quote, conspiracy theories, it's always about what links people are putting together. And the craziest ones are the ones where people just are picking links from all over the place and trying to stick them together and they don't fit. This is not one of those things. This is a very logical, understandable sort of thing that could be happening because of that push for policy. And there's such an obvious desire to shut people up, it's so clear. And so it wouldn't surprise me if they had taken that extra step. That is interesting, of course, though, to note that it's so easy for them to smear 1000s and 1000s of peaceful people with literally less than what I've counted, I think that the longest list I've seen assuming they're all real, again, which they're probably not maybe 10, maybe 10 Things incidents across the board. And we're talking over days, days, and 1000s and 1000s of people and kilometers upon kilometers. So interesting that you can do that you can smear the whole group based on a bad egg. But you can't do that with any of the other protests that occurred, especially in the States prior to all of this. So there's a double standard, an obvious hypocritical, double double standard in the media. And that's the same whether it's in America or Canada, and also in the western world as well, the left had to see this common, right, like there's, it's it's a pendulum, it's swung very far left for a very long time. And they've gotten away with a lot of things, you know, fiery, but mostly peaceful protests, the whole written host trial, where they smeared so many people, and they're probably going to get sued. I mean, it goes all the way back to kind of Nick Sandmann suing CNN, for their slanderous coverage. And it all seems to have come to Canada now where we're we're seeing just this, you know, people can just say anything, and it's taken almost at face value, especially when it's targeting a right leaning protest or right leaning organization. But we're supposed to have to read between the lines for things on the left, right, you know, it's it's more nuanced than that. Kind of reminds me like, if you look at a leftist meme, it's a whole block of text, a meme from the conservative side, it's generally six or seven words. It portrays what they're trying to say so much simpler. It's true. I try to not categorize left and right especially nowadays, because with with COVID, and the freedom convoy and everything else, it seems less about left and right and more about just people who want the government to leave them alone and people who want more and more and more of it, but there is Still that left versus kind of right mindset and I have to say that people on the political left cannot mean to save their lives. It's very sad that you know, sometimes you can get a really good meme out there. I'm not a good meme maker, but I'm a meme appreciator. And the leftist ones are pretty, they're pretty lame. Sorry, guys. You have to try a little harder. Let's look at a couple of tweets here. Let's see Ottawa Mayor halls Conservative MP supportive protests an absolute disgrace. Disgrace. Wow. Okay, strong word he. Yeah, he doesn't seem too happy. It's interesting, because the police up till now anyways have been fairly good, although I know they're talking of maybe bringing in the military and all that. But the mayor, he's not happy at all. Sounds like he's, I'm assuming he's getting tremendous amounts of phone calls from angry constituents about the incessant honking, I can appreciate why people are frustrated. I do get it that said, you know, two years of people's lives being ruined, what's a few days of honking, so I can appreciate that he's probably just getting nailed constantly. He's probably stretched to the nines, but doesn't use such gross language. None of these people will talk with truckers, that's the gross part, they won't come out and have a discussion with the regular people and see what their their tax paying citizens. These are not. They're not people that are just showing up in the middle of nowhere. So you know, it's terrible language to hear the mayor talk about potentially bringing in the military. I mean, the military is not supposed to operate domestically, unless it's an absolute emergency. This doesn't constitute as an emergency and people complaining about there being protests. Ottawa is a hotbed of protests for both for all sorts of different organizations. Yes. And it always will be if you're going to choose to live in the downtown Ottawa area, you're choosing to be at the heart of politics, the heart of democracy in this country. Yes, absolutely. And it's just something I know, I live where I live, because that will never happen here. And so you know, if you're in the middle of an urban center in the nation's capital, like you said, where all of the policies are decided and argued, there's going to be people protesting, and this does not, in my opinion, qualify as an emergency all the footage that I'm seeing that's alive, that isn't MSM, you know, you're hearing all these reports from them about people getting beat up and homeless people being assaulted these horrible things that I really don't, there's no proof, there's just this a lot of hearsay, right? It's interesting, because