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Episode 28: Stunts, Film Production and Horror with Producer Chris Ball

In this Episode I interview Canadian horror film Producer Chris Ball. He is the producer of "Z" and "Stillborn". He won an award for the film Stillborn and was nominated for another award. He worked on the set of "Hell on Wheels" and did props work for the film Interstellar. He has been involved in many other production projects.

We dive into his early life filming himself surfing on top of moving cars and jumping off of a bridge onto a moving train. We get into how he began his movie career having never gone to film school. We talk about horror films and what makes a great horror film. Finally we touch on his most recent film "Summerland" which he puts the horror aside for a light hearted road trip movie.

Warning, this episode contains spoilers for several movies, although we tried to not spoil the plotline for his own films.

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