Oct. 14, 2020

QAnon, Thin Blue Line Patches and The Boys TV Series

QAnon, Thin Blue Line Patches and The Boys TV Series

In this quick episode I talk about a Sask Party Politician that got dumped for liking QAnon Posts, the Thin Blue Line controversy in the RCMP and I recommend you check out The Boys on Amazon Prime. My opinions do not reflect taking a direct side on these articles. 


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Coffee Breath Conversations:

Alright folks, welcome back to another episode of Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm your host, Russell Barton. I got a couple of news kind of things that piqued my interest today. One of them was Saskatoon. CBC posted an article about a sask party member that liked a few tweets by this group called q anon on the internet. And basically, they ended up canceling. And because of it, there's a group called press progress. They're self admitted left leaning organization. And they were monitoring his his Twitter account. And they found that he had liked these posts. And so it was time for him to go time for him slide back into nobody land. What is q anon? Well, q anon is organization loosely based ideological organization that started on a 4chan message board years ago. That indicates that there's high ranking Millett, military or government personnel, that are leaving cryptic messages for the public, to showcase that they're targeting members of the deep state that are involved in all sorts of illegal things, all the way up to at the highest levels of conspiracy theories into lead pedophile rings. And that, I think it's a big form of LARPing personally, doesn't mean that every once in a while they don't hit gold. Some of the things that they talk about on their have basis in reality, in fact, but again, as a whole this organization, it's a loosely based ideological organization, I don't know how it's really to describe it. People either believe or they don't, people that believes later on say they don't believe anymore, but some people that didn't believe before now say that they do. Now, in this news article, which it's not really news, it's an ad for the anti hate network, it's an ad for press progress. It's a, it's essentially, it's a warning to other people that might be looking at getting involved in the political realm that if we think you're associating with people we don't like, then we're gonna create a hit piece article on you. And I do think it's a hit piece.