the scene on the ground is so different, they have painted it to be something if you were just just reading CBC global, etc. And you were from another country, you would really think this is just something absolutely terrifying. But there's no actual threat. And it's scary to see when you go on Twitter and whatnot, which isn't real life, but there are people that are, they're really, really wanting more military. And I'm not talking about the bots, I'm talking about the accounts that seem like actual real people, they're excited, bring those military and get them out of here. I don't think they know what they're asking for. I'm not sure they understand that, regardless of whether they like us freedom lovers and protesters and or are US covering it or not. We're doing it for everybody, even those who hate us, even those who don't understand what's at stake. So, and not only that, a lot of these leftists are the people that turn around and they quite often say, a cab, all cops are bastards. And my response to that is, quite often all cops are bastards until you need them to do your dirty work for you. You need them to go after some conservative or something you don't like and then it's quite hypocritical. That's right, there's there's a lot of the lack of consistency. And that's again with whether it's the media or whether it's the people buying into this and perpetrating all of it and pushing it all forward. There's just such a lack of consistency. It's it's startling, and I think it comes from just that demonization when you truly turn the other into the monsters it's easy to say well I want the bad guys to take down the monsters they when you've actually decided that people like yourself or myself or art Nazis are akin to that then how on earth do you you know how do you get someone's mindset out of that in their mind it's all justified that all this is justified because they've created a war in their mind if anything, I feel bad for the people that believe this is warranting military intervention because I can't imagine what it's like to live in their in their head people that are saying they're afraid to go outside flags, the Canadian flags terrifying you I mean, honking is loud, but it's not a physical assault. Right. So it's, it's a, it's a shame to see how many people in our country are. They're terrified and they're not terrified of the right things. They're not terrified of the government. They're terrified of their fellow citizens, their neighbors, their unvaccinated friends, you know, that kind of thing. So I think that's what's happened here is there's so much othering that anything is justified. Let's take a look here. CBC News, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is giving no sign he's willing to negotiate with the protesters occupying Ottawa, were demanding either an end to all vaccine mandates or a change in government. I have not heard of any one talking about change in government personally. Nora, in general, yeah, people have said, Oh, good, you know, we've This is a win that we got rid of a tool. But that doesn't seem to be what they're including in there like manifesto or whatever the word is. I'm not sure if that's the right word. No, it seems to be very specifically about mandates and about freedoms across the board and encouraging some unity and some common sense because other countries are opening up and other than maybe Saskatchewan. And I say maybe because there's still some stuff up in the air on that. We're just doubling tripling down. And I think that's what people are standing against. And I don't think that I know that that's why that's why they're there. Let's look at this banger of a tweet right here from the the woken mail or sorry, the Globe and Mail. What's happening in Ottawa is an assault on democracy. And the images from the Capitol will be hard to forget, but they do not represent Canada. Yet those scary images of all those flags and people singing We are the world we are the people those are just so scary. And they just really you know, cause some PTSD in me. I don't know about you, but you know, I guess if I was on the left I maybe I prefer if they were singing imagine that's true. That's true. They just picked the wrong song. That's that's surely would have switched. Yeah. CTV News, Ottawa residents fed up with protests as city braces for more convoy demonstrators this weekend. i Yes, fed up. We're fed up. We're done. You see that one a lot. lately. We've lost patience with blank Group. We are sick and tired of blank group. Again, I'm sure there are people that are mad and frustrated. That said, They're blaming the wrong people. Blame your government guys. They did this to you. They've done this. They've pushed people so far. And now it's the people's fault, who are trying to stand against it and remove it. That's something that's again, Canadian, very uniquely Canadian. We just love and trust our government so much more than our neighbors. So bizarre. Western standard, saying that no officers have been assaulted by block caterers. Yeah, wasn't that one. Now that one's quite a story. And it's hard to keep up. But wasn't that one. I believe Kenney lied about that. Not just the media claiming there was a big standoff and