Feb. 28, 2021

Livestream with On The Level Unite

Livestream with On The Level Unite

This episode is the Podcast version of the livestream that I did with Kyle from On the Level Unite. The topic centered largely around lockdowns. We also spoke about long term care homes, empty hospitals, dancing nurses, Roman Baber opposing continued lockdowns and much much more. 

Please note that their may be a few jumps in the episode. The audio quality dropped a few times live and it was captured oddly in the recording. At the request of a listener and confirmed by On the Level, all the swearing in the episode was fuzzed out for the Podcast episode.

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Coffee Breath Conversations:

Hey everyone, welcome back. This is Episode 26, which was a live stream that I did with a group called on the level from out of Ontario. Just two things before we get started. First thing is that you might notice a little bit of jumping. And that is because there was some quality issues in the livestream that I tried to clean up in the podcast episode. Second thing, all the swearing has been removed from the episode on the request of on the level, as well as one of their listeners. And future episodes that we plan on doing will also be curse word free as well. So other than that, let's get started. All right, everyone. Welcome back to Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm your host, Russell Barton. And today I have Kyle from on the level who's here to talk a bit about lockdowns. So Kyle, take it away what's on level all about? Okay, so on the level started off as a YouTube channel, I started in the summer there kind of just to get the message out Originally, it was to get the message out about the education system, what our children are learning, I have children myself, so I'm kind of, you know, not too impressed with the lessons that are being taught. So I started it and I started making a couple of videos. And then it kind of started morphing into a different direction. I met up with some friends of mine at a kind of like an anti lockdown protest gathering, I guess you would say over there in the summer. And one of our now he's the guy who organized everything Ryan, close friend of mine said, Hey, man, you know, maybe we should collaborate a bit and try to do a different direction where we can get Canadians and Americans to but mainly Canadians, because that's where we're based together and come to the table and engaged and more passionate about politics more passionate about trying to bring about real change. So I said, Yeah, let's let's go ahead. Let's do that. So he introduced the idea of what we're calling now unite. and unite is this it still has the YouTube channel and it still has the videos, we go out, we interview patriots and we do all that stuff. But it's morphed into this. Let's bring everyone together. You know, we kind of float in between different kind of groups kind of seeing like, Hey, can we get people out to help you out? You want to open a business? Let's promote it, let's, you know, what can we do. And one of the things that has been very successful that Ryan started was the freedom drives. So we do these freedom drives, and they're pretty sweet. We get our cars and we we just go almost similar to the ones you've seen in the states for the Trump rallies, we go downtown and we usually do this at night. We get our flags out, we honk our horns, we let people know, you know, we kind of give them the the actual science behind these lockdowns and the actual science that the government in the media is not telling people. And yeah, we just kind of try to spread the message that way, I wouldn't say we're a movement, we're more so just a kind of an idea that we can, you know, all come together. And if we work together, despite our differences, because I know, there's groups over here fighting for their rights this way. And there's groups over here fighting for freedom over this way. Instead of being like, Hey, we got to do it this way. Or we got to do it that way. It's like no, no, we can all collectively do it together. That's kind of where we went with on the unite idea. It's been successful. We've been out there doing interviews, we've done interviews with Keith comar, from the Ontario Libertarian Party. He's very excited about, you know, how we're able to bring people together. And he wants to know what more he can do and what the party can do. And yeah, so overall, the reaction has been great. And we've only been going since I would say, October, November with this direction, it's really accumulated fast and couldn't be happier. Ryan couldn't be happier and the other guys and you know, we got a team of about five, six people now that are just helping on various activities. They were all just so proud of what everyone's doing. You know, there's a lot more to still be done. What do you think your biggest issue is right now that you're tackling? getting people engaged? So there's, I feel like half the people who they feel away, they they don't they don't agree with the lockdowns, they don't agree with the science behind it. They don't agree with what you know, the media is saying, I feel that out of that 50% of the people, there's a good pocket of 30 to maybe 35 that they say that and they're like, Yeah, we got to do more. We got to do this, but they're not out there actually participating and trying to do that. So I think the biggest obstacle is going to be and has been getting people to actually engage. I mean, I know a lot of people are scared because they don't want to attend protests. They don't want to get arrested and ticketed. We try to stress to them that look, these tickets a lot of the times are very superficial. A lot of the tickets you get a lot of the fines that are getting, I would say almost 99% of them from the people I know who have received them, they get thrown out they never make it to court, one being the court doesn't want to tackle issues where it's going to be against the Charter of Rights or the Bill of Rights, or any of that. So they kind of Oh yeah, here's your ticket and then it gets dismissed.


Because they give you a three year deadline, just getting people engaged is the biggest issue we're seeing right now. And I think that's across the board with anyone protesting is legal in Canada, you are allowed to protest that is supposed to be protected in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But I find that when people attend these protests, especially the leaders and the people that are kind of what I would say, middle management of organizing, not only they're getting hit with fines, but it seems like the media is putting kind of hit pieces out on them. And it's costing people their jobs, their livelihoods. Do you think that's been one of the factors, people are afraid if they're seen at one of these rallies, that they're going to attract negative media attention and possibly job? That sort of thing? Absolutely. I've heard it from people personally involved in a lot of these events, the ones that are kind of more low key, like you're talking about that have specifically said that to me, they've said, Hey, listen, you know, I'd like to do more, I'd like to be out there more, but I work here. And you know, if they really knew that it was even here on the weekend, or something that they could potentially be reprimanded at, which which again, is also against the law. Under the COVID guidelines, they're kind of justifying it by saying you're a public health hazard and all that stuff. I definitely think that the majority of those people are it's mainly fear of losing your career losing your even potentially losing, you know, family over it, because that's another big stronghold is people's families have been broken up entirely over this just for a difference of opinion. Or I would even say opinion, I would say fact. Because if you're looking at the facts, they tell one story, and the media and everything's telling another story. So yeah, I would definitely say that they're scared, they're, they're scared that they're going to lose their job. And I can sympathize with that, because it's extremely hard. And but I think this represents an overall systematic problem, that we kind of have not to rant too much on it, it's kind of got shown this, this huge systematic problem, that everything comes from the top down. If you're down here, you're just a low worker, or even you know, a supervisor, or whatever it may be, everything trickles down. So as soon as you say you work for a company, and they sell this product over here, and someone does see you at one of these protests or rallies, and then it ends up in the media, and someone calls that company, they don't even really ask questions. It's you're in the office and you're either written up or you're, you're gone that day, so they can avoid the public outcry. They