Nov. 30, 2020

Some animals are more equal then others

Some animals are more equal then others

In this Episode I cover the developing Adam Skelly story  as well as the overall effect lockdowns have had on small businesses. This was part of a livestream that can be viewed on Youtube.

Normally I would be Co-Hosting with Tony from Cool Explorations but he was not feeling well today. Check out Tony at


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Coffee Breath Conversations:

Hey folks, welcome back to Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm your host, Russell Barton. And today is actually an episode that I live streamed, I was covering for my friend Tony. Tony owns a vlog called cool explorations. You can find them on YouTube. And he's located in the province of Saskatchewan as well. So I highly recommend you check him out. We've been doing a little bit of CO hosting a little bit of collaboration. And we were supposed to do an episode. And he wasn't feeling that well. So he asked me if I would fill in form, it was a great honor. And the episode was uploaded onto YouTube on his channel to some pretty good feedback. So it's about 20 minutes, and I hope you're able to get some value from the episode. And without further ado, let's get started. Welcome back, everyone to Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm your host, Russell Barton. And today, we're gonna be talking a little bit about lockdowns. I'm also covering for my friend Tony and his channel, cool explorations. So if you haven't checked them out before, really good channel, I've been collaborating and co hosting with him. He's not feeling too good today. So he asked if I would cover the show for him. And I said, no problem. I think we got a couple of things to talk about really quick today. It won't be a very long episode. And most of it has to kind of revolve around the lockdown hypocrisy that we're seeing around Canada, small businesses being ordered to close, restricting their hours, basically costing what little income they're deriving right now. And they're making it even worse. Meanwhile, big box stores, Costco, Walmart, Canadian Tire, all those types of stores. They're open for business. And people have been showing videos of the Costco lines go and raid out the doors, people being corralled into small areas to try to contain them while they wait to shop. It seems something must be in the air, because people are buying a lot more. And I think maybe they're buying more because a lot of these provinces now are saying that essential is only Manitoba is one of them. They said that essential only there's videos, there's pictures of areas of the store that have been kind of duct taped or, or wrapped around with plastic so that people can't buy stuff from them. And really, if you think about it, all these governments they talk about being environmentally responsible, but then they're telling stores at the same time, you have to make sure these areas are blocked off so the customers can access these areas. So again, a little bit more hypocrisy that we're seeing. The mayor of Denver, I was reading this earlier today, telling people not to go for Thanksgiving. Yeah, it turns out that he was he booked a flight he was leaving for Thanksgiving. So you have to remember, as I said in the previous episodes, as I've said, with my episodes with Tony from cool explorations I've been co hosting with, there's one set of rules for them. And there's one set of rules for you. You have to remember that the elected the elites, the people that own influence in government, in public policy. They don't have to follow the rules. They don't have to lock down remember Easter? Remember when we were told, stay at home? Do your distancing and all that. Well, seems that there were several leaders that went to there, they even crossed provincial lines to go visit family. So you have to remember, it's one set of rules for them, and another set of rules for us. And it's been like that for months and months. But the hypocrisy is just turning more and more difficult to deny. So a few days ago, this guy named Adam Skelly owns a rib business. New lockdown measures in Ontario said I gotta stay open for business. I have to be able to provide for my family. I can't afford to be locked down. I can't afford not to purchase For my family, I've heard the I've heard the excuses. Well, you could do curbside delivery, you could do this. It's good to see all these other people have great ideas for how businesses should run. The same people have said, Oh, they should get plastic dividers, they should get this. I mean, there's costs for all this stuff. None of its free. And if it's the government providing it, what's still not free, someone paid for it. So this Adam Skelly says, Nope, I'm gonna not follow these regulations. And he got himself in a little bit of trouble. And the police came, they said he was going to be fine. He got fined. And he chose to open again. So they came by here's the crazy thing they came by this is a public organization came by and lock the doors and read in kind of chained up his store so that he couldn't go into his own store. Today, he said, No, I'm still gonna go there. I'm going to open up my business. He has some supporters there. And there was this huge police presence. They came in, they arrest him. The crazy thing is they did the perp walk with him too. They actually walked him out. They were making a big scene out of it. They brought him to the furthest police car. And again, it's all a show. It's it's all to show power. It's all to say that we're in control. And you're not. And then they had officers standing out there all day. So 18 police officers can go and stand around a private business all day. But you have people out there that are at Costco at Walmart, not wearing masks, not social distancing. They're not getting fines, Walmart's not getting fined Costco is not getting fined. There was a video I watched earlier today. And it was actually a guy who was at Costco. And he was filming showing that the lineup was right out the door. And then he drove a few minutes to where this guy's restaurant is. And there's 18 police officers there. So just goes to show big box business, open for business. Amazon, open for business, lockdown friendly, small businesses, not locked down friendly. And these regulations are absolutely killing small businesses