there was an assault. And then it turns out no, that that didn't happen. So that's interesting as well, that that there's often just straight up lies or people putting stuff out there as a rumor before it's confirmed is another big one. CBC coming through with a little bit more fear. Intensive Care Unit staff are working on the brink of collapse, and it's forcing hospitals to take a hard look on how to cope with the Omicron wave and any others yet to come. Well, my first question is that a dummy in the bed that she's standing by? Because we know that they've used that which has been great propaganda? Well, I'm just surprised she's not dancing. Yeah, you haven't seen a lot of those or maybe I'm just not on Tik Tok. So I thankfully don't see it. But that's a very recycled headline. We're on the verge of collapse. We're on the verge of collapse, we're all gonna die. Very, very common. Doesn't matter what stage of the pandemic it's been. They have just reused those fear. Again, desperate, desperate articles. So I commented on here that has been like this since I was a kid. I remember my mom and a gurney in the hallway since they had no rooms available hallway health care and action. Hospital sure had fun with budget cuts and top heavy leadership with fancy golden parachutes before 2019. And this is from the star in 2017. Ontario hospitals on the brink province warned so there's the there's the fear mongering headline right there on the brink. Yep. And we're there again, and it's all the unvaccinated folds too. That's the other thing is we've never we've often talked about our issues with health care. We don't blame one specific group we're not blaming you know, we're not looking at here's the cause of all the mortality and we better shame those people or maybe even suggest because there's been articles out especially with the star as you mentioned them just a moment ago about you know, do these people deserve care should they be paying for their care people are the hardest most fast fighting people for universal health care or essentially are promoting private health care so that's an interesting discussion as well although they wouldn't admit same thing they want it for them but not for the bad guys right? So fascinating to see this happen. Well, what's amazing to me is in 2022, I never thought it would be the left advocating for for private health care. I never I never rate fascinating. They've really done a number on turning around as to who's the freedom loving people I've never thought I'd see so many people trust Big Pharma and push for Big Pharma. It blows my mind. Um, CTV News, asking finally, the important questions. Do vaccine mandates violate Canadians Charter rights? Well, of course they do. Experts say no. It's funny because the experts will turn around say it doesn't because of whatever law while the the charter overrides any of those laws, and it all has to be balanced on reasonableness. And that hasn't actually had And yet, that's the part that people will say, Well, you haven't read the charter, you don't understand the, you know, the there's a provision to go above and beyond it when it's necessary emergency etc, I get that. But I don't believe any of this has passed the Oakes test at all. And I don't think it's been taken to a level where it's been analyzed enough to say whether it is or is bad or good. So I agree, it hasn't been proven at all, that this was necessary enough to take away the basic and most important civic rights or civil rights of our country. Andy Lee has been following up a lot with this scheppers of Good Hope. And I'll tell you the it's interesting, this charity that helps homeless people has collected quite a bit of money from the federal government overall. And then there keeps saying the food was stolen and people were assaulted. But there's no police reports. And everything is on camera these days, everything. Yes, you're telling me that no one caught this on camera. It just so happened that no one had a cell phone, you know, someone could beat up an old lady. And people won't go and help her. Oh, they're just going to open up their phones and start filming. Yeah, it's 2022. That is the standard thing for people to do. And even in a homeless shelter where you might maybe not have as many smartphones out and about, there's still staff, there's still other people around, I would be very surprised. You really need when you make a claim that big of something that disgusting and vile, you need to have something to back it up. Same with assault. Same with any of that stuff. Personally, they didn't get there January sixth, they were I think they were salivating at the at the idea that, you know, here we go, this is our chance. I was worried I won't lie, I was worried because I thought to myself, If this happens, and it does get violent, the laws that they are going to pass will make the writers the patriotic Patriot Act blush. That's it. And that still concerns me actually wrestle is is where this will go from here because it's largely been peaceful. But now you have the stuff and the tension going on in Coots, Alberta at this sweet grass border. And then you also have more and more groups coming in, you know, for the protest this weekend. And there are certain