take the public outcry any day, over your rights any day. And then they try to just say, okay, you know, we'll fight the rights on this, because we've got good lawyers or whatever. So yeah, it's that's one of the biggest concerns is, is losing your career, your job? earlier on, you said public health crisis, saying that, you know, you're a public health hazard if you attend one of these protests or these rallies. I haven't seen our government ever before declare obesity to be a public health crisis, where they were ticketing people for being too fat, even though obesity kills way more people every year, then this disease has, I've heard people on the internet and around say, Well, if if someone's not wearing a mask, they're not following what I believe it's not it's never simply just what the government saying it's what I believe it should be done that they shouldn't be allowed to have hospital access and all sorts of crazy stuff. I turn around, say, Well, okay, well, smokers, fat people, people, drug addicts, we should deny them too, because they should know better as well. Right? Well, that's different. Well, how exactly is that different? It's, I've really found that this whole thing, people have done mental gymnastics, to justify their beliefs. I wouldn't even say justify their beliefs, I would just say justify the narrative. So they do that you're exactly right. They do these gymnastics justify the narrative. And I personally know of a person who complained that the church that I attend, they've continued to have driving services every Sunday, the there was a counter protest group there for quite a bit. The woman is posting online, like they're gonna get everyone sick, they're gonna kill everyone. And meanwhile, during our time there, she gets out of her van, she had to have smoked about a half a pack full pack of cigarettes. And it's like, there isn't zero concern about her her own personal health when it comes to these toxic chemicals that the government sells to. But yeah, then then at the same time, she's just been so trained to be like, you know, COVID is going to kill everyone. So we better attack the people who don't go along with, you know, these public health measures. It is it's it's huge mental gymnastics, if people actually looked at the death rates in Canada, and from 2019, and 2018, and so forth and so forth. It's been a 5% 10% incremental increase. And this year is no different. Even with the COVID pandemic, it's no different. So, again, their statistics don't justify the narrative. So they make it up as they go along. They kind of you know, the Decide what near what the narrative is today and what the narrative is tomorrow. And you know, if the the media parents in the government comes out and says, Hey, this is what what's gonna get you now by as you can see what the variance, then they just go along with it but you know, they'll continue to smoking their cigarettes you're right they'll they'll continue to you know go to McDonald's and even even places like McDonald's like none of these places are really if you really actually knew that how little regulated companies like McDonald's are with their food products and what they can put in it, you'd be floored and but nobody ever complains about that and they'll continue to consume and consume and consume. But then worry about this virus were supposed to have you stayed just stay home. You're okay. Yeah, the the lockdowns, do you think at all that they're justified. I mean, I just want to say at the beginning of this whole thing, when we heard that there was this virus that was killing people, they were showing videos of people dropping in the streets, in China, whether they were real or doctored or not. But people were scared. I was driving to work because I work at a central job. When the news first hit, and they were asking people to stay home. The streets were dead. I could not believe how dead the streets where there was no one out. Yeah, it was almost eerie. It was like something of out of a zombie movie or some apocalypse movie. And that went on for three to four weeks. And I really thought okay, you know, people are taking this seriously, everyone stayed home, I'd stayed home, no one really knew what was going on. And they were saying, you know, stay home till we have more information till we know what's going on. And I thought I can stay home and I won't go out and I'll see what's going on. And then they said, Okay, 15 days to flatten the curve. And I think we're on day 374 of 15 days to flatten the curve or something along those lines. And that's the thing. If you look at videos from Wu Han, now, they're no longer people dropping the floor there. They're packed club houses, there's packed sporting events, they seem to be living life pretty luxuriously, while the rest of us are under under these guidelines. So it makes you kind of wonder if there's some sort of model going on here, coming from the new what I believe is a superpower of the world. Unfortunately, that being said, I have a pre existing condition myself, I am one of those apparently high risk individuals. I did take time off at the beginning I said okay, you know, I give it the benefit of the doubt, let's let's see what's going on. Like, if I'm high risk, you know, I'm obviously gonna do what I got to do. I did that. But slowly after April and May there, we started realizing, okay, what the narrative is, is not what's really going on. They're not dropping here. They're not dropping there. And I almost like in those videos, like you said, Dr. Not, I truly believe they were maybe they weren't, I just, if I if you don't believe in the basis of what's occurring now and what they're using to justify the lockdowns now, then you might as well assume that the whole thing has kind of been concocted in a certain way and just makes you lose faith in the whole entire system and the whole entire narrative of it. Yeah, I think everybody even like I said, even the businesses and the church that I attend and, and all these other individuals, they took the two weeks, three weeks. Yeah, here we are. We're approaching the year anniversary of that. And so we're back in lockdown. This is the third lockdown. And I truly believe that when you know Theresa, Tam comes out and says April is going to be a horrible month that in April, we're going to be in our we're going to get out a little bit and then April, we're going to be at a fourth lockdown here. Do you think the lockdowns are ever going to end? That's a good question. They have to or else you know, our country is going to end all the countries are going to end they're already talking about. Like if you look outside the gases at Dollar 20. Already, what happens is the first year lockdown, nobody notices anything is going on. Now we're into the second year, and you're gonna start noticing some severe economic instability, that it's going to take a lot of people by surprise that if you're not awake, the lockdowns won't stop until a small business has been eradicated. It will continue and continue and continue it will be this variant from South Africa, this this variant from Brazil, this one, you know this and that and, and anybody that knows even basic greatwall biology will tell you that viruses over time get weaker, their intention is never to kill hope. That's basic biology, they kill the host, you're not a good, you know, you're not a good virus, essentially. And they get weaker over time. But this seems to be either st staying the same or will now it's more infectious. And it just it doesn't evolve in that sense. That's the thing. You can't get any real public health answers out of this. So very, it's very difficult to navigate the waters when between knowing what's to come and knowing what they're telling you when they're not even telling you the truth to begin with. It's been crushing on local businesses and some businesses now are just saying like I have to open up the banks aren't a charity. They're a money making organization. So if you're not paying the bills, you can't regulate the banks into not foreclosing on people and not or just letting people not pay their bills you. The government can't regulate that into the banking structure. It's impossible. I saw this on Twitter and I thought it was hilarious. It was a photo of someone with a fedora hat. And they were saying, oh, the this all proves that capitalism has failed. And we need to instill communism and universal basic income. And then someone had commented underneath the it's government regulation that crushed all of this. It wasn't the economy that collapsed on itself. It wasn't capitalism, crony capitalism monopolies, runaway capitalism, it was the government regulation that crushed all this. And then, you know, you look at what happened in Toronto. skellies barbecue there. Yeah, guy says, I'm gonna open up my restaurant. I have to the police come