all across the country. People have closed their businesses for good. I know in the local community. Amy's on second, they just recently closed for good, they couldn't handle it anymore. And all these businesses across Canada are closing, I'm getting really tired of hearing people online say, well, they need to adapt to the new normal. It's always good to see people online, telling businesses how they should operate their business. Because that's essentially what's happening here. And the worst part is the media is completely complacent in it. They really are. Media is there. They're filming. They're saying that's a violent protest. They're saying that, that police were attacked at this at this barbecue place. Now, do the media give the same treatment to all the protesters have been protesting all across the US and Canada for the last basically year? No, no, they're mostly peaceful protests. Right? It's, again, the media is skewering things so that they look one way to some people and to others, they look a different way. And I don't know why. A I still don't know why they just can't honestly report on things. So there's 18 cops at this restaurant. Making it so that people can't go in there. They can't have business there. You're saying it's violent. And yet they have video of a protest that's going on right downtown Toronto trough traffic's blocked. And yet, there's no police there. There's no police presence, months and months of railroad protests all across Canada. Police standing by Well, people are literally trying to set trains on fire and trying to derail them. Nothing said media give a little bit of attention, but not very much. But here's a guy who says no, I got it. I got to open for business. I have to be able to provide business to customers. I have to be able to sell ribs. I have to be able to provide for my family. And suddenly he's the bad guy. And it goes back to what I was saying before, on another episode, that it's one rule for the elites. And another rule for us. Adam, Skelly? he basically told the elites, the people in charge, no, I'm not going to do this civil disobedience and pay the price for it. Because there's nothing politically for these politicians to gain from it. Again, protesters, all throughout the summertime, the spring, and we're told mostly peaceful, no big deal. And yet we have business owners saying, we have to open our business. We're going under we're going bankrupt. As I said, because we have businesses locally in this town that have closed for good. And they're being arrested, they're being fined. They're being told no, you can open for business. So it's one rule for some, it's another rule for others. And getting back into another topic from before, as well, as I've said, with all these lockdowns, and protests and everything else, we're being told, stay at home. Don't spread this disease to anyone else. But repeatedly, we have the people telling us to stay at home that are going around and they're leaving to go see their family. They're crossing state lines or going to fancy dinners. Gavin Newsom in the states went to a fancy supper a few days ago, or actually was about a week ago now. defying his own lockdown protocols defining his own bylaws. And who is he meeting at this restaurant? He's meeting top executives from different health industries, people that should know better. No one's wearing a mask. No one's social distancing. Windsor, Ontario, Drew Duncan's mayor, telling people zero tolerance, absolutely zero tolerance for COVID violations. He is pictured out a bar with his friends. And he's drinking no mask on no social distance. So remember, it's one rule for them. And it's another rule for us. I don't think that Gavin Newsom got fined. I don't think he went to jail. I don't think as far as I know that drew Wilkins got fined. I don't think he went to jail. I think in the article, he said that he opted to pay a charity donation for how much the fine would have been. We have to remember these people are only upset that they got caught. That's the only reason why would he have looked back on that day, the next day and said, Hey, that was a bad idea. I want to make a $750 donation. Because I feel bad the next day. No, come on. And again, we're told and stay in your homes. You're saving people's lives. And you can't buy your local stores you have to buy from Costco you have to buy from Walmart. You have to buy from Target big box real retailers. Because apparently COVID doesn't go into those areas. Apparently, those areas are exempt from all the rules and regulations. I haven't heard of Walmart being fined. I've been the Walmart here in town. Half the people aren't wearing masks. I don't see any bylaw officer finding anyone. I don't see anyone sitting there writing tickets out to Walmart. No. And of course they won't. Small Business though. Someone that can't afford to hire big lawyers. Someone that can afford these fines. Well, those are easy pickings. That's low hanging fruit for health officials and by law. There was another one to the other the other day. It was a gym. And I was watching the video and they it's good thing. We all have video cameras these days on our phones. And he's filming this health inspector. And she's trying to say that this place is not supposed to be open. You know, shut it down and they're saying you're on private property. Get off the property. No one gave you permission to enter here. And at first US refusing to leave and the police are telling the people they're put on your masks. They're saying, well arrest us then find us. Eventually they left. Then they came back the next day with reinforcements Of course and they find the place $15,000 and then the guy was like Video, he had the paper in his hands and he tore it rate rate up in front rate and there on the video just tore rate up, said I'm not paying this. So we're seeing across North America, I'm sure the rest of the world to where people are saying these health measures are killing us they're killing small businesses are killing our livelihoods. And we need to find new measures. I'm not saying there shouldn't be any measures. But we have to find a way to strike a balance between health protocol and ensuring that our economy survives as well. For some people, it's easy. People that work in government positions, people that work in positions where they're guaranteed to have some form of income, even