Top notch conversations

I had the pleasure of being featured on the podcast to talk about Newtown. I found Russel to be an exceptional host; curious, patient and alert. We had questions prepared and although we did go through most of them, Russel showed great engagement by foregoing some of them and be spontaneous which kept the flow of the discussion intact. Highly recommended.

Shopping local with GetintheLoop

Thanks to Russel for helping us spread the word about GetintheLoop in Saskatchewan. Russell was very accommodating to our schedules, professional in his interview and put in his research to make sure we talked about the main ways GetintheLoop is helping small businesses across Canada and in Saskatchewan. Thank you for having us!

Super interviewer!

I had the privilege of talking to Russel about life, crime and politics during (and after) my term as an elected voice do the residents of Ward 3 here in Prince Albert. Russel is super-chilled- and a great host!

Great variety of topics

I love the variety of topics Russell covers. He approaches them with general interest and if they are polarizing topics, he makes sure all sides are represented and explored.

I love the variety of topics Russell covers. He takes interesting and topical issues and views them from both sides. His flow and pace of the interviews are well done and I feel I have learned something more about the subject, even if I don’t agree with it or hold an opposing point of view.

One of the best interviews I’ve had

Of all the podcasts and press I’ve done for our films this one was definitely one of the most fun. Russell is a great interviewer and I thoroughly enjoy hearing him discuss any range of topics. Keep it up!

I enjoyed coming on and speaking with Russell from coffee breath conversations. After I went back and I went back and watched previous episodes from others and I am amazed at how well put together they are. I will continue to listen in and enjoy future content! I also will recommend to my friends and followers!

Excellent topics, in-depth conversations and great guests. Highly recommend this podcast!

Great Podcast and topics!

Some very improtant topics and discussions on this podcast. Great to listen to on the way to/from trips/work etc.

Proper podcast

Well done Fantastic question, marvellous answers Subscribed

Indie Podcast

Loved listening to the episodes so far. The quality of the audio and editting gets better and better with each episode!

A Diamond in the Rough

This is so brilliant. Raw, beautiful and the guests are amazing.

Super easy to listen to ! Great stuff!