there. They show presence, they attempt to intimidate. They break through the barrier, and they say no, we're gonna continue with this. And the next day, you would have thought it was the G 20. summit all over again, the amount of police that showed up they had horses they look like one of the Union busting things you would have seen in like the early 1900s when the cops showed up with the Pinkerton to bust up the union activity and like it was incredible. I couldn't believe police on horsebox like chasing people down and that guy that shot the video he goes to Costco five minutes away. people lined up out the door no social distancing. It's impossible got you got pictures of inside of people at the food stand there no social distancing. it's it's a it's just impossible with the number of people there parking lots packed. No police there no one from health authorities there to ticket them to say no, shut it down or or whatever else. Then he drives five minutes over to this barbecue place. And there's a police presence of probably at least 30 police officers there. Yeah, what what justifies that? What? Where does that come from? Where that's acceptable? Absolutely nothing can can ever justify that. I mean, I was actually really surprised at the response. I was because of the time now I wouldn't be surprised about anything, given the the the time we were still in that period of Okay, how far are they going to go with these kind of measures? How far are they going to go to push? And we hadn't really reached that tipping point, I think two events that happened this fall, one being skellies barbecue, and one being the Church of God and Elmer pushed that barrier over the edge with Adam, it was it was interesting, because you're right, it was an extreme response. And it was a response, I'll be straight with you to send a message, it was to say, hey, the same thing with the protesters and you losing your job, it was to say, Hey, if you're going to open your business, when you're going to suffer because of it, I've gotten to know Adam actually pretty well, personally, and the extent of things that occurred to him that people don't even understand is so extreme, that it'd be in disarray, because you only see what's going on on the surface. But these people that are opening up and doing that anyways, they're attacking them from every angle of life. They're attacking them with, you know, I've heard other people who have had their bank accounts attacked for opening their business. I've heard of people who have had their homes unlawfully searched for without a warrant. And these things are happening. You know, just because these things are being reported is because sometimes a lot of these people are getting gag orders put on him. And in his case, it was pretty much that hey, you can't go on social media. The judge literally had jurisdiction to say he can't go on social media, which the judge and our government is not above social media laws and regulation. Like if he wants to, you know, social media is supposed to be this global kind of where you can put your voice out where you put your opinions out. I don't see why any country's judge should be able to jurisdiction over that. But then again, with Facebook and Twitter and all them their policies themselves are in line, toe and toe with the government's the response was absolutely insane. It was disheartening to see on our own soil, again, it looked like crime was non existent in Toronto and and the problem I have with it is that john Tory justifies all of these gun grabs with the handguns because he says, you know, guns are a problem and Toronto guns aren't a problem and Trump, it's like, well, then why aren't you sending those 200 officers to wherever those neighborhoods are that are struggling with the gun violence, and you post up there on your mountain horses and you post up there with your people and you say, hey, look, you know, you want to cause gang violence or whatever it may be, then we're gonna come down hard on you. cooking some brisket for some people to put some money back into your household requires 200 police officers in Toronto these days. I just want to even say that we did a freedom drive in Toronto with with unite. When we got there. Every other city we've been to it's been like they've led us they've been like you're in your car, your social distance, you know, it's fine. We got to Toronto, and we were swarmed by like 30 to 40 officers and they were aggressive, and they were pretty much like get out of our city. They're sending a message especially in Toronto, Toronto is really sending a message. JOHN Tory's, I believe given the police that full authority to Just go off we'll protect you don't worry about it. Is the response proportionate to the danger. I still remember watching videos from the G 20. summit in Toronto where Toronto Police were the people were peacefully protesting. They were surrounding them they were arresting, they weren't letting them leave. They have them in like these makeshift kind of cage things with overflowing. nearby. That was okay. Two blocks over. You had people dressed all in block anarchists, literally smashing businesses and tearing apart no police presence there. So this is just a theory, hardened criminals, the anarchists extreme far left and the extreme far right on the other side, too. They know their rights. They know what lines the police can and can't cross. They know what to say. It's everyday people that just assume that the police are good people, they're there to protect them. And you know, nothing bad's gonna happen. They're the ones that seem to get picked on, because they're the ones that don't know their rights, or the police just think they're easy targets or something along those lines. I'm not sure 100% it's just a working theory I have. I think in my theory, my take on it is kind of that they're going after they're picking and choosing politically. Yeah, they're politically choosing which which groups they want to go after and which not. And because a lot of the groups that did do the you know, the rioting in the anarch anarchy activity tend to fall on the left side. I mean, I'm not saying that doesn't happen on both sides, because again, there's extremes on side of the aisle, but the ones that happened all summer with no masks with none of that with it, you know, and they were looting stores. They held them to no standards, there has not been a single charge for anyone that participated in the BLM riots, or any of the riots in downtown Toronto this summer was thankfully not as bad as the US but they looted stores, they rioted, they beat people, they beat people that, you know, would go there and protest that. I believe they're going after the people they perceive as going against the narrative and going against because they're trying to they're trying to push so hard project, what COVID-19 is lockdowns and whatever can justify their corruption, they're going to push it and they don't see. They don't see BLM as a threat. They see it as a controlled kind of movement. You know, they because those people aren't out there protesting now they were so concerned about their rights in the summer when situations arose in the US. But now that your rights are actually being trampled on, they're nowhere to be found. I think no, the the police response is not proportionate at all, to someone opening their barbecue, or anyone who you know, or having a driving service at church, the driving service at the church I go to has had literally playing code officers hiding in the bushes to get pictures of who's going there. Are you serious? Like these aren't you know, or what is your they weren't CBC reporters, and they might possibly have been that as well. But we know for a fact that there's also officers with lens cameras doing the same thing. Like I drive drove past one on the recent Sunday where they're sitting in their white car, they've got their antennas on the back and they got their you could tell it's an unmarked car as much as they tried to pretend they're undercover. It's and I looked in the car and I just gave a little wave because you know, it is still a free country. And I can say good morning to them. But yeah, they had the big telescopic lens, and they're taking pictures of anybody who's parked there. They don't even do this stuff for the people who are again, you know, attending these protests are actually committing gun crimes in cities. So no, I I believe this is a targeted front. And it's ironic, too, because conservatives who have generally been the ones opposed to the growing kind of narrative. I'm not saying there isn't liberals I know a few liberals that are absolutely fed up with this to like people more on the left, they're absolutely fed up. Generally conservatives are law and order there, the back the blue crowd. And I noticed that the police are rapidly losing all trust