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Demanding Justice and Accountability for the Victims of Flight PS752 with Andy Brooke

It what was the most shocking and revealing episode to date, I was live with Retired RCMP Officer Andy Brooke as went through the time line of the Iranian terrorist attack that took the lives of 55 Canadians aboard flight PS752, the coverup by Iran, the failure of leadership of the Canadian Government & the RCMP and what actions are being taken to get justice.

Andy reveals that families members of the victims of #PS752 have been harassed by the Iranian Regime and the never revealed details until now that the lawyer that is representing the families of the victims has received threatening and distressing E-mails from Government of Canada Lawyers.

As I remarked in the interview, when you start to put all the details together and what isn't known or being talked about, this seems to be reminiscent of a Tom Clancy novel. A Government that refuses to properly investigate, a possibly compromised Police Commissioner, a Regime that began covering up a terrorist attack within hours of committing it, certain passengers removed from the flight prior to take off, the missle battery being brought into position as the plane was delayed and a group of victims that have not received justice.

The terrifying part is that there appears to be a major scandal sitting in plain sight that the mainstream media has disregarded. Listen to get all the shocking details!

Andy is part of the Coalition of Criminal Accountability for Flight PS752.

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