groups that are a little more kind of out there than others, not everybody's on the exact same page on this. So you know, you've kind of always wait in anticipation for someone's gonna doing something totally stupid, that will, you know, make the movement look bad. And then the media will of course, be right there to film it and they'll never be there to film any of the heartwarming moments are anything nicer, unifying. So there's that there's that trepidation. And Ezra, my boss has said that a lot, too. You know, there's a lot of bad actors, there's a lot of people wanting to disrupt this. And it wouldn't be surprising if people were to, you know, whether it's people or whether it's the media, they're trying to make this into seemingly a justification to crack the whip. And we already have censorship laws coming in Canada, and they use the they use the pandemic to push that through stuff they were going to push through anyway, well, look at all this terrible misinformation, it's harming people, it's for your health, we have to cut all this information, violence and racism, same thing, we've got to cut it away, because it's going to harm the health and social health of society. They'll use anything as an excuse. It's worrying to me and move on to the next weekend of protests I am, I'm concerned. I'm excited that everybody's out there. And I think for the most part, people are really great. So I'm not as worried about it becoming violent. What I'm worried about is more than the response the tactical response on the other side of that that's terrifying to me, because Trudeau is really, he speaks so nice and fluffy, but he is a little dictator want to be and he is not letting go. You want to talk about a going against democracy or the risk of democracy. Look at what happened to Parliament and and discussion over the course of the last two years. I mean, he ran it from a cottage it was just ridiculous. They shut things down. There's no democracy in any of these mandates. There's no democracy in any of this. So it's interesting that people want to speak and that's apparently the threat to democracy, but not the man who's trying to pull it away from everybody all the time. You know, the virtual sort of meetings that they had. That certainly backfired for the Liberals didn't they have that one MP that had a bit of a bit of a voyeur problem or something like that was knee like naked on camera, right? Oh, I'm blanking on his name. And how could I be that was such a fun story. Will something anyways I want to say will Amis does that sound right? Or is that a famous I think so that's the name that's coming to my head. But yes, there's been some interesting things that have come up from the Liberal caucus. And of course, then there's Trudeau himself in blackface and all of those lovely hypocritical things that people bring up because it's important when you're calling everybody else names to recognize when you're exactly the thing that you're claiming other people's are. Other people are. Kelly, why do you think the media is kinda like cp 24, CBC CTV all of their reporters have been complaining. They're they're saying that they've been subjected to harassment they've been subjected to threats. One of them claim someone threw a full beer can and there was like a crush beer can on the ground. Why do they say I'm so surprised that people don't like them. I'm trying to be kind about this because I don't wish I'm a generally genteel person, I don't harass people. I'm pretty nice on Twitter, and I'm certainly nice in person. But it's hard to not chuckle at the fact that they are kind of getting what's coming to them. This does seem to be sort of karma. When you demonize people now, when I ran for the PPC, I was the topic of smear campaigns at various levels of MSM propaganda, and it doesn't feel very good. And it has the potential to really ruin people's lives. And after a while, people just get sick of it, when you continually tell them that they're stupid, and that, you know, they don't deserve health care, and that they're racist, and they're misogynist, and they're extremists. And they're just horrible. And they're, they don't have a place in our, in our country. When you take law abiding normal people and you demonize them and throw them in a corner long enough, anybody that's even remotely lacking stability, or maybe they're going through a hard time, you just put people in a in a position to snap and to crack. And I think that's that's honestly, what's happening right now. And I don't love some of the images. Of course, again, the media will pick the most dumb acting person in the background and be like, look at these idiots at this protest. I remember seeing one kind of Joker in the background, he looked like an idiot, you've probably drunk. Is he a great representation of the cause? No. But does that is that what how most people are treating journalists? Probably not. And what they consider mean and scary is often just people saying, You know what, fake news, fake news, you're a liar do better shame on you. And that's the part that they seem to be upset about? Well, what do you think is gonna happen, you've literally destroyed people's lives, and then the mob and created fear, and created