in faith from conservatives on kind of more of the back the blue side. And they're the ones that are being disproportionately targeted for exercising their rights. And just on that growing up, I was more of a liberal growing up I was I kind of was more liberal values and that and I remember when liberals are the ones that used to save the government, and we're not going to follow the rules, the government's lying in the narratives flipped. Yeah, now, liberals are all trust the science no matter what, or else, you're killing Grandma, and you're horrible. They fallen in love with the government. I mean, the head of the band, Rage Against the Machine, they were doing something to try to promote mask usage or something like that. And it used to be you I won't do what you tell me now. You do exactly what you tell me right? And all these celebrities and be list hawks and that they've all just kind of come out of the woodwork to defend this. And these are all the people that used to criticize, I mean, Glenn Greenwald, actually came out and said, Everyone knows sarcastically Of course everyone knows that COVID doesn't attack events for liberal causes something along those lines. I mean, the guy's a staunch liberal to himself. Now they're trying to say Glenn Greenwald's a grifter and all sorts of different things. He just his own company that he started told him, you're going to write a good article about the upcoming Democratic presidential candidate the time Biden, you're not going to write anything bad about him and he actually left his own company over it. Yeah, like it's crazy this everything's just kind of changed and like I said, the narrative is now conservatives are the ones questioning the government were the liberals are the ones now saying, you will follow everything and everything is fine. And not then you're a right wing? Like apparently, questioning the narrative now is associated with white supremacy, too. And it's it's insane. It's absolutely insane. What's kind of spun off from all this. People like families are being split up over it. The thing is, is with with with the conservatives, and the liberals is the liberals have morphed into this quasi socialist, communist style, ideology. And and they I don't even think they realized it. And I think that's just that's, that's been overtime. I mean, it all started with when they started pushing certain narratives, whether it comes to genders or different things, they started pushing these certain narratives. And then if you even have a different opinion, than those narratives, which we're all entitled to a different opinion. I mean, we don't, the best thing about humans is we don't all have to agree. When you go against those narratives. They've trained everyone to be like, Okay, well, now you're an evil person, you're a horrible person, you know, how could you, you know, before COVID, people were losing their jobs due to liberal woke policies. You know, if you don't call a person, by However, they prefer to be called, even in some cases, where it was a genuine mistake, people were getting penalized and losing their jobs and stuff. So I think this has morphed over time. And it's funny, you say the same thing, because I was a big fan of system of a doubt. Because they are there for the longest time there. They are anti establishment, they're, you know, they control us they do this and they they they start wars everywhere. And then you get a president in the states who doesn't do any of that are don't like Trump, we hate Trump. And and I don't care what your views are on him or not. But how could you go for being entirely one way with your music and your your message, you finally get what you're asking for. And then all of a sudden, you're not allowed to do that. And I believe that's because these companies, the ones that own them are being pushed to say, hey, you have to say this, you have to say that. And again, this is the trickle down effect. Communism thrives under a trickle down effect, because, you know, it comes from the powers to be to the corporations, and then it comes down onto the people. So it doesn't matter. And if you have a dissenting view, you're punished for it. And and I believe that we're seeing that play out here. Slowly. It's it's coming in and, and I think people that's why you're getting such an awakening. We live in a free country, with the police and back the blue and all that we have fetishized the police, we have fetishized the military, we've been like, hey, there's so great, we put them up here on this pedestal. Whereas in places like Europe, they think cops are just garbage. They're they're just kind of like, you know, you're a pig. You see Netherlands protests, and they're actually literally like trying to take their cities back. Whereas here, we kind of were afraid of them. We give them more power than we ever intended to actually give them. It's the wolf policies. And I think that this COVID thing is, again, just the training behind all these years of listen to the media, listen to the celebrities, listen to, you know, the music artists. And I find Personally, I can't watch anything anymore. Like I can. There's barely any shows I can watch. I can't watch sports. Even the commercials. That's all messages about this. And that's how propaganda works. People really open their eyes, they will see that we are changing into a communist kind of state. And you're right, the parties have switched, the liberals were always about, you know, look at even even in the 70s they were against they were against the war. They were they were like, Hey, no, we don't want wars. We don't want to send our people for a conflict that we don't need to do. And it was the conservatives who were like, yo, let's go. Now it's the opposite. Now you won't find any conservative that's like, Yeah, let's go to the Middle East. No, we don't want that anymore. We want peace. We know, we know what the government's been doing. And it's just the opposite for liberals now and I, you know, it's interesting to see that switch. Well, it's the it's the neoliberal war, sort of, I don't want to say agenda cuz I don't know that for sure. And not the biggest fan of Donald Trump. I didn't think he was particularly bad. I don't think he's particularly good. He's another celebrity president, just like Hellboy Ronald Reagan, just like the Bush's and Bill Clinton, you know, getting sucked in the White House Office and that it's just another celebrity president. That's all what was that movie where the guy gets frozen in time and he ends up in the future and everyone's really dumb. I know what you're talking about. I can't remember the name of top my head. It's the next logical step. Right? You know, celebrities is presidents that sort of thing. But what I found really telling when Trump ordered those missile strikes in Syria was one of the few times the media turn instantly to his side. And they were just on board with him. And I have the video clip saved on my laptop where the news reporters it mentions big beautiful missiles. Talk about fetishizing you know, something like Dr. Strangelove in that movie, when they had the airplane refueling the other airplane It was supposed to be like a military kind of phallic sexual reference. And I fully when I look at that cnn clip, idiocracy. Thank you. Yes, that's one. Yes. So here they are, you know, these missiles are being fired into Syria from a warship. And they're just talking about, you know, old big, beautiful missiles. And these are the neoliberals these are the ones that wars profit and war is good and bombing poor countries with poor people, and that they live in oppressive regimes is the way to instill American values across the globe. I think that you're going to see a quick return to that policy. Under Biden, people were always claiming Trump was however you feel about him. They were saying he was a dictator. They were saying he was a war monger, and all these things, and he never did never accomplished whatever the leftist said he was going to do. Yeah, and it's true. We've we've fetishized cnn once 911 happened, they realized their honeypot. But their honeypot doesn't work anymore, but they realized their honeypot, if you if you remember after 911, and I was younger at the time, so I don't remember it, you know, as well as others. The one thing they did do was they covered 911 for a year, almost two years after it happened, night and day, night and day and night and day. And the thing is you have 24 Hour News Network. It's like, well, you got a report about something. So they report over and over and over and over and over and over. And if that's not the definition of propaganda, I don't know what it is. But anyways, they report the same story and they for a while at work, that was their rating. So it was America coming together, you know, war war, let's go to Iraq, you know, the W m DS, they went, they