during a pandemic, it's easy for them to sit there and say, wear the mask and shut your business down and move to online services. I keep hearing that, Oh, well. Just move online move to curbside pickup. Well, there's a cost to that. Who absorbs that costs the business? So at the end of the day, the business ends up losing more. And I think it's going to get worse. I think as time goes on, it's just going to get worse. There's going to be more and more people saying no, we have I have to open for business. Simple as that. I know locally. There's one of the bars here. And I was talking to the owner. And she was telling me that customers have plummeted. And she's really worried because she just bought the bar recently that she might have to close. Like, that's crazy, she might have to close her business because of these regulations. And she wants to follow regulations, she wants to make sure people are safe. But she also still has to make a living. She has a she has a mortgage on the building. She bought this building during a pretty good time that went right into this time that we're living in now. It's not her fault, she did nothing wrong. And now she's trying to make it so that she can continue to operate. And she is struggling, as many businesses are. When when the people say the lockdown is over, the lockdown is over. When the majority of the people say it's over, it's over. Then the government needs to turn around and say, okay, people here don't want to be locked in their houses anymore. What can we do? That strikes a balance between public safety regarding health and ensuring that these businesses can survive? So I don't know what the solution is, I'm, I won't say I know any hundred percent solutions. I don't think giving more government dollars to businesses will necessarily help either. Maybe in the short term. But there needs to be long term planning. We just can't keep reacting. We have to have actual plans, communicated plans for people. I know in the province that I'm in Saskatchewan, at the beginning of the whole pandemic, they had a whole reopening process. And I thought, well, that's great. They're planning ahead. And they followed up plan and things seem to be going well. But then they didn't continue. Everyone kept saying there's going to be a second wave. Now I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist. I don't think COVID is a conspiracy. I think it's a real thing. And I think people have died, lots of people died. But I also think that people are dying from other things to drug use alcoholism, all sorts of side effects of being locked in their homes, not able to get out not able to socialize in a normal type of way. And I agree, Trent, hundred percent, these Band Aid solutions aren't healing the wound. Absolutely. So we have to make sure that whatever solutions we are going to bring forward, our solutions that make sense. They're looking at long term fiscal responsibility. And their benefit to both the consumer and the business. And frankly, these big box box businesses, I'm not blaming them either. They're a business. As much as I'd like to say that Amazon is evil and Walmart is evil. They're not evil, they're businesses, and they're gonna do what's best for them. I can't get mad at that. But I can get mad at is the fact that we have let these businesses create a monopoly That stifles competition, that is effectively preventing small businesses from being engaged in the communities that they're in. If you're a small business and you get too big, you just got you get bought out by one of these companies. So again, I don't know what the solutions are this barbecue kind of fiasco in Toronto. I think it's just the start. And I think that all the people that I've seen online mocking these people that are out there protesting the lockdowns, I don't think that's not the good thing, either. I think the lockdown protesters have a valid point. Just like I think that the people that are that were marching for racial injustice, have a point. And I think that we have to be able to take a good look at it, not just take a partisan side and say, Well, that's a right wing thing, or that's a left wing thing, we have to be able to get away from this hole. You're one side on the other side. And we have to be able to come together and we have to look for solutions that work for people. We really do. Because all we're getting is more and more divide. And well, that might make some groups feel good. Hey, I got one in on the opposite group. We're all part of the same pile here. And I'll say it again, I know I've said it many times this pile that we're in, were the serfs. And there's the elites up here, the athletes, the actors, all those people. Just remember when they tell you that you need to do something that it's going to be good for the planet or it's gonna be good for society. Ask yourself truly ask yourself, are they going to follow that to the evidence shows that the majority of the time they don't follow the own advice that they give? They're kind of blind to their own advice. I don't know if that's just pompousness or, and I think moving ahead, we're going to see more and more people too, that are in positions of power that are going to be called hypocrites, and rightfully so. Nancy Pelosi in the States, getting her hair done. And a closed hair dresser. not supposed to be open. And here she is getting her hair done. Why? Well, because she can, because she's one of the elites. She doesn't have to follow the rules. Those are for you and I. And again, I don't know moving forward, what the solution is going to be. But I definitely will say whatever regulations that are placed on us need to be followed by the same people that placed them on us if they don't, those regulations should be exempt. They should be gone. That's it for me for tonight. Again, Russell Barton Coffee Breath Conversations. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, a little bit, not too much. YouTube as well. as well. I am filling in today for Tony from cool explorations. We've been co hosting few episodes together great guy, highly recommend you follow him just go on Twitter. I don't think he's on Facebook. But you go on Twitter. You can go on YouTube cool explorations. He's got lots of really good videos on there. And I hope that he feels better and next week we can co host together again. Thanks a lot. Have a great night.