distrust, and destroyed families, all for a paycheck. And to chase a story, I always go back to, you know, growing up watching movies about journalists, and they would show these journalists running after a recent widow to get a story. And she has to hide herself in the house. And they're just like vultures, they just want that story. And they were always seen in a negative light to be I was always interested in journalism, but I never want to be that person. And I think that's essentially, all it is. It's the same view that we got, except for what's happening. And this is what it looks like, in real time. So I don't just want to talk about the bad stuff here. Because, you know, we could go on and on and on. There's tons more examples, like I have a whole other list of examples. But I do want to focus on one thing before we wrap up here. And that is, how do we fix this? How to how do we regain trust in the media? How do we get some of that unbiased reporting back or at least you know, nothing, I don't think it ever truly be unbiased, but the least amount of bias possible so that people regain their trust in our media? Well, there's only so much we can do as far as other people's actions. I'd like to see the media doing less click Beatty headlines, I'd like to see them bringing in actual experts or being able to back up what they say his expertise, I'd like to see that but it's probably not going to happen. So ultimately, it comes down to people to be the counter narrative. And I'm not sure if you've seen or if anyone watching has seen Ezras speech in Toronto when they asked him to speak. And he's basically telling everybody that they need to bear witness, they have phones, they need to bear witness and bear testimony to what they see. Because it's not going to be covered, it's not going to be fair expect the attack when it's essentially an information war. And we have to expect and anticipate the other side's moves. So that's the first thing is to be prepared, be vigilant and never assume that people are as honest or as ethical as you are. Because it just isn't that that's my big lesson is not everybody's super honest. That just isn't the way it is. I wish that it were, but it's not true. And then the other is making sure that everybody out there is doing their own little bit of citizen journalism, whether it's sharing whether it's capturing the footage, whether it's encouraging or promoting or donating to outlets and independent media that you respect so that they can get the job done, whatever it is supported how you can and use your gifts. So if you're a singer or a writer, use it, you know, get those messages out there, talk to normal people have conversations that you're afraid of, it seems like the only way to really counter this is to just go up against it with the opposite. It's like being an antidote to poison. And I don't know how else to do it. But ultimately, I think a lot of these institutions have to be kind of renewed from the ground up. And we might be seeing that now. Depending on if Canadians wake up or not. If they do, the media is eventually going to have to come to terms with the fact that people have figured it out. But I think they'll always be a large enough group of sheep, so to speak, that will just latch on to whatever they say and not do any thinking for themselves. So you're not going to get everyone but the key is to find some balance between both sides. It's what I like about the work I'm doing now is we genuinely try to find the other side of the story so that someone at least can watch both and then decide instead of just being told how to think quite often the media will turn around and they'll say, Well, it's just opinion. We brought in an opinion piece to talk about things and they they kind of hide on the fact that they've made it very difficult to distinguish between the public in one piece, and the supposedly unbiased, or at least the least biased pieces out there, this is from Jodi Wilson Raybould. This was her testimony that she gave, she was like, and that and that's her referring to, I believe Kim Telford. If God is nervous, we would, of course, lineup all kinds of people to write op eds, saying that what she's doing is proper. That's her testimony, she gave that toast testimony live. So what does that say about the media? That's just it. They're not hiding it. It's it's also like that article that came out that basically told us that they were using fear propaganda tactics on us for COVID-19. It's not it's not a conspiracy theory. It's not hidden. That's right in our face, whether it's Canadian, or whether it's bigger, like the World Economic Forum, they're not hiding it, it's right there. But people are so naive. And again, I think it just comes down to this, we're so comfortable here and we don't think it can happen. So everything must be fine. And we couldn't it couldn't possibly be that all those people are against us. I just couldn't see it happening. Therefore, we're a nice place. Canada's nice, nice people don't do that. Right. Therefore, it's not happening. Even though it's it's it's right in their faces. And the only I don't have the answers, I'm not a psychologist or a sociologist. But I can say in my own experience from being on the left