went to war over a false story from the CIA, saying there was w MDS, which got confirmed later that that was totally false. I don't tend to lean on conspiracy theories too much either. But if you watched pastor Henry Hildebrand service, he has a church and Elmer there and I watched his service. And he said, right to the camera, he said, Listen, you got to give me some new conspiracy theories, because I'm running out of them. And I found that funny, but I find it true. We're, we're you know, these things that people are saying the passports, Israel just enacted a law and it will pass Mark my words, like, I have no doubt that it's gonna pass where you cannot go out shopping, you cannot go to venues, you cannot go out, you know, for dinner, unless you get the vaccine and the passport that comes with it. Not only that, they took it a step further, and they've set press precedent because they said anyone who does not get this vaccine, will the government will legally and the police were legally allowed to be given out give your name out so that others may know who's infected to keep them safe. So essentially, or to shame them is the way it's going to be used. I mean, you know, that's how it is. Yeah, they they really have they said it's all conspiracy, even even the great reset, I don't tend to lean on conspiracies whatsoever, because even conspiracies that have been told there's there's lots that have been told that were false when you say that, and I read Schwab's book I'm currently about halfway through Actually, I didn't read it all yet what he's saying. And this is when the guy who is in charge of the World Economic Forum, writes a book and says, This is how he envisions life after the pandemic, you might want to perk your ears up a bit, and listen and read. And I do encourage people read it, because it's kind of understand what we're dealing with here. You know, people are kind of like all clash. I don't want to hear anything else to say, no, it's good to get well versed, so you know what to expect. It's almost like a blueprint, in a sense. And yeah, his book tells about how a society in the future in the next 10 years by the year 2030, he wants to have everybody living in cities, you won't own anything, you will be, you know, surveilled, everywhere you go, you will be monitored. And then there will be world groups, people in the countryside. And they're pretty much like, they're like, you know, stay out there. Leave us alone, you guys are kind of like the dregs of society kind of thing. In order for it to actually happen. A lot has to occur every year, it keeps getting escalated and escalated. Now, whether that's going to happen or not remains to be seen. This is just a book written by the guy from the World Economic Forum. I'm not saying it's fact I'm not saying hey, this is you know, your future. But when someone like that says, This is what plans are, I think people should start listening, or at least reading and kind of considering what's going on doesn't help that the guy looks, talks and acts like a Bond villain from the 80s. He looks and talks exactly like you'd expect a Bond villain a really bad one from the 80s. Yeah, Bill Gates is the same in that sense, how he the guy who ran Microsoft decided to step off right before the pandemic began. And then all of a sudden, he's and we're synthesizing meat for you. We're coming out with the vaccines. For you, and he's on every news channel, kind of as the everyone's looking at him is like, Bill, what do we do next? What do we do next? Like, who put this guy? I didn't elect this guy, nobody elected this guy. So why are we even taking what he has to say as what we need to do next? We know what it is. And it's it's the money. It's the it's the financials. It's scary to think. And again, I'm not saying this is the case. But this is my theory. It's scary to think that people always say the world cannot be run by a collective small group of people. To that I kind of just say, Well, why can't it be if everybody is financially tied from the top down? You can do anything. People talk about communism, they talk about the far right they I hate when people say Nazi ism, the Nazis are all dead, and the ones are still alive. Most of them been rounded up anyways, and have extremists on each side when people say there's literal Nazis, I say, well, there can't be literal Nazis. You know, my grandfather fought in World War Two, he helped defeat those mothers. They don't exist anymore. We have neo nazis. We have extremists, but it's the use of language. Right? It's It's such a disingenuous use of language meant to stir up emotions and get people worried and riled up in that. I don't think it's even necessarily the communists, I think it's, there's the elite class, and then there's everyone else. And it's a very, very small club. And like George Carlin said, it's a small club, and we ain't in it. Yeah. And we ain't getting into it. And that's why when I hear people defending it, I say, you know, you can suck these guys, as much as you want, they ain't gonna let you in their club. They're not going to give you any money. They don't care about you. And to kind of emphasize that, what happened in Ontario just a few days ago, with MPP, Roman Babrak, what happened with him was truly revealed the game so this guy spoke out against lockdowns, Doug Ford kicked him out of the caucus. And that he is is an independent now because you he wouldn't be whipped by the party. Then he comes out with this motion. Since everyone's out of work right now people are suffering. Maybe the politicians should as a show of humility to show that you know, we truly are all in it together, right? Let's go on $500 a week like everyone else, not only did they all anonymous, unanimously vote against it, they turned around and passed a motion to just cut his salary only. Yeah, it revealed the game it revealed the game. They don't care about us. They don't. They don't care. I mean, it was Doug Ford's own brother, Rob Ford, that was on the video showing all the perks that every single Toronto City Councilor remember that video. And I thought, wow, there's a guy there that's revealing the game, you know, a little peek behind the curtain, so to speak, like the Wizard of Oz, you know, where you're seeing kind of what's going on. Now we have a guy who says let's kind of go on the level with the people. They're like, no, and now we're gonna punish you for it. We're gonna tell you just how wrong you were, and we're gonna make you pay. I think that was his game plan all along, that they knew he was going to overreact and it led to what happened. What ended up happening was, it was almost within an hour of him releasing why lockdowns are causing more harm than they're helping. And it was like gone, boom. Now, I've never seen anyone ejected from a party so quick, or you would have thought he committed some egregious crime. Like, the funny thing is usually like, say, these guys who were on lockdown, they traveled to another country for vacation, and they come back still takes days for them to have to resign or get in trouble. No, he had him in an hour. Yeah, it's to send a message not only to us, but that message is for other MPs. And it's for anyone else who's going to question and it's unfortunate that it's actually very disheartening. It's coming from Doug Ford, his brother was a true champion for the people of Toronto, his brother, I don't understand how it went from them both being brothers, I don't know what their relationship was, before all this, maybe like if they're close or not, I don't understand how you'd go from, you know, absolutely. someone in your family who's like, we're for the people, you know, we want to help them out to someone who's not and I was hopeful when Doug Ford ran, because I actually thought he was going to this was before COVID, I thought he was actually going to do good things for Ontario. You know, he changed it to Ontario place to grow. And all these things, you know, he says we're gonna, you know, open up our businesses and all that. And it's even ironic that the actual order for Ontario is called the reopening act. That's the lock. That's the order that actually keeps you locked down. So it will speak. Exactly, exactly. Sometimes you still pull into that, Oh, this is going to be different, this is going to be different. And then you get reminded that Nope, they're all the same. They're going to do the same tricks. But I think the pandemic has opened up Pandora's box. And I think that's why you see a lot of year leaders in Europe countries stepping down because they either know something is coming that they disagree with, or they already disagree. And we've seen that in the in the last week or while last month in Germany, Italy, all these things and it's quite funny actually, Italy, Italy concerns me a bit because I was excited that their leader stepped down