And they go on to talk about this coupon is infiltrating in Canada and that spreading right wing extremist propaganda. To me, q anon is no different than anonymous or an Tifa. It's an ideology, it's loosely based organization that has some chapters in reality, and mostly seems to be LARPing and ideology online. Like anything else, people will become attached to it too much or people don't. But at the end of the day, to me, looking at the article, it's a nothing burger. All it literally is, is someone that is liked a few tweets, maybe they're controversial, anti masks stuff, maybe not. I mean, I, I don't know they deleted everything. And I haven't really dug too far into it. Because again, it's a big, nothing burger. I mean, it costs the guy his chance at a political career. But I know people that are into some pretty wild conspiracy theories, you can hear him on some of my earlier podcast episodes. The problem is when the conspiracy theory intersects a little bit with the truth, they say the best lie has just a little bit of the truth in it. The problem of conspiracy theories is just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you. People might believe the conspiracy theories. And although they're just conspiracy theories are actually parallel to a real issue. Again, I recommend you take a look at the hit piece that was done. It's on CBC, if not for anything, just to see how easy it is to get someone canceled these days. Also indicating the hypocrisy of it. No one is canceling anyone for liking tweets from an Tifa or any other similar organizations. Just something about made me feel uneasy. It didn't. It didn't really tell me much news wise, except that it seemed to be seemed to come out coincidentally, in alignment with this press progress organization provided a view that seemed to be very subjective and based on opinions, rather than cold, hard facts. The second thing to talk about today is thin blue line patches. So apparently, those become a bit of a hot topic. thin blue line, of course, is this idea that the police and not only the police, by their members or law enforcement or they're the thin blue line of people that separate order from chaos, that they protect the innocent from the evil and it's at the end of the day, it's a morale patch. But of course, the article came out that the RCMP, the CSM from the RCMP came and said, You can't wear it anymore. It's not appropriate to wear a uniform Hey, that's fine. Okay? Again, big nothing burger, her CMP says can't wear, because it's not authorized, whatever big, nothing burger, then the controversy has to start. So now there's articles I'm seeing, they're saying that it's a mentality. It's a code of silence to protect people, police officers, when they do something wrong. They got some university professor that's probably never spent a day in uniform in his entire life, that supposedly an expert in this sort of stuff. And he's talking about all this misdeeds and loss of public trust with the with this thin blue line patch. At the end of the day, like I said, it's a morale patch, do some people take it too seriously, probably. And then this whole thing about silence code of silence is what they're talking about. There's the idea of they call it the blue wall of silence, and that is negative. And that is in regards to when police officers or law enforcement officers do something wrong, and they cover for each other. So that's the blue wall of silence, not the thin blue line. And, of course, new Union for the RCMP. This is a nice way for them to sharpen their teeth a bit. So of course, they're shipping out patches to all their members now, and I'm sure we haven't seen the final article on this just yet. going online, of course, go in the comments section, never go to the comment section people because it is a minefield at best. And no matter what side you're on, you're gonna get triggered. Simple as that. But I was on the comments section. And here we go. Let's see, thin blue line is a hate symbol. It's been around for a pretty long time. So I don't know about that. User here says that the thin blue line patch anyone that wears it is a Nazi. Wow. Oh, yeah, white supremacy. There's another one white supremacists. It's a bad cops covering for each other. Again, all these people with their opinions of what it is, and here they are spouting it off. And man, the barrier for racism and white supremacy has gotten pretty low. I'm sure we haven't seen the end of this article. pretty sad. I know I'll be following up on it because I'm sure we're going to end up seeing more and more coverage. More and more people's opinions professors opinions or someone's opinions about it and and what it represents, or what they believe it represents. Finally, talk just a bit very quickly about the the Amazon series that continues to blow my mind called the boys. Now I actually read the comic book series A few years ago, and it wasn't bad. I mean, it was gory, it was graphic, it was a no hold bars approach to how sociopathic superheroes would actually be if they existed and how virtue that we assign superheroes is superficial at best. The series of TV series has certainly taken a different direction. The members of the boys they don't have compound V in their veins. So they're not they're not souped up themselves to fight the superheroes the focus seems to be less on the boys and this kind of CIA Black Ops group that keeps superheroes in check. And it seems to be more focused on the superheroes themselves or egos their their own sort of backstories and personal demons that they fight and their own personal alliances it's about corporate greed and hyper capitalism and so it's an interesting narrative overall this last season I mean, if you haven't seen it, and you want to see it, I mean, I'm gonna spoil some stuff here so I'll just let you know that right now but that final episode when they are kicking the shit of storm front and they're telling her die you Nazi bitch I don't know what about that was so fucking funny but it was just saying these three like women just literally stomping out this this superhero whose name is storm friend which is just that's that's ridiculous all in itself but even when that storm friend characters talking to home lander son, and she's talking about we need we need you because there's a there's a war going on. And the kids like what war it's called White genocide and Homeland or looks at her like you're fucking crazy. And I just started laughing like, I I don't know what it was about that series, but but it just, they definitely do not hold back on anything. There is no subject in that series that is really off limits or too taboo. So I highly recommend it. If you haven't seen I mean, I just spoiled the end of season two. But it's still worth it. I mean, I can't even when I just described as an even begin to, to quantify how hilarious it is watching her get the shit kicked out over then the fight scene afterwards like I won't get into that part but it it's pretty funny. So highly recommend it. I mean if Trent's listening to this, I mean Tim, you and I were talking about this I'm talking this is a solid 9.5 out of 10 the only thing that could make it better is some of the fight scenes are little kind of shaky cam sort of the they could be improved a little bit but other than that, I mean, the series is bang on the cost of actors, they take their role seriously, but in a kind of whimsical funny way. Like I said, if you if you have an Amazon amazon prime subscription, highly recommend you check it out. If not, and you have an Amazon account, take the 30 days free. What binge watch that series, get a couple of good laughs and then just cancel your subscription highly worth it. Anyways, that's all I got for today. Quick, quick kind of 15 minute, kind of recap on a few news articles here. Like I said, hit piece on SAS party member. thin blue line patches, be equivocated with hate, and then the boys great TV series. That's all I got. Thanks for listening. And we'll talk to you next time.