and being more prone to propaganda, is, it's scary to admit that you've been lied to, because once you open that door, oh, the stuff that follows it's, it's hard, it's hard to accept that you've been wrong on a lot of things, it hits the ego hard. And for people who aren't maybe as as humble in that sense that it can be like, Okay, I'm doubling down, because I don't want to admit that I was wrong. And when it comes to stuff like that, with, it's hard to even remember, that's such a big story. But so much has happened, it almost feels like it's old news. I mean, this is big, big stuff. And it's important, but it just gets buried behind all the other headlines and opinion pieces. And then it just becomes sort of just another story. And just another theory of the right wingers that think that they're against us. And, and it's it's it's sad to see, but it just there's so much overwhelm and information overload, and so much ego that people won't admit it, it has to be staring them in the face, it has to be very, very obvious. And they have to be emotionally ready to take responsibility to say, oops, I screwed up. And whether it's politics, or relationships or anything, people aren't very prone to saying, oops, I screwed up, I wish more humans were it's not a common trait. So you're not going to get it in the media, you're not going to get it with people that are that bought in unfortunately, in the book 1984 George Orwell wrote that the final lie of the party was that they were able to get people to not believe what was going on right in front of their eyes, to get people to deny reality as it was occurring. And I'm worried with the media, with the way that they try to craft the cultural narrative and drive the cultural narrative that there is definitely going to be more battles along the way. And I don't know when more people are going to wake up to it. Yeah, that's the big question, right? People say, oh, people are waking up in Canada, it's happening, people are waking up, and maybe some are, especially with COVID. And when it comes to people have said, well, if you just keep giving in and doing whatever they ask, they're just gonna keep asking for more. And this is happening with, say, the third booster and so on. It's definitely it's hard to kind of know what to do with all of this. But I think that we can just we just have to be vigilant, stay positive, be vigilant prayer. I mean, for me, as a Christian, I want to pray the people have changed hearts and minds. But it's it's worrisome to me that Canada's not maybe going to wake up until something really, really terrible happens. And what scares me about Canada is that it's going to have to be such a destitute, horrible situation. So if you know whether it comes to people when I was in the PPC, and I was arguing our policies, and I would try to explain to people why they were important, and how we're yes, we're comfortable here. And yes, things are okay. But that's because people are vigilant. It's not because it just happened and stayed that way. And people don't seem to see it, they get their food, they go home, and they watch Netflix, they have their job, they have their warm house, they have a social life, all they did until COVID. And you know, they just assume that it's, it's all fine. So I don't have high hopes of Canadians waking up. But if it's a terrorism complaint, I feel like it's going to take a terrible attack for people to really like have a big one for people to wake up. If it's COVID, it's going to take the 15th shot to have your vaccine passport, if it's, you know, so on and so forth. I don't know what it's going to take for Canadians. But What scares me is it's going to take something way too big. That's going to be hard to come back from I feel like we're on a high speed chain train into a very bad direction. And I hope I'm wrong. And I hope we can turn it around and I'm trying, you know, in my little ways to as as are you but it's it's tricky. So you can only try to change yourself and try to change one person at a time. Otherwise it just gets overwhelming. Kelly, I really want to thank you for being on the show today. If people want to reach you, where can they reach you at few places now. So I'm on Twitter, that's kind of my sole social media source. That's it. At little goat CR that stands for little goat creations, people always wonder, you can I do have my channel on YouTube, but I haven't made content since I've been with rebel but that you can just look up under Kelly lamb and my rebel page, if you go to the journalist page on rebel, you go down to the bottom and that'll bring up my page, my bio and any of the stories and stuff that I've done. So if you want to keep up with what I'm covering, that's probably the best place to do it. And if you follow along with ripple on Twitter, etc at Facebook, if you have it, they keep up with putting all of the content out. So even if I'm not on those platforms, they will share my stuff on Facebook, etc. So just take a look out for my name and I'm covering most of the Saskatchewan stuff for as much as I can with limited time. Alright, Thanks, Kelly. Take care and hopefully we'll talk soon maybe we'll talk about Scott Moe next time. Let's hope it's good news. How does that