because they were very strict on the code. With restrictions, but then they were replaced by someone from the Monetary Fund. So it was kind of like we're back at square, we're even worse. Even politicians now are drawing their lines and saying, hey, look like I can't cross that line. And that's what, that's what Roman did. And that's what Hillier has done. And that's what a lot of these members of the party has done. And it's Yeah, they send a message, you're gonna lose your pay, you're gonna lose your, you know, because the government, the beauty thing about the government is you come, it comes with this package, you know, you get a lifetime kind of pension, and you get all these, you know, different perks that, you know, even Doug Ford, again showed them, and they don't want to give up those perks, they don't want to lose all that sitting pretty good rate till retirement and onward. So just keep your head down and go along with whatever the Premier of Ontario is saying, and we're good. It's too bad that Doug Ford turned out to be the way that he was. I mean, years and years of Kathleen Wynne and I mean, she drove that party into the ground and it wasn't just her it was other adult McGinty was part of that, who else there was a few other ones Sandra patella was part of that. It didn't help either Patrick Brown and other loser. And now with this whole 1 million jobs, going back at least two election cycles now. Okay, but, but he had said, you know, we're gonna do 1 million jobs. That's when the economy was slumping back in, like, 2012 sort of thing. And no one believed it. No one believed it. So he, he was gone. Now. He's the mayor of Brampton, and he gets to go play hockey with his buddies. And that will everyone else has stay home. That was rebel news there. Someone tipped them off. The mayor of Brampton was playing hockey with his buddies, and everyone else was told they couldn't play hockey, and they had to stay home and save grandma and stuff. And he was actually there. And he, he was he was filming. And the look on that guy's face man, he was so shocked that he got busted. And then of course, it led to the rebel doing what they do, where they just chased it and chased it until I think it's gonna end up in court now. You know, it's just it just goes to show that there's no accountability for the people at the top. You mentioned about all these people resigning that went on there nice. Jet setting warm vacations. Will Canadians were told to stay home over Christmas. And I mean, the one politician they couldn't even get ahold of them. They couldn't even tell them. You got to come back because they couldn't get ahold of them. What happened? Oh, they resign their post. Oh, great. They haven't had they're part of the Shadow Cabinet now. So they have even less work to do. Yeah, yeah. And it just got remembered. Oh, yeah. Like none of them actually quit and said, like, we're gonna hold a by election and my jobs on the line? No. Yeah, no, of course not. Of course not. As Devin just said, there are rules for the but not for me. 100%. And I think that's a very indicative of what happened over the weekend and hazm accounts, Doug Ford gathered a group over there, and they all decided to have a birthday party. And it's funny, because if I had people even show up in front of my house for birthday party, how fast are the authorities going to show up? When your neighbors called the ratline? Exactly, right. No, it's true. It's sad, but it's reality. What ended up happening was, as I mentioned, Keith comar from the interior Libertarian Party, so he had a radical idea that we tried about a month ago, what we did was we were going to go play hockey outside of Doug Ford's house because he had recently made ball hockey illegal. So we were like, okay, let's, let's go play some ball hockey. And sure enough, the people you know, who showed up to play because of our freedom drive, the first one we did, we went by Doug Ford's house, he has now changed the layout of his Street and he's got a fencing there. But not only did he have the fencing there, but he had armed guards that were not ideal. pp. I'm not entirely sure. I believe they were open up that he had there. But they were all undercover. They were all you know, black coat. And they were, they said, if you can play hockey on the street, you know, we're throwing you in the car now and you're sent off, you know, it's funny, I didn't see that hesitancy at Hazel McKellen's house. And if I was a neighbor, I would love to be on the phone and call the authorities and be like, hey, there's a party going on at this number here. And, you know, why don't you come out without maybe, maybe they wouldn't even notice and they'd actually show up. You know, Hazel McCowan, she's in the highest risk category like, yeah, cuz I know some people might say that, you know, conspiracy theory right wing, I want to say that there is a virus out there. My Godfather, he passed away he had pneumonia, and it was exaggerated by having the virus and he passed away from it. So there is a virus and it is taking people with that are older with pre existing health conditions not and it is accelerating damage and causing damage. So I don't want people to think I don't think that there is a virus, Doug Ford, who's already in my opinion at high risk himself due to his BMI index, shows up at Hazel accounts house with some friends. She's 100 years old. They talk about super spreader events. And that is not a super spreader event. I mean, they're conservatives so I, you know, we all know conservative events are super spreader events and liberal events are our freedom and that's So, and that's the thing, right? No, I don't think you can find anyone that disagrees that there is a variant going around that is very strong. That causes it's hard because I've had I've had flus in past seasons. And and and again, I don't want anyone to misconstrue and say I'm likening it to the flu. But I have had flus in past seasons where I've been severely in bed coughing, I can't, you know, almost the point where I'm wheezing, I never would have struck me back then to go to the hospital, it would be like, okay, you know, put another damp cloth on and let's go kind of thing at the same time, he is at a higher risk category, and, and so is she. But the problem I have is that these politicians that are supposed to be at these highest risk categories, it's almost as if they don't even believe their own narrative. I mean, you wouldn't be, you wouldn't even be attending that if you believe that this is, you know, stay home, say lives, you know that everyone's dying kind of thing. You wouldn't be going out anywhere, you'd be staying home yourself every step of the way, we would not give any impression, you wouldn't do photo ops, in a hospital with the medical staff. The thing that bugs me the most the most is the mask. Everyone now believes which, you know, pre med 2019, or pre 2020, I guess nobody would have believed a mask gives you protection from the flu or anything like that. And I still don't believe that I still you look at these schools, for example, or you look at businesses, I work in a business where we see a lot of people coming and going have a mask on. Yeah, I'm touching the same equipment. I'm touching the same stuff. And the worst part is I'm actually touching my face more than I ever would. And that mask if it's wet, which sometimes it is, we've been working all day, it's hot, you know, especially in the summer, it's going to be more of an issue, mark my words, it will be touching it, you're touching other people, the kids in school, they're they're sharing Kranz, they're sharing things. And I know this because I do have children who attend school and they're playing and I'm kind of just like, well, then what's the point of that point? If they're sharing everything, touching everything, and you're not actually because they're not individually, even at my company, we're not not my company, but like, you know, in general, and companies in general, they're not touching or sanitizing everything every second day. I mean, it happens. There's a time period in every company that they do that, you know, there's times where you're using the same tool, and you're not wiping it down. Okay, here you go, and then wiping it down. Here you go. So I don't see how the risk is mitigated by one mask or two masks or three masks or four, or the whole box. Yeah. Well, I actually made a joke with someone the other day, I said, they were saying that. They're like, Yeah, well, I'm gonna do my part to wear two masks. I said, Yeah, well, in 2022, you can bolt steel plates to your face, and you'll be really protected. And it's, you know, it's funny, but it's a sad reality of where we're at. Yeah, and actually, banner wolf here says something interesting that it's true that you need the testing for this is very, he says testing people that died from car accidents or suicides, claimed that by COVID, it that's actually very true PCR tests. And to give some information about this, they've actually just lowered the sensitivity of the PCR test to pick up other variants is what they're saying. Which means I don't know if you heard about the Member of Parliament, in Poland there who tested Coca Cola, he literally bought a can of coke cola to the floor and said, here's a PCR test. And he's like, Oh, my gosh, this has COVID. In Tanzania, they tested papayas and goats, and the government sent it in and it said COVID. And after that, he said, No more lockdowns. The thing is, is if you're lowering the rate even more, it's like anything's gonna test for it. So anything from a headache to, to, you know, all of the symptoms with which right range from everything, like they they're saying pinkeye is a symptom. And I said, Well, you know, you better check out the high schoolers because they're gonna have a lot of COVID symptoms here. But yeah, that's there. I know, a person personally, whose father died of Parkinson's this year, when he had Parkinson's medical officials that the, the one of those places you go right before you pass, it said to him, can we put it down as this as COVID. And you know, the government's gonna write you a check. And sure enough, you know, he unfortunately took that offer, I would, you know, that's a spit in the face to me, I don't need the money that much keep your money kind of thing took that offer. And that just goes to show you, they're putting down whatever they can as COVID. They did that with a gentleman in Calgary, who he needed a pacemaker, because his heart was having arrhythmias. And this was a tragic story. They delayed his surgery. This was back in April, May time. They said hospitals are overwhelmed. We need to delay surgery. So they delayed his surgery. And what ended up happening was he couldn't get the new pacemaker put in, died in the hospital, approached his family and said, Well, he couldn't get the surgery due to COVID-19 regulations. That's a COVID death, we're gonna have to put that down as a COVID death. I'm not saying it doesn't exist. I believe it's wildly exaggerated. A lot of the things are saying now COVID deaths I think they they need to justify continuing the the narrative. So there they broaden the scope of what constitutes a COVID-19 death and when it's COVID related, anything can be the COVID death. But then when someone passes away from the vaccine, oh, no, it must have been must have been something else going on there. It couldn't have been the vaccine like they they it's again that it's that double that double speed for one one set, it's always COVID. And then the other side, it's normal, it could never be something to do with the vaccine, it has to have been another complication, like a heart attack or something. It's really crazy how hypocritical this has become with that. Governor of New York pomo. Yeah, and everything that's kind of happening right now about the nursing home. So they wanted to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. So their bright idea was to take people sick with the virus, whether it's the common cold, whether it's an accelerated flu, whatever, whatever the virus is, and what do they do, they stick them in nursing homes with the highest risk people. That was their plan to keep hospitals from being overwhelmed. They put the highest risk people into nursing homes. And of course, people got infected. It all ran away from them. people died. And now they're saying now that people knew since May, about this, and it's all been hush hush since May, but almost anything out there, you give it enough time and enough light all is revealed. I know Is today the media's been playing major defense for como. They're focusing on Ted Cruz going on a hot vacation that's dominating the news lines. And you know, that's that's one thing, and I think we could discuss that separately. The nursing homes is something that is truly an abomination that happened in Canada, Quebec and Ontario long term care homes. The military, blew the whistle. I read the entire report, I translated from French to English. It was absolutely incredible. That report and I cannot believe that it never really went anywhere. I don't want to say that the long term care homes, the people that are taking care of the people that are monsters, they're paid absolute garbage money. They're not respected by the province. So the facilities are run like absolute garbage. This was a problem and an issue. I know I lived in Ontario, I know the state of these long term care homes, they go to die. The people that are overworked, they're understaffed or under trained. Pretty much since I've been alive. It's been a red flag issue, then this virus comes along, and it just wreaks havoc on these long term care homes. The military has to step in, no one seems to want to take responsibility for they will go back and we'll say it was McGinty, or we'll say it was a famous one. We'll say it was Harper. Stephen Harper. There we go. That's a good scapegoat. I don't think so. Not in Canada, at least in New York, it seems like they've turned on him if they're going to probably give him the boot. I think he's gonna get the boot he won't see a jail cell they never do. You're absolutely right. With the long term care facilities. They've been this way for 1020 years, I don't even know the extent of how long it is. Because it's only been brought to light in the last 10 years. They're horrible. And the staff treat the people, they get basic staff with basic training and education, to man these homes. And they honestly, and this is my opinion, they couldn't care less about the people than the person giving you your order at Tim Hortons. I mean, I'm not saying there's no healthcare workers out there that do but as a whole, a lot of it becomes they become rundown and overworked. So the job just becomes repetitive. And then they just stop caring so much. It's absolutely criminal. What Cuomo did. They're here, right? It's not isolated to just New York. It happened here. It happens here. What happened in Toronto was they were bringing all of the ones who were sick to other facilities that had healthy people. You can't bring sick patients to a place where there is no infections and then expect that there's not going to be an outbreak. But then use that outbreak to justify it makes you wonder, I mean, at least raises some questions. But these people they then they'll never be criminally charged. I'll never be you know, held responsible. They'll have a PR day where they'll come out and they'll say a few things. Yeah, I agree with that. They potentially they wanted it to spread. I mean, the more the more this spreads, the more longer the pandemic goes on, the more beneficial it is for a lot of them. I think even even going forward if it cleared up tomorrow with this whole thing. And they came out and said, Hey, you know, and everything, we're good, we overrepresented what was going on, and it was heartfelt, never would happen. But if they did, we still need to look at a solution for these long term homes. We still something that actually this has shown shown a big light on it literally is something that we definitely need to be needs to be regulated more. It needs to be supervised more. But again, how do you do that with with government leaders that are doing the very thing to make them worse? We have to remember we were told that this happened to try to keep our hospitals from being overcrowded and overflowing and to remember, we were told our nursing staff The frontline soldiers on this war against this terrible virus and I vaguely remember that works in health care. Yeah, she's been living out of a king hotel now since pretty much spring. And she just goes to work and comes back and not away from her family. Because that's what they want. And she does want to ensure that she's minimizing contact with the outside world. Okay. I think that's I think that's good. She's doing our best. Now they're saying all the while the hospitals are overwhelmed, and they need to the United States are holding bodies and morgues every year, the hospitals are overcrowded. There's their hospitals have been not taken care of by our provinces. For 1520 plus years, there's never been enough ICU beds. They can't keep staff employed there. They all especially in Ontario, they all go work in Detroit, they all go work in the States. Yeah, yeah, I just I want to piggyback on that, because that that is very true that I have I have articles that you can you can find them still to this day, from global CTV all of this from 2019 2018 2017, saying hospitals overwhelmed this influenza season, we can't get enough beds. And it's very true. This is not something new. This is always and, and even worse, I don't want to cut you off. But I gotta make this point here. And even worse, is because of all the mismanagement. That's what's made this whole thing. As bad as it is. It's the it's like our past crimes and our past sins are finally catching up with us. And this generation is just like they're looking at it because the younger millennials, and now they're just they didn't they don't really pay attention this, they don't hear about it. So that's all to them. It seems like it's new information, oh, my God, hospitals are overwhelmed. And that, that it's not new information? Well, I think that people didn't pay attention before. I think that, you know, you'd see an article like that and a regular flu season. And you would just disregard that as like, whatever, because it doesn't affect you now that they've buried this idea of, you know, the pandemic and all this stuff. Now, you're noticing now you're like, Oh, my gosh, it's crazy bad. And it's like, well, it's been that way. I think I think that Yeah, again, is a lot of it is that it wasn't brought to anyone's attention in the sense of like, other than, for example, they came out tomorrow saying the stock market, you know, it's in a really bad spot, you know, and they really started shining attention day to day to day, people would realize it's always been, you know, up and down, and there's been crashes and stuff like that. They would, there would be more of an urgency and a hesitancy to deal with it at that time. And that's where we're at now. Or they're like, you know, they're overwhelmed. And people are like, oh, wow, they're overwhelmed. This is nothing. It's those Tick Tock videos with the nurses and they the narcissism, the Machiavellianism, the self indulgence, we're heroes, we're amazing. Know your people doing a job, you're getting paid really, really well to do that job. I appreciate hats off. It's a job. It's a job that where you get paid and I know nursing places are understaffed, especially in the States, not so much Canada, although we have seen a few of them in Canada, these, you know, hospitals are overwhelmed. We're putting patients in the morgue, you know, you got the picture of the girl on CNN. And she's like, I've been wearing this mask for 16 hours straight there. I got bruises on my face because of it. And I'm sure every welder out there is probably laughing. They're making this big thing about these nurses. They have time to do social media stunts, where they're all dancing around. In PP remember when there's the big peepee shortage at the beginning of this and we're all told, we need to conserve PP, it's super important in that I do have a working theory on this. And it's not a popular one. I was hoping that this was a way for them to show the inside of those ICU and be like, hey, look, look behind us. We have time to do these videos. Because it did it raise people's awareness to that the hospitals were treating this like a joke. Part of me has a working theory that potentially they're doing that to expose that, hey, look, you know, they say we're busy. But here we are just jamming out again with the full pp. But on the other hand, I think that potentially it is just to get famous and it's another ploy. What are your future predictions? Where do you think we're going? Let's just throw out some wild crazy predictions. I mean, I did the same thing with Mark freezin. I had him on he's he's really popular. He does freedom rallies here in Saskatchewan. Shout out to him. We throw out some wild predictions back in just before the New Year. Some of its really kind of come to pass. So what's your wildest predictions right now? I like this because I've actually been this week specifically, I've been discussing this with a few people. I believe first of all that the with the pipelines being canceled the key XL and the I heard that Enbridge is going to be canceling there's due to the Michigan governor. I believe that we're going to see an extreme rise in gas prices this year. I think we're going to be looking at 234 dollars a barrel by fall or sorry. 234 dollars. A lot. Leader by fall. And I think that would be intentional as well to also limit traveling. I think that we're going to get a little bit of a reprieve from lockdowns for a bit. And then they're going to come back full swing, Theresa Tam gave the timeline of April, I think that's an appropriate timeline, because that's when you know, we usually have a seasonal spike in illnesses. So it'll be you know, you got to follow the cover of previous years trends of the, you know, influenza, unfortunately, again, I'm not saying that's what this is, but it seems to be following the same trend. And, but I believe if the oil prices do rise, you're gonna see companies weighing whether it's better to ship a product out and pay those prices, or not move product. And I think that, you know, you're gonna see at least 50% product and potentially food shortages by the end of the year. That's crazy wild out there theory, but that's one of the ones I think could potentially happen this year, the global restructuring of the economy is going to probably start late this year as well. It's all going to coincide at the same time. What about you? What do you think our economy is going to be absolutely shattered? I think they're going to attempt to instill some type of permanent government supplementation. Yep. We're gonna see apologies. I think, maybe provincially, Saskatchewan, maybe Alberta? Maybe not. I'm not sure Alberta right now. But I think we're gonna see some leaders come out and basically say, we've got big time. Like, we've had enough of the game kind of thing, right? Yeah, I think it's more they're gonna have to admit that they were completely unprepared, Center for Disease Control in Canada completely unprepared. The from the federal down to the municipal levels, they've been neglecting emergency preparedness for years. I mean, we had h one n one, just a few years prior, that was their time to stock up on the hand sanitizers and the PP and to get some of those things into effect. And I think that we're going to see inquiries, eventually, no one's going to go to jail, no one's going to get charged or anything like that. But I think the inquiries are going to happen. I think people are going to kind of band together left and right, all that sort of thing. And they're just going to realize that it's it's a big, it's a big gig, then they've been on we've been on the receiving end of it. So I That's what I think. I don't know, maybe that's optimistic. Maybe everyone? Are you an optimist at heart? Or? No, no, I'm complete pessimists. But But you know what, to be fair, it's served me well in life, because I always may be more of a negative outcome. But then, you know, pleasantly surprised is always better than, you know, walking around, hoping for the best and then always being disappointed kind of thing. I would love to see that start to happen. I think at some point that will happen to an extent, you can look at Madagascar, they've already come out saying the who told us to lie, they literally told us to, you know, lie better information, to kind of thing. So I think that Yeah, you're gonna see more and more, but I also think that when that occurs, there's also going to be a bigger crunch from the powers to be, I guess, so to speak. They're gonna they're gonna want to hold on to this any way they can. So I you know, as more will there will be some that come out and apologize. And I think there will be increased but I think that same time, there's Yeah, I don't know. If it goes through communism ways. They're gonna they're gonna kind of try to starve us out in a sense of the food shortage and stuff like that. But I Oh, cool, man. I hope to I hope. Well, Kyle, it's been a great chat. It really has. I agree. You know, I've been a lot on my podcast episodes recently, I've been really focused on small businesses and just kind of highlighting small businesses around the area that are struggling and trying to give them some media attention in that. It's nice to kind of also branch out to you know, I had I had Mark freezing on I had Darrell Cooper on I've had a couple of other you know, Devin Murphy's been following the whole video Good to see Devin. And when the pandemic first hit, we actually did an episode together and we made some predictions. Some of them actually came true. So it's kind of interesting. This is like very, very preliminary. So I would absolutely love to do another episode with you again. Definitely, I would love to come on anytime. Yeah, we check out what we've got. You've got some free time there. Check out what we're doing at night. I actually just want to kind of give a quick shout out to a friend of mine as well that came to your channel and it's going to subscriber banner wolf. I actually know this guy quite well. And he's a he's a good guy. He's a good patriot. I appreciate you having me on and Yeah, definitely. Let's do it again.